tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16g

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16g


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 16g: Spanish Honeymoon Part 7

A Paul and Jenny story.

(Copyright 2002. All rights reserved).

Part 7.

Siesta was over and the heat of the day past as I sat with Jenny, dressed in our swimming costumes, by the side of the pool. A large glass jug of fruit juiced and two glasses stood on the table between us. I watched her towelling her legs in the shade cast by the parcel above us.

"Alright." Jenny said. "Tell me again."

She was rubbing the top of her thigh. I'd rubbed that spot five minutes before when we had been in the pool and I had tried to convince her that she could swim better without her swimming costume.

"Well." I told her for the fifth time. "I saw Herto stop and collect some boxes from Izabella's villa."

"And you think that there is something suspicious in that?"

"Well no." She had me there. What was wrong with doing that? "I don't think there is anything suspicious."

"What were you doing spying on our neighbour's?"

"I wasn't spying."

"You were looking when I went into the bathroom and you were still looking when I came out. Hmm, Why?"

I hated it when she started to interrogate over something. She could tie me up in knots and I'd end up saying what I didn't want to. Which would normally be the truth.

"I was just looking out to see what the day was going to be like."

"I could have told you that." She rubbed her hair. "It's going to be hot and sunny everyday. There's something you're not telling me. Isn't there?"

"No." I protested. "I just saw Herto and I wondered where he was going."

She looked hard at me then looked around. I could hear Maria in the kitchen and Contria would be seeing to any cleaning to be done upstairs. Apparently there was to be some sort of conference being held in the old stable block after we had left. This happened occasionally when we weren't there. There had been a certain amount of tension between Britain and Spain recently over the sovereignty of Gibraltar. This came up ever few years. One of the many problems we had left over from Colonial days. Spain wanted Gibraltar; the locals who lived there wanted to remain British. We had similar problems in Ireland, the Falkland Islands and Hong Kong. We could just wash our hands of it and walk away I suppose. Blame it on previous generations, but they are not here to sort it out.

What's this? Jenny was taking her arms through the straps of her swimming costume. She was pulling it down to her waist. She was reaching down to the floor by her side. Aha. Her suntan lotion. She putting some onto her hands and rubbing was rubbing it onto her chest and the tops of her breasts.

"I could do that for you." I suggested.

"You could, I suppose." She looked down at her breasts. "But I think I've finished."

"You might have missed something."

"I may have." She agreed.

"It would be best to check. Make really sure. We don't want you to get sunburnt."

"Does that mean you would need to look very closely."

"As close as I can get."


My prick was already hardening as I walked around the table. I crouched, with difficulty, by her side. That hurt so I brought my chair around and sat on that. I poured some of the lotion from the bottle onto my hands and started massaging it into her shoulders. My prick was fully hard by the time I touched her breasts.

"Master Paul."

Shit. I pulled my eyes from Jenny's hardening nipples and looked to where Maria was standing at the kitchen door to the side of the building.

She began walking towards us, wiping her hands on her apron.

Jenny was hurriedly stuffing her breasts back into her swimming costume and I tried to cross my legs without snapping my prick in half.

"Yes Maria?" I asked. I daren't risk standing up.

"The Contessa has sent a message asking if you wish to go for dinner tonight. Eight o'clock."

I looked at Jenny.

"Don't mind." She said.

"Tell her we'd love to come."

Maria turned away shaking her head.

"What's wrong, Maria?" Jenny asked.

Maria turned.

"She is a Basque." She said sadly. "They cause trouble."

"Who?" I asked. "the contessa or all Basque's?"

"All Basque." She was about to turn away but stopped. "They wish to break away. Have their own country. They cause trouble."

I think I remembered reading something in the news about a bomb in Madrid. Our own newscasts were full of bombs and riots in Northern Ireland. So many, I was loosing track of who was killing whom, and why.

"I like the contessa." Jenny said. "She's married, isn't she?"

"Into one of our oldest families." Maria confirmed. "He is in our government."

I wished I had followed Spanish politics more closely. At least my prick had gone down and I felt more confident about standing up. I did so.

"Are they waiting for a reply?" I asked.

I flexed my leg muscles and touched my toes.

"Please tell them we will be there."

Maria left and I looked at my wristwatch. It was after five. What were we going to do for the next three hours? I looked at Jenny.

"Go for a swim." She said, rubbing lotion onto her legs then moving to one of the sun-loungers by the far side of the pool. "I want to catch some sun before it goes down."

Going down sounded nice but I did as I was told and swam a dozen lengths of the ten-metre pool.

We left the villa at fifteen minutes to eight. Jenny had started to panic about what she was supposed to wear but I assured her that we were always very informal.

I wore my black trousers and a white open necked shirt. I would blend in with her staff, at least. Jenny wore a wrap around skirt and her dark green blouse with a white bra and knickers. I knew she was wearing those as I had tried to get her to take them off. She wore a thin shawl, loaned by Contria, for the late night air could feel chilly.

Herto had wanted to drive us in the Mercedes but as it was only a five-minute walk we decided to do that.

The road was lit by the lights of our villa for the first thirty yards then we turned a bend and were in total darkness for fifty yards. The bend continued then straightened. There were lights on the gates of Izabella's villa and the ones further down the hill. There was the glow from the lights of the village. The sky further lightened with the lights of Malaga in the distance.

I could hear the clicking of insects. The air still smelled hot. Jenny stumbled once. She released my hand and linked her arm through mine to steady herself.

At the gates to the villa we stopped to cross the road. One of the men who worked there was waiting with his hand on the gate. He looked like the man who had fucked the other woman that morning.

We looked both ways, I don't know why as we hadn't seen a car on the walk down, then crossed. The man opened the gate as we reached it.

I suddenly felt safer. I don't know why. Nothing had happened.

The man greeted us in Spanish, locked the gates behind us and led the way into villa.

Izabella and another woman were seated on a settee in the room with the piano. Izabella rose as we approached. She wore a dress with small blue flowers embroidered on one shoulder. " Welcome. Paul and Jenny. May I introduce my sister. Victoria."

Victoria stood up and shook our hands in turn. She didn't look much older than we were. I knew she wasn't a virgin. That was a little unusual in itself. Most Spanish girls wanted to go to their wedding bed virgins. Apparently most were more than welcome to let their men have their asses until that day.

That reminded me. I had to get hold of some Vaseline. I smiled at Jenny as we sat side by side on the settee opposite our hosts.

As we made small talk over a glass of sherry my eyes kept dropping to the four shapely kneecaps opposite. I imagined the masses of dark pubic hairs above them. I smiled at Victoria as she made some comment in her excellent English. I smiled again at the thought of her arching her back as she had been penetrated that morning. Of course I was only assuming it was her fanny he had used. It could have been her ass.

"Oh Paul has a Private Pilots Licence." Jenny was saying.

I jerked upright and started to pay attention to what was being said.

"We were going to borrow his father's little plane and fly out ourselves but unfortunately we couldn't." She continued.

"You can fly a plane?" Isabella asked in confirmation.

She seemed suddenly interested in me. Both women had seemed to be concentrating on Jenny leaving me as a bit of a spare prick. I excused myself and asked the way to the toilet.

"You can hire a plane, I believe." Victoria stated when I returned. Both her and Izabella's brows were both knitted as if in deep thought. "From the little aerodrome."

"Yes." I confirmed. "Normally with a pilot. We have used the airfield a lot when my father and grandfather fly out."

"They would hire you a plane? Isabella asked slowly. "For yourself?"

"They probably would. They know me and I have a licence."

Finally. I took it at the Easter break. It had taken me over three years to get it. You can pass your licence with forty hours flying time. I was nearing three times that.

The man who had opened the gate came in and whispered something in Izabella's ear. From the corner of my eye I could see Victoria watching his every move. She crossed and uncrossed her legs.

"Shall we go in and eat?" Izabella said standing up.

It was after midnight when we left. I had played the piano for a while. Jenny and Izabella were deep in conversation for part of the evening. Jenny had her 'I've got a secret look' on her face when they finished.

The night air was cool in contrast to the heat of the day. Jenny pulled her shawl tight about her shoulders before taking my hand. I wished I had brought a jacket. I also wished we had accepted the offer of a lift. I knew it was only two hundred or so yards as the winding road went, less than a hundred if I could have flown. Five minutes walk, no more. But it was uphill and I was cold.

It had been a pleasant evening although I had sensed a feeling of excitement in the air. There had been some tension between the two sisters as well. Then there was the fact that Victoria's eyes would follow the man everywhere whenever he was in sight.

I placed my arm about Jenny's waist to try to capture some of her body warmth. The air was still. There wasn't a sound to be heard as we started on the dark portion of our journey.

I could hear a car engine. It was coming down the hill towards us. He was over-revving the engine. The road ahead was lit up by his headlights. Then they were all I could see. It was as if he was coming straight at us. He was. I pulled Jenny from the road and fell with her onto the dry, dusty soil. There was a screech of breaks. The car was coming back. I pulled Jenny to her feet and we ran from the road. There was a bank ahead of us suddenly illuminated in the headlights of the car. I glanced behind me. The car had turned off the road and was heading towards us. With my hands on her ass cheeks I pushed Jenny up the bank and followed. The car passed by beneath me. Above the bank the land flattened. There were shrubs and small trees in front of us. The car had stopped and a door opened. Whoever it was going to follow us.

My night vision was returning. I looked to my right. I could see the wall that surrounded our villa. The security lights were off. Should we make for there? There was enough light to see by even though there wasn't a moon.

"Follow close." I said and led Jenny to a dried up streambed I had used to play in when I was a boy.

I don't know who was climbing the bank and swearing in English but I doubted whether he knew the area surrounding the villa as I did.

We crouched low behind some rocks and waited. I pulled Jenny close to me and she buried her head in my chest. I could hear his footsteps. Heard him swear as he stumbled over something. I looked around the edge of the rock. I could see him. Fifteen yards away. He was standing still as if listening. If he listened carefully enough I was certain he could hear the sound of my heart thudding in my chest. Then he turned away.

For a moment he was still. Then he moved off. Something about him looked familiar. I listened to the sounds he made through the scrubland. Heard the car engine rev then fade into the distance.

"Has he gone?" Jenny asked, lifting her head. I kissed her on the lips.

"I think so."

"What was it all about?"

"I don't know." I stood up, stretched, and helped her to her feet. "I didn't think to ask."

The lights surrounding the villa were suddenly switched on and I could hear the sound of a car engine. I led Jenny back to the bank above the road and we scrambled down it. I could see the Mercedes pulling out of our drive and heading towards us. I stepped onto the side of the road and waved my hands.

The car stopped and Herto climbed from behind the driving wheel.

Jenny and I stood side by side slapping the dust from our clothes.

"Are you alright?" Herto asked looking about him and then us. "The Contessa's villa rang to say you were walking back and we heard some noises. Carlos said I should check."

"Somebody tried to run us down."

"I'm sure it was an accident." Herto said, opening the rear door of the car for Jenny. "Too many people drink and drive."

Herto pulled up outside the front entrance to the villa and Carlos opened the passenger door for Jenny.

"We heard noises." He said as he helped Jenny to limp inside.

I hadn't noticed that before.

"Are you alright?" I asked, catching them up.

"I've got bruises on my other bruises and I've lost Contria's lovely shawl." She sniffed.

"Never mind that." I tried to brush it all off. "We're alright."

"Sit down." Carlos said, helping her to a chair inside the doorway. "I'll get some water."

I looked down at Jenny's legs and feet. They were scratched and bleeding in half a dozen different places from our scrambling up and down the bank and forcing our way through the shrubs. I looked down at my own trousers. Dusty, torn on one knee.

"I think we need to go shopping tomorrow." I suggested. That would cheer her up.

"I can't go out like this."

"You'll be alright in the morning." I said soothingly. "You could wear your jeans."

"I'm going to wear jeans for the rest of our stay. And pyjama's."

She wasn't happy. I could tell.

Carlos returned with a bowl of water and a towel and Jenny removed her sandals, they were badly scratched, and placed her feet into it. Carlos knelt before her and gently bathed her lower legs. Jenny grimaced a couple of times as the water touched her open cuts then took the towel from Carlos and dabbed her feet and legs dry.

"That's better." She said when she had finished. "Thank you very much."

Carlos asked me about what had happened and I explained briefly.

"We do get some drunken drivers on this road. Mostly foreigners."

"A drunken driver wouldn't stop. Come back to have another go and then follow us through the undergrowth." I pointed out.

"Unlikely. Perhaps he wasn't drunk and just wanted to see if you were alright."

"Do you mean you made me climb that bank for nothing?" Jenny said getting stiffly to her feet.

"No." I protested. "It wasn't like that."

"Can I go to bed, please?" Jenny asked.

I looked at Carlos and he looked at me.

"Good night." I said to him and followed Jenny up the main staircase watching her ass cheeks as they moved beneath the material of her skirt.

In the bedroom I closed the blinds as Jenny disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the shower running. I looked out over Izabella's villa as my fingers started to turn on the knob that opened and shut the blinds. I could see a figure in the shadows by the side of the building. It was joined by a figure from the front of the building. I only caught a glimpse but it was enough to tell me it was Victoria. I saw the robe she was wearing drop to the ground as her figure merged with the other.

The toilet flushed. Jenny was coming out. I closed the blind and hurried to my side of the bed, removing my shirt. Jenny was naked using one of the large bath towels.

"I'm full of dust." She complained, rubbing furiously at her hair.

I hoped not. I was hoping there would be room inside for me.

"I'm going to have a quick shower." I told her, pulling off my underpants and trousers.

She grunted a reply.

In the bathroom I had a quick piss and stood under the water in the shower.

I was certain that the driver of the car was trying to run us down. If he had kept going then I would have been able to accept that it was a drunk who had just kept going. And he did try to run us down a second time. I winced as the water found a cut on my arm I hadn't realised was there. Well, I think he did.

I turned off the water and stepped from the shower. And why did Isabella and Victoria seem so excited after I went to the toilet? I wonder if they are going to do something for my birthday. It was on Friday, which was the day after tomorrow. I quickly dried myself, finding a couple of more scratches on my legs.

All right, the man may have been coming back to see if we were all right but why follow us up the bank? That didn't make sense.

I dropped the towel into the basket and, switching off the lights, went back into the bedroom. The main lights were out and the only light shining was the one on my bedside table. Jenny was lying on her side facing the balcony doors. I switched off my light and slipped into bed behind her. She felt so warm. She was wearing her nightdress. I pulled it up at the back and placed the tip of my prick against the crack of her ass cheeks. She was wearing knickers! She wasn't supposed to start her period for another week at least.

I pulled away and lay on my back.

"Not tonight." She said softly, her voice full of sleep. "I'm very tired."

"Alright." I replied.

I was wide-awake. I lay staring at the ceiling. I was wide-awake. I closed my eyes.

I was beating out the flames in Louise's hair with my hands. Then carrying her over my shoulder from the building. I dropped her at Jenny and Linda's feet then returned for the reporter. The smoke was thicker now. I could hear old man Rogers coughing. Then screaming. I half carried half dragged the reporter from the building to where Jenny and Linda knelt beside Louise. I couldn't breathe. I had died and gone to heaven. There were two ass cheeks in front of me. Tanned skin, no sign of a bikini line. I could see an anus. Sweet. So tight and round.

I was staring down at Howie's body. There was so much blood.

I held a shotgun in my hand and I was stumbling across the fields. There was a man one hundred yards in front of me and another man beyond him. They were chasing Jenny.

I could see the man's back as he dragged Jenny behind him. I was walking with a man and we discussing how he had helped his brother and father rape, torture and murder runaways the brother had offered lifts to in his Landrover after their sister had died. How he had never got to bugger them but his brother always did. It did seem unfair.

I was staring down at his body. There was so much blood.

The canal tunnel was dark and dusty. I called Jenny's name. Somebody was running towards me. I pointed my shotgun then lifted it and squeezed the trigger. The tunnel was collapsing around us. I heard a man shouting and swearing.

I was in bed in Hospital. It was a time I seemed to spend a lot of my life in hospital. Something was moving between my legs. I felt first fingers then lips around the head of my prick. It felt good. I ran my fingers through shoulder length, light-brown hair. My prick was growing. I was coming.

"You had better be careful." I said. "Sister might catch you."

"She did." Jenny said, lifting her head and licking her lips. "I was kicked out of the hospital. Don't you remember?"

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