tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17p

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17p


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 17p: The Batting Order Ch. 16


What was happening over there?

There was a lot of noise coming from the marquee. People were running inside it. I could see my parents.

"There's a fight in the marquee." The fielder nearest to it called.

He turned and talked to a couple of people for a few seconds. He came running into the middle and spoke briefly to his captain and Jerry.

"Which one is Steve?" Jerry asked me.

"He's just coming out now." I nodded to where he was making his way out to join me. "Why?"

"Right." He said and walked across towards him.

Steve stopped when he saw Jerry approaching. Then he turned and began to run back towards the pavilion. Jerry sprinted after him, catching him inside twenty yards. They fell to the ground together and rolled over with Jerry coming up on top. Jerry knelt astride him, raised his hand and struck him.

I wasn't having that and I broke into a run towards them. I could see Len coming out of the pavilion followed by Lynda and Sally. A lot of people were moving. Most heading towards Steve and Jerry. I heard a woman's shriek. There were people fighting outside the marquee.

The East Chipstable captain was the first to arrive and threw both his arms around Jerry's chest. They fell to the ground. Steve struggled to his knees and swung his cricket bat at Jerry. More people were arriving. Players from both teams and spectators were throwing themselves into the melee.

"Stop it everyone." I heard Jim Clarks voice.

"Calm down." Ron was saying. "Calm down."

Steve suddenly appeared by my side. One of his eyes was closing with a swelling. He was jumping up and down, waving his bat.

"I'll get the bastard." He shouted.

"Let me at him."

I could hear Jerry's voice but I couldn't hear him.

"Are you alright?"

Sally was standing next to Steve looking at his face. Her own face was flushed and her eyes were red. If I didn't know better I'd say she was drunk. She certainly staggered against him and he placed his arm around her waist to steady her.

"Let her alone."

Some sort of order had been restored in front of us. Len and two of the East Chipstable team were holding a struggling Jerry. There was blood on his face and the side of his jaw was swollen.

Sally turned a pair of bloodshot eyes in his direction.

"Jerry!" She exclaimed, as if surprised that he should be there.

She ran to him, placed her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to kiss.

I could hear the sound of an approaching police car.

Everything suddenly fell silent. There wasn't a sound from the marquee.

Just the sound of the police car getting louder.

"Where's Jenny?" I called to Lynda.

"In there."

She pointed towards the marquee.



I ran back behind our tables beside Shirley and picked up some plates of sandwiches. We backed away towards the rear of the marquee.

People were rushing in from outside. Some to join in the fighting and others to see what was happening.

Beer was being thrown through the air and people were shouting. The noise was tremendous.

"Stop it. Stop it." I could hear Stephanie and her mother shouting.

With a crash on e of the trestle tables they were using as a bar collapsed and people were rolling on the floor.

"Are you alright?" David asked as he and Mary joined us.

I looked at him and nodded.

"Yes, I think we're fine." I replied.

"Better get this lot sorted out then." He said, heading towards the bar.

"Jack. Fred." He called to two men standing away from the trouble. "Give me a hand."

The two men placed their beer glasses on the floor and called upon some of the other onlookers to help before beginning to separate the fighting men. I think most of the men were quite happy to stop. They seemed to have no way out themselves and this was their opportunity to stop without loosing face. The noise began to drop. I could hear a police car in the distance, getting nearer.



The two team captains and the two umpires walked to the middle of the pitch and started talking. I could imagine what it would be about. Should the match finish there and then or should we go on. We needed forty runs and had nine and a half overs to get them in. It was all going to be so easy two balls ago.

The police car pulled up at the entrance to the field. The occupants of the car were talking to the couple that were taking the entrance money. They weren't going to get out of the car. They were driving off. Come to think of it, it was strange that they should have arrived here so quickly.

The police car pulled away, siren blaring.

Jim Clark walked over to where Steve and I were standing.

"I offered them a draw but they want to play the game to a finish." He said, looking closely at Steve. "Are you going to be alright to play on?"

Steve looked across to where Jerry and Sally were standing. Sally was crying. He nodded to Jim.

"I'll be alright." He replied.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"You had better ask Steve that." Jim replied. "Good luck."

He turned and started walking back to the pavilion. Lynda was leading Sally away. I could see Jenny. She waved. I waved back.

"Watch this kid." I said to Steve as we walked to the wicket. "He can spin the ball."

Steve looked at me with his good eye and smiled weakly.

"What did happen?" I had to ask.

"Nothing much." He replied. "I just fucked Sally. That's all."

I raised my eyebrows and looked at him.

"Len and Stephanie came into the changing room. She's a bit of a prude, that Stephanie."

I could agree with that. I'd taken her out a couple of times before I met Jenny and had got nowhere with her. She hadn't liked us watching her being fucked by Len on my stag night in the cellar of the pub. Or in the walled garden that morning come to think of it.

"Yes. I know."

We separated and walked to our respective ends of the wicket.

"Four balls to come." The umpire said as everybody settled into their places.

Somehow the excitement had gone out of the match. It was something to get over with now.

The bowler bowled and Steve hurried down the pitch to meet the ball. He missed it. The wicket keeper didn't and removed the bails before Steve could turn and regain safety behind the batting crease.

Steve gave me a smile and hurried off. I saw Jerry go to follow him but was called back by his captain.

The East Chipstable team gathered around the bowler congratulating him. Three wickets in three balls. I'd never managed that.

Len was walking out to meet me. The cricket bat looked like a toy in his hands.

"The lad can spin it." I warned him. I don't know why I bothered. None of the others had taken a blind bit of notice about what I had told them.

"Yes." He replied, pulling on his batting gloves. "Jim said that. Ian's telling everyone there's going to be a party at your place later."

I hoped not. But if that was what Jenny wanted.

The bowler was coming in to bowl. Len stepped down the wicket to meet the ball. Crack. The ball sped back past the bowler and headed for the boundary with two fielders in pursuit. We ran two runs before the ball was thrown back. Another delivery from the bowler and another two runs. This was better. One more ball this time without scoring and it was my turn to face the bowling.

Jerry was marking out his run up again. I didn't feel like facing him now. I was aching from where he had hit me with the ball earlier. He was starting his run up. The ball was pitched short and climbed towards my head. I turned my head away. Thud. The ball struck me between my shoulder blades. That hurt. My own fault. Never take your eyes from the ball. That had been drummed into me by every cricket coach I had ever been associated with.

Jerry was steaming in again. Again the ball was pitched short. I sat on my heels and hoped it would pass over my head. I stood up as the wicket keeper threw the ball back to Jerry. I looked at Len and saw him swallow hard. I wouldn't expect to hear him call me through for a single run.

The next ball was on its way. Pitched further up it was heading for my balls. I managed to get some bat on it and it flew away past the umpire. No call came from Len for a run. The ball was fielded and thrown back in.

Another short ball. I took half a step backwards and played it down. A fielder picked it up. Two more balls to face. The next one was short, forcing me to step back and sway out of its way. The last ball of the over. It was fast and aimed at my toes. I slammed my bat down hard upon it and it squirted out past the umpire.

"Run." I shouted.

It was Len's call, but sod him.

The fielders changed places and the young Indian lad marked out his run up spinning the ball from hand to hand.

In he came. After Jerry it was like watching him in slow motion. The ball was spinning towards my pads. I clipped it past the umpire and ran. Two more runs. Some of the close fielders were moving away from me to protect the boundary.

The next ball was on its way. It looked perfect for hitting. One leg forward and a full swing of the bat. The ball moved, hit the edge of the bat and flew off behind me. If they hadn't moved their close fielders away I would have been out. Len was calling for a run. I ran to the far end.


He called, holding up a hand. He hit the next ball for four. Blocked the next and refused my offer of a run off the last ball of the over.

I took my stance expecting Jerry to be preparing to bowl. He wasn't there. One of their other bowlers was getting ready to bowl. I looked around the pitch. Jerry was heading towards the pavilion.



Lynda was sitting on the bench that ran along the rear wall of the bar room as I entered the pavilion. She had her arm around Sally's shoulders and was talking to her gently.

"What have I done?" Sally was saying.

"Shush." Lynda said, running her fingers through her hair. "It's all over now."

"But Jerry." Sally sniffed. "What will he do? And Steve?"

"Is anybody serving here?" A man called from the bar.

Lynda looked up and saw me.

"I'll get it." I said and went behind the bar to serve.

There was a little rush for five minutes. I kept watching Lynda and Sally out of the corner of my eye. Lynda's hand was sometimes on her hip then underneath her arm, then back on her hip. Steve slipped out of the changing room carrying his cricket bag. He had changed out of his cricket whites and wore grey trousers and a pale blue shirt.

"Can I have a glass of coke please?" He asked.

I took the bottle from the fridge and poured some into a glass. He gave me a coin that I dropped into the cash box.

He took a sip and looked across at Sally. She had her eyes closed and was resting her head on Lynda's shoulder.

I looked out through the open door as the last people I had served took their drinks outside. I could see Jerry approaching.

"Jerry's coming." I hissed at Steve.

He looked quickly around then ducked down behind the bar, crouching at my feet.

Jerry stormed into the room looking around him.

"Where is he?" He shouted.

"Keep your voice down." Lynda hissed at him. "Sally's asleep."

"I don't give a fuck about her." He ranted. "I want that little bastard. Where is he?"

My eyes went to the changing room door. Jerry caught the movement.

"In there? Is he?" He said heading towards the door and passing to within three feet of where Steve was crouching at my feet.

He burst through the door calling Steve's name. Steve smiled at me and headed out through the door. There was a loud noise and shouting from inside the changing room. Sally was awake and crying. More shouting. Jerry came out, dabbing at his nose with his handkerchief. It was stained red.

"There's a lunatic in there." He said making for the exit and ignoring Sally's cry.

"Jerry. I'm sorry."

"Where is he?"

Ian staggered from the changing room. He straightened himself up and belched. Turned around and walked back into the changing room. We could hear him being sick. So was Sally. Into her own lap and that of Lynda.

There was a burst of applause from outside. Sally threw up again.

"I'm sorry." She muttered.

"Oh fuck." Lynda said standing up and pulling her jeans away from her thighs.

Another burst of applause from outside.

Ian came out of the changing room. He licked his lips and grimaced at the taste.

"Get me a beer." He said, gruffly.

"You look after the bar." I told him.

His eyes lit up.

"Come with me." I said to Sally and Lynda, leading the way into the changing room.

Sally didn't look well. They both smelled awful.

I went to the cricket bag with Paul Wagstaffe written on the side. Undoing the straps I pulled it open and looked inside.

"If you two want to get out of those clothes let's see if we can sponge them off."

I handed Lynda Paul's towel, soap and shampoo.

"If you take them into the shower with you and try to get the worst of it off I'll hang them out on the line outside. They won't take long to dry."

I followed them into the shower room. The door to one of the toilet cubicles hung off its hinges. I could imagine the scene. Jerry bursting in the room and finding a door locked. Ian inside, probably asleep. Jerry breaking down the door to get at whom he thinks is Steve to find a former international schoolboy boxer with a sour disposition.

Lynda was pulling her arm from the sleeves of her blouse, she handed it to me then unhooked her bra. Her heavy breasts fell forward. Passing her bra to me she lifted each one as if offering the nipples to my mouth. If Sally hadn't been with us that is exactly where they would have been.

Sally had her back to us and was unzipping her dress. I reached out with one hand and felt Lynda's breast. Feeling the nipple harden against the palm of my hand.

Sally was stepping out of her dress and hanging it on one of the coat hooks. I released Lynda's breast as she turned her head towards us.

"Come on." Lynda said, pulling down her jeans and panties to reveal her dark red mass of pubic hairs.

I caught Sally's glance towards them.

"Get them off." Lynda said reaching into the shower cubicle and turning on the water. "We're all girls here."

I heard the boiler burst into life.

Sally unhooked her bra and shook her breasts as she pulled it away. They wobbled then settled.

"We can use the same shower." Lynda said, stepping under the flow of water and leaving the curtain open. "There's plenty of room for two."

Especially if one has his cock inside the other, I thought.

Sally hesitated then pulled down her panties. She had a nice back. Lots of vertebrae on show, thin thighs and high round buttocks. She turned to face me. She had high breasts. Full and firm. Her stomach was flat. Her pubic mound had a thin covering of dark curly hairs. I could see the lips of her fanny.

"Seen enough." She said quietly.

Oh no. I must have been staring at her.

"Sorry." I stammered.

She stood under the flowing water in the shower with Lynda and soaped her body. The water washed the suds down her back when she turned to face the spry. Down, over and between her ass cheeks. I noticed Lynda was watching as well.

I handed Lynda her jeans and Sally her dress when she turned around again. They washed off the mess and handed them back to me. Lynda's hand brushed across the front of Sally's stomach. I saw her tense and jerk backward. She looked at Lynda then at me. Lynda placed the flat of her hand on her stomach again. I watched her fingers massage Sally's tight skin.

Somebody was moving about in the changing room.

"Och man."

I could hear Ian's voice. He was slurring his words.

"That Paul never said anything about this."

"It's just in case." Len said.

I thought he was batting. He must be out. That must mean Paul was still out there.

"There's only five overs left." Len was pressing Ian. "We only need fifteen runs. Paul will get them with Harry and Arthur."

I could hear a groan go up from the spectators outside followed by some subdued applause. There was another groan and I looked into the shower. Lynda had her hand between Sally's legs and was rubbing furiously at her clit.

I didn't know which way to go. I looked at Lynda. She was smiling. Sally had the far away look on her face of somebody who was building up to a huge come.


Lynda said softly.

Sally threw her head back and made the sort of noises I did in the back of my throat when I was nearly there.

Should I join them in the shower?

No. We couldn't all get wet.

I needed to put the wet clothes on the washing line.

Sally was breathing rapidly. Starting to gasp for air. Opening her legs wider.


She lent against Lynda as her body shook with orgasm.

"I had better hang these up." I said. "You'll have to stay here until they dry. They shouldn't take long. It's hot outside."

I tapped on the door and opened it slightly to peer into the changing room. It was empty. I stepped quickly across it and opened the door to the main room.

Len was standing behind the bar pulling beer for some customers. Ian was sitting on the bench at the rear of the room wearing a pair of cricket pads.

"They suit you." I said.

He grunted. He didn't look happy. Or well.

"I'm just going to hang these up outside." I told Len. "Lynda and Sally are in the toilets out back. Please keep the men out."

I hurried outside, glancing up at the scoreboard before I went to the rear of the building. Twelve runs needed. Three overs left. Harry was out in the middle batting with Paul. That only left Ian to go in with Tony still at the Hospital.

Jerry was running in to bowl at Paul. The ball seemed to double Paul up. He was rubbing his lower stomach. I hoped he was all right. It was supposed to be a game.

I almost ran to the rear of the building and hung the clothes, well separated on the clothesline with some rusty pegs from the khaki coloured canvas bag hanging from a nail in the rear wall of the pavilion.

There was a burst of applause from the front of the pavilion. I hurried back. They were changing the scoreboard. Paul had scored four more runs.

It was the end of the over and Harry was going to face the young Indian lad. I saw Paul looking in my direction and waved. He raised a hand to me and made a mopping gesture towards his brow. He must be hot and thirsty.


I turned to where the voice came from.

"Oh. Hello." I replied.

Ron stopped and stood facing me.

"Mary asked me to drop in and remind you to set the water heater up for teas after the match."

"Thanks." I replied, returning his smile. "I had forgotten."

There was a ripple of applause from the spectators in front of the pavilion. Harry had scored a run.

"Not long to go now." Ron remarked, turning his eyes back to my face.

He smiled again. It was a lovely smile and his eyes were so kind and yet there was sadness in them. It was hard to draw my own eyes from them.

There was another burst of applause. People around us were standing and cheering. We both turned our heads and looked out onto the field at the same moment. One of the umpires was describing a wavy line with his hand in front of his body to signify that four runs had been scored.

Only three runs needed to win.

"I must see to the water heater." I said.

I hadn't intended for my voice to sound so low and soft.

His eyes opened wider for a second.

"I must get back to my family." There was a sound of reluctance in his voice.

His hand reached out and rested just above my hip for a second. A moment's pressure and it was gone.

"I must get back." He repeated.

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