tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18h

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18h


(Copyright 2003. All rights reserved).

All events and characters are fictitious.


We boarded the plane to New York at 2.45. It would take five hours to get there that meant, as they were four hours behind us that we should be landing at a quarter to four.

Heather was wearing a white trouser suit with a pink blouse. I wore my grey trousers, a white shirt and a jacket and tie.

Hudson face had a worried look as we said our good-byes. I could see he wasn't happy. Now that the moment had arrived neither was I. I had hoped that when I told her she would need a visit to enter the United States she would be stumped but no, not her, she visited the States at least three times each year so her visa was current. Mine was in date as Jenny and I visited Carole and Howie in the summer.

I suppose I should have just come out with it and told her she wasn't coming. Or got Hudson to do it. I knew I couldn't. But it was a long way to go on my own and she was fun to be with. Not to mention great to shag.

There was a tingling in the end of my prick when I thought back to the night before. I'd fucked her fanny five times and her ass once. By rights my cock should be falling off. I'd also licked her fanny twice and her ass once. I looked at her. She looked as fresh as a daisy. I was knackered. I leaned back in my seat as the plane taxied to its take off point and closed my eyes.



I collected the teacups from David's room and took them downstairs to the kitchen to wash leaving David and Ron discussing that years cricket results.

As the water splashed into the bowl in the sink I let my thoughts run wild. What would his touch be like? Would he take me there, in the kitchen, with David upstairs? Would he want sucking first? Paul liked me to suck him. It took a while to get used to the taste but I could swallow his sperm now without the slightest qualm. But could I swallow Ron's?

What would he want to do to me? Feel me outside my clothes first? I undid the top button of my blouse without thinking. Would he slide his hand inside my knickers and feel for my slit?

The noise from the sink changed. The bowl was full and overflowing. I turned off the tap and placed the cups and saucers into the bowl. More water flowed over the edge and into the sink.

Where was I? Oh yes. Standing there in the kitchen with Ron's hand down the front of my knickers fingering my hole. I could feel it. Feel myself becoming moist inside.

"Penny for them."

I jumped.

"Oh. Sorry." I could feel my face turning red. "You made me jump."

"Sorry." He smiled, his eyes holding my own. "I didn't mean to."

"I was miles away." I confessed.

Not exactly miles away. About a yard from where I was now standing with my legs open and your finger inside me.

"You were smiling." He moved closer and stood by my side looking out over the rear patio and lawns to the dark hills in the background. "The must have been pleasant thoughts."

"They were." I agreed.

He didn't know how pleasant.

"I didn't realise I had spent quite so long with David."

He turned his head to look at me. Kiss me. I cried inside. I moved closer to him. He turned to face me. I lifted my face to his. His hand was moving towards me.

"For a Sunday the traffic is terrible out there." Mary said, entering the room and placing her handbag on the kitchen table.

I hadn't heard her come in. Five seconds more and I could have been well on my way to taking at least his finger inside me.

Ron coughed and turned his head away from us. He breathed deeply.

"I was just telling Jenny that it was time I left for home." He said.

"Thank you very much for coming." Mary replied.

She had a funny look on her face. She couldn't have seen anything. There was nothing to be seen.

"I will come around again later in the week." Ron promised. "When will you be down again?"

I'd have gone down then and there if Mary hadn't been there.

"I have exams on Thursday and Friday." I explained. "I would have gone with Paul otherwise. He should be back on Saturday."

Ron nodded.

"There is the Christmas carol service on Sunday."

"Paul might be tired." I said.

He would be if I had anything to do with it.

"He will have travelled a long way." Mary joined in. "But I'm sure they will come if they can."

"Well I'd best be going." Ron said.

"I'll see you out." I replied.

"Goodbye Mary." He said.

"Goodbye, Ron." Mary said following us into the hall and starting up the stairs. "And thank you for coming."

I wished I were.

Ron took his coat from the hook and slid his arms into it. He looked down at me and smiled.

"Perhaps I will see you Sunday?" He asked softly.

"I will if I can." I replied, keeping my own voice low.

"It was a pity." He started a sentence.

I looked into his eyes.

"It was." I agreed.

His hand was on my shoulder. It was the first time he had ever touched me. Firm yet light. I trembled slightly.

His hand moved down my arm, stopping at the elbow. Still his eyes held mine.

"I have to go up to Bristol one day." He said.

I could feel my eyes opening wider.

"This week?"

"Probably Tuesday."

He looked around like a guilty schoolboy.

Then he continued.

"Will you be in College?"

"I'll be home for four."

"Will Shirley be there?"

"I don't know. I could send her shopping."

"Would you?"

My knees felt weak.


A sound came from upstairs and he released me. He turned and opened the door and I held it by the edge as he started to walk away from the house. At the door of his car he stopped and looked at me. He smiled and waved. Then waved again to the upstairs window where I could imagine Mary looking out of the window. I waved back and again as he drove off. I suddenly felt deflated.

Time I wasn't here either. Not if I wanted to get back in daylight. The light was already starting to fade.

I closed the door and took the stairs two at a time.

"It is time I was off as well." I called into the open doorway of their bedroom. "I want to get home while it is still light."

"Drive safely." David called back.

My bags were already packed and I carried them out onto the landing. I stopped at their bedroom door and knocked.

I poked my head around the corner of the door. Mary was sitting on the bed beside David.

"That you for coming." She said.

David smiled. I could only see one of Mary's hands. David had one knee bent creating a tent from his bedclothes.

"Must rush." I tried not to stare. There was movement beneath the bedclothes. "I want to be home before it gets too dark."

I dragged my eyes away from the bed and went into my bedroom and threw my clothes and things into my bags.

"Bye." I called out heading down the stairs.

I was certain I heard David moan before I heard their goodbyes.



I hate American immigration. It took us over an hour to get through it. It wasn't as if we were going to stay in the country. Well, just two nights. There was a little excitement when they opened my suitcase to see the briefcase inside. Even more when they noticed the diplomatic seal on the handle. I hadn't really looked at the stamps in my passport before. Everybody did now, and again at the one in Heather's.

It was a relief to settle into the back of the big yellow taxi for the twenty-minute ride into the centre of New York to our hotel. The taxi pulled up in front of the broad steps that led up to the entrance to the hotel and the doorman opened the door. I looked at the meter and handed over some notes. For a moment I didn't think he was going to give me any change.

I climbed out of the cab and helped Heather to stand while the cabby opened the boot and took out our suitcases.

"Mr Wagstaffe, Sir. Welcome back," the doorman said pointedly so that the cabby could hear.

It didn't do to upset the doormen on the best hotels in New York.

I bent down to pick up one of our suitcases and found a hand already on it.

"Take your case, sir."

He stood up, and up. I looked up at the features of Howie Wolfenstein, son of one of the hotel's owners.

"Howie!" I exclaimed. "I didn't know you were back in New York."

"I'm only here for the night." He replied. Leading the way into the hotel. "I am a vice-president now. We have a board meeting in the morning. What brings you here."

He looked over my shoulder at Heather. Now was a chance to see if I could come up with anything plausible. I took off my coat and placed it on top of my suitcase. Stalling for time.

"May I introduce Heather." I started.

Now what?

"This is Howard Wolfenstein." I continued.

"Heather and I are going to South America. My Grandfather and Rodreigo are down there and we are going to bring them home. Heather is the sister of one of the people who live in one of my apartments in London."

It sounded rather lame to me. Too many opportunities for follow up questions.

Howie raised an eyebrow and said hello to Heather, shaking her outstretched hand and looking her up and down.

"Pa and Martha will be pleased to see you." Howie smiled at me, the bastard.

I knew I could get him not to say anything about Heather but once Martha saw her then she was sure to tell her daughter, and Howie's wife, Carole who was sure to tell Jenny. Why had we come to this hotel?

We both signed in.

"I'd appreciate your not mentioning having seen us to anyone." I said in a low voice to Howie.

"Sure, buddy." He whispered back.

"Paul Wagstaffe." A loud American voice rang in my ears. "Is that you?"

I turned to see Harve, Howie's father bearing down on me.

"I'll see you to your room." Howie was saying to Heather.

"What brings you here?" Harve asked, pumping my hand up and down.

"Just passing through." I replied watching Heather being escorted to the lift by Howie. "I'm flying down to Miami tomorrow."

"Who's the young lady?" Harve asked, his eyes following mine.

"Just somebody I met on the plane." I lied.

"I'd better keep an eye on Howie. Where's Jenny?"

"She's in England. She has exams."

"And why did you say you were here?"

"I have to go to South America to collect my Grandfather and his friend Roddrego."

"There's a revolution going on down there."

"I know." Of course, he would be well informed. "It's in the mountains to the south. They are in the capitol on the coast."

"It's gathering momentum. What takes them down there at their ages?"

"They own a Ruby mine." Why did I always feel I was in the presence of my old headmaster whenever I spoke to Harve? "It hasn't been performing very well over the last few years."

"Strange that." Harve mused. "A lot of gems have been coming onto the market from that part of the world. Some quite good ones."

"Come into the bar." There was no refusing Harve. "Have Mr Wagstaffe's bags taken up and ask my son to join us in the bar."

"What will you have?" Have led the way to an unoccupied table in the corner of the bar and sat down.

I asked for a light beer and he had a whisky and soda. I wondered how well Howie was getting on with Heather. I knew I couldn't trust him and I wasn't sure how much I could trust her.

I sat and took a sip from my beer when it arrived.

"As I was saying." Harve took a drink from his own glass then looked me up and down. "A lot of stones have been coming onto the market recently from that part of the world and you say your grandfather's mine has been under-performing."

He took another drink and looked over the rim of his glass at me.

"There has been speculation in the press as to how this particular revolution was being funded. Usually it is one of the major powers but this one just seems to have come out of nowhere."

"This Roddrego?" Harve lifted his eyes from me to where his son had just entered the room. "His father was the President of that country once. His sympathies might lie with these rebels?"

I hadn't given it a thought.

"I'm sure Roddrego would do nothing to my Grandfather."

I was thinking now. I wish I'd paid more attention as to what was going on in the world.

"I'm sure he wouldn't. Perhaps that mine has run out. That happens."

"What mine?" Howie asked, his face looked flushed.

I told him about my Grandfather's mine.

"Your parents think that they would try to get to the mine if it weren't for you going to fetch them?"



I lay back in the bath and let the warm water reach up to my chin. It felt nice lying there. I let my toes come to the surface and break through the bubbles. I waggled them, pulled them under then lifted them back to the surface.

I wonder what Ron would be like. Should I go through with it? It was thing to agree when I was only feet from him and he was holding my arm gently. Perhaps I should ring him and put him off. Paul would be home on Saturday. It was only a fantasy. I couldn't be unfaithful to Paul. Not like this. It was planned. I knew the time and the place. Two days. Forty-five hours. Shirley would be home soon. There would be enough water for her to have a bath if she wanted one.

Two days. Less than forty-five hours. What would it be like? He was an inch taller than Paul and heavier. How old would he be? Twenty-eight or nine? Married. As I was.

I looked at the rings on my finger. Paul buying the engagement-ring in that small jewellers in Northern Ireland. My telling him that he didn't have to marry me just because he had taken my virginity. Three years before we had married. A lot had happened in those three years. But things were quieter now. Was that it? Were things too quiet? Did I need excitement?

I opened my legs and ran a finger along my fanny lips.

I didn't need a lover. Paul gave me all I needed.

I closed my eyes and sighed.

But, Ron. He did something to me when I was with him. He could do something for me now.

I rubbed the side of my clit. Paul's face was before me, no Ron's.

I rubbed harder and faster. I could hear the water splashing.

On my back, reaching down between my legs to guide him inside.

My thighs tightened then relaxed. I applied full pressure to my clit. I heard myself moan out loud.

I cold feel him inside me. My fanny tightening about him. The pressure building inside me. So much pressure.

I held my breath, the pressure was building. There was water in my mouth. I was there.

There was a knock on the bathroom door.


I heard Shirley's voice as if from a distance. I cleared some water from my ears with a fingertip and spat out a mouthful of water as I sat up. I held my nostrils closed and blew down them to clear the pressure in my ears.

"Jenny?" Shirley knocked a second time. "Are you alright?"

"Yes. Sorry. Underwater."

"Oh. You had me worried for a moment. Would you like a cup of tea?"

Tea in front of the television with a friend. An exciting way to spend the evening.

I would ring Ron to put him off.


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