tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Payback Ch. 01

The Payback Ch. 01



The men in fatigues did not in the least look like soldiers. A closer and careful observation was necessary to deduce that they were in fact, men of the uniform.

There were three of them. They wore similar bottle green fatigues and black bomber jackets and rubber sole impregnated heavy army issues. Their long hair straggled from beneath dark blue caps that had large visors almost covering their eyes.

Each one of them had pistols holstered on one side of their hips and a scabbard holding curved scimitars on the other side. They had walked for three days through the thick jungles, waded through neck deep lakes and were now crouched in front of a two floored building nestling among thick foliage: the largest abode in the small town located in the isolated valley near the border.

It was almost dawn. There was a hint of sunlight struggling to overcome the shadows of the previous night. From somewhere far in the town, they could hear the rooster. But otherwise, the town was still asleep. If there was anybody awake apart from them, they had not yet ventured out of their houses.

The tallest among the three men, leading the pack looked back at his mates.

"This is it," he said in a low voice.

"Indeed," replied a bearded man.

The third man, sallow-faced stared back. "So what the hell's keeping us? Lets get the bastard. We have ascertained that the fucking rat has asked his fucking guards to fucking get lost."

The first man smiled faintly. "The son of a bitch is smart. That's his cover. He's supposed to be a social worker and claims that he needs no guards for he's supposed to represent the truth and act as per the wishes of the townspeople."

"My ass," the third man spoke bitterly.

"Lets get in now, major. We have scoped the area for over an hour now and we got to remember that it is going to take us at least an hour to get them to the stakeout," the bearded man muttered under his breath.

"You have closed the rear, private?" the captain asked the bearded man.

"Tighter than a nun's asshole," the private replied.

"What about you, captain? You took the inventory and I want you to tell me once again."

"Yeah, well," replied the sallow faced man. "As per our source, his daily regime never changes. The mother fucker sleeps pretty late at night – source had no idea what he is up to during this time -brushes his fucking teeth, has a shit and a shower, drinks a cup of what could presumably be tea and sits in the fucking study, reading something at his desk. Probably planning another fucking strike at more wives, daughters, mothers and sisters. His wife sleeps in his bedroom downstairs and his kids, his sister and his mom sleep in their fucking bedrooms upstairs. Some guy, presumably his sidekick sometimes spends the night in the house and when he does that, he brings his wife along. No idea who this fucking sidekick is. A two-one entry, the first from the terrace and the second from the living room window should be sufficient to take them."

The major shot his sleeves back over his thick hand and glanced at his watch. "It's six-twelve. I'll go in the window and you two take the terrace. Use the canisters if necessary, I don't want noise. It will take me roughly six or seven minutes to immobilize Salim and his wife, presuming there's no one else with them. Get the folks down in that time and I want them to be gagged. Use the needle if necessary. The bastard's son already has had some guerilla training and even if he's just twenty, I don't want complacency. And there's to be no unnecessary violence. I don't want a trigger-happy punk now. There'll be time enough for that later on."

"I can't wait," muttered the private. "The stakeout is perfect for the job we have in mind."

They had indeed been soldiers once upon a time. Now, they were renegades. The army, whom they had served for, was now looking for their capture. As were the opposite side.

They knew the army because they had been in it themselves.

They had spent close to two months to track down the opposition and now knew them as well.

The problem was that they had to act before the army could trace this opposition before they got their own back.

Each one of them had been a soldier: brave, patriotic, and disciplined.

And each had a story to tell.


Major Ray was polishing off his third straight rum when the men had surrounded him. There he was, smacking his lips in appreciation, not just because of the excellent drink, but also because he appreciated good classical music that was now flowing seamlessly from the two speakers in front of which he was sitting.

This was life, he thought. Not much more time to go before he would retire with full honors and settle down to do exactly what he was doing now. A nice, luxurious lovemaking session with his wife after getting back from the party that evening, strong rum, good music…

He had been terribly aroused at the party that evening. It had always been like that, especially on the night before he would leave and head back to the border.

He had taken turns dancing with all those ladies and damn it, he had been embarrassed when he had erected while dancing with the captain's wife. Jennifer Carter was one hot woman!

He wasn't to blame, he reasoned with himself. That woman had definitely pressed her thighs against his and that look in her eyes was positively that peculiar come-hither look he had seen in her eyes before.

He felt guilty when he remembered how he had put his hands casually across her buttocks. God damn it, she was Joe's wife!

By the time they had said goodbye and he was in the car with Rena, he had a raging erection. He hadn't even allowed Rena to drag him to the bedroom when she had realized his predicament. He had pulled her to him right there in the living room, lights on, and they had attacked each other.

"My, my," Rena had giggled, allowing him to thrust his hand inside her blouse and take hold of her luscious breasts. "Whatever's gotten my hero so randy so suddenly?"

"That bitch Jenny," he had replied honestly, unbuttoning her blouse after shoving the border down her shoulders, turned on even more as he noticed her heaving bosom and that inviting cleavage. "I swear she was pressing against my cock!"

She giggled, beginning to drag his shirt off his shoulders. She had been faster at unbuttoning it. Momentarily, he drew his hands off her already open blouse and shrugged out of the shirt and even as he did that, her hands were fumbling at the buttons of his pants.

"And why not?" she breathed, shuddering as his pants fell in a heap around his legs revealing the huge bulge inside his boxer shorts. "After all, you are the Major and the biggest hero this side of the town!"

"Hero, hell! It was this cock she was after. I'm telling you, baby, if I had come on stronger, maybe we would have sneaked off in the bathroom and I would have given her the real fuck of her life!"

"What? And deprive me of it?" she asked, now pulling his shorts down and grabbing his erect penis with her hands, pretty much like she held the tennis racket when she played the game at the Officer's court.

"You? Oh god, baby, even if I were stiff cold, you would give me a hard on just by getting naked! Look at these!"

He had unhooked her bra and laid it back along with the blouse against her chest, revealing those large, slightly sagging breasts. She sighed when he grabbed the pair and bending down, stuck his face between them. She shivered when his tongue licked her cleavage before sliding over to one erect and rosy nipple.

"Ah, Major, you are getting me hot!"

"That's the general idea," he grinned before stuffing one breast as much inside his mouth as was possible.

As he suckled on her breasts, she fondled his penis, gently masturbating it. She spread her legs to allow him to whip the panties off her hips: he had already raised the hem of the sari till it was draped around her waist.

"The other one, Major, the other one," she whimpered and he immediately obliged by stuffing the other breast in his mouth. Imperceptibly, the to and fro movements of her hands around his penis had gained considerable momentum.

She turned to face him and pushed her hips out, rubbing the wet head of his penis against her crotch.

"Ah, Major, I need you to fuck me with this tool!"

"You are reading my mind, doll. How do you want it, baby?"

"Just the way we are, thank you," she replied, rising on her toes.

"Ok," he said, grasping the side of her waist. "Hop in the saddle, honey."

She gave a light hop and soon had her legs around his buttocks. She cradled his neck with her arms and leaned back, looking down as he aligned his penis with her vagina.

"Ram it in," she cried out.

He did.

"Oh yes, Major, fuck me with that cock, oh god, yes, yes!"

As she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, he adjusted her hips around his back and began to move furiously back and forth. She tightened her hold on him, pressing her chest against his.

"You like this, huh?" he muttered. "You do like this cock inside you, don't you? You like it to fuck the living daylights out of you!"

"Yes, yes, just do it harder, ah yes, faster, now, faster!"

She began to move along with him. She pulled away from him when he drew his penis back and pushed hard against his body when he rammed it in her.

He bent down and took one swaying breast in his mouth, sucking on the engorged nipple.

"Yes, yes, deeper, now, suck it harder too! Oh my god, you have such a fat dick!"

"It's for you, baby, only for this hot and wet pussy!"

"Hmm, are you sure you are not imagining that it's Jenny's cunt you are fucking?"

"I'd rather fuck yours," he panted, laughing as he continued to hammer her furiously.

They always liked to talk like that. Today, it was Jennifer Carter and though that hot woman had turned him on, this was for real. He loved his wife's ripe body, the way her breasts jiggled, the way her thighs clenched around his and the way she moaned and whimpered.

"But wouldn't you seriously like to fuck Jenny?"

"What's this with Jenny?" he laughed again, increasing the pace of his movements.

"Ah, but she did light your candle, didn't she?" she gasped.

"I'll show you who lit the candle, baby," he said, walking with her still wrapped around him and until he reached the large couch.

She squealed when he threw her down on it and she spread her thighs invitingly, gazing at his monstrous penis.

"Oh yes, Major. Show me!"

He straddled her voluptuous body and grasping her thighs, raised them high in the air. She reached down to grab his penis and guided it back into her vagina.

He rammed forward, burying his penis deep into her and she moaned.

"Ah! That feels so good, major! Fuck me now, hard and fast!"

The couch rocked as he proceeded to do exactly that. He put his hands on her breasts, kneading the flesh there as he began to plunge in and out of her moist and hot opening.

They were already primed and it took no more than a dozen strokes, hard and fast, for her to cry out, "I'm coming, oh god, I'm coming!"

"Yes, yes," he hissed, gazing at her contorted face and reveling in the thought that he had made her orgasm so quickly.

She tightened her legs around him and lifted her buttocks off the couch when she exploded amidst cries that were totally incoherent and sentences that were totally disjointed.

He continued for a minute, making sure that she was completely drained and then, with a soft plop, his rock hard penis slipped out of her opening.

"You want me to suck your dick off?"

"I'd kill myself if you didn't, baby," he replied, quickly rearranging his body on the couch so that he could now slip up her smooth body, her sari still wrapped around her waist. He dangled his organ above her face and she moaned, reaching out for it and grabbing it in her hands.

He had to thrust his hips forward to slip his throbbing member inside her mouth and she now sucked on it voraciously. He gazed at her as her cheeks puffed out and then hollowed. She was good!

He groaned and grunted when he felt it beginning to rise. He began to move his body up and down over her face as she expertly manipulated his penis inside her mouth, bringing her tongue into play.

"Oh, fuck!" he whimpered.

He backed off, pulling his organ out of her hot mouth and she masturbated him fervently till he arched his back and his come shot out of the tip of his penis, spraying her face, her hair and her breasts with his hot come.

Ah, yes, that was life, he thought again, sipping the rum.

And, suddenly, he looked up to see four assault rifles pointing at him. Behind each weapon was a masked face.

"What the hell?" he spluttered, rising from his reclining chair.

A barrel of one rifle pushed at his chest and he fell back on the chair.

"You are not to make any moments until told," a muffled voice informed him.

The major was in his night dress and he now glanced at the dressing table in which he had kept his service pistol. He cursed himself, because the commanding officer had warned every one that it was "safer to sleep with your weapon than with your wife" when you were in this border post. The past month had been uneventful with hardly any filtration through the border and that had put him off guard.

"Who the fuck are you?" he asked. He knew it was a stupid question, because around this area there was only one answer to that.

He heard one of the hoods sniggering. The man who had pushed him back with the barrel of the rifle spoke:

"I'm surprised, major. Your army is reputed to be well-informed enough not to ask such ignorant questions."

Ray looked at their masked faces. It was impossible to make out their features, for each one of them was clad in a Balaclava mask that covered their faces entirely, save for the slits for the eyes, the lips and the tiny holes at their nose areas. And even these openings were crisscrossed with webs, thick enough to conceal the exposed areas.

"What do you want?"

"You already know, major. You should know that the Mighty One has already issued the instructions. Do you want me to quote him?"

"Fuck your mighty one, whoever he is," the major spat out disdainfully, knowing fully well that this sentence would provoke these men to do almost anything, which one of them did: he struck the major across his face with the stock of the rifle.

The major felt the blood drip from his lips and he felt the hollowness in his stomach. He knew the instructions that the leader of these sick men had issued.

Leave behind a generation of bastards.

For the last year or so the attacks had been regular. A group of masked and armed men would attack some remote place and do nothing else but rape the women before fleeing across the border.

And the major's unit had been set up precisely to find out the mastermind behind the group. Initially there had been a frenzy of such activities until the government woke up and posted specially trained combat units at specific areas along the borderline to combat this new group who called themselves The Cell.

Oh my god, Ray thought to himself. Rena was up there in the bedroom and she was asleep! He desperately hoped that she would awaken and take the steps he had taught her to if they were to get in such situations.

There was only one way to forewarn her, he thought grimly. Noise!

"You son of a bitch," he yelled, wiping his lips with the back of his hand and staring at the man who had hit him. "Try doing that without that gun and without your faggot pals here."

Another man spoke. There was a hint of amusement in his voice. "But that would be stupid, major, isn't it? It would be just as stupid as what you are trying to achieve by shouting like that. We already know that your lovely wife is upstairs, which is why you have only four of us here. The other two are already up there with your wife!"

"Oh god, no!" he shouted, trying to get to his feet. The man who had hit him pushed him down with the barrel of his gun and Ray noticed that two of them were already walking up to him with a coil of what he presumed was nylon rope.

Wildly, he looked towards the staircase that led to the first floor where the bedrooms were. He tried the 'barge trick', propelling himself forward against the man who held the gun to his chest.

It was of no use and he knew it. These thugs were trained and they knew their job. Even before he had managed to extricate himself from the hopeless tangle he had got into after the barge trick, there was a heavy set man seated on his back. He felt hands pushing his legs together and the rope quickly embracing them.

Another man had grabbed his hands and the man seated on his back was now tying up his hands and wrists.

They worked swiftly and with practiced ease. He found himself bound by the ropes and then pinned back against the heavy table. Another rope was used to tie his already bound body to the table and he knew that for all purposes, he was totally immobilized.

And then the inevitable happened! His eyes widened as he glanced at the staircase. Rena was struggling all right, but it was all in vain, as two men, wearing identical dresses, led her down the stairs. The man behind her had one arm around her neck and the man beside her was gripping her by her waist.

He opened his mouth to curse and realized too late that it was what they were waiting for. Before he could utter a word, he felt the coarse cotton cloth stuff inside his mouth and now he was gagged as well.

With wide eyes, he looked at one of the men. If he had ever begged in his life, it was now. He begged with his eyes.

He knew it was futile anyway. Too many times this gang had struck in the area and at no time had they ever spared anybody.

Rena was going to be no exception.

He watched as the two men began to grope at Rena's body. Suddenly, the thick cotton gown she was wearing seemed to be too flimsy. Ray could see the outline of the brassiere through the gown and when he saw the men grope at her breasts, he thrashed against the ropes that bound him.

He heard some laughing and then the sharp ripping noise as one man tore the front of Rena's gown. The material ripped down from the center of the neckline right down to her navel and he heard another man groan when they saw her ripe bra-contained breasts exposed.

"Get the bitch naked," snapped out the man who had pushed Ray first with the butt of his rifle. Obviously, he really was the leader of this group.

Rena screamed and Ray cursed mentally when one man slapped her across her face. She seemed stunned and looked helplessly at her husband. He couldn't bear to look into her eyes.

Damn it, so fucking helpless!

And then Rena was pushed on to her back on the floor and hands were pulling at her gown. Her legs were raised and the pair of her white sensible panties was ripped off.

One man crouched at her face, pinning her hands back up over her head while another sat at her waist, holding her by her thighs. She struggled ferociously as Ray knew she would, but oh god, there was no point in doing that.

"Oh shit, look at that cunt!" one man cried out.

"The bitch keeps that hair trimmed. Hot, hot, hot!" chanted another.

"Smooth, white creamy thighs! Just the way I like them!"

Rena screamed and was slapped again.

"Listen you little bitch! You do that once more and we will break your husband's fingers one after the other and you will suck on each of them from the bleeding side, so help me god! Scream once more, you little piece of shit and watch. We hope you will scream."

Her eyes were filled with terror when she managed to swing her head around and look at her trussed up husband.

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