tagIncest/TabooThe Payback Ch. 02

The Payback Ch. 02



He wasn't much to look at. In fact, it was difficult to make out his features, hidden as they were by the thick luxurious beard. He had a large forehead; that much was obvious and equally, large cauliflower-like ears. The hair beneath the proverbial black cape was surprisingly thin as compared to the beard: he was almost bald.

The eyes behind the horn-rimmed spectacles were however the most notable of his features. Large and black, jet-black. It was like viewing a rattlesnake's eyes through a magnifying glass.

It was only when they flashed and only when his deep bass voice rose to a crescendo that his magic became apparent.

He should have been a hypnotist. He wasn't.

He was the Mighty One, the leader of the Cell.

Sworn enemy of the firangi and the non-believers

At five-ten and about a hundred and forty pounds, he was slim and lean and if one were to introduce him at a party, he would be forgotten immediately.

Yet, he was the same man who had transformed thousands of illiterate, madrassa-attending and malnourished ordinary people into a lethal group of jihadis.

At the moment however, he wasn't talking to any of those thousand soldiers of death. Nor indeed did he have any audience, save his family.

The Mighty One had one problem nobody outside the family was aware of.

The Mighty One couldn't raise an erection without specific help.

And that help, as his wife Riana had learnt immediately after her marriage, was none other than his own mother.

His mother was a robustly built, pink skinned attractive woman in her fifties. Ever since she had lost her husband during the long war in 1982, she had been forced to seek her release with what would be available within the walls of her house.

Her husband was a legend and precisely for that reason, no other man ever dared to have any relations with her after she was widowed. And that left her with little choice but to seek the company of the only other man who was allowed to live in the same house. Her son.

She had to wait till he first grew up. He was training with the rest of the jihadis ever since he had turned fifteen, a year before his father was shot dead. So he hardly had any time for women.

Except that he had to return to his house every night. And the only woman who was in the house was his mother.

He was a little over eighteen when Zohra eventually seduced him. Her daughter, Nazneen was with her aunt (Zohra's sister) that day. So, she had intentionally asked Salim to watch the bathroom door when she was bathing that day, complaining that the door wouldn't close. (She had slipped off the hinges).

And when the young Salim stood by the door, Zohra had casually asked him if he would mind soaping her back.

"I have pain in my right hand, son."

Never having seen a naked woman before, it was natural that the young boy was taken aback at the sight of a naked Zohra, wet from the bath she was having.

As he rubbed the soap onto her silky back, he couldn't help but notice the generous curves of his mother's breasts and those pink large nipples. He had peered downward and spied on the smooth, clean shaven mound between her legs, surprised by its appearance, for he had never seen another woman like that.

In fact, he had never seen a naked woman.

Zohra was about thirty-six at that time and she knew that all the men in the town lusted after her, a few women too did, and not for nothing. At about five-eight, she was extremely fair skinned. Her eyes were a startling blue and her long silky hair, the color of chestnut brown, reached her buttocks. She had a medium size nose, slightly upturned. Her lips looked like they were perennially painted with a deep pink shade and that complimented her very well. She had a slightly oval face with a sharp chin and when she smiled, dimples appeared on her cheeks.

If her face wasn't enough for the men and the women to be attracted to, and few would accept that, then her body was a knockout.

First, her shoulders, which were pretty broad and then her breasts that were way too large. You could clasp her waist and span them with your fingers intertwining behind. Her buttocks flared outwards, firm and round and her long, creamy legs were topped off with those strong thighs.

All in all, she was one hell of a woman!

Now, she shivered as she felt her son rubbing the bar of soap across her back, slowly lowering it to rub it across her lower back and then, back up again to rub it across her shoulders. She sat on a low stool as he allowed the bar of soap to slide over her back. Finally, in a hoarse voice she said, "Would you also do the front?"

Salim was taken aback. He had heard a lot of crude jokes among his fellow jihadis and had a vague idea of what sex was all about. None of the jokes however were ever associated with the woman taking the role of an aggressor.

"Whatever you say, ammi," he replied, stepping back to allow his mother to swivel around on the stool.

His mouth fell open when he saw the sight of his naked mother facing him. Those amazing breasts were now completely exposed to him and he stared at those huge pink nipples surrounded by the areola.

Her hair was slightly wet at the temples and she pushed them back over her forehead. Her eyes sparkled when she saw him licking his lips and trying to hide his erection behind his robes. It was obvious he had an erection, and a raging one at that and she was amazed that she could see the bulge in spite of the loose robe he wore.

She tilted her face up at the ceiling and whispered, "First the face, my little he-man."

She always called him that and for a strange reason, he liked it.

He leaned close, somewhat uncomfortably, and ran the soap gently over his mother's beautiful face. She had squeezed her eyes shut and he took the opportunity at openly stare at the heaving breasts, drinking in the rare and wonderful sight.

Very often, Salim would go swimming with his younger sister and her best friend, Riana at the waterfall. But Nazneen and Riana always wore their knee length robes when they were under the waterfall. Even then, he would steal glances at their bodies and when they stood directly under the waterfall, he could clearly see their budding breasts through the gowns and invariably, he would end up having a raging erection, which he would then relieve by masturbating. He would swim far away from them and would quickly masturbate under the water without pulling down his shorts.

But this was the first time that he had ever seen naked breasts. And forget that they belonged to his mother they were for real. He never imagined that breasts would be this big and that nipples would be that prominent. Why, he thought, they almost looked like a pair of penises!

Added to the extremely erotic situation was the way that his mother was behaving. She seemed not to care that she was completely naked and he thought she was breathing harder than usual by the way her massive chest heaved.

He felt his penis growing inside his shorts that he wore underneath the robes and he flushed. The erection felt pretty uncomfortable and he longed to run away to his room, whip it out and masturbate. He knew that she was his mother, but by god, he had never seen a more beautiful and a sexier woman than her.

"If you are finished with the face, he-man, please do me here as well," she whispered throatily, indicating her breasts.

He almost passed out. His hands shook as he slowly reached out, making sure that it was the soap that touched her breasts and not his hands. He began to slide the bar back and forth across and over her breasts.

"Between them too, he-man," she said.

Her cleavage was so long and so deep, that the bar of soap almost disappeared inside.

"And over the nipples," she reminded; now gently reaching out to grasp his hands and direct them over the top of her mounds.

She leaned back further on the stool and directed his hands down over her flat belly. It was quite astonishing, he thought, how like a washboard her belly was. He had seen other women who had borne children. They had saggy breasts and rounded bellies. But not his ammi, he thought proudly, rubbing the bar of soap over her belly before he felt the pressure of her hands forcing his down.

"You will have to squat, he-man so you can wash me here," she whimpered.

His heart thudding wildly, his face flushed and his penis straining against his shorts, he sank down on his knees and now pressed the bar right over her crotch.

"Ah, oh, ugh," she muttered, pressing his hand tighter to her crotch and pushing her hips forward, till she was sitting on the edge.

"W-when y-you a-are, ah, ah, rubbing, ugh, there, ah, spread the bubbles, oh yes, ah, over my, ah, legs!" she stammered, her eyes still squeezed shut.

And so it was that young Salim found himself crouching scant inches away from his mother, rubbing her crotch with one hand holding a bar of soap, while he ran his other hand gently, up and down those magnificent creamy, silk-smooth thighs and knees.

"Y-you will, ugh, h-have to, to, ah yes, c-clean it h-harder, he-man," she moaned and he looked up sharply at her.

Her long hair was tied up in a bun to prevent them from getting wet, her eyes were shut and he noticed that she had now brought her hands up to caress and knead her breasts. Her knees had spread wide open and she was twitching on the stool.

He recalled what a fellow jehadi had once told him about how he had got his wife begging for more and he had described her condition.

"I'm telling you, she was as hot as a fucking pistol! She was lying on her back while I poked and caressed her cunt with my fingers and she stretched her legs wide open and screamed for me to fuck her!"

Only now, his mother wasn't screaming. Of course, there were a lot of 'ahs' and 'ohs' and she was twitching around the stool till he was afraid she would fall off. Her knees were completely open and boy, was she mauling her tits!

He was now losing his inhibitions and he continued caressing her thighs even after the soap had been rinsed off.

"Harder, he-man," she cried out harshly and he knew she was having a orgasm.

He let the soap slip off his hands and she almost jumped off the stool when she felt his bare hand rubbing her pussy. He couldn't tell whether all the wetness there was only the water or she too was leaking.

The important thing for him was that she wasn't objecting to his hands caressing her pussy. Emboldened, he tried to slip a finger inside her opening. He could see the pink, wide-open gash, but his finger missed the target.

She bucked up on the stool. "Oh, ah, yes, yes, harder, he-man, harder...not like that, here, let me show you."

His joy knew no bounds when he felt his mother grab his hand and then his extended middle finger. She quickly brought the finger to her mouth and slid it inside. She sucked hard on it, allowing her tongue to run over it and then pushed it down and back to where it had been.

She guided his finger inside her hot vagina and moaned aloud when it buried inside. His amateurish fumbling made it more exciting, she thought, pushing her hips forward to suck the finger inside her.

"Ah yes, he-man, like that!" she cried out and this time, she bent her head down and opened her eyes.

He blushed when her blue eyes bore into his and she laughed wildly.

"What's the matter, he-man, you shy?" she asked him, instinctively, rocking his wrist with her hand so that his finger began an in and out movement inside her voracious pussy.

He hastily looked away from her eyes and instead, stared in awe at the sight of his finger going in and out of her pussy.

"You shy?" she repeated, gasping for breath.

He shook his head, quickly glancing at her eyes before settling down to watch the awesome phenomena of his finger fucking her pussy.

"Ah, yes, fuck that finger in," she whimpered.

He was surprised and also strangely excited that his mother had used the forbidden word. By now, he knew just exactly what she needed, and this excited him even more.

Here was the most beautiful woman in the town, buck naked, wet with water and hot and horny, begging him to satisfy her. The only other time that he had been so thrilled was when his father had given him his first assault rifle in his hands.

But assault rifles and knives and rocket launchers, he thought, wasn't enough to make a man out of you. This was what was needed to complete the education. Once he would put his penis inside her, he would be the complete jehadi.

He corkscrewed his finger inside her hot and wet opening and she squirmed on the stool, letting out a loud moan.

"Oh yes, yes, fuck that finger inside my cunt!" she cried out.

Astonished at the filthy language she spoke, and also excited, he obliged. He had heard enough from fellow jehadi's how this was done. He had once insisted that he be allowed to watch a couple of jehadis raping a woman from across the border, but he had been forbidden to do so. They had told him he was too young, and besides, why watch when he could participate in a year or two, one of them had joked.

He was angry that they hadn't allowed him to watch and his fellow jehadis noticed it. And that was how his lessons had begun.

"First thing you do with a woman who wants you is to kiss her mouth. Not just lip to lip. You shove your tongue inside her mouth and ask her to suck on it. Later, if you like it, you can suck her tongue. Kissing is an inquiry on the first floor about the vacancy on the ground floor."

They had all laughed at that.

"And then," a second man had said. "You go for the tits. Do what you want with them. I've heard it said that some women don't like it, but I've yet to come across a woman who doesn't like her nipples being licked and her tits being sucked. Lick the whole tit, not just the nipple."

Unable to restrain himself, the first man had blurted out, "That's when you come to base zero. Her cunt! Watch her writhe around when you put your mouth right on the top and suck on it. I mean, really suck on it! Grab her ass and pull her closer. Stick your tongue inside. You can easily see the hole and while you are at it, don't forget the clit. It's just above the vertical slit, but don't worry, you don't have to scope for it, because she will guide you there. Lick and suck."

"And then," continued the second man, "after she shudders and squirms and moans and groans, lie back and watch her go to work! Don't forget to shove your prick in her mouth. That's a must-do thing. Ask her to suck your cock: demand that for god's sake! You are a jehadi and what you want, you must get!"

Now, as he increased the speed of the in and out movements of his finger inside his mother's pussy, she began to writhe and buck. She went back to kneading her ample breasts, pinching her erect nipples, staring fixedly at the sight of his finger sawing in and out of her.

"Ah yes, he-man, come on, fuck my cunt with that finger! Fuck it harder, oh yes, ah, uh, ah yes, like that! Get your other hand up there and rub here!"

She released a breast and indicated the upper part of her vagina and he realized she was asking him to rub her clitoris. He slid his hand from her leg up her hips till his finger was probing at her clitoris.

"Oh fuck, yes, yes! Round and round, ah yes! Don't stop fucking my cunt with that finger! Oh yes, oh yes, harder, faster, deeper, you little he-man, ah yes, ugh, ugh, I'm almost there, now, now, fuck my cunt, fuck it, ah yes, yes, yes!"

For some reason, he suddenly wanted to taste her. He pulled out his finger and slipped the other one off her clitoris and in the same movement; he pulled himself between her outstretched knees.

Not bothering about the water on the floor, he grasped her thighs and dipped his head down between her legs.

"Uh? What? Oh god, oh god, yes, yes!" she cried out when she suddenly felt his mouth latch on to her thrusting pussy. She pressed it back onto his face and she screamed when he thrust his tongue inside. At the same time, his finger resumed rubbing her clitoris and suddenly, she was coming.

He kept his mouth on her crotch till she had drained off -- her taste was exciting, albeit a little strange. Finally, she pushed him away, grabbed his hair at the back of his head and looked lovingly into his eyes.

"Ah, you beautiful little he-man, where did you learn to eat cunt?" she asked him.

For the first time, he spoke. He cleared his throat and then said, "This is my first, ammi."

"You are lying!"

"I promise. You are the first one," he insisted and she believed him.

Gratefully, she bent down and put her open mouth over his. He recalled what his friends had told him and immediately opened his mouth as well, allowing her tongue to push into his mouth. He stabbed it with his own tongue and then forced his into hers till she began to suck on it. She began to move her head back and forth as if she was sucking his penis.

She pulled away. "Whew, you are hot!"

"Like you, ammi, like you," he replied.

"When we are alone together, you will not call me ammi anymore, understood?"

"Then what do I call you, amm...er?"

She screwed up her eyes, her hands fluffing the thin hair on the top of his head. He was still crouched in front of her.

"Call me mom, or mama or mum."

"But that's what the firangis call their mothers'!" he protested.

"I want you to call me that. And also call me as your whore, your slut, your bitch."

He was quiet, looking up at her, noticing the still heaving breasts.


He nodded.

"And now, I want to see the he-man's cock. Come on, get out of that robe!"

"You are sure, amm...er...mom?"

"What the hell do you think? I want to see my son's cock! You have given your slut a good time, a very good time and now I want to give little he-man an equally, if not a better time. Come on!"

He got to his feet, his hands shaking as he disrobed. When he tossed the robe across the bathroom to the door where he had been standing moments ago, she gasped at the sight of his bulge inside his shorts.

"What kind of a rifle are you hiding there?" she asked breathlessly.

For the first time, he felt his inhibitions completely evaporate. He felt like he was ten feet tall as he slowly pushed his shorts down his legs.

His penis popped out like it had been a lion caged. Long and thin, it was nevertheless the first penis she had seen since a very long time and she couldn't help but gaze at it in awe.

She was seated barely a foot away from him and all she had to do now was to reach out with one hand to grasp it in her fist.

He groaned when he felt her slippery hand take a hold of his erection.

"Oh ammi, er, sorry, oh mom, that feels so fucking good."

He waited to hear her admonish him for using the prohibited word for though she had used them, he wasn't sure she would like him to say them. When she didn't say anything, but instead continued to gently masturbate his shaft, he groaned again.

"Oh mom, you do that for a minute more and I'm going to come!"

She giggled. "Are your balls filled up with come?"

"Yes, mom, yes!"

"Do you want to come now?"

"If you keep doing that, I will have to?"

"Are you hot for your bitch mom?"

"Yes, mom, I'm hot for you."

"Did your slut of a mom make you hard like that?"

"Yes mom, yes."

She stopped masturbating him and pulled him closer to her with his shaft.

"Your slut mom loved it when you played with her cunt. You made her come so hard when you shoved that delightful tongue inside her cunt and you made her come by the buckets. Don't you want your bitch mom to suck your cock in her mouth?"

He was positively hopping from one foot to another.

"Yes, whore mom, yes! Take your son's cock in that pretty sluttish mouth of yours and suck him till her comes!"

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