tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Payment Plan Ch. 03

The Payment Plan Ch. 03


"They're what you might call, 'a new random element'.", Buckner explained, pausing to light a cigarette before going on from his usual place on the arm of the couch. "That's best case scenario. Worst case scenario, they're potential rivals, since I've had some trouble that started around the time they, ah, organized, or moved in, whatever the case may be."

Janet nodded, paying close attention while Victoria sipped her coffee.

"So, what I need is information. What I need is for you two to get into their clubhouse and plant a couple bugs, just like on TV, right?"

"Umm,... this won't be dangerous, will it?", Janet asked, noticing Victoria being more attentive from the corner of her eye. "What if we get caught?"

"You won't, this is all worked out. Upstairs, in your suite, are laid out two sets of clothes, including bras. The reasons you'll be wearing these clothes is, first, because they'll make you as, uhhh,... white as you can be and because the bugs are hidden inside the bras. Don't worry, they're very small, just make sure the bras stay there and end up in a place where they won't be noticed and picked up later. Get them someplace like behind a couch, or something. Don't worry about sensitivity, either; they may be small, but they'll pick everything up from a place like that, nice and clear."

"But how will we get in?" Victoria asked.

Buckner smiled a little and replied, "They'll take you there. See, one of my girls would be spotted for a spy in no time, but not you two. That's why I'm afraid you'll have to go without the benefit of the potion, as you call it. More realistic that way, you understand. So, I'll need one of you to write this address down on a piece of paper, so you'll have it in your own handwriting, then I'll give you your cover story before you scoot those great asses of yours upstairs to get changed. After that, we'll call you a cab to take you where you need to go and the rest of the show will be yours."

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

The yellow cab sped off before they could even close the rear door, but not before the driver called them 'tourist meat'. He'd warned them all the way over of what kind of place he was taking them to, even had to be paid extra to drive to the area, which didn't bode well at all in the minds of the two suburban wives.

They stood close to one another, surveying their surroundings while trying not to make eye contact with anyone who passed. The passing inhabitants, however, were all looking them up and down, probably because they were the only white people as far as the eye could see.

It looked like any lower to middle class neighborhood with shops just off the sidewalk, cars parked along the four lane, main thoroughfare, apartment buildings behind the businesses and low, single story houses squatting further behind them.

"Wrong side of town, bitches." a woman warned on her way by, holding the hand of a child walking along beside her, presumably hers.

"Wh-? Did you just hear th-?"

"Just shut up and forget it.", Victoria murmured, digging the address out of her purse.

She wore a white, sleeveless, wrap style summer dress that showed a modest amount of cleavage and sometimes the short, lacey section that connected the cups of her white bra. The dress stopped just above her knees over a pair of sheer, white stockings and was accented at her waist with a wide pink belt that matched the pink sunhat on her head.

Janet was dressed a little more provocatively in the same style. She wore a pleated navy blue skirt that fit snugly around her hips and stopped less than halfway to her knees with a thin, white pullover top with colourful little flowers embroidered around the modest, flat neckline. A light, navy blue sweater she wore as a cape, buttoned at the top, finished her look. One could somewhat easily see the heavy seems and more solid white area that represented her bra, accentuating her chest in a respectable way. She wore no hat but, like Victoria, she wore white stockings with the matching garter belt, heeled white shoes and jewelry that spoke of the upper middle class.

They definitely looked the part.

Through her pink, eighties style, horn rimmed shades, Victoria read aloud, "1775 Fair St.. Let's just get looking and get this over with, and don't talk to anybody that doesn't seem like,... you know. Them."

"Don't worry about that." Janet assured her, also in a prudent mumble as she quickly scanned the buildings in front of them for their street numbers. "Other side of the street, up that way."

"Let's not be too quick about it. We have to give them time to spot us."


Crossing the street was quite helpful in getting them noticed. It seemed everybody was looking and those who weren't were soon alerted by others to join in, staring at the two lily white ladies from the right side of the tracks.

"Oh, my god!" Janet murmured, bothered by this more than the woman's comment on the sidewalk a minute earlier. It was as if she'd just been dropped off in a different country.

"It's okay, just staaaay cool, baby. We can do this."

A few minutes later, they stood in the forgiving shade of a shop awning that had seen better days, looking at their little piece of paper and then at the shop with some discussion and confused expressions. They saw the six young black men ambling down the sidewalk towards them with predatorial grins and wondered if these were the fish they were supposed to lure.

"Aft' noon, ladies. I don' gotta ask if you're lost." said the largest of the group.

"Uhh,...", Janet started, glancing at her friend for an instant. "You're right, I guess. Either that, or we were given the wrong information." she finished with a hesitant smile.

"What're yas lookin' for?"

"A beauty spa, 'Esther's Esthetics'.", Victoria replied uncertainly, glancing at Janet in turn. "It's, uh, supposed to be at 1775 Fair St., but this is obviously not it.", she finished, gesturing to the Pharmacy they were stopped in front of.

"Esther's Esthetics?" another asked, scratching his chin thoughtfully before turning to another to inquire, "Isn't that on Claire St.?"

"The new place, yeah. Lemme see dat paper."

Victoria handed it over and they waited while he peered at it.

"Yeah, shit. You two are eight blocks away from where yas wanna be. Ya got bad info, girl."

"Eight blocks?" Victoria asked, acting surprised.

"Oh, dammit." Janet complained, her face falling.

"Wass' wrong?" the first one asked.

"We have to get another cab, now. Do you think they'll let us use the phone in the Pharmacy?"

He looked at the others, laughing under his breath as they did and answered, "Prob'ly not. Look, no offense, but you two don't belong here, or up on Claire St., neither."

"We don't?" Janet asked, looking confused.

"Uhh, case ya didn't notice in the mirror when ya left home,... You're white. This is a black neighborhood and people don't like whites around here."

"Oh,... well,... you men seem very nice and helpful.", she countered.

"We're men of the world." one of them snickered, causing the other five to laugh again as well.

"Oh, look, we're sorry if we intruded." Janet assured them, surprising Victoria a little with her acting abilities. "Our friend didn't mention anything about that and we certainly don't want to-"

"Hey, it's cool. Like I say, you're alright with us. C'mon, we'll give you a ride."

"Oh,... You will? We certainly don't want to be any trouble, Sir." Janet assured


"You won't be."

" ... Well,... What do you think, Victoria?" she asked with double meaning.

"I umm,... I guess it's good." she answered. "We can't walk in these heels and if nobody will help us find a cab,..."

"Then its settled." the first guy, apparently their leader, said. "Name's Meshac, by the way."

They both smiled and politely introduced themselves.

"Let's go, our car's this way."

Then they were off, walking down the sidewalk, completely surrounded by the group as though they were an honour guard. They made their way up the main street, chatting nicely with their tall hosts as they checked the women out more and more openly. Soon, they found themselves ambling down a side street, then up a narrow back alley lined with backyard fences and garages that belonged to the squat bungalows they'd spied earlier. Finally, they stopped at one of the garages, one of Meshac's men hauling the squeaky old door up to display an empty space.

"What the shit!?", Meshac asked, then testily dug a cell phone out of his pocket, flipping it open and punching the keys quickly before putting it to his ear. "Fuckin' bitches! Sorry, ladies, not you."

Victoria and Janet looked at one another, then back at Meshac as he gestured to his man to bring the door back down, heading for the gate to the back yard with the phone still to his ear, the rest following. The women gamely followed with the others, neither one even completely sure if these were the people they were supposed to 'meet'.

"Shhhit!" he swore under his breath, putting the phone back in his pocket with a disgusted shake of his head. "She's 'away from her phone at this time'. Claude, try Leshia, she's probably with her. Ladies, step inside our crib; we got a little hold-up to overcome, but it won't take long."

Meshac held open the back door of the run down looking house, allowing them to enter first to an interior that was the exact opposite of the exterior. The first thing that greeted the eye was the large, gray, marble topped island in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by matching counter tops and dark, high quality, real wooden cupboards. Every appliance was in stainless steel and black, all bearing high quality brand names.

Meshac stepped around them, leading them through to the living room, which was no different from the kitchen in terms of impeccable quality and taste. Earth tones dominated here, featuring soft, brown leather furniture, a raised ceiling and dark, highly polished hardwood floors with a perfect balance of plants.

"Oh my goodness, our heels!" Janet suddenly exclaimed.

"S'no problem, this shit is guaranteed." Meshac laughed, looking back at Janet's breasts.

"She ain't answerin', man.", Claude reported, snapping his phone shut.

"Yeah, they're together, alright. They're probably at Rachel's, doin' what they do. They'll be out before long."

"Oh, soo,...", Victoria wondered aloud.

"Like I said, they won't be long. Just hang here with us a while 'till we can get hold of them and get them back here with the car."

"Um, alright." Victoria nervously agreed for them.

Despite the current situation, both women were actually somewhat relieved to be in and off the street, although wondering how they'd ever get out again. The well built men in tank shirts and baggy jeans took seats in their well appointed 'crib', one of them pointing a remote and turning on some music. The occasional thought that their bras would be staying did serve to elevate their nerves, but part of that was due to the worry of how they'd deposit them in a place they'd stay for a while in the perfectly tidied, obviously well kept room.

"Have a seat, ladies." one of the guys invited.

There were two couches of equal length and, between the men, room was made for one 'lady' on each. They both hesitantly split up and sat carefully, smoothing their skirts behind them, Janet right beside Meshac.

" ... (ahem), I just love the house.", Janet commented timidly.

They were looking at her bust again and, as intimidating as this was, it made her nipples harden. She attributed this to being still slightly high on the potion she'd had at Dr. McNeer's clinic earlier that day and wished she could have had more in order to soothe her jangled nerves.

"Hey, thanks, baby." Meshac replied. "We like it here, but it's gettin' a little small. I gotta admit, I fucked up in the 'forward thinking' department."

"Growing family?" Victoria asked.

Ever the cool one under pressure, (mostly) she began to center her mind on her job and the first thing was to establish that these were the people they needed to run into. She was quite sure they were but, as the house had demonstrated so effectively, one could never be sure. If nothing else, it kept her mind from the apprehension of what all would happen in the process of her bra coming off. They were openly checking out her body and, as uncomfortable as the situation was, it turned her on. This made her feel more uncomfortable, what with her hardening nipples, those signals from between her legs,...

"You might say that, yeah." he replied.

It was them, alright, and it was time to change the subject.

"It wouldn't be such a problem, if not for city ordinance issues with building additions."

He half leapt out of his chair, flinging his arm out at Victoria with an upturned palm and expelling, "Yes! Thank you! It's our property, why in hell shouldn't we do whatever the fuck we want with it? We pay the mother fuckin' taxes!"

"Oh, I know, I ran into the same issue, went through the whole thing with City Hall, up, down, all around, and there's just no way to do it. As far as I'm concerned, I should be able to fill my entire lot with house, if I want to."

"Damned right!" he agreed.

"You don't even have kids." Janet reminded her with a smile. "Why do you need that?"

" ... Because I have expensive tastes and I like to show them off to all my family, friends and neighbors."

They all laughed at this, none of them aware that Janet and Victoria shared a double driveway, not to mention the 'bugs' in their bras.

"You got a lot to show off.", one of them said, still chuckling and looking her up and down.

"So does Janet." Meshac said.

They both smiled modestly and thanked them for the compliments.

"Hey, stand up and give us a spin, girl." Meshac suggested to Janet.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Stand up and turn around, so we can take a look at you."

"Umm,... really?"

"Yeah, sure. You too, Vicky. Show off for us." he grinned.

Victoria stifled a giggle and a wide smile behind her hand, but stood and slowly moved to the center of the room as they all watched, including Janet.

"You umm, just want me to,...?"

"Give us a turn, or two. Or three." he encouraged with a friendly chuckle.

She gave them a slow spin, looking at them all with an uncertain smile as they smiled approvingly back at her, a few of them whistling.

"Give us a little more leg.", one said.

"Lean over." another chimed in

"Oh, boy.", she half giggled, gathering the hem of her dress, slowly pulling it up for them with the expression of a shy nerd-girl unveiling her project at a school science fair. "I've, um, never showed off like this before."

She stopped just short of the tops of her stockings and leaned over, creating a deeper view of her cleavage to those on the couch she'd been sitting with.

There were more whistles and lower sounds of appreciation.

"Victoria,...", Janet cautioned in a polite, but surprised voice, surprising herself with her acting ability this time.

"Oh, it's alright, it's just my legs. Anyway, your skirt is shorter than mine."

"Yeah, speakin' of, it's your turn, girl." Meshac informed her.

She liked being referred to as 'girl', for some reason and wondered if it made her feel like a young woman. Did it matter? She rolled her eyes with a tolerant smile and got up, feeling herself flush a little. Victoria had already dropped her skirt and rejoined the men on the couch, watching her as well. She awkwardly turned, also getting whistles and smiles and a few requests that she remove her sweater from around her neck.

"My sweater?" she complained, although as good naturedly as any woman would in a 'foreign country' where it was all too true that they may need these men to get back to their own. (remember Tom?)

She silently gave in, removing the sweater and tossing it on the couch, giving them another turn without being asked.

"Bounce them big tits up an' down for us." someone said.

"Oh my.", she replied, covering her mouth as she flushed the rest of the way red, looking around herself at all the men encouraging this, Victoria only smiling at her. "Well,... alright."

She bounced on the balls of her feet, looking down and being surprised at how well her nipples managed to outline themselves against her shirt and thin bra. If her top were much thinner, their dark circles would be just visible. They cheered and whistled more, their approval and the sexually arousing music making her more obliging as she bounced a little harder. She stopped and wiggled them from side to side with a sudden, embarrassed laugh.

"Oh, man, she made my cock hard!" one of them said, others laughing and confessing the same.

"Oh my goodness! Okay, that's enough!" she giggled as Meshac rose and joined her.

"Wait, wait, wait." he said, moving behind her. "We wanna see some leg, too.


He hiked her skirt halfway up her ass before she could arrest the ascent of her hemline with her hands, hold it there to the applause of the others. She hesitantly gave up trying to get it back down and looked around at the hungry expressions surrounding her.

As Meshac plucked one of Janet's garter straps, Victoria agreed to separate demands that she show her ass as well, getting up and kneeling on the edge of couch with her hands on the back of it. Janet watched her move to take her hemline in her hand, looking over her shoulder, but she needn't have bothered. The men on either side of her flipped the garment up to the small of her back, showing the white panties that stretched over her pussy, rubbing themselves through their pants now.

"Uhh, maybe we should try calling- eep!"

Meshac had given her a playful slap on the bottom of her ass. He rubbed it after through the backs of her panties.

"Okay," Victoria ruled with a smile, "there it is, but remember: We're married women, so you can look, since you're helping us out, but you can't touch."

"Aw, c'mon.", one of them said, caressing one side of her ass as Meshac was doing to Janet.

"Okay, really, guys!" the attractive brunette said, still smiling but adamant as she turned and sat back down between them.

Meshac had his hands on Janet's hips, pressed lightly against her back and had been moving to the slow beat of some raunchy hip-hop, taking her along with him on this seductive dance.

"Relaaaxxx.", he toned in her ear from above, his fingers reaching up under her skirt, higher on her hips until they found the tops of her panties and began tugging them down.

"Um, maybe,... I shouldn't- Oh, please,...", she said in a small voice, hastily pulling her skirt back down while she could. "My husband,..." (Oh my god, what about Tom?)

He gently shushed her, pushing them halfway down her thighs where they stayed in a rolled tangle as another man got off the couch and approached.

"No way." Victoria dealt with a firm smile. "My panties stay on and- Oh! You've got your penis out! Oh my!" she giggled, looking away from the long, hard, dark cock in Claude's lap.

The man on the other side had his out too. It wasn't as long, but it was fat.

"Ohhhhhh, my goodness!" she laughed, not really having to try very hard at acting and wishing once again that she could have had some of the potion before she left. This scene could get pretty intense.

Claude took her hat off and covered himself with it, asking with a coy smile, "Better?"

She giggled nervously in giddy reply.

"Now, take your panties off.", the other said, grabbing her thigh and linking it over his.

She inhaled sharply through an open mouthed smile as she covered herself with the lower portion of her dress, mostly still piled around her waist. Claude repeated the action on the other side and they playfully held her spread legged and started tugging at her skirt.

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