tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Payment Plan Ch. 04

The Payment Plan Ch. 04


They arrived at the large, rented house at six o'clock, as instructed, in Reggie's Firebird. They knocked and waited in the late morning sunshine, wearing identical floral print dresses, until they were greeted warmly by Vernon, then invited in.

"Hang your dresses in the closet and come on out back to the pool." he said before walking off.

"Nice place." Victoria commented while unbuttoning the front of her dress unconcernedly.

"Actually, I think I liked Meshac's house better." Janet put in distractedly, not quite as comfortable about removing her dress as Victoria was.

Moments later, they were walking towards the back of the house in their 'uniforms', which consisted of a man's long white undershirt that was cut short, so that the bottom could be used as a mini skirt, their breasts barely covered at their bottoms. All the outer seems were removed, making Janet's light blue garter belt, Victoria's pink one ride above their tight, narrow 'underskirts', supporting sheer white stockings above white, high heeled shoes.

"I love this outfit. I feel so horny already." Victoria giggled quietly as their heels clipped to the rear sliding door, leading to the large pool deck in back.

Janet would have been a bit more comfortable with underwear, at least panties, but didn't have time to reply amidst her own distracted mindset. She wanted to caution her, ask her to keep in mind that they were only there, doing the things they were doing, because they had to and they should try not to personally indulge. The problem was, how could she say that when her own nipples were as hard as Victoria's?

An elegant woman in a very nice, deep maroon dress approached them once they were outside. The garment brought out her curves well, but in the serious, respectable way of a politician, or a prime time anchorwoman. Her shoulder length, ash blonde hair bounced a bit with her step, her strong, attractive face lighting up in a formal manner as she extended her hand to Victoria.

"Hello. I'm Seth's wife, Francine."

Victoria took the proffered hand and shook it, suddenly feeling a lot more foolish than horny and wondering who this woman was, not to mention who 'Seth' was.

"Oh.", Francine said, reading Victoria's polite expression and understanding her dilemma right away. "Of course, you would only know him as, 'Mr. Buckner'."

"Oh! Oh my god!" she said, letting go of Francine's hand and looking down at herself in horror. "Mrs. Buckner,..."

Janet moaned regretfully behind her friend. She had always known somehow that Buckner was married and also knew better than to try anything beyond a little flirting with him. This woman, built just a little taller and lighter than herself, was definitely a good reason why that would have been so grossly inappropriate as she smiled at Victoria forgivingly. The older and more diplomatic of the two friends stepped to Victoria's side to face up with her.

"Hello, Mrs. Buckner." she offered respectfully along with her hand. "My name is Janet Fulton and this is my friend, Victoria Sharpe. "I hope you understand that, uhh, we both regret meeting you under these, um, circumstances."

Francine smiled wider and took her hand, shaking it and replying, "I know all about your circumstances and why you're here dressed the way you are. And please, call me Fran. Not frannie. But, as I was saying, don't be alarmed, you'll be working under me for the day and I wouldn't have you any other way."

Victoria seemed to cheer up somewhat while Janet was mostly relieved, although her flush still didn't show signs of going away.

"Alright, ladies, just a little reminder of what Seth told you about introductions and names: You give yours if asked, but just your first names will do. Don't ask them theirs; if they decide to tell you a name, it won't be their real one. Don't ask about their business, their personal lives, not anything beyond what they want to talk to you about. Finally, unless they do give you a name to use, refer to them as 'Gentlemen', or 'Sir', 'Ladies', or 'Ma'am'. Are we clear?"

They nodded, becoming a little more comfortable with the situation as it turned to business, if not Fran's professionally brisk mannerisms that so strangely supported the impression of sincerity.

"So, which of you will be mixing and which serving?"

"I'll be mixing." Victoria told her. "I just hope nobody asks for anything I don't recognize, because-"

"It's okay, they probably won't be asking for anything fancy and, if they do, I'll be floating around and overseeing things. If you have any trouble, come to me, but try to make it discrete and respectful. I understand you're new to this and I'll be looking out so, often times, a direct look from a distance will do."

"Okay.", Victoria said with a nod, looking slightly up at the taller woman.

"If someone wanders over and wants to talk, then by all means do so. Be very friendly and helpful, that's what you're here for. Try to keep up with your job at the bar, but if they want to take you up to their room, you'll go."

" ... Yes."

"Is there a problem?"

"No. No, I just- well, I guess I- oh, god. It's not like I'm not prepared, or committed, it's just the way,..."

"Just the way I said it.", Buckner's wife finished. My apologies, I forget myself. I'm used to dealing with other types of people and now I can see that Seth was right about you two. Now, Janet, you'll be serving drinks."

Fran paused here, looking her up and down appreciatively, ending with a close examination of her eyes.

"You're perfect. Be very friendly and polite as you normally are, take an interest in our guest's comfort and enjoyment, but don't be a bother. Always smile and act like they're better than you- No, not like they're better than you,... like you admire them, you understand?"

"Yes, I think I know what you want."

"I'm betting you do. Same goes for you too, by the way. If they want to talk, talk. If they want to take you to their room, you'll go and do whatever they please, even if they want you both. Neither of you worry, there'll be nothing crazy like ball gags and nipple clamps, you'll be fine." she said, smiling at her own joke.

"Well, that's a relief." Victoria said with her own smile as Janet grinned beside her.

"When you're not needed, I'll let you know." Fran went on with that smile still in place, now pointing to the pool deck. "When relaxing, your post is right over there, those two loungers near the bar and the door to the kitchen, should you need to bring a tray, or get a drink. When you're not needed for a time, I'll tell you to relax and enjoy yourselves, and I mean that you should. Get a drink, but don't get drunk. Act sexy, but don't be vulgar. You're here as our two positive, trustworthy little happy faces, understood?"

They both nodded and confirmed that they did.

"Excellent. Now, just have a good time with this, be polite and well mannered and enjoy your time and your jobs as much as you can. Oh, and do find time for a swim. Just like that." she said, looking down at their outfits.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

There were only six guests, two couples and two single men. They were all Italian and they sat around the large table with the Buckner's, eating and lightly drinking with them while they talked.

Victoria was relieved to find that most of the drinks she was called on to make were indeed within her personal experience and that she only needed help from Fran twice.

Janet had sashayed up to the table with a bright, warm smile for everyone there, introducing herself and asking if everyone was enjoying themselves, the guests if they were enjoying their stay in Las Vegas, before taking their orders.

Both of them had fallen into their jobs easily and were enjoying their first break on the loungers at their assigned 'relaxation station', as they dubbed it, each sipping a drink after having spread sun block over one another.

"This is fun." Victoria said with a smile. "Isn't it?"

"Yes.", Janet admitted, also smiling as they were told to. "I,... Well, I like having to pull my skirt down all the time and the way my garter belt shows."

"I know. They've been looking at us, too. I think we're doing good. Wow, look at your nipples."

"Look at yours."

They both laughed a little, then Victoria surprised her by touching her thigh and caressing it softly.

"You know, in all this, we haven't had a chance to, umm,... be with one another."

"No.", Janet agreed, looking away from her eyes, her smile now a little bit hesitant.

"Well, I want to. Be with you, I mean."

Janet nodded and said, "I want to be with you again, too. Especially just the two of us, but I just wonder what we'll do,... I mean we'll be back home soon, won't we? Maybe tomorrow night."

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that, too." Victoria said, watching her hand stroke her neighbor's inner thigh. "You know, I like you a lot as a friend, right?"

Janet nodded.

"Well, it might surprise you, but I never really had a lot of female friends and maybe for some good reasons. But I really appreciate how you never judged me and,... you know. Right?"

"I think I do. I appreciate you, too. If you want to know a secret, I often envied you and the path you chose, or maybe just the way you chose your own path in life. I've sort of lived vicariously through you sometimes, I suppose, to offset my own dull personality. I've had friends, but never of my choosing, only what was presented me through PTA meetings, the church, you understand. But you're different. You don't have anything to do with those things and you're my friend. I don't know if you understand that,..."

"I do, Janet. Thank you."

"Thank you."

They leaned closer and kissed each other softly on the lips, then after a pause, during which time they looked deeply into one another's eyes, they kissed again, allowing this one to linger. As their eyes closed, Janet's hand found Victoria's shoulder and rubbed it affectionately. They smiled again, as told, but sincerely when they looked each other in the eyes again a moment later.

"I can't wait to get you home." Janet said.

"Mmmm.", Victoria approved, squeezing Janet's thigh just above her knee.

"Hello, ladies. I hope we're not intruding."

It was the two female guests. They had been so engrossed in one another that they both failed to notice them approach.

"Oh, hello." Janet said as though she was at a church luncheon, looking up at them. "No, you weren't interrupting anything at all, may we help you?"

One of them was petite, blonde and pretty, a sort of eternal cheerleader in her early thirties. She wore beige slacks with a white blouse, left open a little at the collar, as she smiled down at them, at Victoria's hand on Janet's thigh.

The one who spoke was maybe five years older, but more alluring in her maturity and garbed in a dark floral dress, somewhat similar to the ones they'd worn there, except more expensive and more flattering of the well proportioned brunette who wore it. She was also quite attractive and locked her eyes on Janet as the one who spoke right away, her deep brown eyes taking the soccer mom by surprise.

"I'm Winona, this is Madeline." she returned with a light accent. "We thought we'd come over and introduce ourselves. May we sit with you?

"Oh, please do.", Victoria said, making room as Janet did on their loungers.

"Business gets so boring." Madeline said with a very thick accent as she settled on Victoria's lounger, looking her up and down.

" ... I agree." Victoria said, somewhat blown away by the accent.

Janet was having her own moment with Winona, but managed, "Is there something we could do to help?"

"Well, you were quite entertaining a minute ago.

Madeline leaned forward and, while looking over at Janet, whispered in Victoria's ear, producing a giggle from the scantily clad bar tender.

" ... Oh, when we were kissing." Janet said, trying to snap out of it a little more.

"Yes.", Winona confirmed, slipping her long, red nailed fingers under Janet's garter belt. "When you were kissing. I think the four of us should go upstairs to my room where we can all kiss each other, what do you think Janet?"

Janet looked over at Victoria, already kissing with Madeline while the Italian woman pulled up the front of her skirt.

"I think that sounds like a lot of fun."

As they walked for the house, Janet remembered Fran and, quite naturally, looked directly across the length of the pool at her. Buckner's wife nodded approvingly with a cordial smile, as though she were saying hello.

Madeline had her hand up the back of Victoria's skirt as they walked in front of Janet and Winona, Victoria looking excited with her ready and willing smile as she listened to the woman's low, Italian accent, making Janet suddenly jealous. Neither the irony of her feelings, nor the seeming foolishness of them escaped her. Those feelings, however, were put to rest after Winona closed the door to her elegantly appointed, somewhat Victorianesque room behind them.

Madeline guided Victoria to the bed, taking Janet's hand and guiding her there afterward as Winona approached.

"If you would continue your fun for us?" Madeline encouraged.

Janet and Victoria smiled at one another, sitting on their thighs, knees together, skirts riding up in back. They kissed, then again more passionately until Victoria gently pushed her tongue in Janet's mouth.

"Oh, yesss." Madeline encouraged. Lick each other's tongues."

They complied, open mouths smiling and laughing a little.

"Why do I get the feeling you two ladies haven't really played together?" Winona asked.

"We have once, two nights ago." Janet told her as Victoria once again caressed her thigh.

"Oh? What did you do?"

"We uhh, Mmmm." Janet began to elaborate, Victoria now kissing her face and neck, keeping a smile on her blonde friend's mouth. "We played with,... our pussies and I, uh, I licked Vicky's until she came."

"Ohhh, that sounds fun. Have you known each other long?" Winona inquired further.

"Three years. We're next door neighbors and,... best friends."

Madeline smiled even wider, breathing a quiet sigh as her own reply to this.

"How sweet." Winona enthused. "Maybe we should get you started on the right track, hmm? Why don't you both spread your legs and masturbate for one another? You'll learn a lot about how to please one another that way."

"Oh, Siiii." Madeline breathed, stroking one of the wooden posts at the foot of the bed as she watched.

Victoria stopped kissing Janet's neck, glanced at the two guests, then spread her legs in front of Janet who slowly did the same, her face flushing slightly. Not wearing panties, they were both instantly exposed to one another as their skirts rolled up to their hips on their own while Winona moved to the nightstand.

Predictably, Victoria started first, softly touching herself with a sigh, rubbing circles around her pussy with the flats of her fingertips as she stared at Janet's wet mound.

"Oh. Mmmm." Janet exclaimed under her breath as she began stroking her full lips.


"Oooooh. Ooo-ooh,..."

Victoria's eyes lit up when she saw the double ended dildo land on the bedspread between she and Janet. She looked up at Winona with a clearly appreciative expression.

Janet's face flushed deeper, but her breathing became noticeably harder as she slowly fed her nine inch half to fifi, her mouth open and making small, pleasured sounds. Once they were both fully penetrated by the rubber phallus, they went back to playing with themselves, rolling their hips and bucking softly towards one another amidst their small cries.

Janet slipped a hand under her small, stretched out top, soon pulling it over her breasts so she could play with one of her nipples, this apparently encouraging Madeline to kneel on the bed behind Victoria and do the same with her top and nipples from behind.

"Oh! Oh!" Victoria exclaimed.

"Suck your nipple, Janet." Winona instructed, pinching her own through the front of her dress and moving closer.

Janet had never done this before, had never even thought to do this, and wondered if it was even physically possible. Her feelings must have shown on her face as, again, Winona expertly read them.

"You can do it."

It turned out she could. She licked her bud tentatively, looking at Winona who smiled her approval before closing her eyes to this new, dirty pleasure. She was soon avidly sucking on it.

"Mmm. Mmmm! Uhm."

The dildo made wet, sucking sounds as they both bucked against one another, playing with their clits as they pleasured themselves for the other's enjoyment. Madeline was whispering in Victoria's ear, probably in Italian, while she leaned back into her, allowing the blonde to pinch and pull at her nipples. Winona pulled Janet's shirt off and ran her hands over her shoulders and down her sides, producing a small, twitchy shiver.

"Mmm!? Ooooooooohhh!" Janet moaned as Winona's breath on the back of her neck caused goose bumps to pop out all over her body.

"Ohhh, Jan! Uhh- Ahhh!"

"Yes, watch each other." said Winona, tugging at Janet's garter straps and pulling her skirt up higher. "Learn how the other likes it and look each other in the eyes when you orgasm."

"Uhhhhhdd!" Victoria strained through her teeth, lifting her behind and pushing harder, watching Janet as she was told. "Mmm-mm!? Ohh, I- gonna cum! Ooooh! Ooooh, yeah! Yeaah!?"

Her orgasm was not so intense in ferocity as it was in duration and depth and seemed to put her in a whole other world where there was only she and Janet, sluttily sucking on her own tit while watching her, the dildo between them now manipulated by Winona's hand. It was so good and nice, so reassuring where their earlier conversation was concerned.

"Mmm! Mmmm! Maaaaaaa!!" Janet cried, her pelvis jerking wildly as she still held her breast in her hands. "Oh guh-! Oh guh-! Ohh-!,... Uuaaaaaawwwww!!

she wailed in the throes of her own orgasm.

Again, they looked one another in the eyes as Janet came like Victoria did, long and deep while her friend continued to moan and daintily rub her overexcited clitoris, her legs and hips jerking spasmodically at times.

They were carefully moved together afterward, the dildo still inside them while they put their arms around one another and shared more kisses, very passionate ones this time that left no doubt of their feelings.

"I love you, sweetie." Janet panted in her ear.

"I love you too, baby." Victoria replied with ragged breath.



"You are lovely together." Madeline almost drooled, watching Janet run her fingers through her new girlfriend's dark, silky hair.

"A nice couple." Winona agreed.

After a moment, the guests gently pulled them apart with apologetic, yet dirty smiles. Victoria ended up on her hands and knees, smiling almost dazedly as her skirt was pulled down to her knees where she cooperated with Madeline's touch, lifting them to allow the scrap of white cloth to pass.

Janet saw this and knew that Madeline would have her way with Victoria, but she now felt no jealousy. Somehow, it seemed they deserved it, had earned it. She found herself kneeling on the bed, staring at Winona's chest as she stood on the floor in front of her.

"Would you like me to open the front of your dress?" Janet managed politely, yet eagerly as Winona put her soft hands on her hips.

"I would like for you to do whatever you wish."

"Oh.", Janet smiled, beginning with the top button and working her way down, stopping to softly, seductively kiss behind every vanquished button along the way.

When she got deep into her cleavage, Janet kissed the inside of each breast, slowly uncovering the red bra that held them, as large as her own, she saw. The horny lesbian guest sighed, stroking the back of Janet's head, playing in her blonde hair as she enjoyed what Janet wished to do, her other hand rubbing up and down her back.

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