tagNonHumanThe Pearl Ch. 06

The Pearl Ch. 06


Edited by Wicked

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All I could think of was The Wizard of Oz. "My, but people certainly do come and go quickly around here," I said. Dakota shifted on my back, bringing my attention back to the matter at hand. I lowered myself down so she could slide off. There was something between us, but damned if I could figure it out. That feeling I had of her was still there, centered around my pearl. It was persistent and, like Dakota, sweet, gracious, pleasurable, and entirely agreeable. The question plaguing me was how did it get there?

"Yeah, um, thanks for taking my pearl. And getting Chang," I said, completely unsure of what else to say.

Dakota walked over to my head and ran her fingers through my fur again. I loved it when she did it before, and it felt every bit as good this time. But the look in her eyes floored me. The easy and kind manner I had come to adore was still there, but just beneath it appeared to be a desire that was new. It spoke to that part of me that had been falling for her all along. I wanted her, without question. And I was beginning to suspect that if I wasn't already in love with her, it was quickly heading that way. However I was still trying to think rationally. This won't work, I told myself again. I was stern about it, too.

"Sebastian, we've got to talk about some things."

Okay, that sent me into a full-blown panic. I jerked my head out of her hands, backed away, and blocked myself from her view. Effectively, I vanished right in front of her eyes.

"Sebastian!" she yelled. I remained hidden. She looked around as though expecting me to reappear. When I didn't, she crossed her arms in front of herself as though she were giving herself a sad hug and walked away.

Oh, I was getting so far away from the sensitivity award, it wasn't even funny. Even the river seemed shocked by my actions. I felt like crap. And I was about to feel even crappier.

"That was ill-done," Chang said. It was the first time he sounded disappointed in me.

I turned to face him, and confirmed by looking at him what his voice already indicated. He was not pleased with me.

"Well, what was I supposed to do?" I asked.

"While there are a number of suggestion I would make, running doesn't appear on the list."

"I didn't mean to..." I started, then stopped when I didn't have a finishing thought.

"Didn't mean to what?" Chang asked.

I looked away. "Hurt her," I responded softly.

"Well, that's what you did," Chang said, a little more mild. "But what I don't understand is this: part of the reason you stayed was for love of Dakota. Then, when she seems about to return your feelings, you flee. I don't understand."

"I don't know if I would say love," I hedged.

Chang was unimpressed and unconvinced. "I would," he said simply. "Further, dishonesty is one of things I do not tolerate well. To say you are uncertain of how to proceed, fine. That this is perhaps the first time that you've felt this way, understandable. Even that it frightens you. But do not deny the basic feeling itself."

"I don't know anything about love. Or at least not grown up, commitment-style love."

Chang shook his head. "Of course you don't. But that doesn't mean that's not what you're feeling."

"Well, okay, I guess. But there's still this whole human-dragon thing. I mean, you've got to see that."

In response, Chang merely went back to human form.

" I see what you're saying..." I said, my voice trailing off.

Chang grasped his wrist with his other hand and calmly walked in front of me. "Do you, now?" he asked cryptically, while looking up at me.

"Well, yeah. Okay, I can sort of turn human, assuming nothing disturbs my concentration. But, it'll never work. She would be better off if we didn't go there," I argued.

Chang cocked his head in apparent agreement. "Perhaps you're correct that you're not right for her," he conceded. "I don't think Dakota would much care for someone who tried to make her decisions for her."

I didn't even catch the slam at first. "Exact- What? Wait, I'm not trying to make her decisions."

"You certainly haven't consulted her regarding her thoughts on this subject," he pointed out.

I was quickly getting backed into a corner. "Well, no but-"

"But what?" he asked, still looking up at me. "And, if it's not too much of a bother, could you please shift? My neck is getting a crick."

"All right." With my emotions going everywhere it was a terrible struggle, but eventually, I managed.

"Thank you," he responded, looking at me levelly. "Now, then, the problem that you think is somehow unique to you is simply unique to your experience. Are you aware, Sebastian, that the Chinese Imperial line was descended from dragons?" he asked.

I was taken aback by that. "What do you mean?" I asked, wanting to make sure I was following.

"I mean one progenitor was a human, and one was a dragon. Now, how do you suppose that was accomplished?"

I could only see one way. "Dragon on human action?" I ventured.

"If by that you mean dragon and human copulation, then you would be correct. In fact, it wasn't just in the Imperial line. The human race is fascinating, vibrant, and very attractive. Why do you think it is that humans are chosen as pearl bearers to become dragons? Any creature a dragon pearl is fed to will become a dragon. Other creatures have been chosen with no ill effects. But time and again, we come back to humans as our creature of choice to bear our pearls. And be our lovers. Even though we mate and love amongst our own kind, there is something inescapably captivating and ephemeral about the human race."

He paused here, perhaps remembering his own loves, human and dragon. In this moment he seemed so incredibly, well, human. I wanted to ask him about it, but he went on. "So you see, the issue is more in your mind than anywhere else."

But I was still uncertain. Taking another look at it, though, my further hesitation had a more basic reason.

"What if it doesn't work out?" I asked.

He looked reflective for a bit before answering, "Then it doesn't. The future doesn't come prewritten, or guaranteed. I cannot tell you where this path may end. But I can say, from my vantage point, it seems to be one well worth taking."

I looked away, examining my own thoughts. He was right; there was no point in denying what I felt. And the look in her eyes certainly seemed to speak of mutual attraction. Still, I waffled.

"But what if...."

fool came with a thick feeling of exasperation.

I glared at the river. "I wasn't asking you."

Chang laid his hand on my shoulder. "Go to her," he said. "At least hear what she has to say. The heart can be haphazard and occasionally led astray, but it also possesses a great wisdom if considered carefully."

"Go to her? Chang, I don't even know where she is."

"You have a means of finding her. Dakota was carrying your pearl, on some level you had to know that."

"Well, yeah, I gave it to her to keep it from what's-his-name." I assumed that Chang got that part of the story.

"Qiang," Chang reminded me. "And that is not what I was referring to. When you gave your pearl to Dakota, it took refuge inside of her body."

I struck myself in the forehead. "So that's what that was!" I exclaimed. "But...how?"

Chang shook his head. "The whys and wherefores will be explained in time. What is germane to the moment is when it returned to you, part of her essence clung to it and moved into you. I should hope you are aware of that."

"Oh, that I got."

"Good. Now you see, with that small piece, you can locate the source and go to it by the same method I transported you with," he explained.

"And I assume you're going to teach me that?" I asked.

He smiled. "Of course. While I normally would be against suddenly showing up in somebody's home without consent or invitation, I can see the argument that this is a most chimerical situation. Responses out of the rule might be expected."

He was right; this whole thing was becoming unreal. Or even more unreal than usual. "What do I have to do?" I asked, before my courage faltered.

"Focus on the piece you have, to the point where you are no longer aware of your surroundings. Then, let go of being here and let it guide you to its source point."

I did as he said. Focusing on the feeling of Dakota was the easiest part; I wanted to do it anyway. It took a little bit of time and effort, but as I tightened my focus, the area around me started to blur and I began to feel disconnected. Then I let go. Briefly, the feeling pulled me. Then I was no longer at the river, but standing in an enclosed room. In front of me, sitting on a love seat with her knees pulled under her chin, was Dakota.

She stared at me in shock a few beats before saying, "Sebastian, how...?"

"Hey, Dakota, was' up?" Yeah, it was still lame.

"What's up? You appear, out of nowhere, in my living room, and ask me 'what's up'?" She dropped her feet to the floor as her voice rose an octave. I couldn't blame her.

Now was the time to grow a backbone. "No, I came here to say I'm sorry, that I was being a jerk-off at the river, I never should have done that to you, and God I'm scared that you're going to tell me to take a hike after treating you that way." I blurted the whole thing out, afraid I wouldn't finish if I paused. "And I really hope you don't have a roommate who's home right now," I added.

She crossed her arms and gave me a level, but unreadable, look. "I don't. Then why did you do it?" she asked simply.

I shrugged. "Cause under all the scales and fur, I'm still a 20 year-old guy who doesn't have the first clue how to handle what's becoming a serious relationship. With a smart, beautiful, caring woman, no less."

She mulled over my response. Then she smiled, and my heart soared. "Because who you are has basically stayed the same."

I returned her smile. "For better and for worse."

"Well, where do we stand?"

"I don't know," I floundered. Man up, I told myself sternly. I took a deep breath before continuing. "I do know I care for you very much, maybe even love you. And, God, I want you. But there's this whole dragon thing that seems insurmountable to me. And I'm scared. Of hurting you, of getting hurt, and of lousing up what's becoming a really amazing friendship."


It was all out.

Dakota rose up from her seat and stood in front of me. She was maybe an inch or so shorter than me, but still managed to look me straight in the eye. "Fair enough. You are one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. You're funny, and caring, and I'm proud to be able to call you my friend. I don't want to ruin this friendship either. But I do think there's something here that's worth getting a little bruised for. And I can live with the occasional hurt that's bound to come from exploring this wonderful, if unpredictable, relationship."

Then Dakota reached her arm up around my head and kissed me full on the lips. The taste of her was everything I thought it would be. Sweet, and tender, but still fierce enough to tell me she meant business. It also shattered my control. I had just enough time to push Dakota back down onto the love seat and stumble backwards before I shifted. Looking back, I knocked over some furniture, and my tail curved out the door and down a hall. But I didn't appear to have broken anything.

"Goddamn it," I groaned. "I'm sorry about that. Maybe I should just go."

I was about to focus on the river in preparation for going back when something hit my head, covering my eyes. I shook it off and discovered it was cloth. I looked up and realized it was Dakota's shirt. She was standing topless and was working on her bra.

"Really?" she asked, removing the bra and tossing it at me. It got caught up on my antler. I managed to shake it off. "Because, I was thinking, I don't have anything to do tonight, and don't have any roommate at all." She removed her sweat pants and discarded them. Next, she shimmied out of her panties and shot them at me by the waistband. Completely naked and looking as stunning as any woman I had ever seen, she walked over to me. Draping her crossed arms over my snout, she slowly bent forward, and leaned on them.

"Sebastian, I love you," she explained. "You as a dragon or you as a human, or even you as a wombat. It's the same you."

Hearing her say she loved me made me just want to lay my head at her feet and weep for joy. Instead, I had to ask, "What's a wombat?"

"An Australian marsupial; I saw it on Wild Kingdom." She ran her fingers through my fur and this time I purred. Dakota looked a bit startled, but then simply continued the stroking.

With Dakota this close and completely naked, her scent overwhelmed me. I couldn't resist, after that kiss I had to have a further taste. As a dragon, my tongue was pretty long. I snaked my tongue out of my mouth and starting at the back of one knee licked to her upper thighs, across her sweet cheeks and back down to the back of the other knee. Dakota obligingly spread her legs a little farther for me. I ran my tongue back up her leg and along the outside of her cunny, then slowly slipped inside.

Dakota crossed her arms back over my snout and using them for leverage hauled herself up, swinging her legs over my lower fangs. She situated herself so that she was seated on my lower jaw, giving my tongue complete access to all her most intimate, pink parts. As I continued my exploration, Dakota began to grind herself against my tongue and jaw. Her back arched and she was completely lost in the feeling.

The biggest turn on? The trust. Oh, believe me, her nakedness was a turn on, her scent was a turn on, that small part of her that clung to my pearl was an unbelievable turn on. But I kept coming back to the trust, complete and absolute. Though an omnivore, my fangs are clearly meant to eat meat. And she had her legs slung over them, helping to hold her in place. I intended to reward that trust.

I slowly worked my tongue to her pouting clitoris and back, first up one side then the other. I repeated this maneuver a few times before gently flicking just the tip of my tongue across her clit then retracting my tongue to concentrate again on her thighs and labia. I felt her shudder and shift positions. Once more, I worked my way up her vagina, slowly at first then increasing momentum. Dakota began to gyrate against my tongue, tightening her grip on my snout. With one tip of my forked tongue, I started to work her clit, while I used the other section to find her g-spot. Once there, I managed to rub against it. It took a bit of concentration to move my tongue this way, but I found it helped to think of moving it similarly to moving my body: everything in sync. If the sharp intake of breath on Dakota's part was any indication, I was doing something right.

I continued working her until I felt her body stiffen. She pulled herself up with her arms as her legs straightened and her body shuddered with her orgasm. I raised my head slightly and used my tongue to siphon away as much of her juices as I could get. It wasn't enough, not by any stretch of the imagination. I could've stayed there lapping from her for days, but knew I needed to cool down. Regardless of Chang's admonition, my control was sadly lacking just yet. As she settled back down, I used my tongue to lick her clean, basking in the last few drops of her release.

She left her arms draped over my snout and rested her chin there. I had a clear view of her face and gazed deeply into her gorgeous blue-green eyes. She was radiant in the afterglow and in that moment, had to be the most beautiful woman I had ever known. I wanted to tell her that, but wasn't in a position to speak.

God, you're beautiful, I thought.

She started. Then reached her arm as far as she could, barely reaching where the mane started between my antlers.

"Thank you," she said, tousling the mane. "You're not so bad yourself."

It was my turn to be startled. Focusing on her I thought, You heard that?

"Yes," she said, nodding. She crossed her arms over my snout and pulled herself up while lowering her legs. I dropped my jaw, letting her descend to the floor.

As nice as it was to have her there, I was glad to be able to close my mouth. Where are you going? I asked. With her out of my mouth, I could talk again. But I was like a kid with a new toy and wanted to keep playing with it.

"To get a towel," she explained while climbing over my tail.

Is there any damage?

She came back, drying her butt and legs with the towel. "No, thankfully. And have you forgotten how to talk?" she asked, but her tone was playful.

No, but this is so much cooler.

She smiled and shook her head. She walked over to my head and began stroking the fur along my jaw line. I closed my eyes as a rumbling purr ran through me.

"Do you think you could roll onto your back without destroying my house?" she asked.

I opened my eyes. Sure. I turned my neck, then twisted my shoulders and carefully worked the twist down my body until I completely flipped over without having changed where I was laying. She had a nice, thick carpet that felt really nice against my back.

Why? I asked.

She simply gave me a flirtatious smile and laid her hand on my underscales. Starting at my chest, she slowly ran her hand down until she reached where the pearl rested, which was just below my stomach.

"Is this where your pearl is?" she asked, her smile growing downright seductive.

Yes, I responded, nodding. Anticipation of what she was going to do steadily mounted inside of me. A tingling started inside me the moment she laid her hand on my chest and was growing into a considerable urge. One I was really hoping she would be able to fill. How, I wasn't certain, but I could hardly wait to see what happened next.

Dakota straddled my body just below the pearl, practically sitting between my rear legs. She very tenderly kissed the area, then rubbed her abdomen and pussy across it. The tingling turned into an erotic jolt that ran up my spine and down my tail. A full-body shudder ran through me and my tail did a roll in the hallway.

She pulled herself back upright and started to delicately but thoroughly rub and massage the area. And, oh, how my pearl responded! The wave of pleasure that ripped through me was immense, incredibly similar to the experience with the river, but much more compelling as she appeared to be focused on the pearl directly. I had never considered that to be an erogenous zone, but clearly I was mistaken. As she continued working my body writhed and my tail in particular was twisting and rolling in the hall. I tried to speak mentally, but couldn't focus my thoughts enough to manage it. Finally, I had to open my mouth and say what I was thinking.

"I'm not...responsible...for anything my...my...my tail...does while you're doing that," I gasped out.

"As long as you don't take out a wall, I'm sure I can replace anything you might damage."

I may have nodded, I'm not entirely sure. By that point I was completely lost in the feeling. One of the traits dragons, or at least Chinese dragons, share with snakes is undescended sex organs. I felt my cock press urgently against the scales, then slide out. Where Dakota was sitting, it brushed up against her. God, that felt good, too.

Dakota felt it come out. She slid off from where she was and mounted back up behind my rising erection. Now, my shaft is proportionate to my body size and there was no way Dakota, or any other human woman, was taking it without hurting herself. As much as I wanted Dakota, I didn't want her hurt.

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