The Peppermint Martini Miracle


She giggled again. "I hope so."

"Only one way to find out." It didn't seem so atrocious coming out of my mouth this time.

I tilted her chin up and captured her lips with mine. She pressed her full length against me, and I felt every inch of her cooler body against my superheated skin. She slowly slid her arms around my neck, whimpering into my mouth as our forms molded together.

As we kissed, I felt Stacey's tongue become gradually bolder, pressing its way past my lips to meet mine. I dropped both of my hands to her round butt and pulled her against me. She gasped as she felt how much I wanted her through the thin fabric still covering us. She raised a leg and rubbed the inside of her thigh on my hip. I gripped her fabulous ass and hoisted her up, letting her wrap her legs around my waist.

Stacey's warm, wet lips explored my face as I carried her the few short steps to the bed. I knelt on the bed and moved to the center to lay her down as her hands ran wildly through my short, sweaty hair.

I kissed my way slowly down her jaw, flicking my tongue lightly against her satiny skin, and making my way slowly to her earlobe, which I captured lightly between my teeth. Stacey gasped and arched her chest into mine, her hands kneading my back and shoulders spasmodically. My lips traveled down her neck to the soft hollow above her collarbone. Stacey cooed with every exhalation.

I wanted Stacey to feel worshiped and desired, so I did everything I could to ignore my painfully hard erection and kissed my way from her neck over her shoulder and down to her wrist. Along the way, I licked every soft, sensitive spot I could find -- the pale, warm skin under her armpit, the delicate wrinkles inside her elbow, and the long ligament underneath her wrist. I kissed her palm all around the bandage shielding the tragic burn on the back of that hand. I licked, and then kissed the textured skin of each fingertip.

Stacey captured a handful of my hair and pulled my face back to hers. I dove in and possessed her mouth forcefully with mine. She groaned into my mouth, her tongue thrusting eagerly. I pressed my hips against hers, and the groan escalated into a shriek.

She sucked in a ragged breath. "Touch me, please," she whimpered.

I kissed my way down to her chest, my fingertips lightly exploring the delectable skin of her abdomen. I buried my face in the smooth valley of her bra-encased breasts, licking, kissing and nipping gently. She did her best to score furrows into my shoulders as my hands slid up to cup her breasts through the green satin restraining them. I flipped open the front clasping bra, my hands trembling as I reached to touch the milky skin that had haunted me for weeks.

Stacey's patience was quickly wearing thin. She grabbed my hands and smashed them into her glorious chest, crying out with ecstatic joy as my fingers tightened around them. I cupped her smooth orbs firmly from underneath, pressing them upward until they filled my hands. I massaged them gently, neglecting her pebbly nipples. She cooed appreciatively.

When she began to thrust her chest into my hands, I leaned down and drew lazy circles around her already taut nipples with my tongue, relishing the taste of her skin and the crinkly texture of her contracted areolas. "Oh, Tom, oh, fffffffUCK!" she groaned. I captured a nipple between my lips and sucked gently. Squeaky "Mmm"s reverberated in Stacey's throat.

With one nipple well worshiped, I kissed a sinuous path to the other. Stacey knotted her fingers loosely behind my neck. I licked her nipple, and then blew gently on it, watching it tighten. Her breathing quickened, and she pulled my mouth to her chest. I wrapped my lips around the taut peek and sucked firmly, flicking my tongue across the tip. A brassy, "Uhhhhh," rumbled from Stacey. I caressed the backs of her thighs as I sucked, my fingers slowly closing and flexing.

Stacey lifted her hips, pressing them against my stomach. I could feel her wetness through her panties. "Tom, now, please, too long," she murmured. I kissed my way down her stomach, slipped my thumbs up the outsides of her thighs, and slid the sodden fabric over her curvy hips and off her legs. The scent of her arousal struck me like a mallet to a gong, and my body hummed in response. I stood up and quickly kicked off my boxers.

I knelt above her and lowered my mouth to hers, kissing her tenderly. She pressed herself upward into me. I felt her hard nipples part the hair on my chest. The inferno between her legs branded my waist with her need. I gripped my firm shaft and rubbed the head up and down her wet slit. She was dripping with excitement, and the head slid into her easily. She sucked in a ragged breath and her body locked. I pressed slowly into her. She was incredibly tight, as I expected.

She bit her quivering lower lip as her body gradually accepted my manhood. I pulled back and thrust forward gently a few times as she expanded to accept me. When I was finally fully embedded within her, I kissed her forehead, forcing myself to stay still.

"OK down there?" I asked softly.

"Mmhmm," she mumbled weakly, still biting her lip.

I slid my hands to hers, clasping them both and lowering myself to cover her delectable body completely. She threw her thighs up onto my hips and moaned as I shifted within her. I rocked my hips, barely moving inside her, and she mewled appreciatively.

I covered her face with light kisses as worked deep inside her. "Remember, anything you want, you tell me. I'm in no rush." Expecting this to be a one-time thing, I wanted to savor it.

"You feel sooo good," Stacey groaned. She began to hump her hips into mine. I rose up onto my hands and started slow, long thrusts into her. "Ohhhhh, yeeesssss," she moaned.

Her hands walked to my butt and gripped it, pulling me into her on every stroke. I leaned down to suck on her neck and shoulder as I buried one hand in the hair to which I had become so quickly addicted.

Eager whimpers turned to hungry pants as I began to fuck her deeper and harder. Stacey began to babble. "Oh, yes, fuck, yes, Tom, harder, more, ughn, good, more, harder, so, mmm, please, more." Her fingers twitched as they roamed my back. My stomach began to clench and my arms shook. The babbling got louder, and her face scrunched as she rapidly approached her peak. "Tom, yes, I'm... I'm... aahhhhhh!!!!" Her body convulsed as a lengthy orgasm tore through her. Her face lit up with a overwhelmed smile as she shook. She was glorious in her ecstasy, and her joy brought me a sweet release I so desperately needed.

"Oh, Stacey!" I groaned as I buried myself in her completely and exploded.

I collapsed on top of her, cheek to cheek, while I caught my breath. I slipped my arms under her shoulders and held her. I felt a warm tear impact my cheek. I jerked up my head in alarm.

"Stacey, what is it?"

"No!" she gasped, pulling me back against her. "Don't go, please."

"Shhh," I said, stroking her hair. "I'm not leaving until you want me to."

She shuddered with a deep breath. After a moment, she said, "Tom, that might not be nearly as soon as you think."


I'd like to say that I never touched another drop of liquor after that night, but that would be a lie.

I wish I could say that I never had another nightmare after that night, but I'm not that lucky.

I can say that Stacey and I made love again the next morning before she and Megan left for her sister's place for Christmas. I can say that, regardless of any government documents or rings, Bethany, Maddy's daughter, started calling Stacey "Aunt Stacey" when we arrived at Maddy's house for Christmas a year later. And I'm happy to say that Bethany and Megan were fast friends.

I'd like to say that Stacey and I lived happily ever after, but, well, that chapter isn't yet written.

I can say that Christmas was the first time I was more aware of what I had, and less of what I had lost. I can that booze and nightmares became the exception, rather than the norm. Now, I wake up less often in a morgue, and more often in Stacey's arms.

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