tagMatureThe Perfect Weekend

The Perfect Weekend


Have you experienced one of those evenings when you just know the next day will be a perfect day? One of those evenings when you want to go to bed early because that means you will wake up sooner? For me it was last Friday night.

First, my wife and daughter had left for one of their "Power Shopping Weekends" as they joking like to call them. They leave Friday and drive to another city about 100 miles away. Saturday and Sunday are shopping days when they hit 4 or 5 malls. They come home Sunday evening tired but satisfied. This means I have the house to myself so I am free to do what I want. This means I could garden without any distractions.

Second, the weather Friday evening was incredible. It was mid May. The temperature was in the low 70's and there was just a hint of a breeze. There were wispy clouds in the sky that turned the most beautiful orange as the sun set. All the indicators pointed toward incredible weather for Saturday.

I love to garden so being alone with beautiful weather was perfect for me. All I wanted to do on Saturday was work the soil and plant the flowers I had just bought. Work the soil and unwind from the long stressful week at work.

Waking up Saturday, I found it was indeed a beautiful day. By 8:30, I had eaten and was in my shorts heading outside to get started. There was still dew on the grass which soaked my feet. It felt incredible.

Time seems to evaporate when I work in the gardens. I guess it had been an hour or so when I heard, "Hi Mr. C!" I didn't need to turn to look who it was. It was Jenny, my daughter's best friend. They had known each other for years. In grade school, they were became friends. During high school, they were almost inseparable. I think Jenny spent almost as much time at our house as she did at hers.

Now that Jenny and Sara were both in college, I didn't see Jenny as much any more. It was like old times to have her over.

"Sara isn't home," I told Jenny as she now stood beside me.

"I know. This is the Power Shopping Weekend. I was just out walking when I saw you here."

"More like "Empty the Bank Account Weekend!", I retorted. We both laughed. "So what you up to this weekend?"

"I don't know. Not much to do without Sara."

"What? You don't have a boyfriend to be with?"

"No. Broke up a couple of weeks ago."

"Sorry to hear that. Don't worry, someone new'll come along."

"I know. It's just that it makes for boring times. Sara has Mark and now I have no one."

"Chin up my dear. You're pretty and smart and fun to be with. Some guy will notice this soon enough and sweep you off your feet."

These were not just idol comments on my behalf. Jenny stood about 5'9 with long light brown hair. I don't think she weighed more than 130 pounds. In high school both her and Sara were on the volleyball team so she had a thin athletic body. It was certainly a body most guys would drool over. I know I had during the times I had seeing her in her bikini in our pool.

Jenny sat down on the grass beside me. As she sat, she found the grass to still be wet from the dew. "Ow! Oh damn, the grass is wet. Now I have a wet bum!"

"Why do you think I'm kneeling?" Again we laughed.

"Oh well, my shorts will dry. It isn't the first time my pants have been wet."

Now most guys would start to think there was some hidden meaning in those words. But this was Jenny and she was my daughter's friend. That was just an innocent comment to me.

So I continued to work the soil, taking out weeds and getting the beds ready for the flowers. As I worked, Jenny and I talked. I had always found her very easy to talk to. She was not the typical young woman. For some reason, we could talk and talk without ever running out of things to say.

At first, as she sat beside me, she played with the grass and occasionally pulled out blades one at time. She would exam them then find another. Sometimes, she would pull out a weed I had missed. Before long, she had forgotten about the grass and was working the gardens right along with me. The sun moved around the house and now we were both working in direct sun light. It was getting hotter as the day grew longer. Sweat was coming off both our brows.

Many times I would look sideways at Jenny. I could see a little down her top or through the arm hole. I noted she was wearing a pink bra. Also, a hint of her perfume came to my nose from time to time. It smelt so fresh. I was finding it amazingly pleasurable being beside her all morning.

Before I knew it, it was 12:30. "You want something to eat? It's hot out here and I need some food and something cool to drink. How about you?" I asked Jenny.

"Sure! What you offering?"

"I don't know what's in the house. How about we go and look?"

"Sounds good to me." So we left all the tools on the ground and headed in.

I found some lunch meat in the fridge and made some sandwiches. There were some beers so I offered Jenny one. She was old enough to be legal now. She accepted so we sat in the kitchen to eat. Of course we continued to talk.

After lunch, we headed back outside. The first thing I noticed was the heat. "I think it must be in the 80's today. What a beautiful day," I said

"It sure is. Kind of day you want to do something memorable."

"Really? Like what?"

"Don't know! But I'll think of something." Jenny just smiled at me.

Looking around, I said, "Wow! I didn't know we had done so much. There's only a little more to do then the gardens are finished."

"Sounds good. Let's get going so I have time for my memorable event of the day." Again, another smile.

We started to work. Only difference from the morning was the heat. As we worked and turned the soil, the sweat started to roll off our backs. I am pretty fit for my age but the heat was starting to get to me.

Oh! I haven't told you much about me. My name is George Cameron. I am 45, stand 6'2, weigh 190, blue eyes with greying dark brown hair. I work as an investment advisor for a large corporation. We have a company gym and I work out 3 or 4 times a week. That's why I am in pretty good shape.

We finished the gardens in about an hour. I guess it was about 2 or 2:30. The sun was hot and we both were extremely hot.

"How about a swim to cool off?" I asked Jenny.

"Sounds good to me. But I didn't bring a suit."

"Why not look in the change house and see if there's one of Sara's you can borrow?"

"Oh I know just the one. She bought a new suit last week. I love it. If it's there, I'll put that one on."

"Why not come in first and wash up then go and get changed? Can't have the dirt in the pool."

"Good idea." So we both headed to the kitchen to wash up.

"Ok. My suit is inside here. I'll meet you at the pool."

"Deal Mr. C. I'll be waiting for you." With that, Jenny went outside, letting the screen door slam behind her.

I was maybe 5 minutes getting ready. I found my sunglasses and went out. "What kept you Mr. C?"

Jenny's voice came up to me from the water. She was about mid pool up against one side.

"Just trying to make myself look beautiful."

"Like you need to worry about that!"

"Well I must try. Lets face it, I'm not getting any younger."

I have a ritual I usually follow every time I go into the pool. The diving board is at the end closest to the house. I put my towel and sunglasses on a table beside a lounge chair at that end. Then I get on the board and dive in.

As I mounted the board, I could barely see Jenny. The sun was reflecting off the water and it was incredibly bright.

I started to step along the board. As I bounced into the air, I thought I heard Jenny said, "You look pretty good to me Mr. C."

Splash, I hit the water. Now another part of my ritual is to swim underwater all the way to the far end. When I get there, I turn around and sit on the bottom with my legs out straight so only my head is showing above the water.

As the water stopped dripping into my eyes, I spotted Jenny's head. Moving toward me, she had come about half way from where she had been floating.

"What did you say as I went off the board?"

She continued to move toward me. I said, "You look pretty good to me."

"If I didn't know better, young lady, I'd think you're making a pass at me."

"Then I guess you don't know better." She was maybe 6 feet away from my outstretched legs now.

"Now what do you mean by that?"

"Oh, I don't know." Five feet away from me.

"I see you found a suit. Did you get the one you wanted?"

Four feet from me now. "No, she must have it with her or it's in her room." Three feet away.

"So which one did you borrow?" Two feet away.

"It's my own creation." One foot.

"It is? What do you call it?" Jenny stopped moving in the water.

Suddenly she jumped up straight up out of the water. As her shoulders broke the surface, she said, "My birthday suit."

Jenny jumped so high, her body down to her knees cleared the surface of the water. I was completely and totally shocked. She was completely naked.

My eyes took in her amazing breasts. Dark pink areolas with hard nipples sticking out. I had noticed several times before her breasts were on the larger side. I would guess they were on the smallest end of the C size. Water was streaming off body. At the ends of her nipples, little water falls had started. As she reached the top of her jump, her breasts continued upward. They had a wonderful bounce as her body started to move down.

My eyes moved downward just in time to see her pussy mound. She was not clean shaven but had a little landing strip.

Her feet landed on the bottom. Her breasts however continued to move downward. When they hit bottom, they erupted in little shock waves that set them vibrating and quivering.

"So what do you think about my suit?"

I was speechless. What could I say? Here was a beautiful young woman, completely naked in my pool whom I had never thought of sexually before. Well not seriously that is. All men think of every woman sexually at some time. I had admired her figure and noticed her breasts with hardened nipples inside her bikini tops before.

But this was Jenny. My daughter's friend. The little girl I had watched grow up and mature. Now she was a woman and naked. She had just jumping up in my pool showing off her body to me.

When she landed, Jenny didn't sink back into the water but stood on her feet. She was letting me see her naked body. Jenny just stood there and we looked at each other for a second.

"Well?" she asked.

"Jenny!!! I.... well.... what? .... I don't know."

"You don't like my suit?" Jenny started to walk toward me. Her feet were straddling my legs.

"Jenny, you're naked. What are you doing?"

"Maybe you haven't noticed but I'm a woman now. And this woman wants you George."

I couldn't believe my ears. "You what?"

"I want you. I've wanted you for years now. You are the sexiest man I know. Ever time I look at you, my pussy gets wet. Today is the day I'll have you."

"But I'm married. You're Sara's best friend. We can't do this."

"I know you're married and Sara is my best friend. That doesn't mean we can't have fun together."

"Yes it does young lady. I'm married and I've never cheated on my wife."

"Come on George. I've seen you looking at me for years. I can see the lust in your eyes. You make my pussy wet when you look at me and now it's time to fulfill my deepest fantasy."

I was shocked on several counts. I never knew I had lust in my eyes. I never knew she saw me looking at her. And, she had never called me George before.

"Your what?"

"My deepest fantasy. I want you."

Jenny was now standing with her toes about my hips. She then abruptly sat down. Her arms went around my neck. Her breasts were pressed into my chest. I could feel her hard nipples press into my skin. Her pussy mound pressing onto my cock.

My God!!!!! How had my cock gotten hard?

Before I knew it, Jenny leaned in and kissed me. I was dump struck. I did not kiss back.

"Come on George," Jenny said. "I know you want me. Kiss me." She immediately leaned in again and kissed me. I felt her tongue press against my lips. Involuntarily, I opened my lips a little. Her tongue slid into my mouth.

I pulled me head to one side. "God Jenny. We must stop." Jenny responded by leaning over and kissing me again.

Now she started to rock her hips. Her mound ground onto my cock. I could feel her breasts and incredibly hard nipple pressing into me. As she rocked up and down on my cock, her breasts buried themselves in my skin.

Her tongue was in my mouth again. My tongue touched the tip of her tongue. Jenny moaned. She leaned back but kept rocking on my cock. "That's better George. Today I'm all yours. Take me and make me feel like a woman."

With that, she reached down in the water and found my hand. She lifted it and, leaning back a little then put my hand on her breast. Instinctively, my hand closed on the firm orb. Her nipple was pushing into my palm. Before I knew it, I was kneading her breast.

"Oh my god George. I've wanted this for so long. I can't believe you're finally touching me." Quickly she leaned in trapping my hand. Her arm went around my neck again. Our lips met again and she resumed rocking on my cock.

We kissed for maybe 5 minutes when I felt her arm come off my neck. Next I felt it push between our bodies and then her hand was on my cock. Jenny broke the kiss and said, "Finally I get to feel your cock. I can't tell you the number of times I've looked at your crotch and wondered what your cock would feel like. And around the pool here, my pussy is totally wet watching you walk around in your bathing suit." Again she quickly leaned in and kissed.

It wasn't long before she said, "Let's dry off and go inside. I want to make love to you so badly."

"Jenny, we can't. My wife....... Sara....... We just can't."

"Yes we can." She stood up and pulled me to my feet. Jenny then turned her back to the pool edge and jumped out of the water so she sat on the edge. Her legs opened and I had an unobstructed view of her pussy for the first time. Her foot went to the deck then she was standing. She reached out and I took her hands. She pulled me out of the water.

Standing in front of her, we started to kiss again. It is a good thing my backyard is secluded and so the neighbours couldn't see the pool.

Again her hand was on my cock. Jenny started to stroke me through my suit. She let go and then I felt her hands on either hip. My suit was pushed down and onto the deck.

With my cock sticking straight out, Jenny stepped into me again. I felt her hand on me. The tip of my cock rubbed along her belly. Then I felt it on her mound. Jenny then leaned a little to one side as she lifted one leg. The next thing I knew, my cock was between her legs. She straightened up and her leg came down and trapped my cock along her pussy lips.

An incredible smile crossed her face. She closed her eyes and we started to kiss again.

Jenny then started to move her hips and my cock slid along her pussy. I could feel how wet she was. Her pussy lips were soft and puffy. It wasn't long before those soft lips surrounded my cock. I felt her hand on mine then she lifted it to her breast again. I had not felt a firm breast like that for a long time.

I don't know how long we stood there. It might have been 5 minutes or 5 hours. I was lost in all the sensations running through my body.

When she finally broke off the kiss, she leaned her head back a little and looked at me with half closed eyes. I had seen that look before on my wife and I knew Jenny was well on her way to having an orgasm.

I felt her legs open and then Jenny stepped backward. My cock came out from between her legs. Even though it was a hot day, the air on my wet cock felt cool after being inside her hot pussy lips. Quickly her hand rapped around my cock and she started to pump me. I guess I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the incredible feeling of her hand on me. When I opened them, Jenny was looking at me and smiling. "I'm glad you like me touching you." She leaned in and kissed me again.

Without stopping the kiss, Jenny took a step backwards. She pulled my cock as she moved. I had to follow her. With one more step, I heard Jenny's legs hit one of the lounge chairs. I felt her free hand on the back of my head then she slowly lay back on the cushion. She gently pulled me down as she lay back. My knees hit the chair. Jenny lay down so she was on her back. Her legs were now on either side of the lounge. I ended up completely on top of her.

Not missing a beat, Jenny aimed my cock directly at the top of her soft pussy. The tip touched her clit and she moved it down her wet lips. When it got to the tight opening to her womanhood, she stopped moving the tip and pushed up with her hips. My cock was now almost completely inside her.

A loud moan escaped her lips. Then she said, "Oh my God George. I've wanted this for so long. Fuck me. Make my pussy yours. Take me." She pulled her hips back a little the pushed up hard. My cock buried itself deep inside her soft hot pussy.

I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn't stop myself at this point. I pulled out and then pushed in hard so I was completely buried. I could feel the hairs on her landing strip tickling me. They felt wonderful.

I pulled out and started to pump her. The lounge was groaning with the force of my thrusts. "Fuck me George. Fuck me harder. Come on, pound my pussy."

Nothing could stop me now. Faster and faster I drove my cock into her. I rolled over a little to one side and put my hand on her tit. Her nipple pushed into my palm. Moving my hand, my fingers found her nipple and I pulled it. Jenny immediately let out a big moan. I rolled the nipple and she moaned even louder.

Jenny's pussy was so hot and soft and tight, I knew I would not last long. This was probably the hottest sex I had ever had. I love my wife but she can be a little cold in the bedroom. Oh sure we fuck regularly. She sucks my cock almost daily. But when we fuck, she just lays there kissing me and letting me fuck her. She isn't very active during intercourse.

But Jenny was totally different. Her hips were coming up to meet every one of my thrusts. I could hear the squishy noise her pussy was making. I don't think I ever fucked a woman who was so wet. Jenny's hands were all over my back. I could feel her nails digging in a little. The pain actually felt good in a strange kind of way. The most incredible part of fucking her was her pussy muscles. Every time I drove into her, she clamped them around my cock so she was milking me. I was so turned on. I was pounding her pussy with all the force I could manage.

I was about to cum. It wasn't going to be long before I shot my load. At that moment, the thought hit me that I didn't know if she was on the pill. I didn't know if I should shoot into her or not. Just as I thought I should pull out of her to be safe, Jenny lifted her legs and put her heels on my ass. Now she was pulling me into her deeper and deeper.

I tried to pull out but her heels stopped me. Jenny said between the little gasps for air she was taking, "Don't pull ..... out!!!!! ..... I want ..... to ..... feel ..... your ..... hot ..... cum inside ..... of me. ..... Fuck me ..... George. ..... Give me ..... all your ..... hot cum."

I only pumped her 2 or 3 more times before my cum shot up my cock and deep into her pussy. I pushed in deep and held still as my cock shot deep inside of her. Jenny rolled her head back and let out the biggest groan. I felt her pussy walls twitch about my cock.

We both held still for a few seconds. Then Jenny moved her hips and started to slowly work my cock again. I didn't move. She was tightening her pussy muscles around my cock. Jenny was milking my cock dry.

Slowly her heels relaxed on my ass but she left them resting there. I took my hand off her tit. With both hands on the lounge, I arched my back and pushed back from her a bit. Jenny opened her eyes a little and smiled up at me. "That was incredible George. I've dreamed about this day for so long but never did I think it would be as fantastic as this." She pulled me back down and out lips met in a long kiss.

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