tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Perils Of Playing Around

The Perils Of Playing Around


I must tell you what happened to me! I am a very quiet wife who has always been very happy with my husband of 6 years and I love him very much. We had known one another for years before we married – we went to the same school and although we hadn’t connected closely at school we were very aware of each other. I had a crush on him but he didn’t seem to respond to my attention. It was only after we left school and were both working that we really got together. I had had no experience with boys before I teamed up with Scott and he was my first lover.

It is difficult for me to describe myself to you. I am about 5’7” tall with no excess fat on me at all. I have nicely rounded breasts with long pointed nipples. My legs are possibly my best assets although Scott tells me my best asset is between my legs. As I said, I had no experience with boys at all. Sure I got groped in the picture theaters and occasionally let a boy pull my tits out and play with them but the inside of my knickers was strictly off limits! I was always surprised at the way boys treated me when we were alone. They tended to want to play with my legs!

I thought that was funny but I learned later that most boys were attracted to my legs. They are long and very shapely and I am very proud of them. Boys would hold my hands in one of theirs and then stroke my legs beginning with the knees and then down my legs and then up as far as they could. Some of them managed to touch me through my panties but they never got inside. Soon they would give up on getting into my panties and concentrate on my breasts. I didn’t mind boys feeling me up provided they didn’t squeeze my nipples too hard. I loved to have them sucked but not bitten or squeezed too hard.

Scott and I had been going out together for about 3 months before I finally let him get his hand inside my panties. I had played with myself for years and loved to reach an orgasm but I had no idea how wonderful it could be when someone I love brought me to orgasm! Scott was prepared to just play with my cunt for a couple of months before he started to put more pressure on me to let him fuck me! During this time we were going together I was quite happy to let him remove my blouse and bra and to let him play as much as he wanted with my breasts and nipples. I was also very happy to play with his cock and to rub him to climax although the first couple of times I made a real mess when he came unexpectedly and shot his load over my skirt!

He loved me stroking his cock and would tell me how wonderful it felt while I was doing it. Once he had gained access to my cunt, I knew it would only be a short time before I would be fucked. In order to get ready for that I went to my doctor and he prescribed the pill for me and so I began taking the pill for a couple of months before I let Scott fuck me! This meant we wouldn’t have any worries about pregnancy and wouldn’t have to stuff around with messy condoms.

Anyway Scott finally convinced me he loved me and I agreed to let him fuck me! We were lucky to be able to use my bedroom when my parents were away for a weekend. Scott arrived soon after they left on the Friday afternoon – he told me he had been parked down the street waiting for them to leave. We waited a full hour before we moved into the bedroom just in case they returned for some reason or other. Anyway the hour was up and Scott picked me up and carried me into my bedroom. Of course we had been kissing and he had been feeling me up while we were waiting for the hour to pass and I was really aroused and so was he.

When we reached my bedroom he finished undressing me and soon I was lying naked on my bed. Scott quickly undressed himself and for the first time I saw him completely naked! I had, of course, previously seen his cock and had played with it numbers of times but I had never seen him completely naked. I loved his body and held up my arms for him to come on the bed with me. We continued to play with each other until Scott told me we were ready and so I laid on my back, spread my legs and presented my virgin cunt to Scott! He was a very gentle lover and took some time getting his cock into my cunt – just easing it in steadily bit by bit. We both felt my hymen break and the pain was terrible for a couple of seconds but after that it felt so wonderful. That weekend we fucked and fucked and really enjoyed ourselves completely.

After that we became lovers in the true sense of the word and it wasn’t long before we were engaged and later married. I had never looked at another man and am completely satisfied with Scott but then things started to go wrong!
We had been married for about 3 years when Scott began buying men’s magazines and bringing them home and insisting that we read them together! I wasn’t really turned on by the pictures and even less by the stories but Scott insisted we read the stories and so that is what we did. We would lie in bed with just one magazine and we would take turns reading sections. Most of the stories were about adultery or men wanting their wife to fuck other men and I really didn’t find them very interesting at all. Almost always we would be lying in bed naked while we read these stories and when each story was completed we would fuck like wildcats. Scott was really turned on by these stories but I couldn’t get very aroused although I must admit every now and again I would like some story or other.

Reading these stories went on for about 6 months before Scott asked me to tell him which story made me the most excited! I couldn’t pick any as making me very excited so I just read five of the stories and finally picked the fifth one. This was a story about a man who dresses his wife up as a slut and makes her go to a bar with him but leaves her alone to pick up a man to take home and fuck her! Of course he would join them when they got home and he would just watch as his wife was fucked by the stranger. It didn’t do much for me but it was probably a very bad choice I had made in picking that story.

Scott told me that if this was the story which attracted me then we would do that ourselves and he was sure I would enjoy it. Well I thought he was wrong and told him so but he insisted we carry out the story ourselves.

At first I refused to go along with his ideas and wouldn’t co-operate with him at all but he became quite insistent with me and threatened to do all sorts of things to me. I couldn’t believe Scott had changed so much. Anyway I decided for the sake of peace I had better at least try to co-operate with him.

Scott knew my sizes in clothes and so he went out and bought me an outfit for this adventure. Although he knew my sizes he bought some of my clothes a size smaller and they were very tight on me. I guess he thought it might be more of a turn-on for me to look more attractive but I didn’t feel attractive no matter how I dressed because I just didn’t want to try to pick up another man much less let him fuck me! The clothes were very slutty and consisted of a short blouse which was meant to leave my midriff bare and he bought several different styles but they were all short and a bit small in size.

The skirts he bought were all mini-skirts and were very short, in fact they were so short they often exposed my panties when I bent over! I didn’t like these clothes at all. When I asked him about bras he just laughed and told me he had never read where any of the girls in the stories had been wearing a bra and so I shouldn’t wear one either. Now my breasts are very attractive and whilst not huge they are quite big and needed some support otherwise they tended to bounce when I walked and also the blouses he bought were quite thin and would show my nipples through the material.

The first time I dressed myself up in the clothes he had bought I felt terrible. My breasts were outlined because the blouse was not only very short but also tight and my nipples were fully visible. I should have mentioned Scott had not bought me any new panties which I usually wore but had bought the smallest thongs I could imagine. They were not wide enough between the legs to even go close to hiding my cunt and my pussy hair sprouted out on either side of the thong. The rest of the thong consisted of a thin belt and just the loop of narrow material looping down between my legs. I was just about naked wearing these thongs. The material between my legs was just a thin ribbon of colored material and was no wider than ½ inch all of the way. The back just slotted in between my backside cheeks and the front came up but exposed my pubic hair because it was only ½ inch wide in front as well as back. The front of the thong was so narrow that it pulled up inside my cunt lips and they were separated with the lips on either side of the thong. It wasn’t comfortable at all. I told Scott I couldn’t possibly wear these thongs but he insisted I try them and see what happened.

The first night we were going to go out with me dressed like that was a Friday night and we arranged to go to a bar which had a dance floor and which was situated on the other side of town! After all Scott didn’t want any of our friends seeing me like this! I thought if I wasn’t good enough to be seen by our friends then I shouldn’t be going out like this at all. Scott insisted. I looked like a real slut. And I told him so.

He arranged that we would go to the bar and I would go in first and buy a drink at the bar. I was to then try to attract any man I liked and to dance with him if he asked me. Scott would enter a few minutes after me and also buy a drink from the bar but he wouldn’t approach me and would take his drink to a table and be able to watch me! This was silly but he insisted I do it so I gritted my teeth and entered the bar. He told me to try to find a man to whom I was attracted and to take him to a table near him and to carry on with the man trying to get him to take me home and fuck me! How silly when I was completely satisfied with Scott fucking me and nobody else was necessary. Anyway I entered the premises and walked up to the bar and ordered myself a drink. I then perched myself up on a stool and began to drink. I was able to see when Scott came in and watched as he bought his drink and found a table to sit at near the dance floor but in a position where he could watch me at the bar too.

Absolutely no one at the bar or in the premises attracted me in the slightest and I could see this would be a complete waste of time. I was about ready to walk over to Scott and insist on going home when a young man sat on the stool next to me and asked me if he could buy me another drink. As I had finished my first I agreed and so I had a second in front of me in no time at all. He told me his name was Bruce and he wondered if I would like to dance with him. I tried to look over at Scott but he was out of my field of vision so I decided I had better accept his offer and so we moved onto the dance floor.

Fortunately there were several other couples dancing and we were not alone. In no time at all he was holding me very close to him and I could feel his erect cock sticking into my belly. He was making sure I could feel it. He also moved his hands down until he was holding my behind and he was squeezing my cheeks tightly. He moved us over into a darkened part of the dance floor and when he had moved me so that my back was to the wall he pulled my skirt up and grabbed my bare cheeks. He thought I wasn’t wearing anything under my skirt but he soon found the throng strap. I began to pull away from him and he moved one hand away from my behind and moved it under the front of my blouse. It was loose enough at the bottom for him to get his hand up under it and he grabbed my breast and held it tightly and he hurt me. I pushed him away with my hands and told him to stop and walked away from him and back to my drink which was still on the bar. I guess he learned he couldn’t fool around with me and didn’t return to the bar at all.

Before I had finished my second drink another was placed in front of me and a grinning young man sat on the stool alongside me. He had bought the drink for me. He told me he had been watching me and had seen what Bruce had tried to do and was about to rescue me when it returned to my seat. His name was Colin and he seemed to be a much nicer man than Bruce. We chatted for awhile before he placed his hand on my knee and gradually moved it up the inside of my leg until he reached the hairs around my cunt. I told him to stop immediately but he just continued on until he found the strap which is my thong. This time I stood up and he had to remove his hand from my leg. He asked me to go to a room with him and he would give me the time of my life but I just wasn’t interested in him – he surely wasn’t my type. He left too.

Other men came up to me and asked me to danced and I accepted two of them but they too were not the sort of men I would like to have a partners and after the dance I told them it was enough and they also left. It was getting pretty late and eventually Scott came up to me at the bar and told me I was stupid and could have had any of the men who asked me. I told him they weren’t suitable and that was that. We returned home and he was obviously very cross with me. Too bad for him.

He refused to fuck me when we arrived home telling me I would have to wait until I managed to pick up a suitable man for that. I had to go a whole week without sex and I was just about boiling by the time he arranged for me to go out again on my quest for another man to fuck me!

This Friday night I was dressed similarly to the previous Friday night and looked just as slutty. This time however he insisted I leave off my thong so the only clothes I was wearing were my thin, short blouse and my very short mini-skirt as well as my shoes. I felt very insecure without my thong. I know it was terribly thin and narrow but it just seemed to offer some sort of covering and now my cunt was completely bare and available to anyone who ran their hand up my legs. We followed the same pattern as before with me entering the bar first. I soon bought my drink and sat on a stool waiting to see what would happen to me this time. It wasn’t long before I was approached by a rather short man who asked me to dance with him. He was very short and his face rested on my boobs as we danced and he had difficulty trying to hold me as his hands seemed to rest naturally on my behind.

He followed all the rest and in no time had his hands under my skirt at the back and was massaging my bare ass. I have had enough of this and told him to piss off and he left and I didn’t see him again. The next to approach me was a tall handsome man who was possibly Italian. He had all the charm of Casanova and was trying to be as successful. I rather liked this man and thought he might be the one. However he proceeded to maul me as soon as we were on the dance floor and he had my tight blouse pulled up exposing my left breast to anyone looking and he tried to suck my nipple while we were dancing! I soon got rid of him – he was all hands and no finesse. Two other men tried to turn me on without success and I was feeling very tired but also very horny and would have loved to find a suitable man who could have taken me away from all this and fucked me to death! Scott came up to me and yelled at me and again called me stupid!

He told me to come with him and we went out the front door and over to the car park but to a section away from where our car was parked. We met a man standing alongside his car and he greeted Scott excitedly. Scott told me to get down on my knees and suck this man off and to swallow everything! I tried to protest but it was obvious this had been arranged beforehand and there wasn’t much I could do to escape. I knelt as told and the man pulled out his respectable sized cock and held it out for me. I took it into my mouth but was horrified at the taste. It was like stale piss and I guessed he wasn’t a very clean person. I had no alternative and so I sucked him had hoping to get him to cum quickly but it still took too long. At last he shot his load into my mouth and it was foul tasting cum – nothing like Scott’s cum. Anyway I swallowed the lot and that was that. The man zipped up his pants and disappeared amongst the cars. Scott told me if I couldn’t find a man to fuck me then he would find one for me. I felt rather sick – I think it was a combination of the drinks and the foul tasting cum and I told Scott I wanted to go home. Once again he was really pissed off with me.

Again I had no sex for another week and I was so horny by the next Friday that I didn’t know what to do with myself.

This Friday Scott told me to dress up as before and to leave my thong off! When we were ready to go out he told me to stay at home and he would bring someone home to fuck me! I wouldn’t have any choice at all and he would expect me to do everything that the man asked of me. I was very angry with Scott and told him so but I did as he asked and remained dressed as a slut and simply sat in the lounge room and waited for him to return.

It was near 11.30pm before Scott returned home. He had a man with him – an untidy but happy looking man. The man’s clothes were untidy and his hair was unkempt and he just looked a dirty sort of man but at least his happy smile made him a little better. I wasn’t sure he was happy-looking because he knew he was going to fuck me or if that was how he looked all the time. Scott didn’t even introduce us. He simply pointed to me and said, “Get over here and make this man welcome. When you have him ready you can take him into the bedroom and fuck him!” I guess I would have accepted his commands if the man had been at all attractive but this man was a real turn-off and I felt nothing for him.

The man came over to me and sat on the lounge alongside me and attempted to kiss me. I tried to avoid this but Scott came over and slapped my face and told me to do as I was asked. I had to kiss this man. I felt sick and didn’t know what to do. He quickly found my breast and began to feel me up until my breast was sore. He then undid the buttons on the blouse and removed it. He then began on my breasts in earnest and squeezed them hard and bit and sucked my nipples. When he seemed satisfied with this he moved his hand down to my legs and started to slide his hand up towards my cunt.

I tried to hold my legs together but when I refused to open them, Scott came over and slapped me hard in the face and again told me to do as I was told. I parted my legs and the man thrust his hand into my cunt and began to finger me very roughly and he hurt me. He then found the clip and zip for my skirt and it came off and I now sat there wearing just my shoes. They quickly came off too and I was now completely naked. The man hadn’t shaved properly and had whiskers and they scratched my face and when he moved his face between my legs he scratched my thighs terribly. I turned to Scott to help me but he just smiled at me and told me to enjoy getting fucked.

The dirty man then began to remove his clothes. He didn’t smell very nice and his body was covered with thick hair – he looked very unattractive but I knew he was about to fuck me. I made one last appeal to Scott but I could have saved my breath as he just grinned at me and told me to get on with the fun. The man’s cock didn’t look very nice to me either. It was a funny reddish color and he had a number of genital warts on his cock. It even looked as though one of these warts was bleeding and I shrunk back in horror. When I tried to tell Scott he again laughed at me and proceeded to begin taking photographs of me getting fucked by this man.

Well, the man shoved his cock into my cunt with no ceremony at all. It hurt as it went in and, although I was as horny as hell a short time ago, I was now as dry as could be and he was hurting me. I told Scott I wanted a condom but he told me that wasn’t on (he didn’t even know he had made a joke of that one) and the man began to fuck me in earnest. Well, I couldn’t do anything about it and just laid there and let him fuck me. He came fairly soon and I felt him shoot his load deep into my cunt. He didn’t pull out when he had cum and simply stayed hard and began to fuck me again. He was hurting me a great deal but I guess some of his cum was lubricating my hole and the pain diminished a bit.

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