tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Photo Album Ch. 02

The Photo Album Ch. 02


Chapter 02 - Movie Night

The next time I went to Mom's house was Wednesday evening. I knew that she'd be out, having dinner with the Rutherfords, but it was a free evening for me, and it was no problem for me to let myself in.

The attic was starting to get cleared out enough for me to organize boxes of stuff by similar 'types' -- Christmas decorations, old books, old clothes (flower-print bell-bottoms? Please, Mom -- tell me you never actually wore those), and so forth -- I could move them each to separate sections of the attic.

As I was moving some boxes of books around, I came across the box of movies that I'd discovered the last time I'd been there. I smiled to myself, knowing that at least some of them almost certainly contained some highly erotic footage of Mom and Dad and the Rutherfords, based on the photo album that I'd discovered. I pushed the 'Movie' box aside, so I could tend to the other boxes.

Not far away was a smallish box, but as I lifted it, I discovered that it was quite heavy. On the side of the box, it read, '8mm Home Movie Projector'; it was obviously the original box that the projector had come in. Opening the box, I found that it did, indeed, contain an old movie projector. It was an odd, compact model, with the reels laying flat across the top of the projector, rather like the old reel-to-reel audio tape players. It must have had some internal mirrors to make the image project to the proper orientation.

As I looked the old machine over, the awareness slowly advanced from the back of my brain to the front -- with this projector, I could actually watch the movies in the box. I rummaged around in the box of movies, looking for a suitable 'test reel'. I found one, labeled 'Jack First Steps, 1969'. I popped the reel onto the spindle and threaded the film through the slot, then into the hub of the take-up reel. Looking around, I located an electrical outlet, and plugged the projector in. Now all I needed was a screen. I recalled seeing a sheaf of poster-board somewhere in my dealings with the attic; I found it without too much difficulty, and set up a makeshift screen. I flipped the 'ON' switch on the projector; the bulb, perhaps miraculously, lit up. Another switch started the reels turning, and -- lo and behold! -- slightly blurry, faded-color images, with no sound, of my year-old self, standing unsteadily in my dad's firm-but-gentle hands, appeared on the poster-board 'screen'.

I was transfixed by the images on the screen -- it was virtually like a living time-capsule. There was my dad, young and dark-haired, holding me up, encouraging me to step out into the brave new world of bipedal transport. And there was me, taking one, then two, then three wobbly steps, before losing my balance and falling awkwardly sideways. There was a break, and then Mom was holding me up, and once again, I stepped forth, making five or six steps, while Mom clapped her hands gleefully. Simply wonderful.

The 'First Steps' film was quite short; after just a few minutes, the action ended, so I flipped the switch to 'rewind', while I rummaged through the box for another reel. I suppose I could have reached for one of the 'Vacation' reels, but after my earlier discovery of the 'Sailing Trip' photo album, I was irresistibly curious about the reels labeled 'Rutherfords', so I reached for one dated 1972, when I was four years old.

Holding the reel in my hand, I paused for just a second, realizing, based on the Photo Album, that it was quite likely that this reel of 8mm film would be a live-action look-in on my parents' sex life, possibly including some 'non-standard' activity with the Rutherfords. I wondered inside myself whether I should really take that peek into my parents' past, or whether that was more properly their own private remembrance. But then, Mom knew that I'd seen the photos from the sailing trip, and she hadn't been terribly discreet, in recent days, about her ongoing relationship with Dr. and Mrs. Rutherford. Besides, I reasoned, if she really didn't want anyone to see them, she would certainly have hidden them better than simply stashing them in the attic. I don't know if my moral reasoning was quite as thorough as it could have been, but in the end, my erotic curiosity tipped the scales.


I threaded the film through the projector and started the film rolling. On the screen, Dr. and Mrs. Rutherford entered through the front door of our house, while Mom welcomed them with a happy smile.

I thought to myself, this was 1972; all four of them were in their early 30s, which fit with the images on the screen. Mom had the richly beautiful auburn hair that I remembered from my childhood; Mrs. Rutherford was a sandy ash-blond. Dr. R was tall, dark and handsome; Dad was, at least at the beginning, behind the camera. It was like taking a time machine back to my early childhood.

Mom, still smiling, looked up at Dr. Rutherford. He pulled her close, and lowered his head to kiss her. And what a kiss! I watched as Mom virtually melted her body into Dr. R's, and their jaws worked feverishly as they tangled their tongues together in passionate greeting. As they continued to kiss, I saw Mom drop her hand to the front of Dr. R's pants, gripping his package, and stroking her hand over his length and thickness. For his part, Dr. Rutherford cupped his hand over Mom's clothed breast and kneaded it sensually.

As Mom and Dr. R continued kissing and groping each other, I saw a hand -- Dad's left hand -- enter the frame from behind the camera, beckoning Mrs. R closer. She walked toward the camera, smiling seductively, until Dad's hand could reach the buttons of her blouse. Deliberately, one-by-one, the dad-hand unfastened all of her buttons, until Mrs. R's blouse was completely open, exposing a lacy white bra. Mrs. R shrugged her shoulders, dropping the blouse onto the floor behind herself, then, reaching behind herself, she unhooked the clasp of her bra, so that it hung loosely in front of her breasts, and with a hunch of her shoulders, it fell off her, onto the floor.

I had to admit, the 30-something Mrs. Gwen Rutherford had some really lovely breasts -- honest C-cups, I guessed, full and firm and round. With a laughing grin, she shook her shoulders, causing her breasts to jiggle and shake for the camera. Now, that was a visual effect that hadn't come through in the still photos. Dr. R even looked up from kissing Mom to watch them bounce. Then she moved closer to the camera, so Dad's seemingly-disembodied left hand could fondle and squeeze her tits.

As if taking their cue from Mrs. R, Mom and Dr. R set about the business of getting each other naked, still not even ten feet from the front door. Dr. R fumbled with the buttons on Mom's blouse until it too fell open. Then, with swift and skillful movement, he stripped her blouse off her, then unclasped her bra and pulled it off her, leaving her naked from the waist up. Simultaneously, Mom unbuttoned Dr. R's shirt and stripped it off him, baring his hairy chest, which she then proceeded to cover with kisses, licking across his furry expanse, while he urgently kneaded and fondled her fulsome tits.

Mom was fumbling with Dr. R's belt-buckle, and once she got it open, his pants fell to the floor, leaving only his cotton briefs to cover his straining erection, which was proudly angled upward, inside the stretchy fabric.

For a second, the camera swung downward, to where Mrs. R was on her knees, fumbling to get Dad's pants off him. When she pulled the elastic waistband of his briefs out over his raging hard-on, Dad's cock stood proudly, straight out and upward from his loins, while Mrs. R took it in her hands, lovingly licking and sucking on it.

The camera swung back to Mom and Dr. R. Dr. R was now completely naked, his cock bobbing up and down as he moved. I watched the faded, flickering images on the screen, as he slipped his hands into the back of Mom's panties, cupping the cheeks of her ass and happily fondling them, then sliding her panties off her onto the floor. Mom turned to face the camera (Dad), twirling in a little spin-dance, making sure that her furry pussy got recorded on film for posterity (me, apparently). Then Dr. R dropped his hand down, cupping it over Mom's pubic mound, and slowly tracing his finger along her slit.

The three of them who weren't behind the camera -- Mom, and Dr. and Mrs. Rutherford -- quickly gathered themselves for a 'group shot', all standing naked, facing the camera and grinning, four full round breasts, two hairy pussies and a stiff cock, all on prominent display. Then Mom grabbed hold of Dr. R's erection and pulled him off-camera to the left, pointing the way ahead of her, before the shot ended.

In the next scene, Mom was sitting on the couch in our den (a somewhat-bizarre, late-60s-style couch), while Dr. Rutherford knelt between her legs. The two of them were looking at each other, laughing and grinning, and then Dr. R dropped down and began nibbling on the soft flesh of her inner thighs. I watched as Mom rolled her head back, savoring the erotic sensations as he nibbled and nuzzled her most intimate parts. I couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but before long, Mom was twitching and writhing, lurching spastically up off the couch, her mouth forming a soundless 'O' as Dr. Rutherford ravaged her cunt with his mouth. At last, she leaned back on the couch and, clasping her hands behind Dr. R's head, ground her pussy furiously against Dr. R's face. Her head rolled back, her jaw dropped, and at last, she began quivering and shuddering to an orgasm. You couldn't have caught that with a still photo, either.

The camera lurched again, and when it returned, Dr. Rutherford was behind the camera, and Dad and Mrs. R were on the floor, engaged in a sultry 69. Dad lay on his back on the floor, munching on Mrs. R's pussy, while she lay atop him, her head bobbing up and down on his thick meat. Dr. Rutherford was a bit more of an active cameraman than Dad had been, moving the camera around the sexually-engaged couple on the floor, seeking out the most erotic camera angles -- now showing Dad's tongue as it ran along Mrs. R's sultry pussy, her sandy pubic hair adorning her plump cunt-lips, and now showing Mrs. R in close-up, her tongue licking sensually along the length of Dad's cock, her hands tenderly cradling and fondling his balls, her breasts mashed between them against Dad's belly.

Dad and Mrs. Rutherford continued their mutual oral plundering of each other's genitals, until finally, the screen image of Mrs. R sat up and, rolling her head back, ground her pussy hard against Dad's face, until she hunched forward and seemingly lost control of her body, jerking and writhing, her shoulders twitching, her mouth in a silent 'O' and her eyes tightly shut.

Slowly, her orgasm subsided, and she returned her attention to Dad's cock, licking and sucking on it, and swirling her tongue around his cockhead. I could see Dad's head rolling back as he began to thrust his hips up against Mrs. R's oral ministrations. Then he briefly raised his head and said something to her (which, since there was no sound in the movie, I couldn't tell). Then he laid his head back and exhaled. I could see his cock twitching and pulsating in Mrs. R's hand, while she kept her mouth wrapped around his cockhead. As Dad's movements gradually subsided, Mrs. R sucked his cock clean, then sat up. Dr. R moved in for a close-up, and she opened her mouth wide, displaying Dad's thick white cum filling her mouth. Then, with a sensually erotic leer, she closed her mouth and swallowed.


Once again, the scene cut off at that point. The next scene opened in Mom and Dad's bedroom. Mom was leaning over the edge of the bed, with Dr. R behind her. Mrs. R was sitting on the edge of the bed; all three of them were looking back toward the camera. The camera jiggled a couple times, and the focus moved in and out, then Dad walked into the field of view, the half-moons of his ass receding from the camera as he walked. Obviously, he had fixed the camera to a tripod, so all four of them could be in action at once.

I chuckled to myself as I watched, and shook my head. I could never have imagined my own parents making their own 'sex tape'; nor could I ever have imagined watching them having sex. Much less, swapping with their friends the Rutherfords. Yet there was a part of me that understood completely -- this was stuff they wanted to remember, and never forget.

Dad took his place between Mrs. R's legs, and she laid back on the bed, raising her legs into the air. Dad had her angled so the camera was looking directly at her eager pussy. Dad took his throbbing erection in his hand and began to rub it up and down along her opening, then slowly pressed into her, his cockhead disappearing inside her, then, inch by inch, his entire cock slid into her, until he was bottomed-out inside her. He held her ankles up and apart, in a 'V', as he slowly moved in and out of her, their eyes locked together in erotic union.

On the other side of the bed, Dr. Rutherford entered Mom from behind, as she pressed herself back against him, propping herself up on her elbows as he began to slide his pole in and out of her. After a while, he leaned forward, cupping his hands over Mom's tits and fondling them while they swayed back and forth, in time with their fucking.

For a long while, the two couples on the screen happily fucked on and on, and I watched Dad's cock sliding in and out of Mrs. Rutherford, and Dr. Rutherford's cock sliding in and out of Mom, their respective erections alternately being consumed by their partners' vaginas, and re-emerging from them to plunge back inside them once again.

After a while, Dr. Rutherford pulled out of Mom, and laid on his back on the bed, so Mom could ride him. She climbed up onto the bed, lifted her leg over Dr. R so she was straddling him, then reached between her legs to grip his cock and align it with her opening. Then she slowly lowered herself onto his shaft and began sensually grinding her cunt on his thick pole.

Dad had leaned forward now, so that his chest was lying on top of Mrs. Rutherford. They were kissing deeply, soulfully, as his cock slid in and out of her; her legs were wrapped around his waist, her ankles locked together, holding him inside herself.

Then Dad rose up, holding himself up with his arms, and began rolling his hips into Mrs. R, driving himself into her furthest depths, and slowly increasing his rhythm. He and Mrs. R locked eyes with each other, and soon they were fucking at a furious pace, until finally Mrs. R rolled her head back, her mouth open in a cry of ecstasy that the movie couldn't record, and then Dad followed, driving himself to her depths and holding himself there. I could see the muscles in his ass twitching as streams of his semen erupted, unseen, into her. For several minutes afterward, he slowly, almost involuntarily, ground himself into her, as his erection gradually softened inside her, until he finally fell forward on top of her, the two of them covering each other with grateful kisses.

I saw Mom, still riding Dr. Rutherford, look over at Dad and Mrs. R as their explosive mutual climax overtook them. Even as Dad and Mrs. R were still in their orgasmic throes, Mom began to increase her tempo, and I could see her ass-muscles clenching on Dr. Rutherford's cock as she ground herself onto him. Her fingers clenched on the skin of his upper chest, and soon she was squirming uncontrollably from side to side on his cock, as another orgasm washed over her. Dr. Rutherford was driving his hips up off the bed, forcing his cock into her depths, until I saw his entire body clench up, his chest rising up off the bed, as with gritted teeth, he shot great globs of his cum into her. Mom fell forward on top of him, and after a while, I could just make out blurry white streaks of his cum slowly oozing out of her, running down his still-semi-hard shaft.

The four of them lay nearly motionless on the bed, but for the up-and-down heaving of their chests as they caught their breath. After a couple minutes of that, the film ended, and the screen went dark.

I sat there in the attic, utterly transfixed by what I'd seen. Even though the film was old, and grainy and streaky, and the color was faded, that brief film of my parents fucking with their best friends was about the most intensely erotic thing I'd ever seen, orders of magnitude beyond the still photos I'd seen a couple weeks before -- I could see the women's tits bouncing, and the cocks not merely buried in their pussies, but sliding sensually in and out of them. It was a very dynamic view of my parents' sexuality, and their friends', and it was utterly stunning.

It wasn't as though I couldn't imagine my parents having sex, all those years ago. And I'd had a couple weeks by then, to wrap my mind around the idea that they'd had a pretty 'open' arrangement with the Rutherfords. But I hadn't imagined that their sex lives had been so rich, so intense, so sensual. It was incredibly eye-opening.

I sat there quietly for a minute, then rewound the tape, and returned it to its box. Then I re-packed the projector in its box, and got back to work on the attic. After I'd put in a couple hours, I got things settled for the next time I'd be there.

As I stood by the door, surveying the work I'd done over the past few weeks, my eye fell again on the box of movies. I couldn't resist looking through the box one more time, to see if there were any videos I could take with me, to watch at home. I rummaged through the VHS-C tapes and picked one, dated 1992 -- 20 years ago, and 20 years after the film I'd just watched. Fortunately, the adapter was also there, so I could play the tapes on my old VHS player, so I pulled that out, too.

Then I turned out the light and went home.


It was a couple days before I could pop the videotape into my player. The compact cassette snapped neatly into the adapter, resulting in a full-sized entity that my old VHS player would readily accept.

When the tape started rolling, it was quite similar to the old 8mm reel that I'd viewed in Mom's attic -- the greeting scene at the door, followed quickly by kissing, groping and disrobing just inside the door. There were a few significant differences from the old film reels, though --

(1) the image was much clearer and crisper than the old movies had been; details on the women's nipples and the men's penises, and their bodies in general, were much more clearly visible.

(2) All the principals were 20 years older, in their early 50s -- both Dad and Dr. Rutherford were sporting swatches of gray hair around their temples, and were a tad thicker around the middle; Mom and Mrs. R were a tad saggier than they'd been in their 30s, but still looking remarkably sexy.

And (3) there was sound. I could hear all the sexy banter as they greeted each other at the door, and all the moans and groans of the soundtrack of sex, once the fucking got going in earnest.

So when Mom greeted Dr. R at the door, I heard her say, "God, Brian, I have been horny all week, waiting for you to get here."

Or Dad, from behind the camera, saying to Mrs. R, "I hope you're ready, Gwen, 'cuz my cock is hungry for your pussy tonight."

To which Mrs. R replied with a grin and a chuckle, "Well, she's hungry for you, too, Jim."

The script of the film played out pretty similarly to the old film reel. Even long-term foursomes settle into their comfortable routines, I suppose. But now, when the camera was on the tripod and Dad was eating Mrs. R's pussy, I could hear the hungry 'munching' sounds he was making, and her moans of pleasure. And when she'd climaxed on his mouth, she pulled him up, saying, "Oh god, Jim -- put it in me! Fill me up with your big, magnificent, cock!"

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