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The Photographer - Brenda


This is my first story. As a warning, I tend to find the lead up more exciting to read about than the act itself. That's not to say I purposely neglected writing about the act, but as a warning that is an area I'm going to need to work at to improve as an author.


All through college Brent was never seen without a camera. Brent was always trying to capture the best shot. It would annoy the hell out his friends when he'd make them pose for pictures and hold it while he moved around searching for the best angle, but they all appreciated the end result. Everyone said he had talent, but he just viewed it as a hobby. He never took a photography class or even considered pursuing it professionally.

As the days since graduation passed, Brent found himself thinking back to college more and more. His social calendar had significantly diminished since college. The job he had first landed was in the next state over, and Brent had a difficult time making new friends. This job consisted of being locked in a cubicle 9 hours a day. He already hated it, but it paid the bills and offered plenty of experience to help land that next job. Four months of this had passed when Brent's college buddy Nate called with an offer that would change Brent's life.

Nate asked Brent to be the photographer for his upcoming wedding. Money was tight with them both him and his fiancée having mountains of student debt. Brent knew and liked Nate's fiancée, Brenda. He had proposed to her over graduation weekend. She said yes, which was shocking to no one. The two of them did have a rocky start, a bit of a love triangle situation, but they patched things up and have been going strong for two years.

Brent was left speechless. "I don't know what to say."

"Say yes."

"Yes, of course. This is fantastic. I won't let you down." Brent went out that night to shop around for a higher end camera. He practiced every weekend until it was time to take the engagement photos. Nate said he liked the photos, but was relatively silent on the issue. Brenda, however, was her normal supportive self. She was really excited with how well they turned out, telling Brent that he had found his calling. That he should quit his job and become a professional photographer. Brent was mixed with excitement and fear of screwing things up. Time slowly crawled as the wedding approached and yet he felt like he barely had any time when he found himself looking through his camera lens at a beautiful young woman in a wedding dress.

Brenda was 5' 7", blonde and curvy. Brent loved curves on a woman, and her strapless mermaid-style wedding dress hugged every one of them. Brent asked her to turn around and look back over her shoulder. He zoomed in on her shoulder and face in profile for a breathtaking picture. He then moved the camera down to that peach of an ass on her. Brent just wanted to take a bite out of it. That picture would be left off the wedding CD.

"You look radiant," Brent said as he zoomed back out.

"Thank you," Brenda said with a smile.

Brent moved around and snapped a few more shots. His strategy was to take a wealth of shots and then go through looking for the best shots to deliver to his client, and maybe if he was lucky to have a few extra candids for his private collection. Brent lowered the camera for a moment to take in the beauty of the moment. "So are you ready to get married?"

"I guess I have to be."

Brent lowered the camera and raised his eyebrow at her response. "Why don't you sit down and take a break. I'll see if I can get you a water."

"No, I'm fine, just nervous."

Brent reached into his bag and pulled out his own half depleted bottle of water. "Here, sit down and take this. It'll make you feel better."

"Thanks, you've always been very thoughtful."

Brent grinned back and sat next down next to her. "It's a big step."

"Yea, hope it's the right one."

"You and Nate belong together. You're great for each other."

"Yea I know he is, but neither of us have been with many people. How do I know I'm making an informed decision?"

"Trust me, most men out there aren't worth pondering about." Brenda laughed at his joke. "Besides, that's why you had the bachelorette party."

Brenda laughed even more. "No, nothing like the movies. Just drinking with the girls."

Brent padded her knee, "You don't need to lie to me. I was there at the bachelor party, Nate told me of your arrangement."

Brenda lifted an eyebrow and shot him and odd look. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't get too mad at him. I'm pretty sure Mike would have decked him if he didn't explain himself. It seemed pretty odd at first, but it makes sense I guess."

"Brent, I really don't know what you're talking about."

"Maybe I shouldn't have said anything."

"You can't not tell me now. Brent, this is my future husband you're talking about. No secrets, now tell me."

"Ok you forced it out of me. Nate said that you both agreed to sow your remaining oats at the bachelor party."

"You're joking right? That's not very funny."

"I have proof." Brent took out his camera and scrolled through the pictures. "He told me not to bring it, but I couldn't resist. It's my baby, I can't put her down. All I have is a single photo." Brent showed Brenda the screen. A topless brunette in a thong was standing over a man in a chair. Her nipple in the man's mouth and the owner of that mouth was none other than Nate himself. "After his lap dance, he went into the back room with the stripper for a while."

"That son of a bitch. I thought he had matured past this after the whole incident with Christine." Brenda got up from the bench and started pacing before Brent. "Figures. I knew I couldn't trust him. Well the wedding is off. That bastard."

"Hold on now, you guys have been through worse. You can make it past this."

"How much should I put up with Brent? When is it too much?"

"Well maybe he's right."

"Excuse me." Brent braced himself expecting to get slapped. She turned to face him, every muscle in her body tense, but thankfully she didn't swing.

"You were just talking about how you weren't sure about this wedding."

"Well now I know."

"Or maybe you just need to sow some wild oats of your own." Brenda opened her mouth, but Brent didn't give her time to say anything in response. He reached his arm out wrapping it around her waist, pulled her in close and planted an open mouth kiss on her lips. He felt her muscles slowly loosen, first her arms dropped, then her back loosened as Brent's arms went from holding her to supporting her.

Brent broke the kiss and stared into her deep blue eyes. "Brent, I..." Brent made a gentle shushing sound and held his hand to her lips. He bent down to kiss her neck. She stretched back her head, which granted him easier access. His hand on the small of her back pulled her in closer, his erect member now pressing up against her body.

Brent's other hand dropped the camera on the bench near them before using it to caress her bare upper back. Brent's kisses moved down her neck and to just above the start of the fabric. At the same time his hand also moved down to the same spot on her back. His hand caressed the top of the dress until he found the tiny zipper. He grabbed hold and slid it down her back as far as it would go.

The front of her dress loosened and gapped open. Brent could now see her bra, bright white and strapless that just barely covered her nipples. Brent's lips eagerly moved to her exposed cleavage. Brenda was just an A cup, but the bra pushed them up to make them seem huge. He licked the top of each mound before burying his face in-between her bosom.

Brent's hand slid back up her spine, just barely touching her with his fingertips. She shivered as a chill spread through her body. Brent's hand stopped once it reached her bra. A quick motion was all that was necessary to unclasp it.

Brent stepped back to take in her beauty as the bra fell to the floor. She was now completely topless from the waist up. His eyes soaked up every inch of her pale smooth skin from her tight hourglass stomach to her small but perky breasts up to her to her delicate face and platinum blonde hair. "You're so beautiful."

Brenda blushed and a wave of modesty overcame her that caused her cover her breasts with her hands. Brent reached down to grab his camera, but Brenda grabbed his wrist. Her hand other she placed on his cheek to change his gaze from the camera on the bench to her deep blue eyes. Her touch was soft and delicate. She then slowly leaned in for a kiss. "You're going to have to rely on just mental pictures for this," she whispered to him. She leaned in further and nibbled on his ear while her hand played with his hair.

Brent's hands rubbed up and down her smooth back, pulling her in ever closer. His hands eventually worked their way over that ham of an ass. With a hand over each butt cheek, he squeezed causing her to jump a little. He subtly moved her ass up and down, grinding it against his pelvis.

Brenda forced some space between them as she worked her hands in to rub his chest. She undid the buttons of his dress shirt down to his belly button so she could run her fingers through his chest hair. "Oh, you're so manly; I like it." A devilish grin formed across her face. "Want to hear a secret?"

"You know it."

"Nate shaves his chest," she said with a laugh.

"Do you two have that in common?"

"Excuse me?"

Brent stuck his palm on her bare belly and slid his fingers below the waistband of her wedding dress. "Do you shave as well?"

"Oh?" she said with a grin. "Well there's only one way to find out." Brent got down on his knees and yanked the wedding dress down to hers. Brent almost drooled at the site before him. Thigh high white stockings, a blue garter belt just under the top edge of her right stocking, and a white lacey thong that did not hide the fact that she shaved. Brent leaned in and kissed her thigh. His tongue danced around the edge of her panties. His hands eagerly wrapped around her legs, first touching the back of her knees, then moving up and down the thighs. He almost lost his load when rose above her stockings and touched bare skin. Her legs were so smooth, she must have just shaved that morning. His hands grabbed her tightly. He wanted to bite her thigh, but Brent had enough presence of mind to recognize that leaving marks in that area would be a bad idea and a sure way to get caught.

Brent pulled down her thong and dove into her wet pussy. Brenda let out a soft moan. Her hand reached down and played with his hair, grabbing tuffs and pulling it. Her other hand grabbed her own breast and played with the nipple. Brent's hands now on her ass, squeezing and grinding it up and down as his tongue worked its magic. Her juices flowing, Brent couldn't wait any longer, he had to have her.

He stood up, ripped open his belt buckle, dropped his pants and attacked her all under a second. Brent pressed her back up against the wall. He grabbed one thigh and lifted it so that her foot was on the bench. Then he grabbed the other leg to adjust her slightly before inserting his erect dick into her wet pussy. "Oh God," she moaned.

Brent's tongued was shoved into her mouth and dancing excitedly with hers. His right hand was holding her thigh up, strategically placed on the exposed skin above the top of the thigh high. Brent was a bit of a leg man and couldn't get enough of that smooth skin. He gripped her thigh so tightly that he most definitely was going to leave a hand print, but he didn't care at this moment. His left hand was more gentle as it fondled her breast. And of course his dick, inserted deep inside of her, as she rode it up and down. This was Heaven for Brent; he could die right now a happy man. He hadn't been with a woman since he graduated college 4 months ago and now he was with this petite angel.

Brent's arm was getting tired too quickly. He lowered her thigh and laid her down on the bench before climbing on top of her. He started with long deep thrusts. "Oh God, I want you," she moaned. Brent picked up the tempo, thrusting harder, deeper and faster. The bench started to rock, making a terrible noise as it slid on the floor, but Brent couldn't stop now. Brent thrust deeper and harder and until he finally shot his full load inside her.

He collapsed on top of her, every muscle relaxed. He just wanted to lay there on top of her naked body with his head on her breast, but she spoke up. "I guess we should get dressed now before anyone gets back."

"That's one option," Brent said as he started kissing her shoulder. "Or we can go again."

"You know I need to get married today."

Brent sucked on her hard nipple, deliberately taking a long moment before answering her question. "We still have half an hour at least before anyone is due to join us. What would Nate say if I gave you a hickey?"

"Don't" she said weakly through heavy breathing and a slight moan. Brent ignored her and continued to suck on her hard nipples. "Oh Brent, that feels so good, but I'm serious, we need to stop," she said in a tone that didn't sound all that convincing.

"I'm not done with you yet sexy."

Brenda let out one more moan before grabbing Brent by the shoulders and pushing him up to give herself a break. "You just don't quit."

"Well you invigorate me."

"I'll tell you what lover boy, lay back and I'll blow you." This got Brent's attention. He eagerly jumped off her, laying in position on the ground nearby to grant her easy access. Brenda slid off the bench and onto her knees. Her lips parting to allow her tongue to lick slowly lick her luscious red lips. Falling forward onto her hands, she slowly crawled until her head was over Brent's erect dick, her beautiful breasts swaying as she moved.

Her hand started on his thigh, sliding up and over until she was cupping his balls. A couple gentle squeezes before her hand wrapped around the base of his rock hard dick. She leaned forward and kissed the tip. A string of sperm connected the tip of his dick and lips as she pulled away.

"You want me?"

"Oh God yes."

"Now you understand this is just a one time thing right?"

"Oh baby, I understand. Just the here and the now."

"Well alright then." She went in for a second attack, this time sticking the entire head of Brent's circumcised penis in her mouth. Her tongue dancing circles around the tip of his dick. Brent's head rolled his head back as far as it would go. It felt so good, but he just wanted her deep throat him right then and cum in her mouth. His head shook from side to side as shivers went through his body. That's when saw his camera lying on the ground not far from him. It must have been knocked off the bench during their love making on the bench. His arms stiff, reached back stretching before swinging back just barely being able to reach the camera.

Upon making contact, he looked back at Brenda; head bobbing up and down, she was focused intently on her task and unaware of what Brent was doing with his arms. He slowly lifted the camera, careful as to not make a noise. He almost dropped it as Brenda made a particularly deep thrust.

Finally, he had the camera on his chest, thankfully it was still on, for the startup noises would surely grab her attention before he would be able to grab a candid shot. With both elbows on the ground and held close to his body, he slowly lifted the camera and adjusted the angle, using the small digital viewing window to make sure she was in frame.

Brent snapped a first photo. Both the flash and click both caught her attention as expected. His dick was already out of her mouth and looking lonely for the second shot. Her eyes looking directly at the camera and there was a drop of cum on her lips. The third photo contained the same frame, but the shocked expression on her face was replaced with one of anger. The fourth photo she was already up on her knees and her head was out frame, but now her perky breasts were in. The fifth shot, shifted upwards contained both her perky tits and irate face.

"What the hell Brent? No wonder you're single. Can't you put the damn camera down for god damn two minutes?"

"You're going to keep sucking me until I cum on camera."

"Like hell I am."

Brent quickly got up to his knees and grabbed his own dick where he began vigorously jacking himself. "If you don't then I'm going to cum all over your dress. Good luck cleaning that up before the ceremony."

"What?" she said with a look of horror. "Brent stop!"

Brent dropped his dick, rose to his feet and shoved his dick in her face. "The only way to stop a giant mess now is if you swallow every drop." Brenda knew she was had. She had no power left over the situation. She accepted her situation and reinserted Brent's huge cock into her mouth. Brent snapped two more photos of her. "Deep throat it, bitch." Her eyes shot up, glaring at him as she blew him. Brent snapped another shot, the bright flash causing her to close her eyes temporarily.

Brenda took a moment, but she did comply, her lips sliding all the way to the base of his cock. Brent missed the photo opportunity, the pleasure too intense to multitask. He was able to avoid dropping the camera on her head, just barely. "Oh God, I'm cumming." His dick pulsing as large drops of cum oozed into her mouth. She swallowed every drop without issue. "Wow Nate's got a dirty girl," Brent said when his dick finally stopped and she was finally safe in pulling her lips off his dick.

Brenda didn't say anything and avoided eye contact. Brent simply went back into photographer mode, snapping candid shots as she redressed ignoring the fact that his dick still hanging out. He made sure to get one of her shaved pussy before the thong went back on. She actually listened to instructions when he ordered her to bend over to pick up her thong rather than squat. This gave him a great ass shot. Then snapping more as the dress came back on. Brent did stopped when she asked him to help her with the zipper, but he did have to get one last shot before he helped her. He needed a close up of shot of the zipper angled down so that the outline of her two darkened buttocks were formed the background.

Finally he was ready to be helpful, letting the camera drop and swing unused from its strap. Brent pulled the zipper all the way to the top, but lingered close to her. Her wrapped his arms around her, cupping her breasts one last time and smelling her hair.

"Alright," he said as he released her. "I'm ready to resume being a professional."

Brenda didn't smile this time. She knew she was just used, but maybe on some level she was using him too. At least she was until she lost control of the situation. "Do I look presentable?"

"You look radiant," Brent replied.

"My hair still ok?"

"Looks perfect."

"It goes without saying that those photos don't see the light of day and Nate never finds out about this."

"Of course, that's for the best, especially because I did embellish a little."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Nate didn't actually know about the stripper in advance, we sprung that on him. Plus, that part about him going to a back room wasn't exactly true."

"Excuse me?"

"The way I see it, I was just helping you get over your own ambitions. Christine was three years ago now and you two were hardly dating when it happened, but you still hadn't forgiven him for it. That's why your mind immediately jumped there and that's why you weren't ready to get married. You still didn't completely trust him, but now you can because now you two are on more equal footing."

Brenda didn't buy his bull, "You're such an asshole." Brent just shrugged. The bridal party arrived soon and Brent resumed his job, grabbing group shots of the girls. The rest of the day went off without a hitch, the perfect wedding as far as the groom and guests were concerned.

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Nice trickery

Smiling this crap goes on a lot in and around wedding times. Never have found out what my now wife did the night before our wedding. Everyone I know connected to her side of the wedding party have beenmore...

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Great Story

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I thoughtmore...

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