tagInterracial LoveThe Piercing Tiger

The Piercing Tiger


My roommate Allison might as well be from Wonderland. She is so innocent, so blonde, so beautiful and so naïve in appearance. She doesn't realize how hot she is. Nor does she realize how many guys want to slip her panties off and fill her cunt up with their creamy cum. She wears a touch of makeup. I swear, I think she get out of bed shakes her blonde hair, bats her baby-blue eyes and smiles with that wide mouth and presto—the beauty Goddesses come running to adorn her for the day. Naturally, she became a dancer up in Holland, Prague, Spain or wherever. Wherever she goes guys fall for her sunny charms.

This hasn't made Allison any wiser. Her heart is loyal to an USA customer she met on Holland's computer lines. Kamasutra is what he called himself the two times he visited Allison in Prague, staying the weekend with us in our tiny apartment with the larger than usual bedroom.

Kamasutra loves to fuck. He's the most fuck-positive guy I've met. Since Kamo, Allison’s nickname for him, is black I expected this. And it is stereotypically true, he's very comfortable letting Allison get her ovaries off. He's sucked Allison's pussy like her labias, vulva, clitty, yum yum juices from her tiny voracious love purse would get up and run away and not return. "Geez a girl always has her pussy right between her legs, under her skirt," I said to Kama one afternoon while Allison was taking a shower. "She's reminded every time she sits down something should fill it up, a finger, a dildo, a cock, vibrator, agile tongue or even an exotic huge cucumber fruit." He relaxed a little.

I just loved to watch the word-craft Kamasutra used to coax mega-orgasms from Allison. Sometimes I get wet too. He gets her juicy flesh coiled so tight Allison cums, and cums and cums. Each time she is surprised at his skillful, wet tongue and the hearty, ebony-pillar inside his underpants that just won't quit until Allison squirts copious girlie goo all over the bed. But lately I've been hearing argument from the orgy wing of our bedroom apartment.

Saturday evening it started again. The muffled arguing. The shssss, Hanna might be awake talk—usually from Kama. Sometimes I'm asleep and catch only bits and pieces; other times I wear the mask of sleep so they won't know I'm peeping on their conversation. I'm a voyeur freak. Anyway, I was supposed to go out Saturday but a rare event happened, my date canceled. Even after I did my long red hair and perfumed my C-uddle boobs and everything. So I thought I get some sleep and go early Sunday morning to the historic Czechoslovak buildings just outside of Prague.

"Why not?" Allison started. She wore her favorite light-blue baby doll nightie; her apple breasts were uncovered. She was obviously using her secret weapons to resolve the problem. Kama couldn't resist her teenage girlie boobs.

"I respect you too much."

Allison scooted closer and reclined into Kama's strong steady arms, his bare, hairless chest. He was a living statue from the Egyptian Museum. His nipples small, tight, the dark areola’s the color of Hershey chocolate. Then she leaned forward showing her naked ass under the baby doll. "Do me, Kamo. Cream up my cavern of love--doggy style."

"Come on Alli. I'll give you orgasms any way but that."

Allison raised her hands off the bed and placed them on her hips defiant. "Kamo it’s not an ass fuck! It's a cunt fuck." Then she soften and resumed her cooing voice, and touched and rubbed her sweet spot gathering pussy juice on her peach-tan fingers. She tasted her scent. “Mmmmm. You know you want me.”

I almost wanted to cum right there and began frigging my clit. I know it was unloyal. I should take Allison's side, after all we've know each other for two years, but I couldn't resist seeing Kama’s seven inch ramrod limbering up under his silk purple robe, Allison's latest gift.

"I'm Mr. Liberal guy on this planet. I make sure you have your three orgasms a day, don’t I. I know every girl needs that."

She sat on her heels facing him. "It's not enough Kamo. The Kneeling Behind position is timeless for women. You don't know the pleasure a girl gets. If you only knew how deep you go in--"

"When I see you like--"

"Like this--"


"I won't stop until you plug my fuck groove, my love palace, as you call it."

Kama smiled and his eyes closed I could tell he was resisting, like always, but his drooling cock had other opinions.

"It's not called doggy style for nothing,” he said.

"That just a common phrase. In India, in the Kamasutra book you're always having us take our fucking position, it's called The Piercing Tiger. You like that?" Allison backed up closer to Kama and she raised the baby doll over her lower back. She went to her elbows. Her hot mutton glistening with her sex juices. “Just kiss it Kamo."

I couldn’t help the twitches my tense clit was doing. I reached deeper inside to fuck myself, turning more in their direction on my hip. Juices flowed down my thighs.

"Is Hanna sleep?” Kama said.

I stopped moving. Desire fed my pointy nipples. Oh, how I wanted to touch them just at this moment.

“Hanna sleeps very heavy. And I don’t care anyhow—“

“Once I kiss you like that, you'll have logical argument for me to fuck you doggy style."

I started stroking my alert clitty again.

"You're going to do me doggy style soon or I'm leaving you, Kamo!"

I could feel the first cum spasmodic orgasms hit me.

Kama was silent.

Allison stood up and faced Kama. She spread her legs and crouched down on his lap. I could see his ridged tool trying to work into her pussy, but Allison wouldn't let it. She just sat on top of his excited member. When his eager cock came close to impaling her sensitive inner flesh, Allison raised up. Oh what a slutty teased Allison was—rubbing the length of Kama’s mighty sceptre now unable to hide the precum coating the head of his cock.

"You fucked me many times while I sat on you like this, right?"

"Yeah I did." “Well that just one of the seventeen different doggy positions, if I understand the sex manuals right."


"And you've fucked my pussy while you lay on your back and my back faced your face right?"

"I did and you sucked my cock. Awesome."

"You fucked my horny little girl while I bent down and touched my toes—doing my naked morning exercise? Don't your remember--in Holland?"

"How could I forget that--"

"And when I was too tired from dancing, and lay naked, sweaty from working. Ha. I hadn't even taken a bath and you loved my smell and begged me to let you slip it in--in my prized passion chamber while I lay down, my back to you?"

'You remember--"

"I just raised my leg and said, ‘do what you want Kamo. My body's tired but my cunt's never fatigues from your fucking.’"


"Spoon style you called it. And when I fucked you Woman on Top style that too is just a modified dog style, called the Swooping Shakti."

"I’ve got to have you, Allison!"

Allison got into the doggie pose. She turned her wide smile on and wiggled her modest tush in tight circles.

“Here it is, Kamo. Come and get it!”

The pink flesh sandwich undulated before Kama. He wanted to lick; I can tell. Finally . . . finally while Allison was still taunting him with her pussy lips, he did it!

And my second climax rocketed off like the USA Fourth of July fireworks.

Her tits swinging back and forth, almost touching. Allison lunged back at him in soft waves. "Uggggh. Keep going, laska, Kamo. You pervert! My greedy twat wants your hard fuck wand. Stir up the magic in my box and make me cum so hard I forget we ever squabbled," Allison squealed.

Kamasutra grabbed Allison by her apples and yanked her torso back onto his hardness. Allison slid right on his pussy-splitter dick, and they fucked and fucked until Allison squirted her clear g-spot and soaked her musky-white juices all over Kama's midnight cock.

They don't argue so much now, and my voyeuristic reward is I see Kama's tight cue ball sized balls bouncing off Allison's peach-tan ass, and his slick black tool invading and spreading the silky ripples of Allison's cunt time after time.

Now Kama is a doggie style sex addict. I’m not sure if Allison’s is aware of what she’s done to the poor fellow. I’d never cheat on my best girlfriend’s guy, but I do take pleasure noticing, if I should accidentally bend over to pick up a magazine or to put on a CD, Kama can’t resist gazing at my plumb butt. I’m glad Kama has gotten over his anti-doggie style sex fetish. I couldn't have asked for a better show and tell sex roommate than sweet Allison kneeling on her elbows or hands taking that powerful black maleness deep inside her sticky pleasure hole.


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