tagLoving WivesThe Pill Ch. 01

The Pill Ch. 01


Let me tell you how my loving shy wife lost all of her sexual inhibitions and became a kinky sex fiend. I know what your thinking....this is one of those stories where the guy has an incredibly hot wife and is more then willing to give it up to make her man happy. In the process she realizes she loves it and can't get enough sex. Nope! That's not this story.

You see, my wife and I have been happily married for 18 years. Like every married couple we have had our ups and downs and more then our share of arguments. Most of those arguments revolved around sex. I had a strong sex drive, while my wife could take it or leave it. I wanted to be a little more adventurous in bed and she liked basic, no thrills sex. But it wasn't always that way.

When we met my wife was a virgin and she was hot as hell. We meet in High School and fell in love. She was way out of my league but was very shy so most guys didn't pay her much attention. She had a little itty-bitty waist and the cutest smile you could ever ask for. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned and she had a nice tight little butt, so tight and little. Early on she seemed to want sex quite a bit. We tried different positions and played around a little but nothing too kinky. Then she got pregnant.

They say that marriage is the beginning of the end for a healthy sex life. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is pregnancy. While I still found her extremely sexy, she simply didn't feel that way anymore. Three children and eighteen years later, my lovely wife found herself a little out of shape and very self conscious about her appearance. She didn't feel sexy and didn't understand how I could feel attracted to her still. Now don't get me wrong, I have certainly let myself go over the years too. We are both a little pudgy and certainly no where near as young as we used to be. Children will do that to you. But I still see that beautiful, sexy little thing I fell in love with all those years ago.

So one night after a particularly bad fight (about sex), she finally agreed to see a Doctor. I was convinced that her sex drive was not natural and that there may be a medical problem. After several tests the Doctor confirmed my suspicions. My wife had a slight chemical imbalance that was dramatically effecting her sexual impulses. Dr. Reed informed us of a new drug trial that my wife qualified for. She said that the drugs helped balance out the chemicals and seemed to have a lot of promise. Without hesitation we both agreed and the very next week her trial began.

It was simple. We had to go through our normal routine and keep a detailed journal. Becky was to keep a journal of any side effects, feelings, stimulations and any general differences she was feeling. I was to keep a journal as to any differences I noticed. Simple. The first couple of weeks didn't seem to bring much change. We still went without having sex and I didn't seem to notice anything. We started planning for our vacation to Las Vegas. We were both really excited. In three short weeks we were going to get a whole weeks vacation from the kids. It was during the prep time for our vacation I started noticing the first changes.

Becky began to dress a little more revealing. Nothing that showed to much, but a couple of buttons open here or a much shorter skirt then normal. Then she bought a new swim suit that showed her magnificent 36c breasts and that great ass of hers. I don't even know if she realized she was doing it. I didn't say anything. I just made notes in the journal.

Then one Saturday night Becky and I went to dinner and a movie. The movie was a pretty steamy suspense and I have to admit I was feeling a little horny. Becky had on a great little skirt and nice pull over shirt. I casually moved my hand to the inside of her thighs and began to rub a little. I have tried this many times in a theatre before only to have my hand pushed away. I expected nothing different this time. I was completely shocked when Becky spread her legs apart and let out a little moan. She rested her head on my shoulder and began to make little "mmmmmm" sounds. Then she whispered into my ear,

"God, your making me so wet."

I about lost it. I'm not one to miss an opportunity so I quickly moved my hand up to rub her pussy. My hand was greeted with a sopping wet pair of cotton panties. I rubbed up and down the lengths of her pussy. I could feel the heat coming off of her wet lips. I wanted to be inside her so bad. My dick was straining hard against my jeans as her moan whispered into my ear. Suddenly, Becky got up and said she would be right back. Becky returned with a sly little grin on her face. As she sat down she dropped her panties into my lap and said, "now they won't get in the way. Finish what you started." I about came right there.

My hand quickly moved back between her legs and found her bare wet pussy. My fingers moved up and down her slick wet lips; spreading them and rubbing her little clit. Slowly I moved my finger along her hot lips. Several times I traced around the outside of her lips and clit. This always drives her crazy. Her pussy was so hot and flowing with excitement. I teased her up and down, in and out, until I could sense her approaching climax. Teasing her impending climax, I began to lightly stroke her clit. My fingers made the slightest of contact and moved incredibly slow. I could tell she was going crazy with raw pleasure. She buried her head into my arm and her body tensed. Her hands grasped my wrist and held it firmly in place on her clit. Her body jerked a little and I could tell she was holding back wave after wave of screams. As her body relaxed, I removed my hand and allowed her to regain her composure. Meanwhile, my balls began to ache with the incredibly hot moment we had just shared.

We didn't wait to see the end of the movie. Looking into each others eyes, we both knew. We had to have each other. Quickly we went to the car and headed home. While driving home, Becky reached over and undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

"What you've wanted me to for a long time. You just watch the road." she replied.

Then pulling my cock free, Becky bent down and took me into her mouth. I couldn't believe it. It felt so damn good. I almost shot my load right then and there. Becky bobbed her head up and down several times before pulling my dick out and licking the head. I was finding it hard to concentrate on the road. One by one she took my balls into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around so fast that it felt like two girls were licking me. It was all I could do not to cum. She would alternate between licking up and down my shaft and sucking me inside, mouth fucking my cock. I was going crazy and on the verge of climax. It felt so good. After a few wonderful minutes, Becky sat back up and smiled.

I was insane with lust. For the last 18 years my wife and I have spent many a wonderful nights making sweet, passionate love. Tonight, I wanted to fuck her. She could have asked for anything and I would have given it to her at this moment.

When we got home we both immediately ran into the bedroom. Within moments I had her in my arms as we both clawed at each others clothes. Once I pulled her shirt and bra off, I took one of her nipples into my mouth. I ran my tongue around her nipple and bit down very lightly. Becky moaned with excitement. All the while, she was unbuckling my pants and pulling them down. I could tell that she wanted the same thing I did. She didn't want to hear sweet nothings and have me caress her. She wanted me to throw her down and fuck her. She wanted it hard and fast and didn't want to wait.

Before I could step out of my pants, Becky pushed me back onto the bed. My prick stood straight up and was harder then I think it ever has been. Without saying a single word, Becky climbed on top of me and straddled my waist. Grabbing hold of my cock she slowly eased down onto me. It felt amazing. Incredibly, I could feel each inch slowly work its way into her hot pussy. She was so wet and hot. I could see a look of shear pleasure on her face as she savored this moment.

Once my dick was all the way inside of her, we both remained still. For a moment we were both lost in the feeling of each other. I could tell that she loved being full of my cock and I couldn't get enough of being inside her. Becky then began rocking her hips back and forth. The friction and sensations were unbelievable. While she moved her hips, grinding us together, my hand moved up to rub her clit.

My thumb found Becky's clit and began rubbing lightly, but incredibly fast. Becky began to moan and I could feel the early convulsions in her hips. She began to slowly ride up and down the length of my cock. With each down stroke she would thrust her self down so our bodies would crash together. Then she would rise again, ever so slowly. I could tell she was reveling in the feelings.

After a couple of minutes of this Becky began to moan louder and louder. Her body began to shake, as an orgasm began washing over her. Without warning she became a wild woman. Suddenly, she was thrashing up and down my shaft as hard and as fast as she could. I moved my hands to her hips and began pulling her down harder and harder. I was fucking her as hard as I could and she loved it. Her moans had become screams...

"Oh, yes. God, yes! Harder, harder, harder! Give it to me! Fuck yes!" Her cries of passion were incredible. Like nothing we had ever experienced before. With each thrust I could feel her pussy muscles contract tighter and tighter.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I found myself screaming, "Oh, God, baby! I'm cumming." Just then, waves of ecstasy crashed over my body as I shot load after load into her. I had one of the longest orgasms of my life. My body just kept convulsing. It was almost to much to bear.

We both laid there in each others arms for several minutes. I held her tightly against my chest. Neither one of us had said a word yet. After a couple of minutes I could feel my prick shrinking and falling out of her now well fucked pussy. I reached up and brushed the hair from out of her eyes and gave her a big kiss. Tonight had been incredibly erotic and by far the naughtiest thing we had ever done.

With a big smile, Becky kissed me on the check and got up to take a shower. With a cute little shake of her butt she looked back and said, "That was fun. I can't wait until we get to Las Vegas and see what kind of trouble we can get into to."

I can't tell you what's in those pills they gave her, but I can tell you this will be a great entry for the journal. I can't wait until we get to Vegas.

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by Rw4303/18/18

Love the intro chapter

So far, they are a loving couple starting an adventurous journey together.

It's been a few years.

Is the journey over? Is there anything in the journal worth sharing? Or was it too much, too fast, gamemore...

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