tagFetishThe Piss Empire Pt. 06

The Piss Empire Pt. 06


Liliana, the Empress of T'ur stood thoughtfully in front of a sumptuous embroidered silk tapestry in the dining hall of Kuona Manor. For the last 400 years, this ancient keep served as the Oxley family's home and center of power. The tapestry, itself over 300 years old, commemorated the ascent of the Oxley clan and their rise to fortune and power. Liliana admired the skilled workmanship of the thoughtful, skilled artisans who had created the embroidery. It was truly a bravura demonstration of composition and symbolism, with fine, minute details to be enjoyed everywhere one looked. Over 10 feet wide and at least 15 feet tall, the artwork dominated the large dining hall, speaking to the Oxley clan's wealth and greatness. Over the years, it had survived wars, a flood, and two major fires in which at least half a dozen men had lost their lives to rescue it. Now, Liliana intended to piss all over it.

For the last several weeks, Liliana and her retinue had travelled across T'ur, with the intent of meeting each member of the Noble Council one on one in their homes. The empress had come into possession of evidence that at least one member of the august body was actively conspiring against the Empire with the nation of Skenos, its neighbor to the North. For generations, the conflict with Skenos had simmered, then cooled. Occasionally it would flare up and one nation would claim a bit of territory, then lose it again some years later. But Skenos's leaders had grown bold, and the most recent attack nearly succeeded in destabilizing T'ur. Many members of the Empress's family were slain by Skenosi assassins, leading to Liliana's unlikely ascension. Whoever planned this foul act had bargained on installing a sheltered, naive, and easily manipulated young woman on the throne. Many pawns had fallen prey to the machinations of the throne, the Noble Council, Instead, they found themselves facing off against she-wolf who had proven adept at navigating the treacherous waters of T'urian intrigues, and had also quickly won the hearts and minds of the T'urian people. She had enthusiastically revived a tradition from the earliest days of the empire, one that fallen into disfavor and disuse in recent decades, but one that's return seemed to enflame the passions and loyalty of the citizenry. The Empress was permitted, by law and tradition, to piss wherever she pleased.

On her tour to visit with each member of the Noble Council, Liliana had employed this privilege with great zeal. She knew the conspirator found her uninhibited urination disgusting, and she hoped to goad the him, or her, Liliana thought, into revealing themselves with a reckless mistake.

The visits to the estates had followed a similar pattern to date. Before entering the building, Liliana would stop in front door of the manor hall and spread the divided traveling skirts she wore, proudly revealing her sovereign cunt. Her bulbous, dark pink labia was shaved clean, but a wide strip of dark curly hairs topped her mons pubis. She would pull back on her lips, remain standing, and direct a heavy stream of liquid gold against the door. Only the empress could dare take such an action. Anyone else mad enough to attempt such a bold and disrespectful thing against a Noble Councillor would surely be killed in a most painfull manner. Liliana's implicit message of the act was clear to the occupants; you may live here, but this building and everything inside it belongs to me.

Once inside, Liliana treated her hosts with the respect their stations deserved, but their homes and most cherished belongings served as her toilet. Her visit at Lord Markish's home had been brief but memorable. The haughty head of the Noble Council honestly spent most of his time at the Imperial Palace, and his estate was within the borders of the capital city. The table at his dining hall featured an ornate lace tablecloth imported at great expense from the distant land of Z'enib. During the meal, Liliana urinated noisily under the table while discussing tax policy with Lord Markish. His stone-faced expression never changed, and he never deviated from the topic at hand, even as Liliana used the tablecloth to dab her pussy dry.

During her stay with Lady Wistrom, she found herself inside the Lady's closet admiring and extravagant collection of furs. She commanded that the furs be piled on the floor where she relieved herself upon them, leaving them behind in a sodden heap.

Over the two days she spent and Lord Devim's estate, his stately bed chambers served admirably as a receptacle for the golden spray emanating from between her legs. The first time she made use of them, she stood on his bed, squat down, and pissed all over the luxurious blankets and pillows collected atop the massive mattress. Another time, she entered the room, slid open a random drawer in the armoire and perched herself on the drawer. With her pussy suspended mere inches over the contents of the drawer, she peed without a care in the world, leaving the Lady Devim's small clothes drenched.

Before leaving a place, Liliana re-enacted a ritual originated by the first empress Helena 1000 years earlier. With her hosts in tow, she would go to the largest well or cistern in the estate with a silver goblet and fill it with the clean drinking water found there. "You have been gracious hosts, and serve the empire well." She would then raise the goblet to her lips and slowly drink the cool water within, noting the feeling as it slid down her throat, through her chest and into her stomach. "The empire takes from you what it must to survive." She would then slowly squat at the edge of the reservoir, or lower herself onto the rim of the well, hovering above the abyss. "And it returns so much more." Following a sharp inhale of breath, the empress then released a massive torrent, the sound of her piss polluting the crystal clear waters below reverberating off the stone walls. She would always try to build up a substantial volume before performing this ceremony. She would sit with piss gushing from her pussy for a considerable length of time, sometimes over a minute. She would cut off the stream moments before she was done, then say "Although I am leaving, part of me will always be here with you. The Empire is eternal!" This was followed by sending two short, sharp bursts of pee into the water, then she let whatever remained drain out of her, until the brutal symphony of piss hissing out of her and hitting the water came to an end. Liliana frequently ended the display by grabbing the captain of the guard's cape and using it to wipe herself dry.

Though she had provoked nearly half of the Noble Council so far, Lady Debora's network of spies reported no further activity from the traitor had been detected. Oh, people chattered about what was happening, and surely the nobles whom she had not yet visited had some idea what was in store. If they had attempted to send another message to Skenos, however, it had not been intercepted.

I suppose I will just have to keep pissing and provoking, she thought, as she looked at the massive, priceless tapestry in front of her. It was time to defile the great artwork. She moved closer to the wall and signaled for attendants to lift and hold her dress. Two of her guards moved forward and complied. The Empress favored garments that featured split panels that could be lifted away and held to the sides, allowing her the freedom to pee without worrying about wetting her own clothing. With her lower half exposed and free from encumbrance, Liliana reached down and pulled back on her fat pussy lips, splitting them apart so that her stream would arc toward the wall straight and true. Lord Oxley, a heavyset, balding man with a wispy gray goatee, groaned audibly. His wife squeezed his shoulder so hard he winced. "Rodolphus!" she hissed. "Be quiet!"

Liliana, standing naked from the waist down, peered over her shoulder and shot a disapproving look at the man. "You have something to say, Lord Oxley? You would prefer I pee elsewhere perhaps?"

Beads of perspiration formed on the old man's forehead. "No, my lady. I... no. It is your right to, ah, to go wherever it, ah, pleases you. Of course."

"Yes, and you would be wise not to forget this. But I will spare your precious wall hanging for now. I can see how much you treasure it. Though truly, some in this country would be happy to have me pee over every possession they own and would consider them even more dear when I was done."

Lord Oxley's body relaxed and he exhaled sharply. "Thank you, my empress. Thank you! Your generosity and magnificence will not be forgotten."

"I'm still going to pee, Oxley. I just thought of a more interesting place to do it," she said with a wicked smile. She stepped away from the tapestry, but did not signal for her dress to be let down. She used her long, toned legs to walk through the throng assembled in the dining hall. She stopped next to Oxley and cupped her hand beneath her pussy, then pissed for a half second, filling her hand with pee. She flicked it in Oxley's face then rubbed her hand over his clothes, leaving a large wet spot in his chest and piss drops in his beard. "I'm not done yet. You," she pointed at Lord Oxley's eldest son, Robert. "Kneel down before your empress."

The young man complied, and found his face inches away from Liliana's damp slit. In his 20 years of life, he had never seen a woman as beautiful as his empress. He felt a strange mixture of fear and excitement at the situation. Perhaps she meant to demean his father by choosing him as her piss pot, but he was secretly thrilled beyond measure. He looked at the empress with an expression of pleading and devotion, and saw unrestrained, passionate joy on her face. "Open your mouth wide, boy. And don't you dare spill drop!"

As Robert Oxley did as he was told, Liliana reached out and pulled his open mouth against her vagina, then pinched his nose shut. Before he could say a word in protest, she filled his mouth with pee then shut off her stream. He swallowed her piss lustily and took a heavy, gasping breath of air. As he started to take a second breath, Liliana pulled his head in and peed again, regulating her flow to keep pace with the young man's ability to swallow, but never giving him a respite to breathe. Finally, when he seemed to be at his breaking point, she relented and pushed his head away. Robert Oxley flopped to his to the ground on his back, breathing hard, ragged breaths. A large erection was evident beneath his trousers. Yet, as she had commanded, not a drop had been spilled.

Liliana suddenly found herself consumed with a wickedness she did not know she possessed. "There's more where that came from, Oxley. The boy did well but he couldn't handle it all. I'm afraid I'm going to piss on your precious artifact after all." She coldly walked to the center of the tapestry, her heart-shaped ass swinging seductively, and released the pee that remained in her bladder in an hissing, arcing stream lasting only a few seconds, twisting her hips to direct it across as wide a swatch as possible. When the stream lost strength and could not maintain the horizontal flow, she gathered a section of fabric against her pussy and let the last of her pee absorb into the cloth. An uneven dark line and splotchy mark stood testament to the vandalism Liliana had perpetuated.

The buzz of shocked, whispered murmurs punctuated by coughs from Robert vibrated through the room. Word of what happened here tonight would surely spread. Liliana had gone further than she intended, pissing on Oxley's heir and heirloom, but she had thoroughly enjoyed both acts. In truth, Oxley was not well liked by the other nobles or the common people. She suspected many would enjoy hearing about what she had done. And it was sure to enrage those who did not countenance a return to the old ways. Liliana hoped that with this latest escalation in provocation, they would scramble to put the next phase of their plan in motion. And then the trap she had set would snap closed around them. But should things did not proceed as she expected, she still had three more councillors to visit, and all of T'ur to piss on to force her enemies into the open.

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