tagAnalThe Pledge

The Pledge


The house was filled to capacity. Every inch of space was filled with drunken college guys and girls. The guys were typically in jeans and shirts, with a few wearing golf shirts, and a few in shorts. Those in shorts probably thought that it would be easier access for when they got fucked later on in the evening. The girls' outfits varied from jeans and t-shirts, for those that either didn't need to try very hard, or for those that didn't want to try hard, to nice skirts and tops.

The keg taps were flowing and there was a strong smell of pot coming from the patio. Empty cups were littering the floor and the temperature in the house was disgustingly hot. Even for a college party everyone was in their little groups of friends. The cheerleaders were sitting on the comfortable couches, trying to sip their beers elegantly. The geeks were in the basement chatting it up while the football players were out back passing around a ball.

"So are we going to make the new club members do the same thing as last year?" Perry threw the ball towards his best friend, watching him catch it effortless.

"No. We need something new. These freshman girls are so stupid. They're too easy to fuck. Seriously it needs to be a challenge." Scott caught the ball and gripped it in his large hands. He looked over to his teammate and threw the ball back in his direction.

"What about streaking through the cafeteria or something?"

"Too gay. I think we need to make them have anal sex with a girl. Let's see how flirty those stupid freshman girls are this year." Scott walked over and sat down on a chair, gulping his beer. Perry threw the ball at another group of guys and sat down across from him.

"You fucking serious? Girls don't like anal. They'll give up." Perry had wanted to suggest that, but thought it was a little over the top.

"If they want to join our club then they'll do it."


"You want me to do what?" Warren was shocked at what he had just been told. He had been invited to pledge to one of the elite fraternities on campus. He was ecstatic until he was told the one and only requirement.

"Just fuck a girl in the ass. We want to make sure you really are worthy of the club. You don't have to do it but if you don't you won't get in and you won't be allowed to pledge next year either." Perry knew he sounded like an asshole, but he didn't care. Three years ago when he had joined the club, he had had to do something similarly embarrassing and crazy. In his year, he had to fuck a girl under both goal posts on the football field, making sure to leave a piece of her clothing at each goal line.

"How do you know if I've done it? I could just tell you I've done it."

"You're cocky. I like you. We ask the girl afterwards. No girl would lie about that. No matter how cute you think you are. Do you have someone in mind?" Scott grinned. Warren appeared to be assertive. This would be good when they needed a new president.

"Yeah. I've been flirting with this girl in my biology class. She's cute. She's coming over on Wednesday to study in my dorm room." Warren grinned. He had already made plans to fuck her, this just meant he had to be extra charming or make sure she was drunk.


"You're gorgeous Gwen. Absolutely gorgeous." Warren was lying naked on his bed in his dorm room while Gwen sucked eagerly on his cock. He had been flirting with her for weeks and was happy when she agreed to come over to study. The study session had never started. She had arrived wearing the tiniest of jean skirts and a low cut top. He had complimented her on her clothing and kissed her softly on the lips. She had respond by kissing him back and now they were naked on his bed.

"Fuck, you know how to suck cock sweetie. Where did you learn that?" Warren ran his hands through her brown hair, cupping her face as her cheeks hallowed out from sucking him so hard.

"Summer camp. I didn't want to be a virgin when school started." Gwen knew she was acting like a slut, but she didn't care. She had been too much of a good girl all through high school and now that she was away from home, she wanted to do what she wanted to do. She stroked his cock up and down, tapping the tip against her tongue.

"What about your ass baby? Ever been fucked in the ass?" Warren had pulled her up and was caressing her butt gently. Gwen was a little on the heavy side, but her breasts and butt were big which made up for it.

"No. Do you want to fuck me in the ass?" Gwen knew how naughty and dirty ass fucking was, but wanted to do anything and everything with this guy.

"Fuck yeah. Let me just get a condom." Warren leaned over to his nightstand and opened the drawer. He had a pile of condoms and grabbed the first one he touched. Gwen slid down to sit on his knees while he put the condom on. "You are so sexy Gwen." Warren glanced over and noticed that she was rubbing her clit in circles. Once the condom was on, he flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She spread her legs wide and he could see her pussy lips swollen and wet.

"Go slow. I don't want this to hurt. Billy was slow the first time he fucked my pussy." Gwen sounded so immature at this moment, but she didn't care. Warren squirted some hand cream onto his cock and then began to push it against her ass. She was so tight that he pulled back and slid one and then two fingers into her ass. He wiggled them around, stretching her ass. Gwen whimpered and moaned. It felt so good.

Warren quickly removed his fingers and pushed the head of his cock against her ass. Her rosebud opened up slowly and he continued entering her. Gwen was not protesting so he didn't stop. He cried out in pleasure when he entered her, feeling the tight ring of muscle grip his cock. He had fucked a girl's ass before, but she was loose and had taken control. Gwen lay still, waiting for him to move forward.

"You O.K. baby?" Warren realized he actually cared whether she was aroused. He had originally just wanted to fuck her ass to get into the club, now he wanted more. He was supposed to make her call Scott after he finished fucking her ass, so that he could make sure he had actually done it. He moved slowly back and forth, feeling his cock inch his way in and out of her ass. Gwen was moaning and whimpering loudly.

"You can go harder sweetie. I love this." Gwen had felt a bit of pain when he had first entered her, but now she was overcome by pleasure. She pushed back and gasped when he slid so deep inside her.

"Gwen sweetie. Fuck I have to tell you something." Warren was massaging her butt cheeks, watching as she controlled the thrusting. He looked down and got so aroused watching her ass grip his cock. He was close to cumming, but needed to tell her this first.


"Can you call Scott, the president of the fraternity I'm pledging, and tell him you let me fuck your ass." Warren bit his lip and waited for a reaction. He reasoned in his head that the best reaction was for her to say no and let him continue fucking her. The worse case scenario was that she would slap him and run out of his room.

"Is this your pledging requirement?" Gwen smiled. She had heard rumors about the things that the guys had to do to get in and she had figured this was this year's task.

Warren took a deep breath and pushed out of her, rolling her onto her back he looked into her eyes.

"You know?"

"Yeah. I don't mind."

"You fucking serious?" Warren was shocked. Gwen was unreal.

Gwen nodded. Warren groaned and slid his cock back into her ass. He thrusted harder and faster. Watching her large breasts sway back and forth. She was fingering her clit in circles and suddenly arched her back, pushing his cock even deeper. She was having an intense orgasm that felt completely different then anything she had ever felt.

Warren thrusted harder and faster. He felt her ass grip his cock and couldn't hold back. He pushed even deeper, feeling his balls touch her butt. He exploded inside her. He loved the feeling of cumming in a woman's ass. It was so tight and hot. He pulled out and removed the condom, then fell back onto the bed. He watched as Gwen turned over and crawled up his body.

Without saying a word, he grabbed his cell phone and called Scott. He stroked Gwen's hair gently as she spoke to Scott. She hung up the phone.

"You're in."

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