tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 04

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 04


Chapter 4 - The first afternoon

By the time Lisa and Kathleen were finished in the shower, the medical examiners were wrapping up their evaluations of Cherine and Bernadette. Both young women were in good heath, although the lead member of the examination team noted that Bernadette probably should have her vision checked because she had missed some letters while reading the bottom line of an eye chart. Both young women were sweaty from running on the treadmill and a bit disconcerted by the gynecological examination. However, they both obediently allowed themselves to be taken to the shower, cuffed, and washed off. Later in the evening Lisa was a bit surprised to learn that, like herself, Bernadette had been given an orgasm by the shower attendants. Cherine was still a long way off from being able to surrender herself to such pleasure, but Lisa hoped that soon she would be heading in that direction.

Lisa and Kathleen waited on their knees while Cherine and Bernadette finished up in the shower and toweled off. Once reunited the four women went to the back patio of the Tri-Alpha house where a late lunch of fruit salads and tossed salads was waiting for them. To drink they had the choice of mineral water with ice or orange juice. Lisa was amazed at the effort that went into preparing their meal: the juice was freshly squeezed and the fruit salads boasted 12 different types of fruit. By the time they sat down the four women were famished and gratefully dug into their meals.

After eating lunch inside with the Tri-Alphas Tracy and Heather returned to the patio loudly snapping their fingers. That was the pledges' cue that they needed to stand up from the table and line up for the next task of the day, their ID photos.

"Pledge Bernadette!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"You're in charge of clean-up! Stack up the dishes and take them to the kitchen! Make sure the table's clean and the chairs are put back! Once you're done get your ass to the sitting room! You got five minutes!

"Yes, ma'am!"

While Bernadette rushed to clear the dishes from the table, Heather and Tracy led the other pledges back to the sitting room. While they were absent the medical items had been taken out and put away, to be replaced with photographic equipment, lighting, and a simple white backdrop. Large blue letters stenciled on the canvas conveyed a rather ominous message:

Property of the Four-Beta Sorority

Lisa had another rude shock awaiting her. It turned out the photographer was someone she knew, an art major called Suzanne Foster. Suzanne was not exactly a friend. She still was more of an acquaintance, but both were mutual friends of Cecilia Sanchez and Lisa's boyfriend Ken. Lisa had previously posed for Suzanne and had talked with her at various events they had attended together the previous spring, so the two women did know each other fairly well. For some reason Lisa was mortified at the thought of letting Suzanne see her like this, not as a possible friend, but as nothing more than a naked and submissive pledge.

Suzanne glanced at the four kneeling women, the four subjects of her current assignment. It was obvious that she recognized Lisa as part of the pledge group, but did not acknowledge that Lisa was anything more to her other than a photographic subject.

Bernadette came in from the kitchen and quickly took her place beside her three companions. A minute or so later, Tracy, acting very much like a drill sergeant, stood at attention in front of the pledges.

"Pledges! Stand up!"

The pledges scrambled to their feet, but clumsily and with no coordination.

"Absolutely pathetic! Let's try it again! Kneel!"

The pledges sank back to their knees.

"Pledges! Stand up!"

Again the four women rose to their feet. They were more mindful of rising together, but still their performance did not satisfy Tracy.

"Let's try it again! Kneel!"

The pledges sank back to their knees a third time.

"Pledges! Stand up!"

The pledges rose and returned to their knees three more times. The seventh time the pledges were standing at attention Tracy got in Lisa's face.

"Pledge Lisa, are you trying to piss me off?"

"No ma'am!"

"Then what's with this shit performance of yours? What's wrong with you, can't you follow a simple order?"

"We're trying, ma'am!"

"'We', Pledge Lisa? What's with this 'we' bullshit? Maybe it's not 'we', maybe the problem is YOU!" Again Tracy poked her finger into Lisa's chest.

Lisa resisted the urge to slam her fist into Tracy's mouth, because she fully understood what was going on. Tracy did not bear any particular ill will against her, but wanted to test her by putting her into an impossible situation. Her mentor must have somehow learned that she knew the photographer and was deliberately hazing her in front of Suzanne to embarrass her and see how she would react.

"If the problem is me, ma'am, then go after me! Take it out on me and quit messing with the other pledges!"

"Oh how sweet! We have a little martyr don't we?"

Again Lisa felt the sharp poke of Tracy's fingernail in her chest. She tensed up at being poked for the third time and clenched her fists. She wanted so badly to nail that bitch right in the face. She thought about the chances of her winning a fight with Tracy. She calculated that she and the other woman were evenly matched, but that she would have the advantage of landing the first punch...

No. No. Don't screw this up, Lisa. Think about the others. Think about the others...

Lisa began breathing with tension. Tracy picked up on that and pressed her advantage.

"It doesn't work like that, Pledge! If you fuck up, Pledge, all of you fuck up, and they're paying for YOUR fuck-up! They're paying for it, and it's all YOUR fault! All of you...front leaning rest position, NOW!"

The four pledges dropped to their hands and toes as Tracy's voice snarled:

"In cadence, exercise! ONE...TWO...THREE..."







At the count of twenty, the four pledges were gasping for breath. The soreness from Lisa's first set of pushups returned in force, while Cherine and Bernadette struggled from not being used to exercising. The only member of the group who managed to hold up was Kathleen. The four sweaty, trembling pledges made a sorry sight as they struggled to stay in position.

Tracy ordered the pledges to recover. She walked up to Cherine and yelled in her face.

"Pledge Cherine, doesn't it piss you off that Pledge Lisa fucked up and got you in trouble?"

"No ma'am!"

"What? It doesn't piss you off that Pledge Lisa was the one who fucked up your afternoon?"

"Ma'am! Pledge Lisa didn't fuck up!"

"Well, isn't that special, Pledge Cherine! So now you're calling me a liar! How dare you..."

"You're not telling the truth ma'am! Pledge Lisa didn't fuck up! Liar is your word, not mine, ma'am!"

Tracy was quite taken aback by Cherine's comment, but at the same time very pleased. It turned out this group had some real backbone, which was made quite clear by the pledges' willingness to stand up to her and stick up for each other. This was going to be a good group...

Heather realized that she needed to come to Tracy's aid by changing the subject.

"Alright you four! Picture time! Let's go!"

Suzanne had two cameras set up; one to take facial shots and the other to take full-body shots. It was strange to think that at the same time the day before the only person willing to pose naked would have been Lisa. However, the other three women now were becoming more used to being naked, after having spent the last five hours with nothing on and having had their bodies seen and touched by both men and other women. There was no hint of modesty as each of them posed for the sorority's ID portraits.

Each pledge had to pose for a total of 30 pictures. The session began with eight standing shots, starting with the subject facing the camera and then turning 45 degrees for each succeeding shot in the series. There were additional shots of each pledge kneeling, sitting, standing with her legs spread and hands behind her head, and finally facial portraits taken from different angles. Suzanne was using high-quality film and carefully took each picture so the resolution would be perfectly clear. There was no question that anyone looking at the pictures would have a very thorough idea of what each of the four women looked like at that point in their lives.

Lisa was the final member of the group to pose. She felt oddly proud of herself and her pledge group, her earlier embarrassment having vanished. Her eyes shined with a very clear message to the photographer: yes, Suzanne, take my picture. This is who I am and who I want to become, and I have nothing to be ashamed of.


Following the picture taking session the pledges went out into the Tri-Alpha back yard for their first session of physical training. The pledges lined up in the shade of the back patio while the two Tri-Alpha shower attendants carrying bottles of sunscreen joined Tracy and Heather. The guys put the strongest sun-block on Bernadette, whose fair skin would be very susceptible to sunburn, and a much weaker sun-block on Lisa's shoulders and upper back. Kathleen presented a special challenge because of her tan-lines. The Tri-Alphas carefully put the strongest sun-block on the parts of Kathleen that were already tanned, but left her breasts, the white stripe across her back, and the triangular mark on her bottom uncovered. Those areas would have to get as much sun as possible over the next few days to bring her body into compliance with the Four-Beta rules forbidding members to have tan-lines on their skin.

Heather stripped off her own clothing, put her shoes back on, and stepped out into the grass. She was quite muscular and boasted a dark, even tan. It was clear that she was perfectly comfortable with her body. She stood naked in the hot sun, completely unconcerned about the Tri-Alphas who had stepped outside to watch the new pledges' first exercise session.

"Alright, everyone, grab a mat and we'll get started."

Once the four pledges had their mats on the ground and were sitting on them, Heather continued:

"I'm sure that you have learned stretches in your gym classes and whatnot, but as of now, you're gonna forget about all that. You will follow me and use my system of stretching. If you don't like what I'm doing then you can talk to me after class. But when you're here, I'm boss and you will obey, or you can expect a nice sore ass when where done. Any questions?"

"No, ma'am."

Lisa was surprised by how thoroughly Heather wanted the pledges to stretch. She incorporated some yoga positions into her stretching and relied heavily on breathing and gradual extension of the body's tissues. The four pledges were astounded by how long their instructor wanted to spend stretching and how good their bodies felt when they were finished.

Lisa realized that no detail was lost on Heather and Tracy when it came to forcing the pledges to do things that would force them to get rid of their modesty. When the women were stretching, Heather made sure they were positioned so their crotches always faced the direction of the afternoon sun. Lisa was used to sunning herself, but to her three companions the feeling of bright sunshine between their legs was something totally new and strange.

From stretching Heather moved to a long series of military-style variations of push-ups, leg bending exercises, and sit-ups. She slowly built up the intensity of the workout, but by the end of a very rigorous hour her four pledges were exhausted and impressed at how many repetitions they had managed to perform on the very first day of their new exercise regimen. The sun continued to shine hot on the pledges' bodies as they wound down their session with yet more lengthy stretching and breathing exercises.

Although it was not in the schedule, Heather and Tracy decided to reward the pledges with some time in the pool before having them get cleaned up for their swearing-in ceremony. The truth was that Heather and Tracy were the ones who really wanted to swim, but also wanted to use the swimming session to get the pledges to relax and put them into a better mood.

Lisa was quite used to swimming naked, never bothering to wear a swimsuit when using the pool at her father's house in Reno. She also had spent plenty of time at the nude beaches near her mother's house in Santa Cruz, so the swim in the Tri-Alpha pool was nothing new to her. However, none of her three companions had ever swum nude before, and certainly not in a pool used mostly by guys. The feel of the cool water against their bare skin after the hot exercise session was something totally new and exhilarating for Cherine, Bernadette, and Kathleen.

Heather and Tracy did not bother to get dressed as they led the four pledges to the shower room. The pledges entered the room a second time, where the two nude shower attendants were waiting for them. Meanwhile, Heather and Tracy, because they were not pledges, left to shower in private bathrooms upstairs and get dressed.

The rule about the pledge shower was inflexible. Any pledge who needed to clean up had to have her wrists restrained and be bathed by the shower attendants. Lisa went first, but still was not in the mood for another orgasm. Somehow the shower attendants picked up on her mood and did not make any effort to arouse her when cleaning her breasts and the sensitive area between her legs.

Bernadette was a totally different story. As the attendants lathered the upper part of her body the young woman's gestures and posture indicated that she was getting aroused. The attendants began sensuously massaging her back and stomach as they slowly worked their way to her bottom and crotch. Bernadette, with her eyes closed and her body covered with lather, completely forgot that her fellow pledges were watching. For several minutes the attendants' soapy hands teased her and worked her up into a sexual frenzy. It was clear when she was climaxing, because her moans and gasps were quite loud.

Lisa glanced over at Cherine. She felt that she could tell what was going on in Cherine's mind: that her companion was secretly fantasizing about trading places with Bernadette, but was not quite ready to do it for real. Hopefully her reluctance would change within a couple of days. Cherine was still terrified by what she had gotten herself into, but along with her fear she now felt some excitement and anticipation. She knew that a huge adventure was about to open up to her, just as soon as she could overcome her shyness and modesty. She was still very scared, but there no longer was any immediate danger that she wanted to drop out of the pledge group.

Lisa's thoughts shifted to the two shower attendants. It was clear to her that they were enjoying what they were doing and were that intimately touching Bernadette had made them quite aroused themselves. However, their job was to bathe the pledges and give orgasms to the ones who needed to be relieved from their sexual tension. They were not there to satisfy themselves, but instead just to wash and satisfy each pledge. In spite of being nude in a shower with an equally naked and sexually aroused young woman, the two attendants exercised remarkable self-control.

Lisa later learned why the two shower attendants seemed so disinterested in the pledges and treated them with professional detachment. The two men were the personal assistants of the chapter president of the sorority. Although they were Tri-Alpha members, they answered directly to her, not to the fraternity officers. Being selected as a personal assistant of the Four-Beta president was considered an honor among the Tri-Alphas and carried with it some huge perks as well as some huge responsibilities. The sorority president chose her own assistants at the beginning of each school year, and only the most respected and trustworthy members of the fraternity could expect to be eligible for such duty. Because the attendants regularly made love to the chapter president and other Four-Beta officers, they considered the idea of trying to have sex with a pledge way beneath them. Bathing and stimulating pledges was considered an official duty for the two young men, not something that would lead to sexual intercourse or any type of relationship.

Bernadette was totally exhausted when the attendants finished with her and rinsed off the soap. She hung limply with a very relaxed expression until they dried her off, let her down, and washed her hands. A minute later she was quietly kneeling on her towel as the attendants cuffed Kathleen and began shampooing the chlorine out of her hair.

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