tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 07

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 07


Chapter 7 - The second day

Once Lisa's punishment was finished and the Tri-Alphas filed out of the sitting room, Tracy and Heather found the two alternates for the shower attendants. The two main attendants now were off-duty, but Heather wanted the pledges cleaned up before taking them back to the Four-Beta House.

Tracy, Heather, and the two new shower attendants each took a pledge by the arm and led the group to the Pledge Shower. As before, the group was required to kneel on towels, but this time the four aspirants remained cuffed and blindfolded. Tracy announced that the pledges would be permitted to use the toilet before being taken into the shower. All four women needed to pee quite badly, so they eagerly awaited having their blindfolds and handcuffs taken off.

The shower attendants stripped and reached down to help Kathleen to her feet. They guided her to the toilet and helped her position herself over the seat. She cringed at even being denied the dignity of peeing unassisted. However she had to go so badly that she meekly sat down and allowed her bladder to release in front of the two young men. They helped her stand up, wiped her off, flushed the toilet for her, and guided her back to her knees on the towel.

In quick succession the attendants assisted the other pledges on the toilet. Once again the message was quite clear, that the pledges did not have the right to any secrets or privacy. Their bodies, as well as all of their bodily functions, were subject to public viewing and public review.

The shower attendants turned on the water and prepared to bathe the pledges. They were aware that the women were very tired and thus more vulnerable. The men's instructions were to give the pledges orgasms if at all possible to continue breaking down their inhibitions. They were not to try to force anything, but instead try their best to make each pledge want to be aroused and then relieved.

The most obvious pledge to start with would have been either Lisa or Bernadette, both of whom already had enjoyed orgasms in the shower. However, the attendants decided to start with Cherine. They suspected that watching someone else get an orgasm before getting one herself might scare her instead of arouse her. The men helped her off her knees, took off the blindfold and cuffs, and instructed her to position herself to allow her hands to be restrained in the shower.

While the other three pledges waited quietly, the attendants very slowly went to work on Cherine. They shampooed her hair and gently washed her face and neck. They did not hint at touching her sexually...at first. However, as the two men began lathering her body they slowly went to work seducing her. They pushed through her fright and fatigue to unlock the key to her sexuality. They explored her body and found the spots that most excited her. They massaged her very tired muscles and finally began working the sensitive skin on the insides of her thighs. Their patience was rewarded when she spread her legs and threw her head back.

The seduction of Cherine continued as the men gently explored her bottom and the sensitive dark skin around her bottom-hole. They massaged her sphincter with soap as she opened further and pushed her bottom back for more. Gentle soapy fingers explored her pelvis, teasing her vagina and massaging her labia. By the time the first tentative touch made contact with her clitoris, she was desperate and welcomed that touch with all of her desires.

The attendants continued to run their hands over the pledge's body, only occasionally touching her most sensitive areas. They played with her, teased her, and made her desperate. They would seduce her, but they would accomplish that by making her desperately want to be seduced. Cherine's inhibitions finally fell away as her movements and position silently beseeched her tormenters to give her the sexual relief she so desperately needed.

Finally the seduction of Cherine reached its climax. A delicious orgasm swept over her as she moaned and gasped from the pure pleasure of her first real sexual experience. She had come into this shower room a virgin, and would leave still technically a virgin, but her innocence now was gone. She had experienced the joy of being sexually aroused by another person and from that point forward would want more, much more. Her personality would radically change as she became determined to seek out every sexual experience the men of the Tri-Alpha Fraternity and the women of the Four-Beta Sorority could give her. The Pandora's Box of Cherine's soul now had opened, and what had just been released would never be re-captured.


The attendants decided to do Bernadette next. Of all the women in the group, it was Bernadette's inhibitions that were breaking down the fastest, even quicker than Lisa's. Both times she had been showered she had been brought to orgasm, and the third time in the shower resulted in a third orgasm. Her sexual desire surfaced very quickly, as she became aroused the instant she was touched. The attendants were determined to make the experience for her as intense as possible, so they did not relieve her desires right away. They teased her and made her totally desperate as she tugged helplessly at her restraints. The climax, when it came, was so good that she almost passed out. When Bernadette finally returned to her kneeling position on her towel, she was totally relaxed and barely able to keep her eyes open from fatigue.


Lisa was next. The attendants noted her reddish bottom, which was still somewhat tender from her recent punishment. The de facto leader of the pledge group decided, on her own, that she was ready for another orgasm and allowed the attendants to massage her into a state of arousal.

Lisa discovered that when her bottom was sore from punishment that she enjoyed having it gently massaged and caressed. She wouldn't have wanted the attendants to press down too hard on her swollen skin, but their light soapy touches on her sensitive skin were perfect. She pushed her bottom out to let the men know she wanted them to continue. For a very long time one of the attendants sensuously massaged both bottom-cheeks while his companion washed and massaged her stomach, the insides of her thighs, and her crotch. On inspiration one of the guys kissed her nipples, something that made her jump with heightened sexual tension. Finally she climaxed, moaning uncontrollably in front of her fellow pledges and the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms and her assistant.


The final pledge was Kathleen, the aspirant who stood out because of her tan marks and the previous day's enema. The attendants pondered how to sexually arouse her, suspecting that the enema was still very much present on her mind. As they washed her hair and lathered her body, one of the attendants paid special attention to her bottom. He firmly massaged her buttocks, relaxing the muscles and getting her to spread her legs and push back her rear to better expose herself. While one of the men massaged her vagina, the other soaped her sphincter and began pressing a soapy finger inside. Kathleen's reaction confirmed his suspicion that, of four the women in the group, she was the one who most enjoyed anal stimulation. She sighed and pressed back, inviting him to push his finger in deeper. He gently massaged her opening and pressed into his grateful subject, while his companion massaged the insides of her thighs and worked his way towards her clitoris.

Like Cherine, the Pandora's Box of Kathleen's soul now was open. She had experimented a few times in her past with a couple of boyfriends and had a single disastrous sexual encounter with another girl from her high school. However, she never had experienced sexual fulfillment. Now she knew why. Her center of pleasure was concentrated in her bottom. It was her bottom-hole where she needed to receive stimulation to become aroused. Kathleen's days of sexual frustration had ended, because the mystery of her life was solved. Now she knew what a lover needed to do to make her satisfied.


Upon having their charges properly washed and stimulated, Tracy and Heather ordered them to line up and prepare to be taken back to the Four-Beta House. Tracy carried the infamous black bag with four blindfolds and four sets of handcuffs, along with Heather's riding crop and leather paddle. The pledges followed their two mentors out the door and down the driveway, then stood quietly in the hot sun waiting for Heather to get the door open. There were the usual whistles from the other fraternities, but by then the pledges were learning to ignore them.

Tracy laid out four clean towels for the bare bottoms of her four pledges and the women climbed in. They had gone a few blocks when Lisa noticed with mounting concern that the driver of the van was not taking them in the direction of the sorority, but instead into an artsy business district. The van pulled into an alley and Tracy ordered the women to get out at the back door of a sportswear store. The driver flippantly noted:

"I would've liked to have parked out front so you guys go in through main door, but of course all I got was 'sorry, we can't let you do that.' Oh well, at least we can get you in this way."

Tracy and the four naked women climbed up the back stairs and entered the store. The reason for the visit was straightforward enough; the sorority wanted the women to have matching athletic shoes for exercising. They would purchase track shoes, basketball shoes, and hiking shoes. The store's male employees led the women to a row of seats and eagerly measured four pairs of feet for a total of 12 pairs of shoes.

Both Tracy and the store's male employees insisted on taking careful measurements and on having the pledges try several pairs of each type of shoe. The employees spent an inordinate amount time checking the shoes' fit and watching the pledges try them on and walk around. It seemed to Lisa that the male sales representatives were extremely concerned about the well-being of their clients. It was the best customer service that Lisa had ever experienced in a shoe store.

Of the four pledges, Lisa by far received the most attention. Her tall attractive figure would have been pleasing to a man's eyes at any time, but there was the added detail of her backside, which still had some color from her recent paddling. Every time she stood up it was clear to her audience that she had just been spanked. Lisa's fellow pledges would have been mortified had they had to go out in public with the recent marks of a paddling on their bottoms, but for an exhibitionist like Lisa the shoe store visit was nothing more than fulfilling a fantasy. Instead of trying to hide herself, she stood up much more than necessary and turned her back to the store clerks whenever possible. She even bent over a couple of times to check her shoe laces.

Lisa had a secret goal of her own with the clerks, a mischievous plan that came to her the moment she saw their wide-eyed expressions and listened to their efforts to keep their breathing and voices under control. She was hoping to force them to have erections in the store. Lisa's idea was to get the clerks to completely embarrass themselves by forcing them to continue working while stiff under their pants. Her plan worked with at least two of them. As the sale progressed the men became increasingly nervous. Before long the tables were turned on the employees and it was their turn to be humiliated. The pledges giggled as the men struggled to hide their crotches as they continued working.

A female employee of the store gave both her co-workers and their naked customers dirty looks as she struggled to attend several normally dressed customers by herself. None of the other customers really cared about the delay, however. After all, how often does a person go into a store to buy footwear and is treated to the sight of four attractive naked women trying on different pairs of shoes and walking around?

After an hour of trying on shoes and matching socks, the pledges finally managed to make their selections and lined up at the cash register. Tracy paid for everything from the Four-Beta general account. She ordered the pledges to put on their new sneakers and take their other shoes to the minivan.


It was nearly noon when the Lisa and her companions finally returned to the Four-Beta House. They were totally exhausted. They also were totally hungry because they had not eaten since the previous afternoon. Fortunately lunch was already served and waiting for them. The same selection of fruits and vegetables were laid out on the patio table, along with fruit smoothies, fresh whole wheat bread, and granola for dessert. The pledges ate voraciously, but felt quite good after the meal was over.

Tracy kept her group busy all afternoon. After lunch she ordered the pledges to trim the sides of the tall hedge that protected the pool area from public view, then to put away the tools and tidy up the back yard. There was round of stretching in the sun, a 2-kilometer run on treadmills in the sorority's gym, and finally a beginner's yoga session on mats near the pool.

Following the yoga, Heather joined the group and began lecturing the pledges about personal safety and self-defense. She and Tracy showed some basic moments on each other, but promised that later the pledges would receive professional training. Personal self-defense would be one skill out of many the pledges would need to master to become full members of the sorority.

Following the personal defense lecture by Heather, a guest from the Tri-Alphas who was a Pre-Med student gave the women a rather blunt lecture on different types of venereal disease and how to prevent them. Sexual health was another educational topic all Four-Beta members had to know, and like Heather's self-defense lecture, the health lecture was the first out of many the women would receive on the topic.

For the first time since they became pledges, the four women used their own shower and cleaned themselves instead of having it done for them. While showering next to each other Kathleen asked Lisa to soap her back. She seemed somewhat disappointed when Lisa only soaped the upper part where she couldn't reach on her own. Later Lisa suspected that what Kathleen really wanted was to have her bottom rubbed.


That evening, the pledges ate their first dinner with other members of the sorority. The pledges discovered that when eating by themselves the Four-Betas had absolutely no dress-code when sitting at the table. Some of the members were fully dressed, some of them were in bathrobes or nightshirts, some were wearing shorts and sports bras, and three, like the pledges, came to the table not wearing anything at all. It was obvious the attitude among the Four-Betas was that whatever a member chose to put or not put on her body while in the sorority house was entirely up to that individual. Lisa, who hated wearing clothing, relished the thought that once she became a member of the sorority she could continue to run around the house completely in the nude and no one would care.

The initial topic of conversation at the table focused on what the women were planning to do later that night: they and the Tri-Alphas were going to attend a theater production in which two members of the sorority and three members of the fraternity were participating. They gossiped about the two actresses and discussed the reviews the play had received.

After the theater discussion the women talked at length about academics and majors. A couple members cited some recent articles they had read about what careers were the most promising. The topic prompted an argument over whether a person should study what she wanted to study and was good at, or should she go for what was most marketable. The women quickly split on the issue and it was obvious that evening was not the first time they had debated how best to choose a major.

The conversation moved to the women's plans for the upcoming fall semester. From that point Lisa fully participated in the conversation because she had completed her first year in college. The sorority members already knew a lot about her, because the previous fall she had been the winner of the female division of the annual Tri-Alpha nude 10-K race. At Tracy's prompting, Lisa talked at length about her freshman year and her experiences as a resident in Huntington Hall. The other sorority members became especially interested when they discovered she had taken three classes from Ruth Burnside and would become her student aide in the fall. The fact that Lisa was working for Dr. Burnside interested the others much more than her talent for running. They questioned her about Burnside's classes and about her tutoring of several residents in Huntington Hall the past year at the request of her RA.

Slowly it dawned on Lisa where the conversation was headed. It turned out that several of the sorority members had taken Burnside's introductory economics class and had to drop out. Now the sorority would have a member who could tutor the others, and everyone taking the class would pass it on the first try. Lisa realized she now was assured of becoming a full member of the sorority, but that her membership would come at the price of a commitment that she could not have anticipated.


An hour later Tracy led the four very exhausted pledges to the basement and told them to brush their teeth and use the bathroom a final time. Lisa glanced longingly at the army cots. When she had seen them the previous morning she had recoiled at the thought of sleeping on one of those, but 36 hours later those cots looked very inviting. With no sleep for two full days Lisa was so tired that she was becoming disoriented.

Tracy ordered the pledges to carefully line up their new shoes under their cots and then stand at attention. She had a small, but very pleasant surprise for them.

"OK, pledges, I'm sure that by now you think I'm a total bitch. Well, as far as you're concerned, I am. But tonight I'm only going to be 99% bitch because you guys did so well with last night's clean up. (By the way, you didn't hear me say that.) Anyhow, I talked about it with Sergeant-at-Arms Heather and she agreed to let you sleep in the beds in the room next door instead of on these cots. We're also giving you 10 hours of sleep and letting you pull the covers over you. Enjoy it, because this is a treat. Starting tomorrow it'll be 7 hours per night on the cots."

"Thank you, ma'am."

Tracy unlocked the door of the adjacent room, which had two single beds, a double bed, a dresser, and a couple of nightstands. Ordinarily the room was used for visiting relatives, but to the four exhausted pledges, it seemed like a paradise. Bernadette and Cherine immediately took the two singles, leaving the double bed for Lisa and Kathleen. Within five minutes the pledges were deeply asleep. Tracy checked on her charges one last time and shut the door.


Lisa slept deeply for 8 of her allotted 10 hours. She began feeling hot, and then vaguely realized that something was pressing against her. As she slowly awakened she realized that the hot object was another human body cuddling next to hers. At first she thought it was Ken and was about to push him back to his side of the bed. Then she opened her eyes and wondered why her dorm room was so dark. She saw an unfamiliar digital clock...when did she get that? Then she remembered she was not in her dorm room, and that the body next to her couldn't possibly be Ken. She ran her hand over her companion, realizing that she was female. What the hell? Who was this person? She eased herself from under the sleeping woman and finally woke up enough to remember where she was and what had happened the night before. She recalled that she had gotten in bed last night with Kathleen. She ran her fingers through the woman's hair and realized, sure enough, it turned out that Kathleen had slept snuggled up to her throughout the night. This was totally weird.

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