The Pledge Mistress Ch. 09


Lisa glanced around the room. It seemed that Bernadette and Cherine were asleep, judging by the sound of their breathing. Lisa was not surprised to see that Kathleen was not asleep. Kathleen got up on her elbow. Lisa squeezed her hand.

"You OK?"

"Yeah, I guess. I'm just kinda scared about tomorrow."

"It's no big deal. You've already done most of it, and you came very close to passing. All you gotta do is just stay calm."

Lisa put her hand on Kathleen's cheek. She knew that Kathleen would do fine, as long she was properly motivated.

"I'm counting on you. You gotta do it, because if you don't, I don't see how I'm gonna get through the summer without you."

"You mean that?"

"Of course I mean that, silly."

Lisa leaned forward to kiss Kathleen goodnight. At first she just wanted to give her a good night peck, but Kathleen buried her mouth into Lisa's and kissed hard. Lisa did not resist. Instead she found the experience very interesting, exchanging kisses with another woman for the first time in her life. Anyhow, now it was done. The two women had exchanged their first kiss, the kiss that committed each to the other as a lover.

Kathleen would have wanted to continue, but Lisa touched her finger to her companion's lips.

"Get some sleep. I want you to get a good night's sleep so you can get through tomorrow. I'll have a big kiss for you when you're done."

Kathleen smiled in the darkness and lay back down. Lisa squeezed her hand one last time and left her to set her alarm for 4:45 a.m. and unroll her own sleeping mat. She covered the mat with a dorm sheet and laid out a pillow. Like the others, she would have to sleep completely uncovered.


Lisa was soundly asleep when her alarm went off. She groaned and forced herself to get up. She checked the time, hoping that she had set the alarm wrong and that it couldn't possibly be 4:45. No such luck. Sure enough, it was 4:45. Time to get Kathleen up.

Lisa was too tired to feel much of the tenderness towards her companion that she had felt just a few hours before. She shook the freshman awake and told her to get in the shower. Kathleen was equally groggy, something Lisa had anticipated. Hopefully the shower would make her alert enough to face her upcoming exam.

Kathleen seemed to wake up once the water hit her. Lisa handed her a towel and told her to dry off. She checked the time. 4:58 a.m. Time to get upstairs.

The two pledges entered the sitting room and promptly fell to their knees. Tracy and Heather entered the room and took their positions next to the examination chair. Because Heather was to be the examination subject, she was completely naked. Tracy was dressed in the Four-Beta running uniform and a white doctor's robe. She was carrying two clipboards, one for herself and one for Kathleen.

As Heather climbed onto the table and positioned her legs in the stirrups, Tracy repeated the instructions from the pervious day concerning what was expected of the person performing the exam. As before, she stated that it would be best to have the examiner call out her observations to an assistant. She asked Kathleen if she had someone to help her, and she responded that Pledge Lisa would be the one taking notes.

Lisa was relieved that Heather and Tracy mentioned nothing about the mishap the day before. They behaved as though the test was Kathleen's first try, not her last chance. Their calm attitude put the pledge at ease somewhat, as did the reassuring presence of Lisa.

Kathleen managed to concentrate by breaking the exam down into its individual tasks. The most difficult part was asking Heather about her sexual history and current sexual activities. Lisa found Heather's answers very interesting. It turned out that she had two current male partners and one female partner, that she had a total of sexual 17 partners in her past, and that with one of her current male partners she occasionally engaged in anal intercourse. Wow! And to think that she had given Lisa the impression that she was so cold and straight-laced. Kathleen seemed equally taken aback by Heather's openness, but to see the Sergeant-at-Arms as a sexually active college student instead of a sterile sorority officer seemed to put her at ease to some extent.

The rest of the exam went flawlessly. Lisa checked off the tasks one by one and wrote down Kathleen's observations. Even the final part of the exam, in which Kathleen had to push her finger up Heather's bottom, went well. Kathleen held up her soiled index finger to check for rectal disorders, but found nothing. She cleaned off her subject and the exam ended.

Kathleen signed the examination form, added a few comments in her own handwriting, and handed it to Tracy. Both pledges knelt while Tracy looked over the form.

"Pledges! Stand up!"

Lisa and Kathleen immediately rose to their feet.

"Congratulations, Pledge Kathleen, you've passed. Now was that really so hard?"

"No ma'am!"

Tracy looked approvingly, not at Kathleen, but at Lisa. Once again, she was testing Lisa even more than she was testing Kathleen. Once again, it was Lisa who had led a fellow pledge through a difficult personal crisis. Her face was totally exhausted because she had been the last member of the group to go to sleep and the first one to get up. She was sacrificing her own comfort for the sake of the others, which in Tracy's mind was an important indication of a person's worthiness as a leader.

"Alright! Get the others up! It's lower-body PT day, and you know what that means? Running!"

A half an hour later the four naked pledges joined the sorority's 14 sophomores in formation next to the pool. Like the pledges, the sophomores were naked, but each one had running shoes and a folded uniform next to her exercise mat. An equally naked President Alexandra led the 18 women as they performed a long series of stretches and low-impact leg exercises. By the time they finished warming up it already was 7:00 a.m. The women put on their running uniforms and stood at attention, ready to move out.

Lisa and her companions wondered if they would have to go running outside with nothing on, but one of President Alexandra's male assistants came out carrying four summer pledge jogging uniforms. The pledges quickly put them on. When they looked at each other they wondered if it might have been less embarrassing to go out naked. Each shirt read:


This pledge is the property of the Four-Beta Sorority.

If found unescorted, please return to rightful owner.

As for the shorts, there was a large red "B" on each side of the bottom.

Everyone on campus knew why those "B's" were red.

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