tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 15

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 15


Chapter 15 - Sorority property on loan

The following morning was Tuesday, exactly one week since Lisa and her companions started their internment in the Four-Beta sorority. The day would be significant for two other reasons. First, it was the day the pledges would begin going to the university to attend to their academic responsibilities. For brief periods of time, the pledges would get dressed and be allowed to see something besides the inside of the Four-Beta house. That day also was the day the Tri-Alphas would initiate their six summer pledges. In the afternoon the pledges would watch Tri-Alpha pledges' medical exam and in the evening attend their swearing in ceremony.

Of course, before anything else there was morning PT. For the freshmen and sophomores the day's PT would be the lower-body workout. Tracy entered the pledge room, and as always, woke up her charges by shouting:

"OK sleeping beauties! UP!...UP!...UP! Let's go...let's go...let's go!"

While the pledges took turns at the toilet, Tracy unlocked their lockers to allow them access to their running uniforms. She announced that the pledges should take out an extra t-shirt and shorts along with their backpacks, because she planned to take them to the university orientation lecture and summer class registration immediately after breakfast.

Lisa would be the exception and would not accompany the others. Ruth Burnside had sent an e-mail to President Alexandra to inform her that Lisa needed to go to her office.

"Sergeant-at-Arms Heather will escort you, Pledge, while I take care of the others."

"Uh...thank you, ma'am."

The arrangement of going to the Economics Department with Heather did not thrill Lisa at all. Not only did she resent the humiliation of being escorted to her boss's office, but she also was concerned about the fact that the Sergeant-at-Arms had punished her the night before. If Heather and Burnside engaged in any conversation (which seemed very likely) it was certain the incident would be part of their discussion.

The pledges put on their shoes and carried their uniforms upstairs. As always, Tracy stood at the door and gave each pledge a sharp slap on the bare bottom as she went by. The swats were especially painful to Lisa and Cherine, who were still tender from the previous night's punishment.

Running with a bruised bottom was not pleasant, but the relief of getting outside and working off some stress put Lisa in a somewhat better mood. By the time the group returned to the sorority, stretched, jumped in the pool, and had breakfast, the four women had mostly forgotten the previous night's unpleasantness. The pledges picked up their clean uniforms and walking shoes before going upstairs to kneel in the sitting room.

Heather and Tracy entered the room. Tracy was holding four large plastic hangers, which she passed out to her group.

"OK. Here's the deal on your uniforms. As soon as you come in through that front door, the uniforms come off. If you're going back out later in the day, you'll put your clothes on the hanger and put 'em in the closet. There's gonna be one exception to the rule about taking off your clothes. If there's Triple-A pledges in the house you'll keep your uniforms on. Whenever they're here, those guys are subordinate to every female in the sorority, and that includes you."

Tracy pointed to a nightlight plugged in near the closet door.

"This nightlight will tell you if there's male pledges in the house. When it's on, there's pledges here and you'll keep your outfits on. When it's off, your uniforms come off. Real simple: on-on, off-off. Get it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"The light's only for Triple-A pledges. If there's Triple-A's in the house but no pledges, the uniforms come off. Either way, just check the light when you come in."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Another detail. Classes and going out in public. Pledge Bernadette, please read what's on your shirt."

"PLEDGE. This pledge is property of the Four-Beta Sorority. If found unescorted, please return to rightful owner."

"Remember, until you swear in as full members, you are property of the sorority. You have no rights, except the privileges we chose to give you. You have no independence and no freedom. You'll be under our complete control, even when you're on campus. Under no circumstances can you get out of our sight, which means whenever you're not in the house you must have an escort. You're gonna have to take your general requirement classes together and we'll set up a duty roster for the sophomores to escort you to and from class. Pledge Lisa's situation will be a bit different, because she's got a job with the Economics Department. But, we've already talked with her professor and we've got everything arranged."

Lisa took a deep breath. They've "got everything arranged". What's that supposed to mean?

Tracy continued: "Remember your handcuffs and blindfolds? You'll have those with you for a reason. If you disobey your escort or get out of her sight, she'll cuff you and bring you back to the sorority house. If that ever happens you can expect to have a VERY miserable night. When you're on campus the only words that ever need to come out of your mouth are 'yes ma'am'. Get it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"OK, you now know what's expected when you're on campus. If you want to save your butts, you'd better remember what's written on your shirts."

"Yes, ma'am."


The pledges scrambled to their feet.

"OK, get your uniforms on and stick your hangers in the closet. Get ready to move out."

"Yes, ma'am."


Heather, Tracy, and the four pledges walked to the university. The two officers were wearing Four-Beta logos on their shirts, while the pledges walked behind in their pledge outfits. Fortunately the presence of the two severe-looking sorority officers silenced many of the giggles and comments the pledge uniform might have elicited from passers-by, but still, the message on the shirts was totally humiliating:

This pledge is property of the Four-Beta Sorority...

Tracy took the three freshmen to the campus auditorium to attend an orientation lecture for first year students given by the president of the university. From there they would go to the main gym to pick up their class schedules and from there go to the student bookstore to buy textbooks. Meanwhile, Lisa would spend her first day at work in Burnside's office.

Heather escorted Lisa to the Economics Department. Once in the building Lisa saw several classmates from her freshman year. Saying hello to them was hard, given what was written on her t-shirt and that she clearly was being escorted by Heather. The two women went into Burnside's office, where the professor already was waiting for them. Burnside shook Heather's hand and greeted her in a manner that indicated the two women already knew each other. The professor's bemused and rather sarcastic expression was not re-assuring at all.

"Good morning, Pledge Lisa."

"Good morning, Dr. Burnside."

Heather took out an envelope containing two copies of a contract on Four-Beta letterhead. She passed the documents to the professor, who looked them over. Burnside signed both copies.

"Pledge Lisa, please kneel and read this contract. If you want to continue working for me and also pledge the sorority at the same time you need to concur with this agreement."

"You...you want me to kneel, Dr. Burnside?"

"Pledge, you're not supposed to be questioning orders. I told you to kneel. Now do it."

Lisa's heart sank as she reluctantly got on her knees. Burnside handed her the two copies along with a pen. Lisa read:

The directorate of the Chicago chapter of the Four-Beta Sorority agrees to share provisional training custody of Pledge Lisa Campbell with Professor Dr. Ruth Burnside during university summer work hours. This shared provisional custody will allow Pledge Lisa Campbell to fulfill her responsibilities as a pledge to the Four-Beta Sorority, while simultaneously fulfilling her duties as a student aide for the Department of Economic Studies.

This agreement authorizes Dr. Burnside to act in capacity of Pledge Lisa Campbell's campus escort and grants Dr. Burnside the same authority over her as the authority normally exercised by the Four-Beta Sorority's Sergeant-at-Arms. As a result of this agreement, Dr. Burnside will submit a written summary of Pledge Lisa Campbell's daily activities to the Pledge Mistress of the Four-Beta Sorority for entry in the official pledge training log. Because Dr. Burnside is acting in official capacity on behalf of the sorority, her authority includes, but is not limited to, the right to inflict corporal punishment on Pledge Lisa Campbell for any violations of Four-Beta pledging protocol.

This agreement obliges Pledge Lisa Campbell to treat Dr. Burnside with the same deference and respect as she is expected to treat any elected officer of the Four-Beta Sorority and accept her as a campus escort. Specifically this means that Pledge Lisa Campbell agrees to obey any orders issued by Dr. Burnside and to stay within her sight at all times. Pledge Lisa Campbell agrees that Dr. Burnside, by acting as a campus escort, reserves the right to discipline her within the guidelines of the Four-Beta pledging program. She also agrees that whenever she is in Dr. Burnside's office or private residence, the regulations concerning the Four-Beta pledge uniform will be enforced.

Under this agreement, at the request of Dr. Burnside, Pledge Lisa Campbell will address her as "Dr. Burnside" and not address her as "ma'am", as normally stipulated in the Four-Beta Pledge Handbook.

Pledge Lisa Campbell reserves the right to report any perceived misuse of authority by Dr. Burnside to the Pledge Mistress of her Four-Beta Sorority chapter. The complaint will be forwarded to the chapter president for resolution. Any command or disciplinary incident determined by the Chapter President not to fall within the guidelines of the Four-Beta Pledge Manuel will result in the immediate termination of this agreement.

If the president of the Sorority determines Pledge Lisa Campbell's complaint is without merit, a report will be forwarded to Dr. Burnside with a formal apology. Pledge Lisa Campbell will then present herself to Dr. Burnside for corporal punishment.

Unless violated, this agreement remains in effect until Pledge Lisa Campbell becomes a member-in-full-standing of the Four-Beta Sorority. Upon swearing in, Lisa Campbell's current status as sorority property will be terminated and she will regain full rights guaranteed to her under the Constitution of the United States of America.

Lisa's hands shook as she finished reading. Several questions ran through her mind, not the least of which was what would be "the pledge uniform" when she was alone with Burnside in her office. Was it possible...?

Burnside handed Lisa a pen. The student took a deep breath and reluctantly signed the agreement. She had no choice, because she needed the job for her future and still wanted to join the sorority. Still, she felt she had just signed her life away. It was for sure she had just signed away her dignity. As for that pressing question on her mind, the one about the pledge uniform; that was answered when Heather took a hanger out of her backpack and handed it to the professor.

"On school days we have the pledges keep their uniforms near the front door on these hangers. I brought you an extra, just in case you didn't have one."

"And so, they only put on their uniforms if they go out?"

"That is correct, Dr. Burnside. Just when they go out."

"OK, I wanted to make sure about that. From my end there won't be a problem. She'll be working at this extra desk here in the back office. Nobody comes back here unless I buzz them in, so it's fairly private."

Burnside turned to Lisa.

"Stand up, Pledge."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

"Alright, Pledge, you know the score. Get your clothes off and put them on the hanger."

Lisa swallowed. Very reluctantly she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her socks. She took a deep breath and lowered her shorts and stepped out of them. She folded them over the bar of the hanger. She pulled her shirt over her head and hung it on the hanger as well. She handed her clothes to Burnside and went back on her knees. Burnside put the hanger in the office closet along with the shoes and locked the door.

Lisa felt horribly exposed as she knelt completely naked in Burnside's office. She couldn't understand why she felt so ashamed, given that Burnside already had seen her nude several times over the past year. The professor and Heather did nothing to put her at ease as they casually talked about the four pledges, their progress, implements used for corporal punishment, and the program in general.

As Lisa had feared, the conversation turned to the previous night's strapping and push-up session. Heather described the evening in detail, focusing on Lisa's rebellious behavior and her disgraceful refusal to stay in the front-leaning rest position.

"The other two pledges seemed to hold their positions just fine, but Pledge Lisa kept moving around. To be honest I lost count of how many times I had to smack her, but she just wouldn't go down or straighten her back."

In a matter-of-fact tone of voice, the professor asked the sorority Sergeant-at-Arms to describe the strap. She seemed satisfied with Heather's choice of implement.

"Let's see how well your strap marks." She turned to Lisa: "Pledge, stand up, turn your back toward us, and place your hands on the desk."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

Lisa complied as her professor and the sorority officer carefully examined the marks on her bottom. Both women ran their hands over her skin and commented that the bruising wasn't too bad. Heather concluded with:

"I don't know about this pledge, Dr. Burnside. She's so strong-willed. She's taken three punishments in just a week, and that doesn't seem to have calmed her down at all."

"Some pledges take longer to break than others. Just keep doing what you're doing. I'm sure she'll come around eventually. Anyhow, I'll make sure she behaves properly whenever she's with me. She knows what to expect if she doesn't."

Burnside concluded by patting Lisa's bare bottom. The professor then asked Heather if she wanted some tea, to which she replied yes. Burnside told Lisa to take out some cups and boil a pot of water, and then kneel pending further orders. Ordinarily Burnside would not have ordered a student aide (with the exception of Mark, whose situation was special) to serve her tea. The work relationship between the two women would have been limited to what was in Lisa's university contract and fairly normal, with the exception of the ongoing threat of punishment if Lisa did not meet Burnside's academic standards.

Lisa got up to prepare the tea, completely dumbfounded at the extent to which the other two women were humiliating her. What totally changed Burnside's behavior towards Lisa was the contract with the sorority. The purpose of that contract was to give the professor the same rights over her that the sorority officers enjoyed. It was obvious that Burnside's intention was to treat her like a Four-Beta pledge, not a university employee. The moment she signed that contract, Lisa went from being Burnside's employee to being sorority property on loan. As sorority property, her submission would have to be total and unquestioning.

What was frightening was that Burnside would clearly enjoy having the chance to totally dominate Lisa. She now had extra justification to punish the student if she made any mistakes either with her pledge duties or her student aide duties. Apart from the domination there was another concern. Lisa knew that Burnside was bisexual and enjoyed looking at young women. Having an attractive naked student working in her office for the entire summer would be a real treat; especially one formally obligated to do anything she was told to do.

Unfortunately Lisa had no argument against her situation, because she knew that morally she was no better than the professor. Placed in Burnside's situation, she would have done the exact same thing. Had any of her fellow pledges been placed under her control, Lisa would have treated them in a manner similar to the way Burnside was about to treat her. The professor knew that, and undoubtedly Heather must have known it as well. Both were sure to jump on her for being a hypocrite if she dared say anything.

Lisa continued to kneel while the other two women drank their tea and discussed a recent academic cheating scandal involving a rival sorority. As she stayed quiet, Lisa became more agitated, because on top of everything else, now she was becoming aroused. Suddenly the thought of being naked and submissive to Burnside for the entire summer seemed very erotic to her. She knew that she would be scared and embarrassed whenever she was in Burnside's office, but there was something very sexy about her nakedness, submission, and fear. She wondered if what she was feeling was what her boyfriend Ken felt when she was about to punish him.

The exhibitionist in Lisa's personality surfaced. She would be working naked, which was something many people fantasize about doing, but almost never happens in modern society. She would be living a fantasy, sitting at her workstation for hours each day in the nude. That was something she actually had wanted to do. Well, now she would know what it would be like to hold down a job while not allowed to wear any clothing.

As she continued to kneel in front of her two superiors in the professor's office, Lisa's thoughts about her situation changed somewhat. She knew that she was about to undergo the most intense summer of her life. Years later she would look back at the pledging period as the most erotic experience of her youth, something she wouldn't exchange for anything.


Upon finishing her tea Heather left. Burnside ordered Lisa off her knees to clean up the dishes. She put everything on a tray and set the tray near the door to take out later. As she moved about with the teacups, the student felt the professor's eyes studying her body.

For the rest of the morning Burnside instructed Lisa about her requirements for grading and proctoring tests and class assignments. The professor also began teaching her assistant about websites used by students to obtain plagiarized term papers. Some of the sites were free and some of them charged, but all of them came with a guarantee. If any of Burnside's students downloaded and used their material, they were sure to be caught by the professor. Lisa found the websites and her newly acquired knowledge about academic plagiarism fascinating. As she went through the posted research projects, she momentarily totally forgot that she was sitting naked next to her well-dressed instructor.

At noon they stopped. The professor commented:

"Put on your uniform and we'll go out for lunch."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

As Lisa got dressed, Burnside called her co-worker Jim Halsey to join them. A minute later Halsey showed up with two of his Ph.D. candidates. The older students looked at the message on Lisa's t-shirt and smiled sarcastically, which ruined her mood.

This pledge is property of the Four-Beta Sorority...

Fucking shirt, she thought to herself. I'd rather go out naked than have to wear this idiotic logo.

After eating lunch off-campus, Burnside escorted Lisa back to her office. Lisa quietly took off her clothing and returned it to its hanger in the closet. However, no sooner had she sat down to review the textbooks for Burnside's summer classes than Tracy showed up with the three freshmen. The three younger women quickly knelt while Tracy talked to Burnside. As soon as the pledge mistress went into the back room where Lisa was sitting, she immediately jumped out of her seat and went to her knees.

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