tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 23

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 23


Chapter 23 -- Pledge Ken's servitude

The pledges returned to their cots at 5:00 a.m. Ordinarily they would have had to get up for PT in just a few minutes, but that particular morning they were allowed to skip the mandatory exercise session. They had endured plenty of exercise already, having spent the hours between 10:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. in constant physical activity. Instead Tracy announced that the pledges would be allowed to sleep until 7:00 a.m. and not have to get up until the sophomores were ready to have breakfast.

Shortly before 8:00 Tracy led her group back to campus for their morning classes. Lisa was somewhat tired, but she was sure she could make it through the lectures given her Sunday of sleeping at Burnside's house and the two additional hours of rest after the scavenger hunt. She noticed the totally exhausted look on the face of the Pledge Mistress, realizing that Tracy had not had any sleep at all since the previous afternoon.

Lisa wondered what motivated the Pledge Mistress. However hard Tracy pushed the pledges, she pushed herself much more. Only once had Lisa seen Tracy sleeping or relaxing, and that was the previous afternoon when she collapsed on Burnside's living room sofa from sheer exhaustion. Over the entire weekend she only had about four hours of sleep, because Lisa knew for a fact she had not slept Saturday at all. As for Monday morning, Tracy led the sophomores exercising, so she did not even get the two hours her pledges got after the hunt.

So what was it that drove Tracy? Was it the military? There certainly was a lot of the military in her personality: she had completely internalized whatever those drill sergeants had done to her in Basic Training. But something else drove her as well. Lisa suspected that Tracy was worried about displaying any personal weakness to the point it had become a phobia. Perhaps it was fear, fear of herself and her own vulnerabilities; that gave Tracy so much drive and energy.

As she contemplated her strange Pledge Mistress and the bizarre adventure she was leading, Lisa felt genuine admiration for her. Tracy's powerful personality matched that of Ruth Burnside, but there were many differences as well. While Burnside's nature exuded raw sexuality, whatever sexual desires Tracy had she seemed content to keep hidden. Burnside never skipped a chance to indulge herself with sex, fine food, and physical comfort, while Tracy's life seemed extremely austere.

Still, what impressed Lisa was not what made the professor and the Pledge Mistress different, but what they had in common. Both women dominated their surroundings and imposed their will on the people around them. Both provided role models for Lisa, personality traits she wanted to adopt for herself. The differences in their personal lives made Lisa aware that she could, and would have to, find her own balance between indulgence and sacrifice. Lisa would adapt what she needed from both her mentors, but then use that knowledge to follow her own path in life.


Monday passed uneventfully. Lisa split her time between her duties in Burnside's office and her attendance at class. In the afternoon Tracy, appearing more exhausted than ever, came by with the three freshmen to retrieve her and take the group back to the sorority house. Of course, after dinner there was plenty of excitement waiting for the members and pledges of the Four-Beta Sorority: the public caning of the five Tri-Alpha pledges.

As soon as the Pledge Mistress and her charges returned to the sorority house, it was obvious the punishment was going to be a major event. The majority of the women already were well-dressed and armed with cameras and camcorders. In the sitting room a sturdy table, complete with restraining straps, had been set up and the sorority's entire collection of canes was assembled in a nearby umbrella stand. Lisa noticed another table in a corner containing a box of medical gloves, two very large pitchers of warm water, and five enema bags and hose sets. A pair of leather restraining cuffs hung from chains attached to the ceiling.

Tracy ordered the pledges to take their book bags downstairs but not to get undressed.

"This is an official punishment event for their group. Because of that you'll stay in uniform."

The sorority's benches were set up along the sides of the room and momentarily the seniors would be occupying them with the sophomores and pledges standing behind. The juniors would be in charge of the five unfortunate males: cuffing and un-cuffing them, restraining them to the table, taking official pictures, and sexually tormenting them both before and after the punishments. Along with 26 cane strokes, each male pledge would be chained to the ceiling and subjected to a forced ejaculation (in full view of all the women, of course) before the physical punishment. Following the physical portion of his punishment, each male pledge would endure an enema and then be cuffed and escorted downstairs to evacuate and shower.

Once the punishments were completed, the officers of the fraternity planned to leave their pledges at the sorority house. Rather than wait for the cane marks to fade, the fraternity simply decided their pledges would remain in service of the sorority until Sunday night. There was a final indignity waiting for the Tri-Alpha aspirants during those grim six days. They would have to wear the Four-Beta pledge shirt whenever attending classes on campus. Yes, that's right...the dreaded pink shirt with the message:


This pledge is property of the Four-Beta Sorority. If found unescorted, please return to rightful owner.

As cruel as the week would be for the male pledges, the fraternity was not acting out of simple sadism. The Tri-Alpha officers had decided that the pledges' internment in the sorority house would count as their "Hell Week", the most grueling part of their pledging experience. "Hell Week" was a tradition for the fraternity; the worst part of the hazing that was designed to determine who finally got to be let in as a member-in-full-standing. Normally "Hell Week" came somewhat later in the semester, but in the case of the summer pledges, it made sense that "Hell Week" would simply be the week the group had to perform penance at the sorority house. During that time the males would be at the mercy of the sorority's women, and that included Lisa and her companions. The advantage of the plan for the male pledges would be to quickly get the worst part of the pledging experience behind them. By the end of the first month of the summer semester the males would have "Hell Week" completed and most likely anyone remaining in the group eventually would become a member-in-full-standing in August.

During their week at the Four-Beta house the males would have to do anything the women commanded them to do. The only limitation was that they could not be ordered to risk arrest or permanent physical injury. Apart from that, anything, including sex, was fair game for the Four-Betas. The men would to be allowed to go to class and the opportunity to sleep six hours per night. With the exception of that allotted time for class and sleeping, they would be completely at the mercy of the sorority's women.

Lisa could tell that Bernadette most certainly had plans lined up, and quite possibly some ideas were floating around Cherine's head as well. As for Kathleen, Lisa would have to keep her eyes on her. If Kathleen wanted to have some fun with the guys or use them for personal enjoyment, that was OK. However, if she wanted to torment them out of anger or eagerness to avenge the earlier trauma of her life, Lisa would have to intervene.

As the time approached for the males to be brought over to the sorority house, Lisa pondered how she would deal with Ken. An idea slowly formed in her head to grab Ken for the pledge group and try to keep him away from the sorority's other women. If she could carry through with that plan, it would have several advantages. She wasn't too thrilled at the thought of seeing Ken at the mercy of someone like Heather. Perhaps, if he were claimed by the pledge group, his "Hell Week" would be somewhat less onerous than that of his companions. Lisa might remain mad at him, but still, she did not want to see him suffer unreasonably. Also, her old desire to control him had resurfaced, and the idea of having him under her command for a week appealed to her. She knew he was an expert at providing good oral sex and massages, so the sexual appetites of the pledge group were guaranteed to be satisfied. Finally, Lisa vaguely understood that if she controlled Ken and determined how the pledge group could enjoy him, she would exert even more influence over her companions.

Lisa decided to briefly talk to Bernadette and try to get her to support her plan to keep Ken under the pledge group's control, and leave the other male pledges alone. To her surprise, Bernadette agreed.

"If he's as good as you say he is, I 'spose that's not a bad idea you got. At least you know where his dick has been. If you can convince Tracy, or whoever, to let us have him; I'd go along with it. Cherine's still thinking about the VP, so I'd imagine she really doesn't care."


"One condition. If you get him, me and Cherine get to do whatever we want with him. He's not your ex-boyfriend; he's our property. He belongs to all of us, not just you."

"I know. That's fine with me."

With that Lisa and Bernadette went back upstairs. Lisa had managed to ease the on-going tension between herself and Bernadette by seeking her approval for the idea of claiming Ken for the pledge group. She realized something important, that if Bernadette felt that she had some control over Lisa's decisions, it was likely that she would be much more cooperative. If Lisa approached Bernadette individually and presented any ideas in private before announcing them to Cherine and Kathleen, she was acknowledging her as a "co-leader". She now knew how to deal with the most difficult member of her group: simply consult with her before presenting any ideas publicly.

There was another significant detail that came out of that conversation. Bernadette had spoken for herself and Cherine. She did not mention Kathleen. Bernadette now took it for granted that Kathleen was Lisa's responsibility and did not really have much of a voice in the pledge group. Whatever Lisa told Kathleen to do she would go along with, so her opinions were not much of a concern for the other two pledges.


Lisa knew better than to pursue her desire to claim authority over Ken without first requesting permission from Pledge Mistress Tracy. As the sophomores continued setting up, Lisa found her mentor, knelt, and requested permission to speak. Tracy agreed to talk to her in private.

Once Lisa assured the Pledge Mistress that she already had consulted with the other members of the pledge group, Tracy agreed to support her idea of claiming Ken. Tracy added it seemed likely that the male pledges would be divided up anyway. Undoubtedly Heather would take the unfortunate "fat" guy she had been tormenting for herself, and the seniors, juniors, and sophomores each would claim a Tri-Alpha pledge. Because the women dismissed him as being gay, Tracy figured no one would object to turning Ken over to the Four-Beta pledge group. Really, what could the freshmen do with a gay guy anyway?

Tracy confided to Lisa that there would be a surprise that evening. Because of his group's pathetic performance during the scavenger hunt, Tracy's counterpart, Tri-Alpha Pledge Master Arnold, was officially reprimanded by a unanimous vote of the fraternity's seniors and would have to perform penance alongside his pledges. He did not face a caning like the others, but he would have to subject himself to six days of naked servitude in the sorority. Most likely he would be handed over to the Four-Beta officers, who in turn, would share him with the other seniors. Lisa could tell that Tracy felt somewhat sorry for Arnold, because for a fraternity officer to be publicly punished as though he was a pledge was a big humiliation.


"Here they come!"

A cheer went up from the women as they crowded onto the front lawn to watch the spectacle of six nude, cuffed and blindfolded men being led towards the sorority by the Tri-Alpha seniors. Now this really is humiliating, thought Lisa to herself: being forced to walk several blocks as naked prisoners. There was nothing the young men could do to cover themselves, because their hands were secured behind their backs. To make matters worse, two of the male pledges had erections that bobbed around as they walked towards the sorority.

The women from other sororities frantically ran out of their houses as word spread about the spectacle on the street. The entire block echoed with the cheering of hundreds of women as the Tri-Alpha officers and their prisoners walked up the Four-Beta driveway and were led into the house. As soon as the men entered the front door, the fun was over and the crowds of cheering women quieted down and returned to their own sorority houses.

A few minutes later a police patrol car came by to respond to a citizen's complaint about six naked guys walking around on the street. However, the officer didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He radioed dispatch and kept on driving. There's no naked guys out here. Must have been a prank call.


The women quickly took their positions: the seniors sitting on the benches, the juniors sitting in the front, and the sophomores and pledges standing behind. Heather stood next to the punishment table wearing nothing but a sport-bra and running shorts. She was looking over the collection of canes and swishing them through the air, more to raise the anxiety in the room than anything else.

The males were led into the room and ordered to kneel. The Tri-Alpha officers took their positions standing near the window, with the exception of the Pledge Master, who knelt in naked disgrace. Tracy stepped forward and removed the blindfolds of the kneeling males, given that the sorority wanted them to witness each other's punishment. With a riding crop the Four-Beta Pledge Mistress tapped the males to properly position them: kneeling upright with knees properly spread and genitalia exposed. Once the Pledge Mistress had her subjects properly positioned, she gently touched the testicles of each frightened pledge with the tip of the riding crop, hoping to force an erection.

Lisa expected the punishment to have a ceremonial beginning, a speech or other pronouncement excoriating the pledge group for having lost the previous night's scavenger hunt. However, the officers did not see the point in any speech. The males had lost and would be punished for it. It was that simple.

Pledge Master Arnold faced humiliation, not because his group had lost, but because it was obvious that he had not properly prepared them. He was being punished for somewhat different reasons than his group, having failed in his duty as Pledge Master. He would be spared the initial caning, but there was no restriction against the women punishing him later in the week if they wanted to do so.

Already the cameras were flashing. President Alexandra moved in front of the group:

"Pledge Master Arnold!"

"Yes, President Alexandra!"

"Stand up and explain to us why you are here!"

Arnold stood up.

"My pledge group is here to comply with the conditions set out for the losers of the summer scavenger hunt. Specifically that means 26 strokes of the cane applied to the naked bottom of each member of the losing side, followed by a week of servitude in the Four-Beta Sorority house."

"...and why have you presented yourself along with your group?"

"Because we did not prepare for the scavenger hunt, President Alexandra."

"There is no 'we' Pledge Master Arnold. You were responsible for not preparing your group. Now let me ask you something. Is it true that our pledges actually had to wait an hour before turning in their final item so your group would not lose so badly?"

"Yes, President Alexandra, that's true."

"You failed your pledges and your fraternity. Your pledges actually had to rely on the mercy of our pledges because you did nothing to get them ready. That's why you're here. The failure of your group is a personal failure on your part."

"Yes, President Alexandra."

Lisa felt sorry for Arnold, because it was obvious that he and his pledges had been busy over the weekend with other activities and had not really thought about the hunt. It also was likely that, unlike Tracy, it had not occurred to him to sneak his pledges out of the Tri-Alpha house and risk angering the other officers of the fraternity. Part of his casual attitude about the hunt came out of complacency, because the Tri-Alphas had won the last four competitions against their female counterparts, not having faced an opponent as determined as Tracy.

Tracy, on the other hand, was obsessed with winning and was totally unconcerned about risking her standing with her fellow officers. Whatever objections the other officers might have had about taking the pledges away from the sorority house were silenced by the success of her strategy. Tracy's preparation of her group had been so thorough that the females felt they needed to wait over an hour to give the Tri-Alphas a chance to find more items. To the judges it was obvious the females had decided to hold back finishing the contest, because more than an hour went by between the time they turned in their 99th item and their final item.

Heather raised her hand:

"President Alexandra, I request permission to speak!"

"Yes, Sergeant-at-Arms Heather!"

"I propose, given Pledge Master Arnold's personal failure, that five cane strokes from the punishment of each member of his pledge group be reassigned to him, that he gets 25 strokes and the strokes of the pledges are reduced from 26 to 21!"

"OK, a motion has been made. Any seconds?"

Two Tri-Alpha officers raised their hands.

"OK, let's vote, officers only. All officers in favor of transferring five strokes from each Tri-Alpha pledge to Pledge Master Arnold raise their hand."

The five remaining Tri-Alpha officers and five of the Four-Beta officers raised their hands.


Tracy raised her hand.

"By a vote of 10 to one the officers have decided to impose a caning of 25 strokes on the naked bottom of Pledge Master Arnold, and that the canings of each of the five pledges will be reduced from 26 to 21."


A few minutes later the first male pledge was standing with his hands immobilized by the cuffs hanging from the ceiling. A Four-Beta junior picked up a jar and two pairs of medical gloves. She then ordered Bernadette to stand up and assist her. The junior and the pledge put on their gloves, took positions on opposite sides of the male, and began massaging his chest, bottom, and upper thighs. The junior ordered Bernadette to massage the young man's penis, while she lubricated her index finger and inserted it into his bottom. The male jerked forward, further exposing himself to Bernadette. The freshman firmly gripped his penis and pushed him back to make it easier for the junior to find their victim's prostate. As the cameras flashed and the women applauded, the male pledge groaned and released his semen into the jar.

The junior told Bernadette to hold the jar up high, while she took a thick indelible marker and wrote "Bad Boy" on the pledge's chest. The two women then stood on each side of the male and posed for numerous pictures before finally being ordered to un-cuff him and resume his kneeling position.

The next member of the Tri-Alpha group to be masturbated was Ken. Not surprisingly, Ken already was quite hard, given his sexual attraction to pain and fear. The next junior in the punishment group called Kathleen to assist her. She whispered into Kathleen's ear:

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