tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 26

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 26


Chapter 26 -- A lifetime of servitude

Towards the end of Wednesday evening Bernadette recovered enough to grab Ken for a round of massaging and sex. Because no one else had wanted him that night, Ken had spent his evening doing chores with two of his fellow pledges and was relatively well rested. His performance satisfied the freshman, although as he entered her, his mind continued to wander between fantasies of Tracy, Jason, and Lisa. As usual, he wasn't making love to the person of the moment, but instead to various fantasies loosely based on people he knew.

Bernadette's pursuit of her goal of getting Cherine to "loosen up" continued after her own needs were satisfied. As before, she found her reluctant friend in the sorority library and encouraged her to accept being blindfolded and taken downstairs.

Lisa also was in the mood for some intimacy. She would have liked to make love to Ken, because she was in the mood for sex with a male partner. She also wanted to talk to him alone, something she really had not had the opportunity to do since they began their internments as pledges. However, she knew that Wednesday night would not be a good time to find him because Bernadette had gotten to him first and probably would wear him out.

While her former boyfriend was spending the evening with Bernadette, Lisa decided to spend some personal time with her current lover. She knew that the guest room would be occupied by Bernadette. However, the sorority had another vacant room, an infirmary with a small bed that she had permission to use as long as she changed the sheets and made sure everything was picked up afterwards.

When no one else was looking, Lisa snuck up behind Kathleen and began by kissing her on the neck. Seductively laid a hand on her shoulder and whispered into her ear:

"So, you feel like being a bit naughty tonight?"

Kathleen's expression changed completely as her heart jumped into her throat. Oh yes! She wanted to "be naughty" so badly...

Lisa led her lover to the infirmary and closed the door. She grabbed the hem of Kathleen's T-shirt and pulled it over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up. Kathleen was about to reach for Lisa's shirt to pull it off as well, but Lisa stopped her by placing her index finger on her lover's lips. With that simple gesture she quietly signaled: I'm in charge, Kathleen. You need to be patient and let me do this my way.

Lisa placed her hands on Kathleen's shoulders and motioned her to turn around. She grabbed the waistband of the younger woman's shorts and slowly, sensuously peeled them down her bottom and slipped them down her legs. She ran her hand over both bottom-cheeks and commented:

"What a pretty, naughty little bottom. We both know what such a cute bottom needs, don't we, sweetie?"

Before Kathleen had a chance to respond, Lisa gently kissed both sides, then separated the girl's cheeks and gently blew against her bottom-hole. Kathleen's reaction was a mixture of fear, love, and extreme arousal.

Lisa stood up, grabbed Kathleen's shoulders, and made her turn around to face her. She placed her fingertips under the girl's chin and forced her to look straight into her eyes. Kathleen was very nervous, because she tended to look away when she was talking to another person, even one she deeply cared for.

"Who do you belong to?"

"I...I belong to you, Lisa."

"And who gets to play with that cute little bottom of yours?"

"You do. You get to play with me."

Lisa could tell that Kathleen was scared, because their relationship was changing. Lisa had become much more forceful than she had been previously. With both words and gestures she was letting Kathleen know: "I'm in charge of what goes on between us. You're now mine, and I expect you to obey me."

That night Lisa would begin introducing several small rituals into the relationship as part of her plan to take control of her lover's life. Apart from her sexuality, she would expect Kathleen to surrender control of anything having to do with her body and her health. Kathleen would need to request Lisa's permission before taking any medicine, allow Lisa to review her personal medical records, and no longer would be allowed to take her own temperature. If Lisa decided her lover needed an enema or douche, Kathleen would fetch the requested items and position herself for treatment. Eventually Lisa even hoped to tell Kathleen what she could and could not eat.

As Kathleen nervously watched her, Lisa removed a rectal thermometer and some medical gel from the medicine cabinet. She would put Kathleen over her lap and take her temperature. Lisa sat down on the room's small sofa, still dressed in her pledge uniform. She reached up, grabbed Kathleen's wrist, and pulled her across her thighs.

"I'm gonna start checking your temperature whenever we're alone, 'cause I want to make sure you're always nice and healthy. Wouldn't want you sick with any fevers."

Kathleen took a deep breath as she settled over her lover's legs. Lisa pushed her thighs apart to position her so that her sphincter was properly exposed. Lisa rested one hand on her lover's right bottom-cheek while she dipped her free hand's index finger into the gel to gently spread around the secret opening of Kathleen's body. She pushed her finger in and moved it back and forth to better lubricate the path for the thermometer. Kathleen's body shuttered from the arousal that having her bottom stimulated always gave her.

Lisa spread Kathleen's anus with her free hand as she gently inserted the thermometer. She pushed it in, and lovingly stroked Kathleen's backside while she waited for the temperature to register. The freshman stayed contentedly in position, clearly enjoying the attention and submission to Lisa's examination. Finally Lisa pulled the device out, read "normal", and dropped it into a beaker of disinfectant.

Lisa had thought about giving her lover an enema, but was concerned that might spoil her mood instead of enhancing it. Instead she would bathe her, spank her, and make love to her. She motioned for the younger woman to get up and allow herself to be led to the small room's shower.

"Go ahead and undress me. Please fold up my clothes."

The request sounded simple enough, but it was another part of Lisa's over-all goal to eventually exert total dominance over her lover. Lisa would train Kathleen to serve her, but do so gradually through gentle and polite-sounding requests. Over time those requests would become duties that she would perform without needing to be asked. Lisa would decide what both she and her lover wore each day and would expect Kathleen to assist her with her clothing. Among other duties, she would perform the role of Lisa's maid-in-waiting.

Kathleen carefully pulled Lisa's T-shirt over her head. She nervously kissed one of her breasts before folding the shirt and setting it on the nightstand. Lisa sat down in the room's only chair, to allow Kathleen to take off her shoes. Lisa felt deep satisfaction when Kathleen knelt in front of her and began untying the shoes to get them off her feet. Kathleen took off both shoes, loosened the laces, and then peeled off Lisa's socks. She folded the socks and placed them inside the shoes.

Lisa stood up to allow her lover to pull down her shorts. She put her feet together and placed her hands on Kathleen's head as the younger woman nervously lowered Lisa's final piece of clothing. Lisa stepped out of shorts, which Kathleen folded and placed on top of the T-shirt.

Once they both were completely naked, Lisa stood behind Kathleen and cupped her small breasts in her hands. With her fingertips she manipulated her lover's nipples as she kissed her neck. Kathleen gasped and placed her hands over Lisa's as she became increasingly aroused. Lisa firmly pinched her lover's nipples and whispered into her ear:

"I see a very naughty girl in this room...a girl who's been so naughty her bottom's gonna need some extra special attention. So, has my silly little girl been naughty today?"

"I...yes...I'm naughty..."

"...and what happens to silly naughty little girls?"

"...I...we gotta be spanked..."

"That's right. I think you're due for a nice, long spanking, don't you think?"

"I...yes...please, spank me..."

Lisa responded by sitting on the bed and pulling Kathleen across her lap. As before, she wanted to make the spanking an erotic, sensuous experience that would mix a sharp sting with massage and pleasurable stimulus. She would make Kathleen want to be spanked, beg to be spanked, and then, once her bottom was red and stinging, beg to be seduced.

As Lisa ran her hand over her lover's eager backside, Kathleen spread her thighs and turned her hips up. She was lewdly exposed, her bottom-hole facing upwards and her labia parted to expose her vagina. Through her posture she was begging to be stimulated as well as smacked. Lisa would oblige by doing both, trying to keep Kathleen delicately balanced between arousal and pain for as long as possible. She began with pleasure as she fondled and caressed the skinny bottom and muscular thighs positioned across her lap.

Lisa began spanking slowly, with very soft slaps that were barely enough to make Kathleen's skin sting and tingle slightly. Between slaps Lisa continued to massage her lover's bottom and tease her sphincter and labia. As before, as Kathleen became accustomed to the stinging in her backside, Lisa slowly increased the force of the swats.

Kathleen's bottom was a pleasant shade of pink and her body covered with sweat when Lisa paused. She gently massaged her lover's stimulated buttocks and wet vagina, approaching but not quite touching her clitoris. Kathleen would be rewarded, eventually, but the reward would have to wait until Lisa was ready to give it to her.

Lisa began slapping considerably harder, but continued to pause to massage and stimulate her lover's backside. She remembered the hard lesson Ruth Burnside had given her a couple of weeks before and wanted to control Kathleen in the same manner. She carefully watched Kathleen's reaction, hoping to not just seduce her, but also to completely control her.

SLAP!...SLAP!... SLAP!... SLAP!... SLAP!

The smell of sexual arousal permeated the small room as Lisa began spanking with real force. Kathleen began to tremble as Lisa teased her, rearing herself up in desperation to get Lisa's fingertips to touch her. Lisa firmly pressed down on her lover's waist to force her back into proper position.

"You really are naughty, aren't you? So you do like having your cute little bottom warmed, don't you?"

"I...yes...I like it! Please..."

"Please, what...? What do you want? Tell me what you want!"

"Keep going! Please! Spank me!"

Lisa said nothing more, but relished the control she was exercising as she continued to massage her lover before resuming the spanking. She had reached that point with Kathleen that Burnside had reached with her, actually controlling her lover's emotions by controlling her body. Kathleen again reared up, desperately begging to be touched.

Lisa decided the moment had come to give Kathleen her orgasm. She pushed her thumb into the younger woman's bottom-hole and entered her vagina with her middle finger. As Kathleen reared up Lisa reached under her with her free hand to seek out her clitoris.

"Oh...Oh...OHHH! Uh...Oh yes...Oh yes...OHHH!"

Kathleen was quite loud as she climaxed. Lisa glanced at the door; worried her voice might be heard in the hallway outside.

"Such a naughty girl! I mean, making all that noise and begging to be spanked! I guess I really am gonna have to start disciplining you, for real!"

"OHHH!...Oh yes...OHHH!"

Lisa understood her lover perfectly; well enough to use the knowledge Ruth Burnside had given her to exert total control over the freshman. Her admonishment and the threat of harsher punishment only enhanced the younger woman's orgasm and desire for total physical surrender. Her burning backside, the pressure of Lisa's fingers inside her bottom and vagina, the gentle teasing of her clitoris, and the helpless feeling of being under her lover's complete domination combined to give Kathleen an orgasm unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

Finally Kathleen climaxed and her orgasm came to an end. She lay quietly across Lisa's lap as her bliss subsided and reality closed in on her. As the freshman slowly came to her senses, Lisa lovingly massaged her back with her free hand, but kept the thumb and finger from her other hand firmly inside her lover's body. Kathleen lay quietly; totally enjoying the feeling of absolute surrender to the woman she loved.

Finally Kathleen seemed to wake up enough for Lisa to pull out her fingers:

"Please get a washcloth from under the sink, wet it with soap, and clean my hand."

Without saying anything, Kathleen got up and did as she was told. She soaked a washrag with hot water and soap, then knelt at Lisa's feet, took her hand, and wiped her fingers clean. Kathleen wrung out the cloth into the sink, re-wet it, and again knelt to finish. She rinsed the washrag several more times, very careful to make sure Lisa's fingers were absolutely clean.

Once the freshman was finished, Lisa reached forward to stroke her lover's hair and face. Kathleen remained on her knees as she enjoyed the caresses, something that Lisa noticed and appreciated. Without being told or asked, Kathleen had gone on her knees to clean Lisa's hand, and would remain kneeling until told to get up. Perhaps she was doing it subconsciously, but in every way possible she was signaling that she was willing to do whatever Lisa told her to do.

Kathleen was sexually satisfied, but Lisa's sexual needs were not. Lisa took her lover's hand and motioned her to stand up. She lay on the bed with her legs spread. There was no need to say anything; Kathleen understood what Lisa wanted. Dutifully she settled between Lisa's legs. She began kissing and licking her lover's most private area, doing everything she could to make the evening as pleasurable for Lisa as Lisa had made it for her.

When Lisa climaxed, she sat up and gently washed off Kathleen's mouth and face with a clean washrag. Kathleen enjoyed the attention, not having had her face cleaned since she was a small child. In many ways it seemed that Lisa was treating her like a child, but that was what she wanted. At that moment she wanted to feel helpless and be cared for by someone who loved her.


When the two women turned out the light and cuddled in the dark, Lisa continued to stroke Kathleen's hair until she went to sleep. Lisa knew that Kathleen already was emotionally dependent on her. Just a few days before, the intensity of younger woman's feelings frightened her, but that worry had faded. Obviously Lisa had just dug herself in a lot deeper with her commitment to her lover, but she also had begun molding the love affair into one that suited her needs.

For the relationship to work, it was essential Kathleen understood that Lisa was the one who was in charge. During the 48 hours that had passed since her lover promised to do whatever she was told to do, Lisa had given some thought about what she wanted to accomplish with that promise. What she wanted from that agreement was to "own" Kathleen. The freshman would live under her not only her submissive lover, but also as her personal servant.

Lisa took it for granted that Kathleen would do her best to obey her. However she expected at some point there she would need to "correct" Kathleen's behavior through corporal punishment. When that moment came, Lisa knew that her lover would have to clearly understand why she needed to be punished and be convinced that punishment would help her. Once the punishment ended, she would need a lot of comforting and reassurance. In fact, it was quite likely that Lisa would only need to punish Kathleen once, as a reminder that her role in life was to obey or suffer the consequences. Once her role in the relationship was clearly established, she would be eager to do whatever was necessary to avoid being punished a second time.

Now that Lisa had decided she wanted to "keep" her lover, the only issue she needed to resolve was her training. She would pursue her goals with a combination of love, emotional support, rewards, guidance, firmness, sexual dominance, and the threat of corporal punishment for disobedience. Kathleen's conditioning, which had just started, would intensify once the pledging was over and the two women swore in as full members of the sorority. She understood that correction and discipline were what Kathleen expected, and subconsciously what she wanted.

The more she thought about it, the more the idea of being Kathleen's mistress appealed to Lisa. She was convinced that the life she was about to impose on Kathleen was the only practical way for her to live. The girl was very vulnerable and, if left to fend for herself, would be return to being victimized just as she had been tormented in high school. Lisa deeply cared for the fragile woman under her control and was determined that never again would she be humiliated. Never again would she kneel crying in a parking lot with cum all over her face. Never again would she sit in her living room in a prom dress, crying over a date that never showed up. She would give up her independence, but the reward would be to live safely under Lisa's protection.

Lisa reflected about a final irony. Although it was mostly because of Kathleen the relationship started, both women now knew it would never be one between two equals. As they traveled through life together, Lisa would lead their journey. Kathleen would follow, serve, and obey.


Lisa's thoughts continued to wander as Kathleen's breathing changed, indicating she was deeply asleep. She pondered another submissive relationship, the one between Cecilia Sanchez and Jason Schmidt. There was very much in common between the way Cecilia treated Jason and the way Lisa planned to treat Kathleen. For the first time it dawned on her that her new relationship with Kathleen was similar to the one Cecilia had with Jason.

Cecilia intensely loved Jason, but she loved him because he knew his proper place in the relationship. When Cecilia told Jason to do something, he did it. If he disappointed her, she did not hesitate to double a thick leather belt and swing it until his backside was covered with welts. However, she never punished him unless he had done something wrong. She made sure he clearly understood why he needed to be chastised and always comforted him once the discipline had ended. The purpose of Cecilia's sessions with the belt was not to bring her pleasure, but to make sure Jason's behavior conformed to what she expected. Over time, as he became the responsible person she wanted, she punished him much less.

In spite of Cecilia's control over Jason's life, very rarely did she ever do anything to humiliate him in public. In fact, Lisa could only think of a single time, when she caught Jason and Ken at a tattoo parlor waiting to get tattoos and totally freaked. Apart from that one incident, Cecilia treated Jason with respect in public and disciplined him in private. As for what she demanded of him, her expectations were quite reasonable: to live a simple, healthy lifestyle and cater to her physical needs.

Cecilia's behavior towards her boyfriend sharply contrasted with Ruth Burnside's treatment of her various lovers. Burnside loved to "put on a show", to publicly strip and humiliate her numerous subs. To Burnside, an important part of her lovers' experience was public humiliation. She was a show-woman, and the subs were little more than inanimate props for her public performance. Lisa suspected that Burnside was incapable of feeling any love for anyone, apart from whatever feelings she had towards Dr. Jim Halsey.

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