tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 28

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 28


Chapter 28 -- Lisa's thong

The following morning began at 4:00 with yet another naked run to the stadium. As always, the five streakers ran past Heather's friend and had their picture taken before finishing the trip to the stadium. Bernadette's performance improved tremendously; she came very close to finishing the sixth flight before her lungs gave out and she was forced to walk the final few steps. Tracy was heartened by her progress and at the thought that Wednesday might be the last day the group would have to go streaking at 4:00 in the morning.

"You're close, a lot closer than you were a week ago. Think about it for Wednesday. If you make it up the steps, you can test on Friday and we'll be done. You do have it in you. It's just a few more steps. That's all it is."

Once again Polk tried to engage Tracy in conversation and once again Lisa bent over to distract him. For the second time Lisa's ploy worked by drawing the security officer's attention away from Tracy. She noticed him holding a clipboard in front of his crotch and that he was hunched over, obviously hiding an erection. Ha! So she had turned the tables on Polk, forcing him to have a hard-on and humiliate himself! That morning he was eager to send the women on their way.

As they took off running past the Student Fitness Center, Tracy and her pledges did not notice something that would complicate the rest of Lisa's summer. Heather's friend had stayed near the stadium to observe the group from an area shaded by some trees. Among other things, she watched Lisa bend over in front of the security officer and remembered the story of her doing the same thing in the shoe store. She knew that of the pledges, Lisa was the least inhibited about showing off her body. That gave her an idea, to suggest that Heather put Lisa's lack of inhibitions to the test.

Heather's friend explained her plan when the pledges were eating breakfast. When Heather heard the idea, she liked it tremendously. Rather than share it with Tracy, she decided to go directly to Ruth Burnside's office and see if she could talk the professor into going along with it. While she was in class, Heather discussed with the professor Lisa's total lack of modesty. Burnside off-handedly added the detail about her student's fantasy of pursuing a public career as the world's first naked economist. Heather responded:

"Well, Dr. Burnside. You know that in the sorority we like our pledges to push their limits as much as possible. Even someone like Pledge Lisa, who seems open to just about anything, has limits that need to pushed even farther. I like to challenge the pledges, keep making them do more and more daring things."

"Yes, I understand your philosophy. So what does that mean for Pledge Lisa?"

"I'm thinking about changing Pledge Lisa's uniform for campus. I'd like to take away her shorts and have her wear something a bit more daring. What I'm thinking about is issuing her a thong and making her wear it on campus instead of her pledge shorts. I can't see that it would be a problem outside, because the campus administration just loosened the dress code to allow thongs at the pool and for sunbathers in the dorm area. The only thing I'd need would be permission from you to allow Pledge Lisa to wear her thong in your classes."

Burnside sat back, contemplating the idea. She liked it tremendously. Lisa would look quite sexy running around lectures, passing out papers, and collecting assignments with her bottom exposed. Making Lisa wear a thong also would help Burnside completely control her, because if she had to be disciplined there was no way she would be able to cover the marks on her bottom. The threat of discipline would be much more frightening if the student had no means of covering her welts.

The other reason forcing Lisa to wear a thong on campus appealed to Burnside was that it would allow the girl to come much closer to fulfilling her secret fantasy. She would be spending the rest of the summer almost completely naked below the waist, which would bring her very close to living naked in public. Heather and Burnside agreed that people such as Lisa should be encouraged, and even obligated, to pursue whatever sexual fantasies they had. Both the professor and the sorority believed that repression of sexuality was a major cause of personal frustration, which in turn manifested itself in all kinds of dysfunctional and self-destructive behavior. For example, it seemed to both women that societies that were the most sexually oppressive also were the most violent.

Burnside was astute enough to realize that Heather must have had some ulterior motive for wanting to force Lisa to run around the university in a thong instead of shorts. However, she figured that if there was any major problem, she would find out about it soon enough and could rescind her permission. In the meantime, Pledge Lisa's bottom would remain uncovered in public for the duration of the summer, in addition to her working completely naked whenever she was in Burnside's office or house. It would be interesting to see how Lisa would handle such a personal challenge.


With the Tri-Alpha pledges back at the fraternity and Pledge Master Arnold once again in charge of his group, life in the Four-Beta Sorority returned to normal. The pledges returned to being completely naked whenever in the sorority house and their temporary status of relative equality with the other women quickly vanished. They had to give up sleeping in the comfortable guest beds and return to their austere military cots. Their privacy vanished and once again they were forced to use the pledge toilet, relieving themselves in full view of anyone who happened to be in the basement at that time.

The Four-Beta pledge training classes started up again, after a week break because of the presence of the males in the sorority house. Every night there was a different seminar. Topics that week included a self-defense class taught by Tracy, another massage training session from Suzanne Foster, a beginner's class in car maintenance presented by Tri-Alpha VP Jacob, a course in avoiding credit card debt, and a practical exercise examining the fundamentals of academic research. Along with the seminars there was the routine PT, study breaks, house clean-up, and meals with the sophomores. Each day was so full of activity that it seemed to last an eternity.

There was another unpleasant detail introduced into the pledges' lives, their hiking boots. Tracy ordered her group to wear their hiking boots on campus during the mornings to break them in. Of course the boots looked totally ridiculous with the rest of the pledge uniforms, but as Tracy put it: "You'll look a lot more ridiculous if you're out in the woods with your feet all ripped up with blisters."

Wednesday morning began at 4:00 with a pre-dawn streak to the stadium. As always, Polk let the group in through Gate 4. Bernadette's performance on the steps improved slightly, but not enough for Tracy to declare that she was ready to test on Friday. That meant yet another run on Friday, with the possibility of Bernadette testing pushed back to Sunday, at the earliest.

Fortunately for Tracy, Polk was not waiting for her when the group finished their practice run on the stadium steps. He was gone from the stadium area, forced to respond to a burglar alarm that had gone off in one of the academic buildings. Tracy locked the gate herself and the five naked women ran back to the sorority.

Tracy might have been forgiving of Bernadette's struggles on the stadium steps, but Wednesday afternoon she became much more sharp-tempered over the three freshmen's academic performance. Kathleen, Bernadette, and Cherine had taken an exam for one of their classes on Monday, but in spite of Tracy's efforts to get them ready, they did not perform to her expectations. Each had only scored in the low '80's and their mentor was livid. Tracy seethed with anger as she escorted the three young women to the Economics Building to pick up Lisa. As they entered Burnside's office, the expressions on the faces of Lisa's companions reflected genuine fear, because they knew they faced punishment as soon as they got back to the sorority.

As soon as they entered the sorority house the pledges undressed and put their clothes in the washer. They knelt in the sitting room, waiting for the Pledge Mistress to start berating them. Tracy did return with the freshmen's tests, but for a long time stood quietly, going through their papers and jotting down some notes and observations. The freshmen were sweating as they waited for the ominous silence in the room to explode into vicious yelling.

Heather came into the room and chatted with Tracy about what had happened that day in class. It was clear that she was pleased about Tracy's awkward situation and at seeing that, when it came to her pledges' performance, she was not so perfect after-all. However, Heather also realized that she had the perfect opportunity to pull Lisa away from the pledge group and impose the planned change of her uniform.

Heather called Lisa to the hallway and told her to go downstairs. Lisa complied with very mixed feelings. She was relieved to escape the possibility of being punished along with the freshmen, but at the same time she felt bad about deserting them. Also, she did not trust Heather. There was no way the Sergeant-at-Arms would pull her away from being punished just out of being nice. No, Heather was up to something. Lisa's suspicions rose even more when the sorority officer spoke in her sweet sarcastic voice:

"Put on your uniform, Pledge. We're going out, and you'll get to go shopping with me. Don't you think that's gonna be fun?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Lisa put on a clean pledge uniform and followed Heather up the stairs, very worried about what Heather was planning to buy.

As they ascended the steps, Lisa heard Cherine's voice crying and the sound of CRACK!...CRACK!..CRACK!

She glanced through the door to see Cherine bent over a table. Tracy was striking her with a very narrow two-pronged leather strap. Cherine's bottom already was covered with multiple thin welts that were clearly visible on the girl's dark skin.

"Aieee!!!...Ma'am...ma'am...Ooh...Ow!...I...I'll do better...Ahh! I'll try..."

Kathleen and Bernadette were kneeling. They had not yet been punished, but were sweating and trembling from fear and anticipation.

As they exited the house, Heather's voice rang out sweetly to Lisa:

"Aren't you glad you're coming with me and not having that cute butt of yours whipped?"

"Yes, ma'am," lied Lisa. In reality she wondered if she'd be better off getting punished alongside her companions.

Heather led Lisa to Pageant Street and into a clothing shop. She immediately led the pledge to a clothing rack of undergarments and asked her waist size. Upon hearing Lisa's response, Heather began thumbing through thongs that would fit, finally settling on three that came closest to the color of her pledge shorts. Heather narrowed the selection to the thong that provided the least cover in the back and had a very high waistband. She passed it to Lisa.

"Here, Pledge. Try this on and let's see how it looks on you."

Lisa was bewildered by the command, but knew better than to argue. She stepped into a dressing room and pulled down her shorts, set them aside, and put on the thong. The article of clothing made her feel more exposed than she felt when completely naked. She felt the contrast between her crotch, which was adequately covered, and her backside, which was totally bare. Reluctantly she stepped out of the dressing room and faced Heather.

"I like it. You look really cute. Turn around, Pledge."

Lisa turned around. Heather carefully examined her uncovered bottom, and then ran her hand over her exposed buttocks.

"Perfect. The color's just a little bit off, but other than that it looks really nice."

Heather patted Lisa's bottom:

"OK, Pledge, get me your shorts and hand 'em over."

Lisa's heart jumped into her throat. She quietly retrieved her shorts from the dressing room, hoping that she misunderstood what Heather had just said. That hope faded when Heather grabbed Lisa's shorts and stuffed them into her backpack. She then selected three additional thongs identical to the one Lisa already had on. She pulled out a Four-Beta purchasing card and directed the pledge to follow her to the sales counter.

The cashier stared in amazement at the two women when Heather announced:

"Four thongs please: the three here and the one she's got on."

The clerk turned to Lisa:

"Uh...OK...but...aren't you gonna wear something over that?"

Before Lisa had a chance to respond, Heather cut in:

"Oh no, she'll be fine! She's a total show-off! She likes it when people look at her butt, and she wanted me to help her choose something that'll let people see what she's got!"

Noting Lisa's worried expression, the clerk insisted on a response from her. Sullenly Lisa responded:

"I'll be fine, ma'am. What she's saying about me is true. I...I'm kinda an exhibitionist...and..."

"OK...I just hope you stay out of trouble. I mean...if I were you, I'd cover-up a bit more..."

"It's all-right, ma'am. I...I'll be fine."

With that the two women left the store and stepped out into the late afternoon sunlight. It seemed that everyone's head turned towards Lisa as she walked down the crowded street with the Sergeant-at-Arms. Worse than the stares were the constant whistles and the occasional honk from people driving by.

Lisa was hoping that, at the very least, Heather would take her back to the sorority. No such luck. They went from one business to another as Heather calmly looked at CD's, bought a textbook, placed an order for several boxes of fruit for the sorority, and visited a car repair shop to set up an appointment to have a minivan's oil changed. Lisa tried to sit down to avoid the stares of the mechanics, but Heather admonished her:

"Stand up, Pledge! I didn't say anything about you sitting down!"

"Yes, ma'am."

Lisa could not have explained, even to herself, why she felt so totally humiliated. It didn't make any sense that she felt more vulnerable wearing a thong in public than being naked in public. Perhaps part of the problem was not having any control over what was happening to her. It was one thing to run naked at a nude marathon, streak in the middle of the night, or bend over in front of a security officer when surrounded by four other naked women. It was quite another to be at Heather's mercy, alone and exposed in a provocative piece of clothing in broad daylight on a busy public street.

Unfortunately for Lisa, Heather had planned an even more humiliating stop before they returned to the sorority. The sorority officer led her pledge to a café-bar that had a small dance floor. She ordered two non-alcoholic drinks and then asked Lisa to dance. As several guys and women (the café was a favorite lesbian hangout) whistled at Lisa, Heather danced with her through several fast songs. Then a slow song played, and Heather drew Lisa close and danced romantically.

Lisa was dumbstruck at what was happening. She knew that Heather had absolutely no romantic interest in other women, but was forcing her to dance in public to humiliate her. After one slow dance the two women sat down to have their drinks, only to be joined by three of Heather's friends, two women and a guy, who were from her department. Heather whispered into Lisa's ear:

"These are good friends of mine, Pledge. You'd better treat them with respect."

"Yes, ma'am."

For a few minutes treating Heather's friends with "respect" consisted of bringing them drinks and a shared appetizer. The drinks were alcoholic and Lisa looked longingly at what she was carrying. She badly needed a drink herself, but of course, as a Four-Beta, she could not have alcohol. She noticed that even Heather was adhering to that rule. Lisa served the drinks as her mentor chatted about classes and the sorority. The topic turned to Lisa as all three of Heather's guests commented on how attractive she was. The guy asked:

"You suppose I could dance with her?"

"Sure, she'd love to! She's a lot of fun to dance with, because she's totally uninhibited. Once you get her out on the floor you'll see what I'm talking about!"

Lisa danced one fast dance with the guy before the music switched back to slow. The guy pulled her close and pressed her body into his. She could feel his penis stiffening underneath his pants.

"So, you're totally uninhibited, huh!"

"Yes, sir. That's why I'm pledging the Four-Betas."

"I love your ass. You've got the best ass of just about any girl I've seen. So you like showing it off in public, huh?"

"Yes, sir. Uh...that's why I got a thong on. Sergeant-at-Arms Heather helped me pick it out, 'cause she wanted me to show off."

"...and does she ever spank that cute ass?"

"Yes, sir. She's spanked me."

"I bet you like that."

Lisa took a deep breath. This was getting harder and harder. It took every bit of her self discipline to keep herself from kneeing that asshole in the groin, ramming her fist into Heather's mouth, grabbing her shorts out of her backpack and leaving the café. However, she couldn't. Whatever Heather was trying to do, Lisa had to go along with it. Finally she answered:

"It's part of pledging, sir. We all get punished because it's part of our hazing."

"But I bet you like it. I bet you like having these cute ass cheeks spanked."

With that the guy's hands moved down and massaged Lisa's exposed bottom. They danced like that for the rest of the song and the next one, Lisa's bare bottom firmly in the grip of some creepy guy she didn't even know.

Lisa was frightened and infuriated. She glanced at Heather, who was watching with an expression that indicated she was pleased with the pledge's predicament. It was obvious this guy was grabbing Lisa's ass because Heather wanted him to.

"So you like it when guys touch you?"

"Yes, sir."

Lisa's fears that her dancing partner would go beyond fondling her turned out to be unfounded. He took her hand and led her back to the table, releasing her with a quick slap to the bottom.

Heather ordered Lisa go back to the bar to retrieve another round of drinks. On her way back a tall, fat, unkempt-looking guy asked Lisa to dance, which she declined. As soon as she got back to the table with the tray full of drinks, Heather snapped:

"Did that guy just ask you to dance?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Then you dance with him! You go right over there, tell him you're sorry for being such a bitch, and dance with him!"

"Yes, ma'am."

Sadly Lisa walked over to the creepy-looking guy and told him she had changed her mind about dancing with him. She did not go as far as apologizing for "being such a bitch", but the humiliation of what she was doing was bad enough. On top of being unpleasant to look at, Lisa's new dance partner smelled of alcohol, cheap cologne, sweat, and stale deodorant. Worst of all, he was completely detached from reality, thinking that he was sexy to Lisa when he was totally the opposite. Of course his hands went straight to her exposed bottom, but he also began landing slobbery kisses on her neck.

Heather planned to let Lisa dance for a long time and let events with her unsavory companion take their course. However, the unpleasant adventure abruptly ended after only two dances. The extreme stress she was under, combined with the rancid smell assaulting her nose and the saliva smeared all over her neck, suddenly made her violently sick. She spun away from her partner, dropped to her hands and knees, and threw up on the dance floor. She struggled to her feet, only to double-up and completely empty her stomach. The mess from the second episode was quite impressive.

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