The Policeman: An Urban Legend


She was passionately kissing her new master, when she felt her pussy blow up like a balloon around his cock as it sprayed her juices out of her vagina soaking his balls and the air mattress. Their lips were still locked and Jenny saw him staring at her intently when her eyes opened with shock as the waves of pleasure from her first orgasm reached her brain, overwhelming her senses.

Jackson saw the look of surprise on the white girls face when she came. She quit kissing him and screamed as her eyes rolled up in her head and she collapsed on the mattress. Jackson wasn't anywhere close to finishing and just kept pounding her hard as she fainted. She had been out for about fifteen minutes when he noticed her start writhing beneath him moaning softly.

Jenny had been dreaming of the black football players at Ryan's school when she awoke to the cops relentless fucking. He was losing is rhythm and his cock seemed to swell up even bigger. A series of orgasms erupted from her like firecrackers going off as his semen sprayed the insides of her pussy. The orgasms just kept growing in strength as his hot cum filled her pussy and she fainted again.

Jackson pulled his still squirting cock to of her pussy and covered her belly in his semen. He had given her a good cum bath tonight, her face and breasts were covered in dried sperm from the blow job and now her crotch and stomach were soaked with his black seed.

Joe had been mesmerized as the pickup truck just kept rocking up and down for the last half hour. He could here the sounds of their fucking echo across the parking lot and through the swamp. Joe pictured in his mind Jackson's body crushing the girl beneath him as he jack hammered the gigantic prick into her. He hadn't gotten a good look at the girls face and he found himself picturing his wife's face on the girls body. What the hell was wrong with him, he asked himself? Joe decided that tonight he would fantasize, but from now on he wouldn't let his partner come anywhere near his wife. Ryan had cried himself to sleep in the back and Joe noticed his stiff little prick twitching as he dreamed about who knows what. Joe was about to take his own stiff dick out of his pants to relieve some of the pressure, when he noticed Jackson staggering toward him in the moonlight. Jackson was still naked, his long penis hanging down halfway to his knees. His body was covered in sweat and he glistened in the moonlight.

"All done," Joe asked?

"Two holes down, one to go," he replied reaching into the car to grab his cigarettes off the dash. "I just need a few minutes to recharge, then you can get a crack at her when I'm done fucking her ass."

He watched his partner finish the cigarette and then head back to the pick up truck. He briefly pictured his wife's ass stuffed with black cock and angrily suppressed the image.

Jackson kept tugging on his cock to get it hard again as he walked back to the unsuspecting girl. He hadn't had a work out like this in about three weeks and he felt invigorated in the night air. He climbed back into the truck and rolled Jenny over onto her stomach, pulling her hips up. He kneeled behind her and pushed his cock back into her pussy to lubricate it again and he heard her moan in her sleep as he wiggled it around. Jackson removed his cock and held the head against her tiny rosebud.

It resisted opening for him at first, but he pushed harder and it yielded to his power. Jenny's eyes flew open and she screamed as he pushed it in about halfway.

"Stop," she cried. "Take it out, please it hurts."

"You have the right to have my cock shoved in your ass," he said

The pain in her pussy was nothing compared to the pain in her ass and she was biting her knuckles as tears rolled down her face.

"Please, take it out," she begged around her clenched fist.

"If you choose to waive that right, I'm going to fuck your ass anyway." he said as he pushed all 10" inside her.

She had never felt a pain this intense and he wasn't letting her get used to him this time. After about ten minutes the pain subsided some, and she had time to think. She remembered worshipping his cock with her mouth and felt a strange sense of pride at being able to take his entire length up her ass. The pain faded a little more and she remembered the feeling of her orgasms as he fucked her pussy. She moaned with pleasure at the memory, Letting him fuck her ass was a small price to pay in exchange for all the orgasms he had given her. There was only a little pain as she thought about Ryan's worthless little dick. She wanted to experience more of what this black cop had to offer and the only way she could be sure he'd keep fucking her was to give him whatever he wanted. She moaned in pleasure and began pushing her ass backwards to match his thrusts.

"Oh god, fuck my ass," she cried. "Don't ever stop fucking me."

Jackson grinned, pushed her head back down into the mat and he began fucking her harder.

"I love your black cock," she screamed loudly. cock" echoed across the lake and Joe couldn't stand it anymore. He had been ready to go rescue the girl when she screamed but, now she appeared to be loving it. He just had to see this. He grabbed his flashlight and approached the truck.

Joe peered in on the couple. Jackson was holding her head down so that her ass was thrust into the air as he pistoned his cock in and out of her. He turned on his light and shined it on her ass. Joe saw his partner turn and smile at him when he noticed the light come on. Joe ignored Jackson and just stared at that monster black dick burying itself in the blondes perfect ass. Without thinking he dropped his pants and began stroking his own averaged sized penis. He had almost stopped Jackson from taking advantage of this girl and was glad he hadn't as this was the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. He hadn't gotten far jerking off, when he heard Jackson bellow and he saw semen squirt out of her ass as his partner came for a third time. Joe was in awe as Jackson slowly pulled his cock out of her ass hole. It just seemed to keep coming and coming until finally he pulled it out entirely. Joe saw another glob of sperm fly from the tip of his partner's cock and splatter on her ass. The girls knees had gone all wobbly and she collapsed on her stomach, with Jackson falling on top of her. Jackson rested for a minute and then grabbed his clothes.

"Your turn partner," said the black man

"I..I don't think so," replied Joe.

"Just do it, you know you want to," said Jackson as he pointed at Joe's erect penis. "Besides she won't even remember anything about your dick."

Joe watched his partner returning to the squad car laughing as he held his uniform to his chest. Joe looked over at the girl and shined his light on her ass again. His cock jerked as he looked at her. Her ass hole was red rimmed and gaping wide open. Jackson's semen was trickling out of her ass and her pussy. Joe thought of how big and firm her breasts had looked as Jackson frisked her nude body outside the truck. He gave in to temptation and stepped out of his pants.

Joe tentatively reached out a finger and slowly ran it down the crack of her ass. When he reached her rectum he slowly pushed his finger inside to the knuckle feeling how full of Jackson's sperm it was. He pulled his finger out and ran it down to her pussy. He buried first one then two fingers inside her vagina feeling how hot and wet she was. She stirred a little as he fingered her. He had never cheated on his wife and growing impatient for his first fresh pussy in twenty years he kneeled behind her and rolled her over to her back. He positioned his cock at her pussy and ran his light up her body noticing how covered it was in dried semen. When he shined his light in her face she was looking at him in horror.

"Oh my god," he cried. "Jenny."

"D.Daddy" she stammered.

* * * * *

Author's Note: This urban legend has been around for many years. I've never heard it as an interracial story, but the basic plot is always the same. Cop's partner sleeps with girl and cop discovers it's his daughter. Variations are known to exist, one of which is the man who orders a prostitute, only to find out it's his daughter.

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