tagAnalThe Pool

The Pool

byWolf Free©

We had decided to try to dig a pool down in the creek. We wanted a pool long enough, and wide enough, and deep enough, for the two of us to wade up to our necks in the cool water. We knew where the creek originated. From the northeast corner of our property we could see where it leaked out of our neighbor's back yard. Even during the drought we had two years ago, the creek kept flowing.

So we decided that attempting to dig the pool just down stream of the little walk-bridge (that led over to the picnic meadow we made last summer) would be the ideal spot.

Let me tell you...I wished there was a way to get a small steam shovel down there but it is way too secluded to drive anything except a John Deere garden tractor down there.

We had been digging all day and I'm sure glad we had a double-wheeled wheelbarrow. Moving all that dirt was hard work. So about 2:45 I suggested we knock off digging for the day and Ellie, ever helpful, certainly agreed. As we mounted the stairs to the side porch, I saw Ellie's butt swaying to-and-fro as she climbed the seven stairs before me. She knows I love looking at her and she sways her butt under my nose quite often (to our mutual delight!)

As we entered the house we both began removing our work clothes, Ellie removing her shoes and socks, tossing aside her blouse, then removing her shorts, thus standing in our utility room wearing just her panties. She turned to me as I bent down to untie my shoes, walking into my face, rubbing her belly across my nose. I stuck out my tongue and enjoyed the salty flavor of her sweat. When I tried to lick the front of her panties, she softly pushed my face aside and walk to the shower. So I finished undressing, waiting my turn for the shower, when I saw her green eyes smile as she said, "Would you like to wash my back?" Then she stepped under the spray.

When I entered the shower she was facing the wall, her back to me, leaning under the spray, and swaying her behind as the warm water splashed down her back. I don't know if she was just trying to insure that her entire back was thoroughly wet, or inviting me to approach her. So I decided the latter, got down on my knees behind her, and pressed my face into her buttocks. She pushed back at me, spreading her cheeks on both sides of my nose. She knows I love her ass and she showed this by reaching behind and spreading her buttocks, her fingers full of her cheeks, offering herself to me. I licked.

Yes, I licked. Downwards, my tongue tasting her sweat, then began tasting her anus, circling, feeling her anal muscles tightening, then loosening, then gripping my tongue as I slid in. I could feel her anus adjusting to my presence, trying to force me out. I began wiggling my tongue in her, flicking, sliding, and enjoying her flavor.

She pulled away and as my tongue slipped out she turned to me and said, "I've got to poop. Do you want it, or should I dry off and go sit on the toilet?"

I grabbed her by the hips and turned her around to again face the wall.

She spread her buttocks for me, leaning forward and thrusting her ass outwards towards me. I watched as she placed pressure on her bowels, her anus tightening, then the muscles relaxed. I saw them beginning to relax even more as her anus slowly opened until I soon saw a small turd ball working its way out. Quickly I put my mouth on her ass, my tongue touching that soft, brown morsel. I could feel her pushing, the turd ball moving slowly outward, outward into my waiting mouth.

I began to lick, first around her wide opened anus, then touching the turd ball, tasting her body, tasting her shit. I felt her pushing, pushing, and pushing that turd ball outward, into my waiting mouth. "Okay," she said, "that's it. Now show me."

As she turned around facing me once again, I stood before her, opened my mouth, showing her the piece of turd she gave me. "Do it," she said.

I began to softly chew, enjoying the heat of her turd, enjoying the flavor of her shit in my mouth. I chewed, occasionally opening my mouth a little, letting her see her body's gift staining my teeth, pieces of turd on my tongue. And as I chewed she began to masturbate me, soap acting as a lubricant, her right hand stroking my shaft as her left hand drifted down between my legs. I squatted down a little, spreading my legs, giving her access to me. I felt her finger circling my anus, pushing against the muscles, the soap on her fingers making the piercing of my ass easier. I pushed down on her finger until I felt her other fingers against my balls. Her index finger was all the way up my ass. Still, I chewed; still I enjoyed the debasement of having her shit in my mouth.

As her finger sought my prostate, her right hand stroked me to a firm erection.

"Well now that I've some room in my ass, thanks to your mouth, I've room for something else. Any ideas?" She smiled.

I placed my hands on her hips, slowly turning her around. She bent over, her hands gripping her ankles as I approached her from the rear.

"You're well lubricated by the soap. Slid it in, dear, fuck my ass for me!"

The head of my cock touched her anus and I could feel her easing her muscles, opening, granting me access to her. I slid in, feeling the heat of her ass engulfing my cock, the warmth once again welcoming me. I began moving my hips, my cock sliding in and out, the head almost slipping free. I pulled her by the hips, pulled her tight onto me, feeling her adjusting to me. For several minutes we stood there, her bent over, me fucking her ass. Then, deep in her I paused. As she knew, I was pausing to enjoy the tingle in my balls, the announcement that my climax was arriving.

Often, just before I climax, my cock gets just a bit harder, just a bit longer, and Ellie's ass knows this. Suddenly I began thrusting, fucking her hard, shoving my cock as deep in her ass as I could get. "Fill me," she cried, "Give me your cum!

"There! I feel it. Your cum is so hot. Its burning good in my ass."

I came, my cock spewing sperm in Ellie's ass as my hips worked in and out. Soon my stroking stopped, halted as my climax changed from spurting to simply oozing cum.

I softened, slipping out, beginning to fall back down on my knees.

Ellie's hands once again reached around to grip her cheeks, pulling her buttocks aside, displaying for my eyes her open anus, the muscles relaxed, some cum slowly dripping out.

I drank, my tongue felching her, my mouth sucking the hot mixture of sperm and her body's flavor, tasting the slight saltiness of my cum, the delicious flavor of her ass.

She strained, striving to push out into my mouth all I had just injected into her. I persisted, slipping my tongue in her ass, swinging it around within her, seeking all of my cum until I sensed the surface of another turd ball. I removed my mouth to tell her, "Do it. Shit in my mouth again."

She did, this time a larger quantity of her body's gift. And as I knelt there, sucking the cum-covered turd out of her body she said, "Don't swallow this one. Save some room for supper. Then come to bed. The evening's young and I'm horny."

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied.

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