tagLoving WivesThe Pool Boy Pt. 02

The Pool Boy Pt. 02


[Author's Note: A characters in this story are over 18 years old.]


The walk-in shower in Bill and Crystal's master bath was good sized, but not one of those room-sized ones. It was a very comfortable size for two people, making it intimate for three.

Bill had the water running and adjusted when Jeff and Crystal got upstairs. They walked into the bathroom, both as naked as Bill, and Jeff reached out his hand to shake.

"I'm Jeff," he said. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. H."

Bill shook his hand, and said, "Likewise. Welcome to our home. I think you've met my wife?"

They all laughed, and Crystal said, "Yes, I've had the pleasure."

"Well, let's hope that's just the first of many pleasures," Bill said, opening the shower door.

They all got in, and then had to take turns under the shower head to get wet. The shower itself was just narrow enough, that one pretty much had to make body contact with another person for all three of them to change positions.

Both Jeff and Bill thought it would be only polite to wash Crystal first, so she soon had four hands sliding all over her slippery, naked body.

Jeff stood behind her, and with his hardening cock nestled between the slippery cheeks of her beautifully rounded ass, he reached around her to wash her tits, massaging the soap all over them, and sliding her nipples between his fingers.

He slid his soapy hands off of her tits, and up her throat as she tilted her head back with her eyes closed, obviously enjoying his caress.

At the same time that he slowly stroked her slender neck, she pushed her ass back, and rocked it slowly back and forth working his now-stiff dick deeper into her soapy ass crack. She worked her legs a little bit, and his slippery member slid between her legs.

Crystal then took hold of her husband, and pulled him close, sandwiching herself tightly between the two excited men. Bill's hard cock slipped between her legs from the front, meeting and sliding along side Jeff's, entering from behind.

It was the first contact that Bill had ever had with another man's dick, and he was relieved to find that it wasn't repulsive, but actually exciting in a wicked, taboo-breaking kind of way.

That their two dicks were meeting between the legs of Bill's sexy, open-minded wife—who began gyrating her hips to work the two cocks together—made the sensation all the more arousing.

If Jeff and Bill had not each had an orgasm just a little while before, Crystal would probably have had both of them cumming very quickly. Fortunately, it was not something she wanted to do ... not yet, anyway

After a little while of feeling the two hard cocks between her legs, squishing and sliding against each other, Crystal pushed them apart.

One at a time, she squatted in front of each of them, and using both of her hands and plenty of soap, she gently—but thoroughly—washed their hard cocks, their balls, and even slid her hand up the cracks of their asses.

"I think we're clean enough," Crystal said as she stood up and pushed her husband under the shower head to rinse off. "Let's get out of here, and find a place where there's more room."


Two minutes later, they had toweled each other off, and were heading, naked, for the king size bed.

It was the first chance that Bill had to get a clear view of Jeff's erection, and he was glad to see that it was about as big around as his own, if maybe just a bit longer. Ever since broaching this whole idea with Crystal, he had been a little worried that if her fantasy lover was a lot bigger than he was that she might find that she really liked big cocks, and would find him disappointing afterward. Now, he could relax about that, anyway.

Crystal sat on the bed, and laid back, propped up on her elbows with her legs over the edge. Looking up at Jeff, she said, "You know, my poor husband had a rather obstructed view when you were eating my pussy, down by the pool. Would you mind terribly giving him a repeat performance?"

"Mrs. H," he said, dropping to his knees on the carpet, "Not only do I not mind, it would be my absolute pleasure!"

He put his face between her legs, and as Bill watched—close up, this time—he covered her mound with his open mouth and began to suck.

She straightened her arms, allowing herself to lie back on the bed, closed her eyes, and drew in a deep breath as his tongue wiggled through the folds of her pussy, and then flicked over her clit.

Bill sat on the bed next to Crystal, watching as Jeff slid his tongue up and down the full length of his wife's pussy, sucking on her clit at the top of his travels, and pushing deeply between her tender folds at the bottom. The kid certainly seemed to know what he was doing down there, and Crystal's expression and contented mews showed that she thought so, too.

Bill got up, walked over to the dresser, picked up his cell phone, and turned on the video camera.

With the camera in one hand, and the other sliding slowly up and down the length of his hard-on, Bill moved in to get some close-ups of his beautiful wife getting her pussy eaten by a well-built and good looking young stud.

As he filmed, Jeff brought both hands up to Crystal's pussy, and spread the lips apart as far as his fingers would make them go. Then, with the wet inner depths of her pussy exposed, he stuck his tongue in as deep as he could, and began to wiggle and swirl it around.

Crystal let out a pleasant, "Ahhh!", and Bill did a slow pan with the camera to get a shot of her face. On the way to her face, he filmed her hands firmly cupping both of her tits, and her thumbs rubbing across her erect nipples.

He crawled onto the bed as he framed the camera on her face. Her eyes were closed, and her lips were parted just slightly as she took deep breaths, lost in the powerful sensations that Jeff was stimulating in her pussy.

As he filmed Jeff's actions from a new angle, he realized how different the kid's technique was from his own. Perhaps it was just youthful exuberance, but he seemed to be almost aggressive in style. Bill hadn't thought about it before, but he began to realize that after many years of eating his wife's pussy, he had probably slipped into a predictable—if still enjoyable—routine. What Jeff was giving her was something completely new.

Holding the camera on Jeff's face in his wife's pussy, he leaned down, and said quietly to her, "You really like the way he does that, don't you?"

"Mmm," she answered contentedly. "He's good!" Then, she opened her eyes, and added quickly, "Not as good as you, but ..."

Bill chuckled, and said, "Liar!" He bent over and kissed her, and added, "It's okay to love what he's doing, baby; I sure love how it makes you look while he's doing it! I don't think I've ever seen you so turned on."

Just then Crystal sucked in her breath, and moaned, "Oh!"

Bill looked down to where he had the camera aimed, and saw that Jeff was grinding his nose into his wife's clit, while stretching her pussy lips wide apart, and mashing his tongue as deep into her soft wet opening as he could.

"Okay," she said, exhaling a deep breath, and looking up at her husband. "Yeah; I like what he's dong down there!"

"You just like it?" he teased. "The grip you have on your tits, and their hard little nipples tell a different story."

She smiled at his prodding, and said, "Okay; you win. I love it! Are you satisfied?"

"You love what, baby?" he pressed. "Tell me what you love."

She smiled, again, as she got where he was going, and replied, "I love the way he eats my hungry fucking cunt, baby! I love how he has my sloppy wet pussy stretched open, and how he's fucking my cunt with his whole fucking face!"

Bill chuckled, and said, "That's more like it. Don't keep those feelings bottled up; it's unhealthy."

Crystal smiled up at her husband, and said, "You like watching me get my hot cunt eaten by a young stud, don't you?"

"No, baby," he said with a big return smile, "I love it! You look so fucking hot, right now, it's unbelievable!"

Crystal reached both of her hands down, and put them on the back of Jeff's head. As she began to rock her hips, fucking her pussy against his face, she pulled him even harder against her soaking wet mound, until she was almost afraid she might break his nose grinding it into her clit.

Between panting breaths, Crystal commanded him, "Shove your fingers up my cunt, Jeff! Grind them into my G-spot and fuck my little clitty with your nose! I am going to cum all over your handsome cunt-fucking face!"

Jeff did as he was told, and shoved two fingers into her cunt hole, fucking them in and out, hard and fast. It looked to Bill like he was almost punching Crystal's pussy with the rest of his fingers balled-up into a fist ... and she was loving it!

Finally, as he felt her begin to tense up, he ground his fingertips against her G-spot while he kept his nose hard against her clit, and his tongue pressed into the folds of her pussy.

Crystal arched her back, threw her head back, and let out an almost-growl from deep in her throat as her orgasm erupted, drenching Jeff's face and hand with wave after wave of her hot cunt juice.

When the intense spasms finally began to ebb, she pushed Jeff's face away from her pussy, blew out a long breath, and said, "Holy fucking hell! Where did you lean to do that?"

Wiping his face with the tissues Bill handed him, he answered, "My girlfriend tells me what she likes, so I guess you should thank her, if you liked it."

Crystal chuckled, and said, "I'll have to send her a nice note, because I sure did!"

Taking barely enough time to catch her breath, Crystal then said to Jeff, "You've eaten my pussy twice, now; don't you think it's time you fucked me?"

Jeff looked over at Bill, and said, "You're okay with it, right?"

"Whatever she wants, is okay with me," he answered him, while looking at his wife.

"Thank you, baby!" she said with a big smile. "I love you so much!"

Standing, Jeff took hold of her legs and slid her butt a little closer to the edge of the bed, and she put her arms around her legs, and pulled them back and apart.

As she looked down over her naked body, and the stiff cock that was about to enter her, a thought struck her.

"Hey baby," she said to Bill, "why don't you show him how okay you are with him fucking your horny wife's cunt, by guiding his hard dick into me?"

"You okay with that?" Bill said to Jeff.

Bill knew immediately that, as she had in the shower, Crystal was trying to find out if Jeff had any aversion to being touched by another guy ... and also to ease him into that side of things.

Jeff put his hands behind his back, his hard dick standing straight out and aimed at Crystal's soaked pussy, and answered, "Whatever the lady wants is okay with me, too."

Bill climbed off the bed, and stood next to the naked, well-built stud who was about to fuck his wife.

As Crystal watched intently, he reached in front of him, and wrapped his fingers around the first cock he had ever had in his hand, aside from his own. As their penis-to-penis contact had been in the shower, Bill found that the sensation of having a hard dick in his hand was actually more arousing than he might have expected.

He slid his hand along its length, and rubbed his palm over its head, wetting his hand with the generous amount of pre-cum that was there.

He then slid his hand along its full length a couple of times, before putting his other hand on Jeff's back, and guiding him forward toward Crystal's waiting pussy.

Bill ran the head of Jeff's cock up and down and side to side through his wife's pussy lips, and then up to her clit, where he first rubbed it, and then "spanked" the little nub with Jeff's stiff erection.

Crystal moaned her pleasure at the teasing contact, but finally said, "Okay, you two; quit dicking around down there, and shove that cock up my cunt!"

With one more wiggle through the wet folds, Bill positioned the head of Jeff's dick at the entrance to his wife's pussy, and with a light push on his back, silently told Jeff to take over.

Bill bent down and watched closely as Jeff's hard cock spread his wife's pussy lips apart, and slowly disappeared up inside of her. It was an unbelievably erotic sight, made all the more powerful by hearing Crystal suck in her breath as the kid's stiff erection filled her cunt hole.

When Jeff's pubic hair met up with Crystal's bald mound, Bill expected the kid to pull back out, and begin another stroke. Instead, he shoved hard into his wife's cunt, pushing his cock even deeper, and ground his pubic bone hard into Crystal's. With his hard cock buried as deep as seemed physically possible, Jeff then began to rock his hips, grinding their mounds together.

Whether it was the hard contact he was giving her mound, or the unreached-depths that the little extra length of his cock was giving her cunt, Bill couldn't know, but it was obvious that his wife loved what he was doing, as she moaned, "OH, GOD!" and reached around and grabbed Jeff's ass cheeks.

With her fingers digging into the flesh, she tried to pull him even deeper and harder into her cunt, while simply growling between clenched teeth.

Finally, she let go of her grip, and brought her hands back down with a hard slap on both cheeks, as she commanded, "Fuck me! Fuck me, Jeff! Pound that fucking cock up my hungry cunt!"

He withdrew his dick until Bill could see that just the tip of its head was still between his wife's pussy lips, and then he rammed the full length of his cock deep into her in a hard, fast push that ended when their pubic bones met, once again.

He then began repeating the pounding, driving hard enough into Crystal's pussy that he was rocking the bed. Each drive was so deep and hard, that Bill began to wonder if one or both of them was going to end up with a bruise on their pubic mounds.

Despite—or perhaps because of—Jeff's almost violent hammering into her cunt, Bill could see that his wife was in ecstasy being fucked by her fantasy lover. And the look that she wore had Bill turned on more than anything he could remember.

While he desperately wanted to reach down, take hold of his almost painfully hard cock, and start jerking off at the unreal live porn show right in front of him, he knew he wouldn't be able to stop if he started, and that he wouldn't last very long, either. And he knew that he needed to keep his arousal at its peak if he was going to take Jeff's dick in his mouth after he was done fucking his wife.

As his arousal kept escalating, the instinctive taboo against that act continued to drop, and his bi-curious thoughts intensified. And then, of course, there was the fact that Crystal wanted to see him do it, and that meant that he would go through with it, no matter what.

As Bill knelt on the bed, filming the young kid hammer his stiff cock up his wife's cunt, rocking the bed with every hard drive, Crystal looked over at him, and said, "Come over here, and put your hard cock in my mouth! I want to suck your cock while you watch him fucking my cunt!"

Bill crawled over, and placed his dick at Crystal's lips. She kissed and licked the pre-cum away, and then hungrily engulfed as much of his hard dick as would fit in her mouth.

Crystal didn't deep-throat her husband very often; her gag reflex was just too strong. But every once in a while—when they were having unusually hot sex—her sex drive seemed to override that reflex, and she was able take every inch of him into her hot mouth and down her throat. This was one of those times.

She wrapped one hand around the base of her husband's cock, behind his testicles, and reached the other behind his butt to pull him forward. At the same time she tilted her head back as far as she could, lying on the bed.

Bell felt his cock enter the tightness of her throat, and watched it disappeared until his balls were pressed against her nose. He threw his head back, and let out a low moan of total pleasure. God, how he loved this woman!

As her husband fucked her mouth and throat, and Jeff hammered into her cunt, Crystal lay there in complete sexual rapture while the two of them used her body to their—and her—content.

Suddenly, as if something went wrong, she pushed both of the men away.

Jeff looked completely confused, and Bill asked, "What's the matter, baby? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she said as she rolled over, and crawled farther up onto the bed. "I just want a change of position."

With Crystal now on her hands and knees, Jeff wasted no time in crawling up between her legs, rubbing his dick up and down her slit, and then inserting it back into her wet pussy.

As he began fucking her, in a slightly less-aggressive manner—which suited her fine—she opened her mouth, and let her husband stick his cock back in her mouth.

She lapped and sucked his hard dick as her fucked her mouth, every once in a while, pushing it all the way down her throat until her nose was stuck in his pubic hair.

Her moans and her body language told the two men that she was loving the double penetration.

As Jeff pumped his cock in and out of her pussy, he reached under her and began to play with her clit, and she let out a contented "Mmm!" around the cock in her mouth.

Suddenly, she pulled away from Bill, and between deep breaths, she said, "Get under me, baby ... in a sixty-nine. I want you to suck on my clit while Jeff fucks my cunt!"

Bill didn't know if this new position had just occurred to her, or if it was one more way to "ease" him into close proximity to Jeff's dick that she'd been thinking of for days. She could be very clever like that.

Bill looked at Jeff, and asked, again, "You okay with that?"

As he backed away, removing his cock from Crystal's pussy, he answered, "Yeah. No problem, here."

Bill laid on his back, Crystal straddled him—like she'd done hundreds of times before—and he raised his mouth up to her freshly fucked pussy, lapping and sucking the salty juices that it was generating in response to Jeff's fucking.

At the same time that he started licking, she went down on his cock, and buried it all the way down her throat. If Bill still had any inhibitions about what he was getting into, she was making them disappear completely!

After half a minute of sloppy pussy eating, Bill laid his head down and said to Jeff, "Time to shove that thing back up her pussy."

Bill watched intently from his very unique vantage point as Jeff guided his hard cock to his wife's puffy lips, and pushed all the way in with one slow motion. He watched as the kid's rigid flesh slid in and out of her a few times, and then he lifted his head up to tongue his wife's clit.

As he tickled her tiny bud with his tongue, she moaned happily, but then took her mouth from his cock, and said, "Suck on it, Bill! Suck my clit while he fucks that hard cock up my hot little cunt!"

He locked his lips over her clit, and did as instructed; his mouth separated by less than a half inch from the hard cock that was rhythmically fucking her.

Bill had his face so tight up against her pussy that Jeff's balls hit the top of his head each time he drove into her.

Crystal just moaned around the cock that filled her mouth.

While his wife's pussy juices began to flow harder, Bill made the decision to go for it, and he moved his face so that his tongue was right at her pussy entrance. At that moment, he was lapping another man's stiff cock as he fucked his wife.

No doubt fueled by his intense state of arousal, Bill found himself enjoying the sensation of the hot flesh sliding across his tongue, and even tried—unsuccessfully—to insert his tongue into her cunt along with Jeff's cock.

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