tagBDSMThe Portal

The Portal


I stepped up to the monitor Col. Briggs was pointing at and sat down. "What am I supposed to be looking at, sir?"

"A compilation of all the recordings the probes sent back before malfunctioning, after going through the portal. None of them transmitted for more than 30 seconds."

The portal was an energy vortex that had mysteriously appeared on the Army base. They had built a wall around it and sent mechanical probes through with devices that transmitted back the view from the other side. The portal seemed stable, but the universe it connected to was... weird.

I pushed the PLAY button and the clips ran sequentially. 20 of them in all, 7 minutes and 36 seconds of video.

"On the other side seems to be... a universe made up of various video-game and comic book and anime worlds. But they're different than the ones described here in subtle ways."

"We want you to go through and report back, Tim. We figure a live person can avoid whatever was causing the probes to malfunction."

That was a politely phrased order, not a suggestion. I dressed in my full gear, including weapons. I had a body-cam activated, charged and attached.

"Ready, sir."

Col. Briggs guided me into the room where the portal was, egressed, and closed the door. I was alone with the vortex of energy.

His voice crackled through the microphone. "Go!"

I strode powerfully towards the portal and leaped directly into the center of the whirling vortex. I could feel my clothes and gear being shredded or stripped off as I landed with a thump on a new world. Then a burst of energy slammed me backwards, and my head bounced off what felt like a rock. I passed out.


I blinked my eyes open and tried to remember where I was.

Through the portal! I had gone through the portal!

My eyes re-focused and I looked around at my surroundings. I had been stripped of all my gear and was down clothing-wise to just my undershirt and my boxers. I was lying on dirt and my head was resting against a rock.

And there was a shadow looming over me. I looked up.

"Who the hell are you?"

The scowling woman glaring down at me clearly had some Chinese ancestry mixed in. An unlit cigarette dangled from her lips, and she was carrying a brace of Beretta 92F's. Her shorts were unbuttoned and held up by a belt, and she was wearing a black crop top. She appeared to be in her mid-40's.

"Tim Swan. You must be Rebecca Lee."

The Berettas were drawn faster than I thought was humanly possible and pointed directly at my chest.

"The name's Revy. Got that, cocksucker? Call me Rebecca again and it'll be the last thing you ever do."

My voice did a good impression of a mouse's squeak. "Y-yes, Revy."

She drew a booted foot back and with tremendous force, kicked me directly in the crotch. My hands flew down to cover the injured area and I rolled over in pain.

"Get up, asshole!"

Revy shot a hand downwards and yanked me to my feet.

"Where did you come from?"

"A portal appeared connecting this world to mine. My bosses volunteered me to go through it."

Revy's expression seemed to soften just slightly.

"So you also know what it's like to be bossed around."

I nodded. "I don't exactly run my own life. How's the Lagoon Company doing?"

"Don't know. When we went legit a few years back, Rock and Dutch decided my services were no longer needed. They gave me a very generous amount of money as severance pay."

"Does Rock still have feelings for you?"

"Not in a romantic sense. But he stays in touch as a friend."

"Where are we?"

"Rural New York State. Nearest town is about 10 miles from here."

"How's Eda doing?"

"Like me, she's retired now. I haven't seen her in two years."

"What are you going to do with me?"

"If you prove yourself useful, I'll keep you around. Just remember that I haven't killed anyone in a while and my trigger finger may get itchy if you fuck up."

Revy grabbed my wrist and started striding towards a house about 50 yards distant. I kept up easily. She guided me inside and shoved me down into a chair.

"You can make yourself useful by cooking and cleaning. And you won't be needing those clothes."

I stood up and removed what was left of my outfit. Revy pointed towards a cabinet. "Cleaning supplies are in there. You can start with this room."

One thing the Earth military teaches you is how to clean. I scrubbed the floor clean, then set to work on the furniture, openly admiring Revy's muscular, busty body. She'd kept herself in excellent shape.

She, of course, noticed. "See something you like, Tim?"

"You're a beautiful woman, Revy."

"People said that a lot more often when I was younger," she chuckled. "Not too many men call a 47-year-old beautiful."

When I finished cleaning the room, I straightened up and walked over in front of her. "My dick wouldn't be hard if I didn't find you attractive."

Revy grinned and looked over my naked body. "You make a good point. I'm hungry. Go into the kitchen and cook a meal for two."

"Is there anything in particular you had in mind?"

"Nope. Just make sure it's tasty."

I found the kitchen, washed my hands to get the cleaning chemicals off them, and prepared a simple yet nourishing meal. Steak, salad, mashed potatoes, and orange juice to drink.

"Not bad," Revy grunted, chewing a large bite of her steak. "I may have a reason to keep you alive for a while yet."

I hoped she would do more than just keep me alive, but I said nothing, merely acknowledging her remark with a slight nod.

When we finished eating, Revy supervised while I rinsed the dishes and the kitchen items I'd used for cooking and placed them in the dishwasher.

"You still have a hard-on."

"You didn't get any less sexy in the past hour."

"I suppose you want me to make you cum."

"I won't say no."

"Get on the bed." Revy pointed with her drawn gun towards a bedroom. I made haste.

"Hold still." Revy had me lying face-up. She grabbed my hands and drew them towards the headboard. With a CLICK, I was securely manacled.

She yanked off her shirt, revealing massive breasts and large nipples. I let out a soft whistle. After letting me drink in her bare breasts, Revy stripped off her remaining clothing and produced a strap-on from the end table.

"I'm sure you've been fucked plenty of times, but probably never like this," she smirked, lubing up the toy.

I nodded. "Never like this."

Revy properly secured the strap-on and slid a pillow under my lower back, giving her access. She actually worked it in carefully instead of jamming it in.


"As I'll ever be."

Revy started off by thrusting steadily. The feel of the strap-on sliding in and out of my back-channel kept my pole stiff.

"You seem to be able to take it." Revy sped up the motion of her hips. Now she was plowing me deep and hard.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was just a little bit of physical pain and my anti-torture training had made me experience far worse, so I grunted in response. She stroked my cock as she rammed her strap-on in and out of me.

"I appreciate a man who knows his place and lets a woman run things. It's how the world should always be."

I locked eyes with her and tried to relax my body some more.

"I think you might well be worth keeping, Tim."

"Thanks, Revy."

Her hand motion sped up. Now my cock was twitching and throbbing.

"Seems like you've got a lot in there."

"I've been kinda busy lately. Haven't had a chance to get it out."

"How are you at eating pussy?"

I shrugged. "I've done it before."

Revy, with a violent motion, yanked her hips backwards, popping the strapon from my ass. Leaving me manacled to the bed, she removed the toy and quickly but thoroughly cleaned it before rejoining me.

"Stick your tongue out."

Revy rotated her body around and lowered her slit to my tongue. I licked along it, tasting her juices.

"Not bad."

She pressed herself downwards, and my tongue was forced inside her folds. I began swirling it in circles to lap up her fluids. Revy's strong legs locked around my head. I felt her tongue lick along my stiff shaft.

"Mmmmm." My voice was muffled, but the tone was obvious. I liked what she was doing to me.

"Keep licking."

I sped up my tongue's motions. Revy was stroking the base of my cock and teasing my balls with her fingers, while she sucked on the upper portion. It felt exquisite. My body shivered with pleasure.


Revy's body quavered and her legs tightened around me. I licked with more intensity.


I felt my legs tense and my balls tighten. Revy was now squeezing my head so tightly between her thighs I thought my skull would crack.

She unleashed a gusher of nectar right as I erupted, shooting jets of sperm into her mouth. I gulped down as much as I could while she sealed her lips around my pole and swallowed.

A long moment later, after we both regained control of our bodies, Revy un-manacled me. I rubbed my wrists for a moment as she lay down next to me.

"You can stay for as long as you lick my pussy that well any time I ask."


I lay on the bed, still and spent. Revy adjusted my body so that my head was on her chest.

"Time to sleep."

The next morning, after we both performed our waking-up routine, Revy gave me a sexy grin.

"I am retired now, you know, so I need to find some way to spend my time..."

I stuck out my tongue.

"You catch on quick. Maybe I'll get back in touch with Eda."

I mentally started preparing for my new life as a tongue slut. Certainly my fate could be a lot worse...

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