tagFetishThe Power of Clothing Pt. 04

The Power of Clothing Pt. 04


Again we are with Kate. Now, though, it is a completely different garment that creates the sexual atmosphere both for her and the man for whom she works.

If this is your first visit to my Power of Clothing series, I would strongly recommend you reading the previous parts, particularly Part 3, which introduces my friend Kate to the world of Literotica.

Chapter 1

They hadn't fucked, yet. Both of them, though, were beginning to think it was becoming inevitable.

Chapter 2

Kate had gone back to work. She had got the job she had been interviewed for the day she first had cybersex with Dean, something that now had become fairly regular. It was also the day she had worn the sexy underwear or 'erotic attire' as the website from which she had bought the gear, termed it. And it was also the day she displayed herself in that gear to her husband, with whom she had not had sex for nearly three months. Additionally, it was the day she had had sex with her husband. Full sex, just forty minutes after lying back in her chair, watching the naked, beautiful, young Dean masturbating himself as he wrote what he would do to her if they were together, as she made love to herself.

Kate was forty-something. She was relatively happily married with two children, a faithful, marriage and a good social life. They were financially secure, she wanted for nothing but one thing, some fucking excitement in her boring life.

That's why she had started surfing the net, why she had started using chat rooms and flirting with men on there. It was also why she had bought herself some sexy underwear, thongs, half-cup bras, French knickers and a couple of basques. It was the combination of the two that had caused that amazing evening to happen.

She had slipped into the pale, grey lacy thong and bra ready to surprise Paul, her husband, but a business dinner had delayed him. Instead, she went on the net; her friend Dean was there. She explained what she was wearing, watched his cam, saw his gorgeous, naked erect cock and let him persuade her to cyber with him. Moments after they finished, Paul came home and she displayed herself to him in that lovely underwear. It had had the same effect on him as it had on her and Dean and she and Paul hade the best sex they had for ages. After, she smiled, not just the best, pretty much the only as well.

She had decided to go back to work to relieve the tedium. The job was only part time, after all a girl has to find the time for tennis, golf, shopping and lunching, doesn't she?

The job was a in a private clinic working for Dr. Stephen Masters a consultant psychologist. The job was called a Medical Assistant, but it was nearly all computer based admin and some phone work. Stephen was now so successful he rarely saw patients. Instead, cases were referred to him for him to comment and advise upon. At the same time, he was writing two books so, as he put it "Seeing patients is too much of a fucking pain."

He was in his early fifties, had fairly long, blonde hair going grey and was strikingly good looking. Over six feet tall he was, luckily, naturally slim. Kate could attest to him having a good physique for she saw him working out in the hospital gym three or four times a week. He could equally attest to Kate having a luscious body for he could hardly take his eyes off her when she was on the running and rowing machines or a bike.

Kate always thought of herself physically as being 'nearly.'She had, nearly shoulder-length, nearly naturally, blonde hair which, as part of her makeover, she was growing longe and making blonder. She was overweight, probably by eight to ten pounds, but she was curvy, some said voluptuous, that made her figure nearly spectacular. She was just five feet five, so a little on the short side, but that just made her curves more obvious. She had reasonable, nearly perfect from the knees down, legs, though as she called them, they were a little chunky on her thighs, a nicely rounded, sticky out bum, with just a touch of sag and a nearly flat tum, which after two kids at her age wasn't bad at all. The one thing she felt that there was nothing 'nearly' about was her tits. They were great, nearly spectacular, she sometimes smiled. Thirty four inches of delicious D cup glory was how Paul described them, well he had once, many years ago now.

Stephen was married. Happily? Yes he guessed so, and he didn't, well hadn't strayed, yet. He was rich. He earned well in excess of two million a year. His near aristocratic wife from an exceedingly 'proper' background had inherited a fortune from her grandparents and was in for an even larger one when her parents, who were both well into the eighties, kicked it. They had three children all of whom loathed them, they saw little of them. Stephen and Marcia had a 'small' five bed-roomed, Georgian house in Hampstead, a near country estate in Norfolk and a few other flats and houses littered around, Gstaadt, San Tropez and New York. Marcia tended to stay in Norfolk, Stephen in Hampstead with one or the other travelling at weekends, depending upon their social arrangements.

Stephen was an avowed tit man. How he came to marry a 32 A stick-insect of a woman, he couldn't fathom, either love or money, he guessed, but couldn't work out which.

Chapter 3

Kate and Stephen worked very closely together. She looked after all the computer stuff. There was were loads of complicated medical case studies and notes and some huge databases to look after, together with conducting most of the research for his two books. One of those was a clinical exposition on the causes of sexual neuroses, the other a raunchy novel, about a jet-setting doctor.

From the first day, they had hit it off.

"Call me Doctor when we are working and Steve or Stephen when we're not," he had explained the first day, adding. "So it won't be doctor much."

Kate had smiled, liking his deep brown eyes and the slight, smile that seemed to be permanently on his face. He had smiled back, enjoying her green eyes, the way she frequently put her hand up to flick away a lock of hair that fell across her forehead. He found that sexy mainly, he acknowledged, because it stretched the rather baggy, dark blue, top of the tunic that all medical assistants had to wear, across her full breasts.

He was not employed by the hospital and as with most medical consultants he was freelance. He also worked a day or so a week in a NHS hospital, for free, wrote many articles, attended conferences, gave numerous speeches and sat on a number of committees, both medical and otherwise. Stephen had, she thought, a busy, but nicely organised life, for he pretty much worked the hours and days he chose, he only seemed to work at things he enjoyed and he and Marcia had six or eight weeks holiday a year. As well as Kate, his medical assistant, he also shared a secretary, who worked from a surgery he shared with several other doctors in Harley Street.

Had the company which owned the private hospital in Highgate where Kate worked not been taken over by a Danish consortium, things might have been so different; they both often looked back and thought. Had the new owners not have 'rebranded' nearly everything, had they not have introduced new uniforms and had they not have made all Medical Assistants wear those white coats, Stephen and Kate may just have remained, doctor and assistant.

It was just a month after she took the job that the take-over happened. "No big deal," Stephen explained to her after the MD of the company had made the announcement. "Nothing much will change for us."

He was correct in most ways. The work was the same, the processes and procedures changed a little and new signs with stylish logos appeared, but essentially, he was right, nothing much changed. That is until the Monday, a few weeks later, when the new uniforms were introduced.

The nurses had white trousers or skirts and blue tops, the supervisors had blues skirts or trousers and white tops and the medical assistants, white coats. That in itself didn't really change much. But in other ways it changed everything.

As Kate had tried the coat on at home, she had, at first, been quite pleased at her reflection. As she looked closer, though, what had been 'quite pleased' changed. She felt a little shiver of excitement. The coat was fairly tight, even though all of them had been carefully measured by the firm that made the uniforms. It ended just on her knee and had short lapels from the top button, which was just above her cleavage, to the thin collar. All fairly simple, straightforward and nothing to get your knickers in a twist about, she mused. There were three aspects of the coat, which did though, get her knickers in a twist. It had buttons all the way down the front, it had a wide blue belt round the waist, which felt like a corset and it was made of a very fine cotton, which meant that everything under it was slightly on show.

Why either, or both of those got to her, she wasn't quite sure, but they certainly did. She smiled when she thought back to the evening she had first tried on her 'erotic apparel.' 'Maybe I should log on and chat to Dean?' She smiled.

"Jesus, Kate," Stephen said that Monday morning when she came into the consulting room wearing the coat.


"Er, nothing, it's fine. Nice new uniform."

They didn't see each other that much during the day, for he had meetings both in the hospital and with his publisher.

Kate couldn't help looking at herself in the mirror in the private bathroom several times. The coat simply made her feel sexy. Seeing the outline of her 'ordinary' underwear, feeling her waist being pulled in and seeing her curves, which were exaggerated by the tightness of the belt, aroused her. She undid a few buttons at the top so that her cleavage was revealed. She undid some buttons beneath her waist and took a stride so that her inner legs right up to her thighs were show. God that turned her on!

Stephen was in meetings most of the day and had no real need to go back to the hospital. His mind, though, had been filled time and time again during the day with visions of Kate in that white coat; he just had to see more.

"Oh, I didn't think you would be back today, Doctor," Kate said when he opened the consulting room door. She was tidying a filing cabinet with her back to the door. She turned her head and upper body towards him.

"Hey Stephen when we're not working, right?"

"Are we not working then?" Kate asked, extremely aware of his eyes boring into her back.

Stephen smiled as he looked at Kate, seeing the outline of her the leg elastic of her full, high-waisted panties and her bra strap. As she was reaching into the top drawer of the cabinet she had to stand on tip toe. That stretched the coat and made the hem ride up the back of her legs, some six inches or so above her bare legs, which still carried the tan from her week's golf in Portugal in late September.

"No, I've been a writer all day today," he replied walking across to stand close to her.

"Successfully?" Kate asked feeling vibrations from him to her, as she turned and face him.

"So, so," he replied trying to be not too obvious in staring at the vague outline of Kate's bra and the swell of her breasts inside the white coat.

Chapter 4.

"Kate you look absolutely awesome," came up on her screen.

She stared at the screen, which was now filled with Dean's hand holding his erection. They had not only become onscreen lovers, but also confidants. He told her about the girls he was chasing and the one he was shagging. She told him about her Stephen and the coat.

Since that first time, Kate and Dean had cybered fairly regularly, about once a week. They also chatted a lot and had become good friends. She didn't do it with anyone else. With some persuasion from Dean she had bought a cam and now when they chatted they could see each other.

Undressing and masturbating in front of the cam watching Dean as she did, was highly embarrassing at first, but now she was used to it. Hence, when he asked to see the coat she had needed little persuasion.

"Do me a favour Kate?"


"Go and take your underwear off and put the coat back on."

"Oooo, you sure?" She asked, immediately feeling a strong surge of arousal.

Of course he was sure and of course Kate did it. She felt fantastic doing the coat up, looking in the mirror as it moulded itself to her breasts.

"Oh my God, that's amazing, put your hands behind your head," Dean typed pumping his cock with long steady strokes.

"Mmmmm gorgeous, I can see the outlines of your nipples, they are getting hard now, Kate."

She knew that and she could just about see it on the little monitor.

"Turn round for me Kate?"

"Bend over, try to touch your toes."

"Face the cam again, undo more buttons."

"Top or bottom?"


She undid some buttons so that the bottom was undone to a couple of inches below her pussy and the top to half way down her cleavage, which was quite wide due to the lack of support.

"Fuck me, that's fantastic. Rub your tits in the coat."

She did, it felt lovely.

"Now inside it."

She did it felt even lovelier.

"Kate I am going to have to cum, are you near."

"Yes," she groaned, pulling the hem of the coat up until it was round her hips.

"Oh you dirty, sexy bitch," he wrote.

"I am a slut aren't I?" She asked rubbing her clit furiously as the waves of orgasm broke over her just as her cybertoyboy's cock exploded shooting his spunk in the air.

Chapter 5.

"Unusual for you, Stephen," Marcia said as he reached over and cupped her tiny, almost nonexistent breasts in bed that night "During the week?"

"Well you know me Em, unpredictable as always."

"That's true," Marcia replied, wondering what was causing her husband's ardour, for she doubted it was her.

They kissed and she reached down and found his near full erection. That confirmed her belief that there was something else making him randy.

She had few illusions about their marriage. She knew that they were good friends, but nowadays little else than occasional lovers. She doubted they would ever divorce, but knew if there ever had been any real magic, it had long gone. Whether he was faithful or not held little interest to Marcia. She was, as she termed it to her therapist and some close friends, 'generally faithful with occasional lapses.' These tended to be with younger men, especially ski instructors or golf coaches, and two ladies with whom she dallied now and again. In fact, as she got older, Marcia found herself being drawn more and more towards other women, a habit she had acquired at the all girls college she had attended. She had one 'friend' in particular who gave her the best sex she had ever experienced. She was a corsetierre, who had a business in Brighton making made to measure corsets. Whilst Marcia felt no need to own or wear one herself, she understood the appeal, for her friend, Greta a full on lesbian, had explained all about it one time as they lay in each other's arms after sex.

Even though, overall, she now preferred the soft gentleness of women, she still appreciated a hard cock, and that was something Stephen had in spades.

"Mmmm, now that's a lovely boner, where's that come from?" She asked, rubbing it and shoving her tongue down Stephen's throat.

"Oh here and there" he replied tweaking her nipple and making her gasp with the sudden pain.

"Nothing to do with that big titted new assistant you've got then?" She mischievously asked just as Stephen's finger slid into the cheek of her bum.

"What makes you say that?"

"I know how you like big tits and she's got them in abundance, I'm told." Marcia said cupping and squeezing her husband's balls, quite firmly.

"So I believe?" He replied a vision of Kate in the white coat filling his mind.

He never ceased to be surprised at just how much Marcia knew of what went on at the hospital, but then her family had owned a goodly portion of the company and had just got even richer when the Danes bought it. She had a good network of spies, he always thought, with that being confirmed when Marcia went on to say.

"And I hear she, or should I say they, look spectacular in that new uniform" Marcia said guiding her husband's erection towards her waiting pussy.

As Stephen slid into the familiar wetness of his wife's vagina, he had Kate in his mind. That was emphasised and exacerbated by Marcia groaning as she started to cum.

"I bet you would like to fuck big tits, with her bent over your desk, that coat rolled up round her waist, her big arse up in the air quivering like her tits as you bang her cunt hard, wouldn't you?"

Chapter 6

Most of the other medical assistants were younger than Kate, so they had termed her 'aunty.'

The white coat uniform had been in use for a week or so when they were sitting round at lunch in the excellent staff restaurant recently provided by the new owners. They were chatting about them and how things had changed with the general consensus being 'much for the better.'

"And what do we think of this?" A tall willowy, slim blonde asked, holding the lapel of her uniform.

"What your tit?" Kelly, a short sturdy looking Liverpudlian asked.

"No, the uniform," Charlotte said.

Again the general consensus was that it was good.

Fiona, a rather posh 'sloany' type piped up.

"Have any of you found it mildly sexual at all?"

Kate felt herself blushing.

"Why have you?" Kelly asked.

"Well not exactly, but my husband loves it."

"How do you mean?"

"Well he gets me to wear it as we go to bed and then he fucks me in it."

"Bloody hell, I'll have to take it home then and see it it affects my old man like that," Kelly laughed.

The conversation turned to other topics, but after a while returned to the white coat.

"It is a bit see through isn't it?" Kate offered.

"Yes darling, especially when you have some cargo like yours to stretch it, nicely." Charlotte smiled back staring at Kate's boobs.

"Anyway, we wanted to chat about that and maybe ask them to make from a heavier material," Kelly said. "I get fed up flashing me knickers and I hate VPLs."

"VPLs?" Kate asked.

"Visible panty lines aunty," Fiona explained.

"Oh yes, sorry."

"And on that subject," Fiona continued, "You are quite prominent Kate."

"Am I? Aren't you lot then?

"No, look," Kelly said standing up, "Come on girls let's show aunty."

The four of them stood with their backs to Kate and all bent forward a little.

"See, no VPLs." Charlotte said.

"Almost looks like no panties," Kate quipped.

"Now that sounds a good idea, especially if you work for the scrumptious Stephen." Kelly laughed.

"We all wear thongs, Kate, except you."

"Oh I see."

Kate hadn't entered the 21st century as far as girly underwear was concerned. She still wore her 'sensible' stuff for work and reserved her 'special' gear for seducing her husband and wearing for Dean. She realised that she needed to change.

Chapter 7

Pretending to read a case paper as Kate walked from her PC to the photocopier and back, Stephen's eyes didn't leave Kate's body for a moment when she wasn't looking. Her bum, particularly, seemed to draw his gaze like a magnet. It seemed slightly fuller, it wobbled more, there were no grooves or lines under the coat and, he had thought when he saw it for the first time this morning, 'she looks fucking naked under it.'

As he created 'ogling opportunities' during the day, he realised that she wasn't pantyless, but was wearing a thong. As with most men, he didn't like full, Bridget Jones' type knickers, but he wasn't sure he would have been able to handle no knickers. Even then when he had worked out that Kate was wearing a thong he had got a hard on.

Kate felt 'tingly' all that day working with Stephen. They had a number of tasks where they had to work closely together and several times they had to sit looking at her PC screen; several times their arms or legs touched. For both of them, though unknown to the other, they were like electric shocks.

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