tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Power of Four Ch. 03

The Power of Four Ch. 03


Chapter 3 Piper's welcome

Paige walked into P3 wearing a tight leather dress that barely covered her ass. She smiled at the looks that men gave her as she made her way to the bar. She was hot and horny and looking for some fun. She met a couple of guys eyes and smiled but that was about it, none of them struck her interest for long. She got to the bar and ordered a mineral water, she sat at the bar sipping her drink when Piper came up from the back. "Hey sis." She said putting her arm around Paige's shoulder. "God that sounds weird."

Paige chuckled and flipped her hair back from her face. "Tell me about it, all my life I've been an only child. Now all of a sudden I have three sisters and two brother in laws. It is definitely going to take getting used to."

Piper moved behind the bar and grabbed a mineral water, she put a straw in it and took a long drink. "So what brings you by my place?" She asked looking at Paige appreciatively.

Paige shrugged and took another sip of her drink. "I love this place. I've been coming here since you opened it." She looked around then leaned closer to Piper. "Good place to pick up some honey." She whispered then giggled.

Piper chuckled and smiled, she looked around at the dancers all crowded around on the dance floor. "Yeah, there is that." She smiled as Leo walked up. "Then again, I don't have to worry about that anymore, I've got my man."

Leo took her hand in his and kissed it then ran his eyes up and down over Paige. He whistled as he smiled at her. "Damn girl, you look good tonight."

Paige blushed at his words. "Thanks, you never know when you're gonna get lucky."

Leo exchanged a look with Piper then smiled at Paige once more as Piper handed him a beer. He popped the top off of it and took a long drink then smiled at Paige once more. He looked at Piper who just smiled and nodded then he leaned over so he could whisper in Paige's ear. "I would love to get lucky with you sis." He said seductively.

Paige's eyes widened and she pulled away from him looking at him in shock. "Um...that is..." she stammered. She looked over at Piper but she was busy wiping down the counter and not paying any attention. Paige looked back at Leo who just smiled and took another drink of his beer. Paige sipped her water trying to compose herself as she felt her pussy start to moisten at his words. She felt her cheeks redden and lowered her eyes.

"Wanna dance?" Leo asked holding his hand out to her. There was actually a slow song playing and Paige was unsure. She liked Leo, she had to admit he was a hunk and the thought of being in his arms really drove her crazy. At the same time though, he was married to Piper. She barely knew her new sister but she didn't want to hurt her either.

Paige looked over at Piper who smiled and shrugged. "I gotta keep an eye on the bar." She said moving to a customer who just walked up to the bar.

Paige looked back at Leo. "Um, sure." She put her water on the bar and took his hand letting him lead her to the dance floor.

When he wrapped his arms around her, Paige melted against him and rested her head on his shoulder. She wrapped her arms around his waist lightly and closed her eyes. She let her body sway to the music as she imagined she was dancing with anyone but her sister's husband.

Leo let his hands run down her back and over her ass. When he squeezed her ass, Paige gasped and opened her eyes looking at him. He just smiled and lowered his head to her ear. "Come on sis, I know you came looking for honey tonight and you look so hot in that outfit."

Paige shivered at his words. "Um....W...what about Piper?" She stammered trying to keep her composure.

He chuckled. "She can come have fun with us. I know she wouldn't mind having a taste of you."

Paige stopped moving and looked at him. What was it with this family? First Prue seduces her in bed now Piper and Leo. She was almost afraid to ask what Phoebe was like. She had to admit though that Leo was a good looking guy and Piper wasn't exactly a dog. The thought of playing with her new family made her pussy leak even more. Leo looked at her with heated eyes and licked his lips seductively. "So what do you say? Wanna have some fun?" He squeezed her ass once more and pulled her tight against him so she could feel his hard cock pressing against her.

"Y...you, me and Piper?" She asked breathlessly leaning into him.

He nodded and smiled tightening his hold on her. She looked up into his eyes and felt her pussy get wetter at the heat she saw there. "O...Okay." She stammered pressing tighter against him.

Leo lifted her head and looked into her eyes. "Really?" he asked huskily.

She nodded and smiled. "Sure, I'm horny as hell, I wanna have some fun."

Leo grinned and lowered his head kissing her softly. "Awesome, Piper is going to be thrilled."

The music stopped and Leo led her back over to the bar. Piper was cleaning glasses and bouncing up and down. She looked at them as they walked up. "Well?" She asked anxiously.

Leo put his arm around Paige and smiled. "She said yes."

Piper beamed at her new sister. "Cool. I'll be right back." She moved over to the other side of the bar and talked to the bartender. Then she dropped her towel on the bar and came around to where Paige and Leo stood. She reached out and grabbed Paige's hand. "Let's go."

Piper pulled on Paige's hand and led her away through the busy bar. They came to the door of the office and she opened the door and led them inside. Paige had never been inside the office at P3 and looked around. It looked like any other office, with a desk and filing cabinet off to one side. What surprised her was that there was a couch against the far wall.

Piper released Paige's hand and walked over by the couch while Leo closed and locked the door behind them. "No one will bother us." Piper said as she pulled her shirt over her head and reached down and unbuttoned her skirt.

Paige watched Piper and licked her lips. Piper was as hot as Prue had been, and she was shivering at the thought of touching her new sister. She slowly reached up and slid the straps of her dress down her arms then pushed her dress down over her body until it pooled around her feet. She stood there naked watching Piper with heated eyes, so she barely noticed when Leo walked up behind her and reaching around, cupped her breast in his hand.

Paige jumped at his touch and looked at him over her shoulder. He smiled and gently caressed her breast with his fingers. "She looks hot doesn't she?" He asked leaning his head down and nuzzling at Paige's neck with his lips.

Paige moaned but never let her eyes move away from Piper. As Piper stripped out of her clothes, Paige licked her lips. She leaned back against Leo, who had brought his other hand around her and was teasing at her pussy lips with his fingers. Piper watched them with heated eyes, and licked her lips. "Spread her open baby, I wanna see that hot pussy." She said huskily.

Leo was biting at Paige's neck with his teeth as he pulled on her nipple with his fingers. He lifted his head and smiled at Piper as he reached down and spread Paige's pussy lips open with his fingers and flicked his finger against her clit. Paige moaned and rested her head against his neck. Leo brushed his finger back and forth against her clit and Piper licked her lips as she watched him. Leo looked at her and smiled. "Hungry honey?"

Piper lifted her eyes and smiled at him. "Oh hell yeah."

Paige lifted her head and looked at her, then gasped as Piper suddenly moved towards her like a woman on a mission. Paige watched her through wide eyes as she prowled towards her. When Piper stopped in front of her, Paige licked her lips. "What ya gonna do sis?" She asked huskily.

Piper grinned at her and dropped to her knees in front of her. "I'm hungry." She said in explanation and lowered her head towards Paige's cunt. Paige watched her move closer and sucked in her breath. She felt Leo move his hand and whimpered at the first touch of Piper's lips on her overheated skin.

Piper ran her lips over each of Paige's pussy lips, and pulled on them with her lips. Then she reached up and spread her open, while she looked at Paige's cunt hungrily. Paige was breathing hard as she looked down at her new sister. Leo was pulling on her breasts and mawling the flesh with his fingers. He squeezed her breasts and pulled one her nipples. When Piper leaned forward and ran her tongue against Paige's clit, Paige let out her breath in a long moan. She closed her eyes and leaned back against Leo.

Leo lowered his head and nipped at her neck once more as he continued playing with her breasts. He took one hand off her breast and wrapped it around her waist, pulling her tighter against him as he ground his cock against her ass.

Paige moaned and pushed back against him as she reached down and grabbed Piper's head and held her tighter against her. Paige was in heaven, Leo was pulling on her nipples and nipping at her neck with his lip and teeth as he ground his cock against her ass, Piper had her tongue moving everywhere on Paige's overheated cunt. One minute she was running her tongue lovingly over Paige's clit, the next she was pushing her tongue inside her and working it in and out.

Paige was breathing hard and moaning like a bitch in heat. She tangled her fingers in Piper's hair and pulled her tighter against her burning cunt as she wiggled around and slammed back against Leo. Leo growled in her ear and moved his arm from around her waist, he reached behind her and pushed her forward a bit, so Paige stumbled, but she just clung to Piper. She got her footing and mashed her pussy down against Piper's mouth. Piper moaned against her and sucked harder at her pussy. Her tongue was flying in and out of Paige while her fingers pulled at her sister's clit. Paige whimpered and humped her body against Piper's face.

Paige didn't know what Leo was doing, she was so lost in her own pleasure, so she gasped when he suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist once more and pulled her back against him. Her eyes widened as she felt his hard cock slip between her ass cheeks and rub up and down. "Ugh," Paige moaned as Leo humped against her while holding her tight against him.

Paige felt Leo's cock pressing against her asshole and she whimpered as she pushed back against him. She rested her head against his neck as she panted and worked her body back and forth between Piper and Leo. Leo growled and nipped at her ear with his teeth. "You like that hard cock pressing against you sis?" he growled softly against her ear.

Paige shivered at his words and pressed back against him. "Oh yeah, but I would like it better if it was inside me." She ground her ass tighter against him as she pulled Piper's face tighter against her cunt.

Leo chuckled in her ear and bit gently on the lobe. "I would love that too, but unless you want my cock up your ass, I can't help you." He looked down at his wife snacking on Paige's cunt. "Your pussy is otherwise engaged at the moment."

Paige cried out as Piper suddenly wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked hard at it. She ground her pussy tighter against Piper's face as her breathing became more labored. "T...this is true, and she is driving my pussy crazy." She panted.

Leo humped harder against her and she felt his cock pressing tighter against her hole. "Keep that up and I'm going to have your cock up my ass whether I want it or not." She whimpered feeling his cock spreading her open a bit.

Leo growled and pushed harder against her as he nibbled on her ear with his teeth. Paige whimpered as she felt him slowly pressing into her ass. Leo rocked back and forth but kept up the steady pressure against her back door. Paige whimpered and pressed her body back against him. "Ever had a cock up your ass?" he growled against her ear as he felt his half of his cockhead slip inside her.

Paige closed her eyes and panted harder as she felt her ass stretching around him. "A...A couple of times."

Leo pulled back a bit then pressed forward once more. Paige whimpered as she felt him slowly pressing into her. There was no pain like she figured there should be, since her asshole wasn't used that much. Instead there was a feeling of fullness as he slowly slipped into her. When he pushed the head inside her she whimpered and reached behind her to grab his hips. "Don't move." She panted as she felt her orgasm rising hard and fast.

Leo held still, even though he wanted to slam forward with his hips. She was so hot and tight wrapped around him. He tightened his arm around her waist and whispered hotly in her ear. "God you are so tight, it feels like you're gonna break my cock in half."

Piper sucked harder at her clit while she slammed two fingers in and out of Paige's slit. Between feeling Leo up her ass and Piper's mouth on her cunt, Paige's body was on fire. Paige rested her head on his shoulder once more and slowly pressed back against him. She cried out as she felt him sliding deeper inside her. "Oh fuck, you feel so big." She panted reaching between them and feeling around his cock.

Leo chuckled against her ear, "and you've only got the head sister dear."

Paige closed her eyes and whimpered. She could feel her orgasm rising hard and fast, but it wasn't rising fast enough for her. She was so hot she wanted to scream. She pulled on Piper's hair pulling her tighter against her as she wiggled around. "Move Leo, nice and slow." She whimpered releasing his cock.

Leo tightened his arm around her waist as he nibbled at her ear and slowly moved inside her. He would pull back and inch or so, then slowly press into her once more slowly filling her unused hole with his hard meat.

Paige cried out and moved against him as he slowly worked inside her. "God, it feels so big but so good." She panted when she had about half of him lodged inside her.

"You feel so good sis," he moaned against her ear as he grabbed her hips and pulled her against him as he forced more of his cock up inside her. "I want to fuck you so bad, I want to ram in and out of you and hear you squeal with pleasure."

Paige whimpered and slammed her body back against him pulling him even deeper inside her. "F...Fuck me Leo," she cried hoarsely. "I'm so close, make me cum on that huge cock."

Leo moaned and grabbed her hips and started slicing in and out of her hot hole. Paige whimpered as she felt her ass stretching around him. She leaned forward so she was bent over at the waist, her tits hanging behind Piper's head. She clung to Piper's hair as she wiggled her ass back and forth.

Piper sucked harder at her clit, whipping her tongue back and forth over it while Paige cried out and humped against her. Leo started out fucking her tight ass slow, but it wasn't long before he was slicing into her with long, fast strokes. Paige felt her ass tighten and loosen around his cock and she cried out even harder. "Ugh, oh fuck me, eat me, I'm going to cum." She cried pulling harder on Piper's hair.

Piper whipped her tongue around faster while Leo, drilled her ass hard and deep. His balls slapped against her cunt with each in-stroke and Paige squealed in pleasure. "Oh...Oh fuck yes, so fucking good." She panted rocking her body back and forth between the two. "Oh fuck I'm cummmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg..." She screamed as she flew over the edge.

Leo slowed down his strokes, but didn't stop. Piper kept up her ministrations while Paige's body shook with release. Paige slowly pushed herself back to standing and leaned back against Leo. Piper slowly pulled away and smiled up at her. "Damn that was yummy." She said with a grin.

Paige smiled at her and whimpered as Leo gripped her hips and pulled her tight against him as he continued slicing into her ass. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, mind if I borrow your husband for a few more minutes?"

Piper chuckled as Leo pushed on Paige's back until she was once again bent over at the waist. She rested her hands on the floor as she wiggled her ass back and forth. Piper watched for a minute then moved around so she could get a better look. She gasped as she realized Leo was up Paige's ass. "Is he fucking your ass?" She asked in awe.

Paige had her eyes closed and was whimpering as Leo drilled her hard and fast. "U...Uh huh, and it feels amazing."

Piper laughed and moved back over in front of Paige. "Well I'm horny now, wanna return the favor?" She spread her legs and ran her finger over her clit.

Paige licked her lips and looked over her shoulder at Leo. "Mind pulling out for a minute?"

Leo looked at his wife playing with her pussy and he slowly pulled out of Paige. Paige whimpered as a bit of pain escaped her ass. She closed her eyes and let it pass then looked at her sister. "Lay back on your back." She said huskily as she dropped to her hands and knees.

Piper grinned and lay back on her back with her legs spread wide. "Give it to me sis." She purred pulling on her nipples.

Paige moved between her spread legs and lowered her head and licked at Piper's cunt. She spread her open and ran her tongue over her clit a couple of times. Piper purred and lifted against her. Paige wrapped her lips around Piper's clit and wrapped her tongue around the small nub. Piper cried out and lifted against her, as she pulled harder on her nipples.

Leo watched the two women for a minute while he stroked his cock. Then he dropped to his knees behind Paige and spread her open once more. He looked down at her pussy winking at him but he had to admit he had loved being up her ass. He spread her ass cheeks open and slowly pushed back into her tight hole.

Paige whimpered against Piper's pussy and she pushed back against Leo as he filled her once more. When she had all of him she tightened her ass muscles around him. Leo moaned and forced back pulling his cock out of her. Paige wiggled her ass as she went to town on Piper's cunt. Leo grabbed her hips and started slicing in and out of her furiously. Paige moaned and pushed back against him as she sucked harder at Piper's clit.

She pushed two fingers inside Piper and furiously worked them in and out, while she rocked her body back and forth taking Leo's strong thrusts. She took her free hand and reached down between her legs and shoved two fingers into her burning hole working them in and out. Leo pulled her hand away and replaced her fingers with his. He fingered her cunt in time to his cock drilling in and out of her ass.

It wasn't long before the small office was full of the sounds of bodies slapping against each other and long, loud, cries of pleasure were escaping the three people's mouths. Piper squealed as she went flying over the edge and coated Paige's fingers with her hot juices. Paige fingered her through her orgasm, then lifted her head and moaned as Leo pummeled her hard and deep. She was panting and her body was on fire. "Ugh, f...fuck me, I'm going to cum." She cried slamming her ass back against him.

Piper sat up and moved over by the wall watching her husband and sister with a smile. She knew how good Leo's cock felt drilling around inside her and she had a feeling Paige was loving every second of that hard cock moving around inside her. "Feel good sis?" She asked as Paige cried out.

Paige looked at her through heat filled eyes. "I can feel him in my stomach, it feels so fucking good." She clawed at the floor then screamed as she went flying over the edge. "Fuck, I'm cummmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggg..."

Leo bottomed out inside her and let out a loud growl as he let go, filling her insides with his hot juice. Paige squealed as she felt him fill her with his cum. "Oh fuck yeah." She panted hanging her head.

Leo pulled out of her and Paige whimpered. He leaned over and kissed her back then stood up and walked around in front of her. "Feel better sis?" he asked reaching down and helping Paige to her feet.

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