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The Power Tool


Luna sat at her workbench, fusion torch in one hand, welding solder in the other. A few more inches, and she'd finally be done. It would be complete. She thought back to the last time she'd been with a real man, so many months ago at the space station at Bernard's Star. That was, of course, before her ship had been attacked by the Kr'Santh, a race of brutal, ruthless warriors from beyond the distant Pleiades. Only her quick thinking had saved her from being vaporized. When she had shut off the auxiliary power, they had taken her ship for dead in space. They had left it, and her, to rot. However, Luna had a few more resources at hand than they could have known about. And now she was using those resources to alleviate the mind-crushing boredom that was flooding her both day and night.

Looking down at the completed android on the table, she lifted her welding visor to reveal a pretty, almost elfin face, framed by chin-length hair that was so blonde it bordered on white. It was that hair that had earned her the name Luna, after the ancient goddess of the moon. Wiping some grease on the sleeve of her mechanic's coveralls, which clung to her slender, well-curved body like a second skin, she reached for the rocker switch just above the android's left eye. She thumbed it on, and stood back as the android's body emitted a low humming sound and his eyes rolled in their sockets, scanning what he could see of the room from his flat position. He reached up with one hand, and looked at the mix of high-polished chrome and synthetic silicone-based flesh that was his hand and arm.

"I am." he said simply, his voice pleasantly surprised. He shifted and sat up, looking around. When his eyes fixed on Luna, he smiled like she was an old friend. Just as programmed.

"Beautiful. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." he said, rising a bit unsteadily to his feet and approaching her. Luna blushed, filled with feeling at these words. Words she'd wanted to hear from someone, anyone, for such a long time now. As he reached out to take her hand, she tilted her head and lowered her face slowly. When he kissed her hand, she was very pleasantly surprised to discover that his lips were warm.

"Thank you. You make me feel like the most special girl in the universe." she replied, still blushing deeply.

"But you are! You gave me life, I know this. You made me able to see you, to hear the beauty of your voice. Able to feel your soft skin." he replied urgently, rubbing a hand across her hot cheek. "But though I know who you are, Luna, what would you call me? I don't know anything of my own name."

"Oh yeah, I never programmed you with a name in mind. Sorry. Hmm...How about Andy? it's cute, and a slang word for an android. And you are MY cute android, right?" Luna said, smiling as one hand slowly worked the zipper of her coveralls down, revealing the shiny red sports bra that contained her perfectly shaped breasts. Andy's eyes averted down from hers, eye lenses zooming in on the sweet, inviting show of flesh that she was making of herself.

"Andy will do fine, if it pleases you. I am. I am Andy. Andy Roid." he said with a lopsided smile. Luna giggled at his modest stinker of a pun, sitting up on the workbench and beckoning him closer.

"Now Andy, it's time for a performance test. Help me out of these grimy coveralls." she ordered, and he moved to her quickly, hands of synth-flesh and steel steady and warm. She felt her arousal burning in her now, and her nipples felt like two hot pebbles. She lifted her hips so that he could slide the coveralls down her legs, and then he began to fold them neatly.

"Leave them." she said, taking the coveralls from his hands and tossing them to the floor without a second thought. Luna wrapped her arms around him, drawing him close and kissing him deeply. It was a warm, wonderful kiss, but with some strange touches. There was a faint taste of copper to his mouth, and a small electric tingle ran through his lips and into hers. "Nothing I can't get used to..." she thought absently, letting her tongue dance with his as she reached down to touch the large, lifelike vibrator that she had installed as his personal equipment. Thanks to the heat his internal power system produced, it was wonderfully warm too, the fleshy texture of it feeling so real in her hand.

Hit by sudden inspiration, she pushed down on his shoulders until he knelt before her, his face level with her crotch. She pulled her skimpy red panties to one side, and guided his face in close. He moved as though by instinct, grasping her thighs gently, spreading her wide open, and then beginning to lick her soft, downy mound. He rained kisses over it, then parted her dampening petals to seek out her core.

Luna moaned as his tongue snaked into her, while the synth-flesh of his thumb rubbed at her long-neglected clit, bringing her body alive with powerful throbs of pleasure. Soon, she drew him up, guiding his cock into her and laying back on the workbench, one arm sweeping parts and tools aside. He entered her smoothly but strongly, bracing himself above her by taking her shoulders in his hands.

She moaned at the feeling of his tool filling her, and wrapped her legs tightly around his ass, not wanting this to end. The vibrations from his tool were singing a different song on her nerves, however, and she felt her climax creeping closer with each thrust of the amazing toy into her. He began to move faster, fucking her harder, and she came. Screaming, clawing deep grooves into the synth-flesh of his shoulders, she climaxed like she hadn't for too many long months. She lay back with a long sigh as the throbbings ebbed. She tried to draw him down for another kiss, but Andy wouldn't move with her. He stayed put, pumping into her still-sensitive pussy as though possessed.

"Ouch! Okay, that's enough for now. Oww! Quit it!" she protested, pushing at him.

"Beautiful Luna, I only want for your pleasure. Show me that face twisted in orgasm again. Give me your cries another time...and another..." Andy replied dreamily, purest bliss on his face. He would not be budged, and that was when Luna realized that her "next best thing" was not perfect. Doing an impressive stomach crunch, she reached up and thumbed the rocker switch above his eye. He flinched as though hurt, but did not power down as she had expected.

"Oh, fuck." Luna thought, reaching around on the bench. Her hand closed on a large, heavy pipe wrench.

"Your pleasure is mine...Give me more, please, Luna my beauty!" Andy chanted, eyes unfocused and oblivious to her struggles.

"Sorry, Andy, but when a girl says stop," Luna managed in between moans, as she swung the wrench. It connected solidly with the side of Andy's head, rocking it so that it bounced off his shoulder, then back upright. Another swing made his head rock downwards, then back, and he released her, his now-hot tool sliding wetly out of her tender tunnel as he fell onto his back. He reached up, trying to rise, but Luna planted one bare foot on his chest and brought the wrench down one last time. Andy lay still, finally. "she means STOP." Luna finished, catching her breath.

"Fucking stubborn machine, just like a typical male." she grumbled, dropping the wrench and donning her bra and coveralls again. She reached into the crotch of the coveralls to adjust her panties, then zipped them up again. She trudged out of the room, and down the hall, intent on a hot shower, and drinks. Lots of drinks.

"I swear, if I ever build another, it'll be a woman...even fake men are so fucking single-minded..."


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