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The Preacher's Daughter


I was raised in a Christian home, but I started to rebel around the age of sixteen. My father was a preacher and the pastor of our congregation until his failing health caused him to step down. My family was considered to be one of the pillars of the community.

My mother was the classic stay at home wife, looking after everyone physical well being and my father was the bread winner looking out for us financially. My sister Diana and I were raised to be well behaved studious and church going. However, despite the good girl image I portrayed in public, there was the naughty side to me I wanted to explore. The more I read everything I could get my hands on. I tried every carnal delight I could do by myself, and still my curiosity grew.

The first time I physically experienced the need to satisfy my hidden desires happened believe it or not was during a fellowship visit at another church. While I sat in the pew listening to the beautiful choir music temptation came along.

The temptation had a name and it was Derek. Our eyes met across the aisle while we listened to the choir singing to lift our spirits, before the minister preached his sermon. However, I had found my own uplifting spirit staring into Derek's eyes. I didn't know then at the age of eighteen how seductive the pleasure of the flesh could be, or the way temptation could overpower you and the ability to defeat some sins.

I started to feel very warm and needed to leave the service for some fresh air. There is a path that parishioners used as a short passage behind the church that coursed beside a duck pond. I decided to walk along the path to release the tingling energy in my loins caused by a naughty vision I had involving Derek.

I paced back and forth along the banks of the pond wanting to free my thoughts of Derek, and the power it was giving him over me. I wanted him, and I suspected he knew it. After a long spell I turned back toward the church, and I saw Derek watching me with his seducing eyes.

We stood there,in silence for a short time before we embraced and kissed. I felt Derek's penis began to grow hard in his pants, knowing I was causing it made my panties dampen. The tongue dance we shared made me moan aloud expressing the effect he had on me. However, the thought of a church member catching us would have been devastating. At that age I believed I could never live down the shame bought upon my family from an indiscretion on my part.

My mother was the disciplinary in the family and her bite was definitely bigger than her bark. My sister and I were brought up believing one never brings shame upon your family regardless of how old you are. You always respected your home, your elders and always do everything decent and in order that's the golden rule.

Nevertheless, I was feeling something I never felt before and at that moment I did not care about anything else. I had this hot hunk of young man pressing his solid penis against my mound and I had the greatest desire to know how it would feel inside of my pearl.

We had never properly introduced ourselves, but our desire for each other had been established.

"My name is Lola," I said with a smile.

"Hi, I am Derek, pleased to meet you," He said smiling back.

"Do you attend church here often?" I asked.

I was trying to keep this intimate game flowing, but seduction was new to me.

"No, this is my first time coming here with my family," Derek informed me.

"I saw the path leading from the church and thought I take a walk. I was feeling guilty about the things I was thinking about you."

I believed he was not lying, because I was thinking the same things he was telling me.

"So, do you want to do something about it before this path is crowded with people? I asked.

I was shocked by my own boldness; I had never been so forward with anyone before. Perhaps it was because I was in a strange place with people I might never see again.

Let's do something," Derek said.

Then he pulled me close and pressed his lips against mine. The kiss was passionate. His tongue invaded my mouth while he firmly pressed his hardness against my stomach.

The passionate kisses and grinding of young bodies caused enough friction to start a fire. It was time to take this intense experience to the next level; I grabbed Derek by the hand and walked with him to the bench facing the pond.

The benches in the park afforded people a place to sit and enjoy the pond or feed the ducks. One bench nearby was shielded by the long stalks of bull rushes. It was the perfect place to sit; on Derek's lap.

Derek took a seat on the bench with his legs slightly apart. I slowly unfastened his zipper and reached inside his pants to pull out his very hard cock. I can still remember it throbbing in my hand.

"Mmmmmm," I mumbled. "Do you have a thingie?"

"What's that?" Derek asked.

"You know a rubber, jimmy, condom?" I inquired hoping he did.

"Oh yeah, I do." He said reaching for his wallet; how classic.

As he fumbled for his wallet, I ran my hands over his beautiful smooth young cock. It was the first one I would ever allow inside my body. I had given a few boys hand jobs before, when my friend Yvonne and I cut class to hang out. This was different, this time I was going to go all the way.

I helped Derek get strapped, he was very nervous, and I got the impression I might have been his first also. Once he was properly encased I straddled him and slowly slide my juicy honey hive onto his hardness. I had never known the feeling of a man penis inside me before; I grimaced as he stretched me like no finger ever had. Recollecting now, Derek was blessed with a large cock; I hope he learned how to use it properly.

Slowly I worked myself into a rhythm and enjoyed facing him as I rode. He fondled my breasts and kissed my neck. Also I enjoyed watching the faces he made while I traversed his long cock. I was feeling it, but my experience didn't allow me to know what it was. Not being ready to release my passion just yet, I whispered in Derek's ear to take me from behind. I heard it was better, that way from an older girl who had the reputation of knowing such things about sex.

Derek kissed me deeply before turning me around so he could take me from behind.

Grabbing my buttocks he slowly eased his hard cock into my hot slippery pussy. I shook uncontrollably as his cock entered deep inside my womb. I pushed my wetness back onto his cock as he pushed himself forward into me. Soon we had found a rhythm that had us bumping and grinding as we pleasured each other.

When I thought I couldn't sweat any more juice from my fruit, Derek tongue found its way deep inside my ear. A dammed reserve of lust lotion burst, allowing Derek to push his cock deeper inside me, he beat up my little pussy because my slippery pink walls flowed with cum. The ecstasy bought me to a multiple of orgasm and Derek to vocal and satisfying climax.

We made it back to the church before the service ended. I was barely aware of the service going on around me. My thoughts were on the experience that I just enjoyed in the park. Each time I looked across the aisle at Derek sitting with his family I felt a tingle.

I do recall one embarrassing moment when I crossed my legs to dampen the urges I felt. My newly stretched vagina released a silent pussy fart. Surprised by the sudden rush of escaping air blowing a frothy flow of cum into my panties I moaned involuntarily.

"That's it honey, let him in and feel the power," An older woman behind me said.

Then as she fanned me quickly believing I was feeling the spirit of the lord coming over me. I closed my eyes and feigned a swoon, one of the woman ushers helped me outside to get some air, and there I stayed until church let out.

After church everyone shook hands and exchanged greetings of fellowship. I stood with my parents as Derek and his parents approached to exchange handshakes.

My father smiled broadly as he believed he was introducing me to Derek.

"Derek this is my daughter Lola," My father said.

"Please to meet you," Derek said while he squeezed my hand.

"It is nice to meet you too," I said squeezing his hand back before letting go of it.

I wanted to thank Derek again for helping me explore my naughty side.

When my parents extended an invitation to his parents to fellowship with our congregation soon, I offered an invitation to Derek for another adventure of sinful indulgence with the preacher's daughter.

Copyright © 2010 Lola

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