The Preacher's Daughter Ch. 3


He loved his mother deeply and wanted to please her in every way. He slipped down in the bed until his face was even with her pussy. He crawled in between her legs and buried his face in her pussy. He pushed two fingers of his left hand into her love hole and began finger fucking her. He wet the index finger of his right hand and gingerly pushed it into her asshole. He clamped his mouth over her clit and slid the flat part of his tongue back and forth over her nubbin. He was working her over and she loved it. She had not been this turned on since making love with her husband. She had almost given sex up because no one excited her.

Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. One moment she was enjoying the pleasant sensations of having her pussy eaten and the next lightning bolts of pleasure were shooting through her body. She was shaking so hard that Billy could not hang he crawled up her body and slipped his cock into her quivering pussy. She continued climaxing while her pussy walls milked his cock until he began shooting ropes of pearly white cum deep into her vagina.

Billy and his mother slept together wrapped around one another until dawn. He did not know where his new life was leading but he was enjoying the trip. If he had been asked to choose which woman he liked best, he would not have known how to do so. Each woman with whom he had been intimate had her own set of charms. He didn't know what attracted him to a particular woman; if it was her hair, her body, her personality, or some other trait that he could not discern. He doubted that he would ever be happy with just one woman no matter how perfect she was.

The phone rang just as Billy and his mother had finished breakfast the next morning. It was Reverend Martin. He wanted to speak to Billy's mother. After the conversation, Billy's mother stopped him, as he was about to leave for school.

"The preacher wants to know if you'll drive his daughter back to Atlanta, this time in a truck," she said. "He wants you to move her back down there in Jim Johnson's boxed truck and then drive the truck back here."

"I guess so, when?" He replied.

"Billy, did you fuck Lucy?" She asked.

"Yes mother," he replied.

"In Atlanta?" She continued.

"Yes and before we went," he replied.

"I guess you've done a lot of things I don't know about," she said. "I think before I make a decision about your moving her down there, we need to talk."

Billy began relating his sexual history to his mother. At first, it was difficult to talk about but as he went on, he found relief in being able to talk about it to someone. He told about Lucy, Bethann, and Elaine and with some prodding, went into intimate details. This took the better part of three hours and Billy knew that he had skipped school for the day.

Betty Tucker sat quietly for the most part listening to her son's sexual exploits. Once in a while she would ask a question and in order to further clarify a point. She noticed that listening to Billy talking about fucking these other women him was turning her on. He didn't sound like he was bragging. He was just relating to his mother when he had done. And in doing so was causing her pussy to become moist to the point gloves making her panties wet. When he finished talking, they both sat there silent for a couple of minutes. She went over and sat by him on the couch. She leaned toward him and their lips met. They kissed passionately. She began unbuttoning his shirt. Now she knew that there was no school in Billy's future that day as well as no work for her that day either.

She soon had his shirt off and his pants and underwear down around his ankles. She slipped her robe off her shoulders, removed her panties, and mounted him. She straddled his legs and used her hand to align her sons cock with the entrance to her pussy. She moved forward until he was fully inside her. Looking into his eyes, she started rocking back and forth on his cock. In truth, the story had turned both of them on and soon they were fucking with abandon. She was throwing her pussy toward him, sliding down his dick as hard as she could. He had his hands on the cheeks of her ass, pulling her toward him slamming their bodies together. They were struggling for breath as they climaxed together. They moved to her bedroom after fucking on the couch and continued until they were both spent.

Finally, when their hearts had once more reached normal speed, she looked at Billy and said, "I love you and you will always be mine. Go to Atlanta with Lucy and do whatever you wish to do. When you come back, we will be together. We will always be together no matter where you go or what you do. You will fuck other women maybe even marry but that will not change what we have together."

Billy lay there thinking about what his mother had said. She seemed to understand him but he knew that this was a very unusual trait in a woman and not the norm. Lucy might understand. He thought this because she had shared him with Elaine. He knew that Bethann would never be able to understand how he was. He thought that he might marry her and also thought that maybe if he kept her satisfied and was discrete, he might be able to live a life that would satisfy him.

That afternoon after school Bethann called to see why Billy was not in school. He said that his mother had something for him to do. After she found out that he was okay, she asked if she could see him that night. After checking with his mother he agreed. He picked her up at about 630and again at her suggestion, they drove to their spot at the lake. She wasted no time in getting his pants down and her panties off.

"Will you rub me down there with your thing?"she asked. "I've been thinking about it all day and want you to do it really bad."

Even before she had finished, Billy had taken his hard cock in his hand and was rubbing it back and forth across her wet pussy. He would rub it up across her clit and then back down to the opening of her pussy. Bethann was moaning as he would slipped just the head of his cock into her love canal each time he was at that end of his journey. He continued going back and forth and each time he would do a little deeper. His cock felt the resistance of her hymen.

Bethann felt it also. She placed both hands on the cheeks of his ass and pulled him into her as hard as she could. His dick plunged through the barrier and was buried to the hilt. He held himself still as much from surprise as anything. She had emitted a shriek as her hymen was penetrated. She continued holding his ass.

"That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be," she said smiling up at him. "Yesterday I told my mother that we would probably get married this summer. She said as she remembered how it was after she was engaged and before she was married and took me to the doctor to get birth control pills."

The full realization of what was happening finally hit Billy and he could feel the walls of her tight pussy massaging his cock. He began moving in and out of her slowly. The fact that he had just taken her virginity, the fact the she had wanted him to, and her tight velvety pussy was almost more than he could stand. He felt that all too familiar feeling and knew that he was almost there. It was only the thought that he wanted her first fuck to be pleasurable that allow him to hold back. He slowly withdrew his cock and pushed back to the hilt over and over. When he was all the way in, he would move a little to the side pressing his pubic bone against her clit.

Bethann could not believe the pleasure she was receiving from having Billy's cock inside her. She felt full and she felt a little like she did when he licked her down there. Then it felt like her pussy exploded sending ways of pleasure throughout her body. She knew she was saying something what all that was coming out where moans and guttural sounds. She climaxed for a long time and when she was coming down she felt Billy release his hot cum inside her and she started a brand-new orgasm that shook her from stem to stern. This was definitely the best feeling that she had ever experienced.

"This was wonderful," she said. "We're going to do this a lot. What do you think?"

"I can't tell you how great this was," Billy said. "You're right. I want to do this a lot and forever."

They held each other tightly and kissed passionately. They put their clothes together and with just the necessary conversation he took her home. He drove home knowing that his mother would ask and also knowing that he really did not want to tell her what he and Bethann had done.

He arrived home and went into the house. Not seeing his mother, he went directly to his shower and then to bed. A few minutes later his mother came into his room and slipped into bed beside him. They were both nude and snuggled together and slept entwined. The next morning everything went as normal and Billy went to school. After the third period, he went to his car and drove to a convenience store and used a pay phone to call Lucy. He asked her to meet him at a local café but she said Tiffany was asleep and asked him to come to the parsonage. He arrived and went inside.

"Lucy, there is no way that I can thank you for everything that you've done for me," Billy began. "You have opened a whole new world for me but it's time for me to move on. You're going back to Atlanta to start your own life and I'll be here in Tennessee living mine. I think it's best if we just part as friends now."

"Let me see if I'm getting this right," she said. "You're dumping me?"

"No, it's not like that it all," he said in an alarmed voice. "It's just that our lives are changing. I know where I'm headed and I know it can't be Atlanta. I know someone who can take the truck to Atlanta and back and your father will accept him. I just wanted to tell you this in person."

"I understand and wish you the very best," she said as she stepped closer to him and pressed her open lips to his. He returned her kiss. Her right hand went to the zipper of his pants, opened it, and pulled out his semi erect cock. She knelt before him and took his cock into her mouth and twirled her tongue around his helmet. Billy started moving back and forth fucking her mouth and enjoying the sensations knowing this was the last time. Lucy was sucking his cock with a vengeance while he was standing there in ecstasy holding on to the table. They were unaware that they had a spectator.

Reverend Martin had left his wife at the hospital where she was ministering to a woman of the church who had had surgery. He had walked up to the back door the parsonage and was about to open it when he saw his daughter on her knees with her mouth full of Billy's cock. His first urge was to storm into the kitchen but as he watched his own hand went to his crotch. As he watched, Billy shot a load of cum into his daughters mouth. He watched as his daughter swallowed it all. His daughter stood up and placed her arms around Billy's neck. While she and Billy were kissing, they were removing their clothes. Lucy placed her palms on the table bending forward. Billy stepped behind her and placed his young hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed forward burying himself inside her. His arms were around her, one was playing with her extended nipple while the other was rubbing back and forth across her clit.

The good pastor had released his cock from the confines of his pants and was pumping it as he watched Billy fuck his daughter. Many were the times as she was growing up that he had the fantasy of doing the same thing. Now he was watching Billy as he slid his cock in and out of his daughter's pussy while he watched from outside the back door. He saw his daughter start to orgasm. The muscles in her stomach began to pulsate and he knew that the walls of her vagina were milking Billy's cock. When Billy began pumping his cum into Lucy's pussy, Reverend Martin pumped several ropes of cum onto the back door.

Lucy cleaned Billy's cock with her mouth and they dressed. Reverend Martin had sneaked off the porch and after a couple of minutes noisily reentered the screen porch. When he entered the kitchen he spoke to Billy and Lucy as if he had seen nothing. They acted the same.

"Hi daddy," she said. "Billy came over to tell me that he wouldn't be unable to drive the truck down to Atlanta but he has a replacement."

"I'm sorry to hear that but I'm sure that everything will work out okay," Reverend Martin said.

All Billy could think about was a way to exit quickly and smoothly. In a way, he was glad that Reverend Martin came in when he did because it made their good-byes easier. Billy drove back to school in time to attend his last class of the day. After school, he went down to the jewelry store and picked out to engagement ring for Bethann.

This is the kind of story that could follow the characters throughout their lives but the prudent author must find a place to end it before he bores his audience. I know there may be unanswered questions and I will try to cover them in this brief synopsis.

Lucy moved back to Atlanta and into the house she had shared with her ex-husband. She and Elaine spent many memorable nights there. After a couple of years, she met an accountant, fell deeply in love, married, and live happily ever after.

Billy married Bethann and they moved into the house with his mother. Bethann was the ideal wife and constantly strove to make Billy happy. He continued to fuck his wife and his mother and as much as he wanted it to happen a threesome never came to be.

Reverend Martin continued to lust after Lucy but any sexual activity between them remained his fantasy.

Thank you very much for your support through feedback and voting.

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I do have to say, this story was very entertaining. I honestly felt happy for Billy... but feel a little sorry for Bethann... not being the one to take Billy's virginity, and Billy hiding everything frommore...

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