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The Preacher's Wife


This is another in a series of true-life sexual experiences that I've had over the years. I tell this tale and others with realistic language and descriptions as close to what actually happened as I can remember. I do not engage in the unrealistic, silly moaning and screaming that real people seldom engage in. This really happened. I am not relating a fantasy. If you want pure fantasy fiction, go elsewhere.

* * * * *

When I just out of in high school, I was very active in the youth social group in my church. In my freshman year in college, I was the president of the group which meant that I helped organized dances, field trips and other outings and meetings. I also took care of the logistics such as calling people, getting supplies from the church office, writing bulletin announcements, etc.

It was in this capacity that I went to the church on a Friday afternoon after school. Since the church was usually completely vacant on Fridays, I had been given a key by the youth director so I could let myself in to get what I needed.

I drove by right after school, let myself in the back door and went to the office. As I was walking by the preacher's study, I heard female voices. I was surprised to find anyone in the church and I was going to let them know I was there so I wouldn't startle them if they heard me. The door was partially open and I stuck my head in to see who was there and announce my presence.

When I looked in, my heart stopped and my mouth opened without any sound. I couldn't move! On the couch with her dress pulled up to her neck and her panties pulled down to her ankles was the preacher's wife, "Gail"! Kneeling between her legs was our choir director, "Mildred" with her head planted deep in Gail's hairy pussy. I was completely flabbergasted! If you've read my other stories, you know that I was not a stranger to bi-sexual women even at 16. But I would have never imagined these two women having any sex, much less sex with each other! I mean the preacher's wife!

Gail had her head back, her mouth open and her eyes closed. She had a grip on Mildred's head and was pushing it into her cunt. She was panting and moaning quietly but intensely. Mildred's tongue was fluttering like a bumblebee's wings against her partner's swollen clit. My position gave me a slightly side-oriented view and I could see Mildred doing her oral work.

Mildred's panties were also around her ankles. Her top had been pulled down to her waist and her size 40DD bra was on the floor. She had enormous tits. They hung down almost to the floor and were flopping around like a basset hound's ears.

I should mention that Gail was about 35 and Mildred was easily 55. Both were married with children. Gail was a very attractive blue eyed blonde with a better than average body. She had perfect tits. They were about 36C's with inch-long nipples that pointed straight out. A very untypical preacher's wife. Mildred was a dowdy overweight woman with mousy brown hair usually put up in a bun. A very typical choir director.

Gail was squeezing her left breast with her left hand and holding the nipple up to her mouth so she could suck on it between gasps while Mildred was busy sucking her clit and finger fucking her cunt.

I stepped back out of the door since I would have been seen if either woman had opened their eyes, but I had no intention of going anywhere. I was determined to see this incredible event through to its end. I knelt down and poked my head around the doorframe and watched. I had taken my dick out and was stroking it while I watched.

Gail was quickly cumming to an organism. She was hunching her hips into Mildred's face, gritting her teeth and her moans were getting faster and higher pitched. Mildred's hand had disappeared between her own legs and she was furiously finger fucking herself. Both women were getting louder and more intense.

Suddenly, Gail arched her back, let out a muffled squeal, and a shutter overtook her entire body. She just as quickly relaxed and pulled Mildred's face out of her sloppy wet pussy. She looked down at her partner, let out aloud sigh and said, "My god, Mildred, that was incredible! Where did you learn how to do that!"

Mildred smiled up at her, wiped her mouth and said, "In church. Where else?" Both women laughed out loud. Mildred went on to say, "My girlfriends and I used to eat each other out in the choir loft after practice. None of us were lesbians. We liked boys like all normal girls. We had just learned a little secret; a secret that I wanted to share with you. I've wanted to eat your pussy since I first saw you."

Gail said, "Well, I completely missed out on that part of church! This is the first time I've been given oral sex. I've always fantasized about it, but have never had it. I've done it to "Bob", but he's never done it to me. I've also wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a woman. Gosh, I can't believe I said "fuck". You've made me a real slut, Mildred", she said with a smile.

Mildred stood up, took her dress and panties off, sat on the couch and said, "I want you to suck my pussy dry, you slutty cunt!" She took Gail in her arms and kissed her passionately. She broke the kiss and pushed Gail's head down to her huge tits and said, "Suck them, bitch! Make me cum!"

The effect of Mildred's new dominance was profound. Gail started sucking on Mildred's big tits frantically. Her right hand went down to Mildred's bushy pussy and spread the lips wide. The swollen clit stuck out like a little dick. Gail took it between her thumb and forefinger and massaged it. Mildred threw her head back and started to moan and twitch.

Gail then got on her knees and started finger fucking Mildred faster and faster. She rammed her entire hand up that sloppy wet cunt and fucked it like a wild dog. She slowed her hand and placed her mouth over the little dick-clit and started her tongue moving rapidly. Her fingers moved down and slipped into Mildred's asshole. That did it for Mildred! She let out a loud cry, arched her back and hissed, "Oh god, I'm cumming! Please! Fuck me! Oh god!" Her entire body shook violently. She squeezed her legs together and got Gail headlock like a Friday night wrestler. She released just as Gail started to kick loose. Both women collapsed in a heap and just giggled like two little girls while they tried to catch their breath.

I had been watching in disbelief with my eyes bugging out. It was all I could do to stay at the door and just watch! My cock was aching and my breath was short. I pulled my head back around the doorframe and sat still while I tried to recover my composure.

I heard Gail say softly, "That was unbelievable! I want more and more and more! But I've got to get home before Bob and the kids start to worry. I sure don't want to have to answer any questions now!"

Mildred said, "I know what you mean. Howard will be wondering where I am, too. But now that we've sampled the fruit, if you know what I mean, I also want more". She reached down and took Gail's face in her hand and they kissed deeply. As they stood up and started getting dressed, I took off to the office.

I got the supplies I came to get and walked as calmly as I could back down the hall. As I got to the study, Gail came out the door and almost ran me over. She let out a small shriek, put her hand over her mouth and said, "Bobby! You scared me to death!" She was completely "together" and looked just as natural as ever. She gave me her biggest smile and asked, "What are you doing here this time of day? Spying?"

I stammered, "No ma'am. I'm just getting these supplies for the youth dance signs. I'm sorry if I startled you, but I thought I was alone. You gave me quite a fright yourself."

She said, "I guess we're even then. Mildred and I were just going over Sunday's program and were just leaving, "Weren't we Mildred?" "You bet." Mildred called out from the study.

I left the building, drove home and jacked off until I almost blew out the ceiling.

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