tagNovels and NovellasThe Predator Ch. 18

The Predator Ch. 18

byD.C. Roi©

Mel was sitting in one of his favorite bars, speculating about what he'd do with all the money he was going to be getting from William Atherton. Two guys walked up to him and sat down, one on either side of him.

"You Mel Ott?" the older of the two men asked.

"Maybe," Mel replied, taking another swallow of his beer. "Who wants to know?"

"I'm Louie Antonelli," the older man said. He nodded in the direction of his pimply-faced companion. "This here's my little brother, Marvin."

Mel laughed. "Marvin Antonelli?" he asked.

"My old man thinks he has a sense of humor," Louie told him.

"Yeah, OK," Mel said. "I'm Mell Ott. What do you want? You sure as hell ain't here because your brother's got a silly name."

"Pete gave me your name," Louie said. "I was tellin' him how I wanted to get Marvin, here, laid, and he said I should come see you."

Mel looked at Marvin again. Yeah, with a face like that, he could see why the kid might have problems getting laid. "Looks like you ought to be takin' him to a dermatologist, not getting him laid," he told Louie.

Louie didn't look too happy at Mel's suggestion. "Look, I promised the kid I'd do it," he said. "He saved up a hundred bucks of his own, and I'm willing to add a couple hundred more if you can arrange this."

"You want young stuff or old stuff?" Mel asked. He'd been thinking that adding Arlene to his stable wouldn't be such a bad idea. She could make him at least fifty or seventy-five bucks a pop, maybe more.

"I want young stuff. Be nice if Marvin got broke in by someone his age," Louie said.

Mel got down off the barstool. Seeing as how he'd be getting a lot of money in a day or two, he didn't really need the three hundred bucks the guy was offering, but what the hell? He hadn't seen Donna in a while. He walked to the pay phone along the bar wall and dialed the girl's phone number.

Donna shuddered when she heard her phone ring. Ever since Mel Ott had gotten his hooks into her, the ringing of her phone caused her to cringe. She picked up the phone. "Hello?" she said, her voice tremulous.

"Good," Mel's voice said. "You're home. It's party time. I'll be over in just a little bit," he told her. "Be ready."

"Take all the time you want. I hope you get in a crash on the way over," Donna thought bitterly after she put the phone down. She walked over and unlocked her apartment door.

Mel walked back to where Louie and Marvin were waiting. "All set," he said, noticing the way the younger boy's eyes brightened.

"Let's go," Louie said.

"Whoa, there, pal," Mel said. "I need to see the three hundred first."

Louie handed Mel the money. He counted it then put it in his jeans. "Here's how it goes," he said. "This chick is prime, but she's new at this and she gets a little flaky sometimes. You let me go up first and warm her up for you a little, then you and Marvin, here, can come up and party 'til you drop."

"How long do we have to wait?" Marvin asked. His voice was high and squeaky.

"Give me fifteen minutes," Mel said.

Donna jumped when Mel opened the door and strutted into her apartment. He had a brown paper bag in his hand and waved the bag at her.

"Get some ice," he ordered. "I brought us something to drink. I got some other goodies, too." He pulled a plastic bag filled with marijuana and some cigarette papers out of his pocket and dropped them on Donna's coffee table.

Donna walked to her kitchen, put some ice from her refrigerator in a glass, then she returned to the living room.

The minute she walked into the room, she smelled the sweet scent of marijuana. Mel, buck naked, was sitting on her sofa, a joint in one hand, the bottle of booze in the other. He had a hard-on.

Mel waved to Dona. "Come on down," he giggled, pointing to his standing cock. "Look what thinkin' about your sweet lips done. I just got to have one of your blow jobs."

Donna sighed and put glass down on the coffee table. Then she walked over, knelt in front of him, and took his erection in her hand. She stroked it, then cupped it between her hands and rolled it a little. Mel's hips responded and he groaned.

"Yeah, sweetie, that's the idea!" he moaned, "what you're doin' feels really nice, but I want you to suck it, not play with it!"

Donna lowered her mouth over the man's rigid shaft, tightened her lips around the swollen head and began to raise and lower her head. At the same time she squeezed his balls. She was trying hard to make him come as soon as possible, to get this over with. She felt Mel grab her head and pressed her down on him. At the same time he thrust his hips upward, fucking himself into her mouth.

"Gonna come! Gonna come!" Mel groaned. "Suck me, sweetie! That's it! Keep it up! Yeaaaaaahhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhh!!!!"

Donna felt Mel's shaft begin to throb and pulse, then his warm, viscous fluid was gushing into her mouth. She wished she could pull away, but that was impossible because he had a strong grip on her head and was holding her against him. When the frantic motions of Mel's hips slowed, he released her head.

Donna sat back on her heels, holding his spend in her mouth, wishing desperately she could vomit. No way was she going to swallow it, even if she had to hold it in her mouth all night.

"That was great, sweetie!" Mel said. "Now, go in your bedroom and take your clothes off. I'm gonna make myself a drink." He got up, walked to the coffee table, and poured some booze into the glass Donna had gotten for him.

While Mel had his back turned to her, Donna spit his juices on the rug. Then she got up, went into her bedroom, took off her clothes and laid down on the bed.

Mel came in a few seconds later, sat down on the bed next to her, grabbed her breast and began squeezing it. His grip, as always, was painful, but Donna forced herself not to respond as his hands moved from one breast to the other.

Mel, unaware that Donna wasn't responding, shoved his hand between her legs and jammed two fingers into her dry pussy.

Donna winced and a tear rolled down her cheek when Mel began to finger-fuck her rapidly. The only thing that made it possible for her to endure this was the knowledge that, eventually, he'd get it over with and leave.

Someone knocked at the door. Mel pulled his fingers out of her. "Don't go way, sweetie, I'll be right back," he said. He got off the bed and walked out into the living room.

Donna heard him opening the door to her apartment. "Now what?" she wondered anxiously. Then Mel returned and, to her horror she realized there were two men with him. One of them wasn't bad looking, and was probably a few years older than she was; the other was young, ugly, and had the worst case of acne Donna had ever seen. His face was heavily speckled with large yellow pimples and red spots where others had been.

"See?" Mel pointed toward Donna. "Ain't she prime, just like I said? And she's real friendly, too. I got her warmed up, so she'll be friendly to you, guys, too."

Donna wanted to scream. How much more degradation could she put up with?

"I was almost finished gettin' her ready," Mel said. "Gimme a little longer. You guys can watch." He walked back to the bed, sat down, and stuffed his fingers back into Donna while he tweaked her nipples with his other hand.

Donna closed her eyes and tried to forget the other men were present, but she couldn't.

"She really likes finger-fucking" Mel said. "It really turns you on, don't it, sweetie?"

Donna kept her eyes squeezed closed and didn't respond. She felt movement on the bed, then skin brushed against hers, and she realized Mel was moving between her legs. Then she felt his cock crowding into her. Once his pole was buried in her, Mel began fucking her powerfully.

"Nooooo!!!! Nooooo!!!" Donna cried silently, biting her lip so hard she tasted blood. "I hate him!!! I hate him!!! I hate him!!!"

"Yeahhhh!!!! Take my cum, sweetie!!!!" Mel yelled, his cock erupting. "Show the guys how much you like it!!!"

The minute he was finished coming, Mel pulled out of her and got off the bed. He walked over to the dresser and poured himself another drink.

Louie and Marvin stood inside the door, their breath rasping, staring at Donna with undisguised lust.

"See what I told you?" Mel said. "She loves fucking. And she gives great head, too."

"I gotta fuck her!" Donna heard one of the men say. "That OK with you, Mel?"

"Sure," Mel replied. "That's what you're payin' for. Be my guest."

The flow of tears from Donna's eyes increased.

Louie tore off his clothes, jumped on the bed, and flopped on top of the pretty young woman.

"Treat him good, sweetie," Mel said.

Donna felt the man's penis jab at her vagina. At first, he kept missing her but, as his hips moved frantically, he finally managed to get into her. Louie's cock was smaller than Mel's and since Mel had left her vagina wet and slippery with his spend, she hardly felt what Louie was doing to her.

Louie was unaware of Donna's lack of response. She was the prettiest girl he'd ever had. After a few frenzied stabs, he came. "Wowwwwwwwwww!!!! Oh, wowwwwwwwwww!!!!" he moaned when he spurted into her. When he finished, he collapsed on top of her. Finally he climbed off and walked back to where Mel and his little brother stood. "You were right, man," he said. "She's prime fucking!"

"What about me?" Marvin asked. "Don't I get to fuck her, too? A hundred bucks of the money you gave him is mine!"

"Of course," Mel replied. "Sweetie don't mind."

Marvin stripped and climbed onto the bed. He guided his prick into Donna and began to pump into her. "Yeah!" he moaned as his hips thudded against the girl. "This is fuckin' great!"

While Marvin pounded into Donna, he grabbed her breasts and began twisting her nipples painfully.

Between the pain Marvin was causing her and his pimply face looming over hers, Donna felt like she was going to throw up. She was full of cum and all she could feel was Marvin's body pressing down on hers, his penis probing into her.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" Marvin grunted after ramming against the girl for a short while, "Take my cum!! Ahhhhh!!! Jeeezus!!!!!!!!"

Boy-cum spurted into her, then Donna felt him withdraw.

Marvin got off her and off the bed. He swaggered over to his brother and Mel. "You guys were right," he said. "She's a great piece of ass!"

Mel walked over to the bed. Donna realized with dismay that he was hard again.

"Get up on your knees, sweetie," he said. "I got a hard-on I need to get rid of."

Donna rolled over and got to her knees. She was numb. Mechanically, she moved into position on the bed, willing to do whatever was necessary to get this nightmare over with.

Mel got on the bed behind her and shoved his erect penis into her dripping vagina. He grasped her hips and pulled her back onto him.

Donna felt nothing except his body slapping against hers.

"Louie, Marvin, come over here!" Mel said. "Join the fun. Be nice to them, sweetie, you got that?" He started to fuck Donna.

Louie and Marvin walked to the bed and stood there, looking as if they weren't sure what to do.

"Louie," Mel said, "get in front of sweetie and let her suck your cock. Marvin, if you sit here on the bed next to her, she'll give you a hand-job."

Louie positioned himself so his erection was inches from Donna's face. Marvin sat on the bed, just like Mel told him to do.

Tears poured from Donna's eyes as she lowered her lips over Louie's sticky cock and began to suck it.

"Fuckin-A!" Louie moaned. "She's suckin' my cock! She's really suckin' my cock!"

Donna grabbed Marvin's penis in her hand and began stroking it. Soon both boys were squirming and gasping. Mel kept up his steady thrusts, occasionally slapping her ass, other times grabbing her so hard it hurt.

"C-c-c-can't stand it!" Louie cried, "it feels too fuckin' good! I'm gonna come! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!" When he exploded he pulled his cock out and his sticky cream spurted all over Donna's face. She flinched when the sticky wetness splattered her and had to force herself not to vomit.

"Move over, Louie!" Marvin said. He pushed his brother aside. "I want her to suck my cock, too!" He took his brother's place and soon his cock was sliding in and out between Donna's lips. It didn't take long before he was spewing his seed into Donna's mouth and onto her face, just like his brother had done.

Mel continued sliding his cock in and out of Donna. Excited by what he saw Donna doing to Louie and Marvin, his thrusts became more urgent then, groaning, he pulled out of her and came, splattering his sticky fluids all over Donna's back. He immediately climbed off the bed and began to dress. "That was great, sweetie!" he said as he zipped up his pants. "Me and the guys got to go. You done good today. I'm gonna be callin' you again real soon!"

Donna collapsed on the bed, her face and hair covered with sticky come, her back cold where the droplets of Mel's ejaculation had pooled. More gooey fluid seeped from her numb vagina. She heard the door close and began to sob.

The men were gone, at last, but she knew it wasn't over. Mel would continue to use and humiliate her as long as he wanted to and there wasn't a thing she could do about it! She didn't intended to but she was physically and emotionally drained and she dozed off.

When she woke up, she got off her bed, staggered to the bathroom and took a long, hot shower sure she'd never be able to get the feeling of filth off her body. After she finished showering, she gargled and douched, attempting to cleanse the remnants of the three men from her system. Finally she slipped on a nightgown and went back to bed.

She wanted to go back to sleep, but couldn't. "What am I going to do?" she thought. "If I tell anyone, they probably won't believe me, anyhow. If I let this continue, I'm ruined." For the first time in her life, she thought about suicide. Maybe that was the only way out for her.

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