tagErotic CouplingsThe Pregnancy Trap

The Pregnancy Trap


“I’ll get pregnant for you if you want!” Kasey said over the phone. She made it sound half-joking, half-casual, but Dave knew that she was serious. He knew that she would love to get pregnant by him.

They have had a weird relationship these past four years. It began with her as a customer at his work. They would flirt a lot, and talk a lot. She would come into his store more and more, and the chemistry that was between them was clear right from the start. She had two children, though.

Kasey was disappointed when she learned that Dave had a girlfriend. Still, she could not help but go out for a beer with him – she wanted him so badly! He kissed her that night. A few times, actually. With the tongue. He respected her body, though. Most guys went straight for her double-D tits, but Dave seemed to want to just be with her for her. That made her want him all the more.

Kasey was a beautiful woman. She was about 5’4, 150 pounds, with gorgeous brown eyes and shoulder-length, curly brown hair. Dave was 6’1, 200 pounds with short blonde hair and blue eyes. His cock was just over six inches. She could guess that because…though he respected HER body, she could not say the same that night. She got her hand down his pants while they were kissing, desperately wanting to feel what he was like.

Things did not go any further, however, and Dave moved out of the city a few weeks later for another job. Three months later, Kasey phoned him. She found out from his former co-workers what city he had moved to and got his number from information. After that, they maintained contact via email. At first, the emails were very graphic and sexual. Some quotes from some of her emails –

“I desperately need to feel you inside of me Dave”

“It’s the truth, I do want to feel you. No I need to feel you in me. The thought of your penis going in and out of me is very stimulating. And the thought of you cumming inside of me is explosive. I want you Dave. Kasey. P.S. think about me”

“So ya gonna play with yourself tonight? If you do picture my head bobbing up and down on your dick while my other hand is gently stroking your balls.”


“I like the fact that you think about me and that you really want to fuck me. I'd like it more if you would act out on your thoughts but obviously that's out of the question because somebody doesn't have any nerve.”

“I need you Dave and I can't wait to feel you inside of me and so help me God one day VERY soon I will.”

“Just a question but if she's gone for 2 weeks then why aren't you here fucking me really hard and really fast until I cum all over you?”

“Oh yeah one more thing... I really want to feel your dick inside of me. Kasey.”

It almost got to the point where Kasey went to Dave’s place while his girlfriend, Samantha, was away. He backed down last minute, though. Their emails died off, but she never left his mind, and he never left hers. Every so often they would start back up but they never reached the sexual proportions that the early ones did. There were some memorable tidbits, however, over the next three years, but this is the most telling one, from almost two years ago:

“Okay this is weird for me to just blurt this out but I need to tell you. The reason I haven't emailed you or called is because it hurts me. I love you Dave. I always have and by the looks of it I probably always will.”

Through those four years, Kasey was married and divorced at the age of 21. She then became pregnant by a new boyfriend, and had twins. She now weighed 165 pounds, although Dave was up to 210. Time and again, they had opportunities to meet, but never followed through. He knew of her desire to have one more child, but when she said those words to him on the phone, about getting pregnant, he was never more turned on. She was 23 at that point, and he was 29. Once again they were getting close with their emails and phone calls to actually meeting! He would see it through this time. He had to see her. He had to be with her.

She tried to convince him (and herself) that she was loyal to her boyfriend, John. The father of her two youngest children. That she and Dave were just friends, and if they were to see each other it would be strictly platonic. So it was weird that she would tell him that she would gladly get pregnant by him. Likely she just needed to put on the “act” of being loyal – perhaps to make herself feel less guilty if she were to cheat. He chalked it up to her being in a weird mood.

It was only a few days later, however, when she made her position quite clear over the phone with him.

“If you came over right now I would have sex with you and get pregnant for you.” Kasey said. Of course, there was an entire conversation that led up to those words, but those were the exact words stated. She wanted him to experience the joy of fatherhood, and told him he was missing something. As much as Dave was in love with this woman – obviously that was a big step, and he was understandably hesitant. The words and the idea, however, flattered him. They also turned him on – to be loved so much that she would do that for him.

Fast forward to a month later. Kasey made him promise that he would not try anything sexual on her if she were to come over to his city and spend the night with him. She had a boyfriend, and unless Dave wanted to do the “baby” thing, she would remain loyal to John.

The more she thought about it, though, the more she wanted Dave’s child. He was an incredible man, and would make a wonderful father. He really turned her on, and she found herself hoping at the back of her mind that he would, indeed, put the moves on her.

She arrived on Saturday afternoon as per his directions, and knocked on his door. She tried to ignore the tingling sensation in her crotch. She was just, after all, visiting a friend. Dave opened the door and his heart jumped into his throat when he saw her. She was beautiful as ever, wearing a blue sundress. She had gained some weight – going from 150 to perhaps 165 since he had last seen her, but she was gorgeous nonetheless. She had a big smile on her face and it was enough to light up a room. He smiled at her and took her in his arms. They hugged tightly, not saying a word. He was conscious of her huge breasts pressed against his chest. She was conscious of his strong arms around her, making her feel secure. She realized that she was in love with this man, and was regretting making him promise not to make any moves on her. His hands rested on the top of her ass as he continued to hold her close.

“It’s so good to finally see you.” He whispered. Her heart pounded at his words. Dave struggled to keep his penis from growing hard. After all…it was only a hug!

He showed Kasey around the apartment. She would be staying in his room, and he would have the guest room. She dropped her bag in the bedroom, and the two chatted for a while.

Later, Dave and Kasey went to the movies. They talked throughout the movie, like the old friends that they were – each wanting the other more and more. She even put her hand on his leg about halfway through.

Dinner was even more torture. He spent the entire time looking into her beautiful eyes, and he could not stop wondering what it would be like to be inside her. She was the same way, thoroughly regretting that she made him make that promise to her!

When they got home, they watched TV and talked late into the night. True to his word, Dave never made a move. When it was finally time for bed, Kasey went to the bedroom to change. She was extremely wet, and her pussy would not stop buzzing. She had a huge, primal urge to have this man’s child. She loved him she had to admit, and for the past year or so of their relationship had found herself desperately wanting to have his baby. How could she trap him? She would have to swallow her pride and put the moves on him. At least a little bit.

She emerged from the bedroom wearing only a white T-shirt and skimpy black panties. Her shirt went down to mid-thigh, though, so he could not see anything. She was not wearing a bra. She stood at the doorway. Dave was standing in the kitchen wearing his shirt and jeans still.

“Can I have a hug good night?” Kasey asked, smiling. He went to her, unable to stop himself from growing hard. He wanted her with his every being. He hugged her tightly. He suspected that she was braless from the way her tits pressed against him. She could feel his hard member press against her stomach.

“Good night Kasey.” He said. “Thanks for coming – I had an incredible night.”

“Do you want to lie in bed with me for a while and talk?” She invited, innocently. She secretly planned to seduce him, and force his seed inside her.

“We probably shouldn’t.” He declined. “I plan to stick to my promise about not putting the moves on you.” He wanted this woman so badly, and he would welcome any seduction that she had in mind. She knew this.

“I trust ya!” She said, breaking apart.

“Yes, but I don’t trust myself!” He replied. She turned to enter the bedroom.

“Ah come on! It’s only for a few minutes and I’m not ready to go to sleep yet. You’ll be fine for a few minutes!” She joked as she got into the bed.

“C’mon!” She patted the bed beside her in the half-darkness. The room was lit only by the light of the kitchen. Dave was hard as a rock. This was not a good idea. He knew that the only way she would fuck him is if he agreed to get her pregnant. That wasn’t good for either of them. She had enough kids, and he wasn’t ready for any. Yet, he walked into the room anyway. He took off his shirt, jeans and socks, stripping to his underwear. He slipped into bed with Kasey. She mischievously moved a little closer to him, so that her bare leg touched his. She knew it would get a rise out of him, and she was absolutely right. When he felt the cool, smooth skin of her leg touch his, his cock almost ripped through his boxers.

They began to have a conversation, and it didn’t stay innocent for long. Kasey was pretty conniving. She knew how to get her man, and she was going to get this one – on her terms. The conversation went from life, to children, and then she took it from there.

“You don’t know how much you are missing by not having any children yet.” She advised. “There is no greater thing than to bring another life into this world.”

“I plan to have some.” He replied. “I’m just not ready yet, and it would need to be brought into the world by loving parents, not on a whim.” Kasey placed her hand on his stomach and began to trail her long nails up and down softly. He couldn’t get any harder.

“If you want to have a baby, Dave, I’ll make love to you and have it for you.” She offered again. “Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to cheat on your boyfriend?” He asked.

“I will if it meant having your baby. I would break up with him.” She said softly. He felt her hand trail down his stomach and into his boxers. He was frozen, unable to move as he felt Kasey’s hand wrap around his rock solid manhood. He could hear the sound of her breathing grow louder as he felt her gently stroke him. He felt her breath on his face as she leaned closer.

“Kiss me.” She whispered. He turned to her and kissed her softly, lips smacking a little. She kissed him again. And again. She continued kissing him until he finally held the kiss. She snuck her tongue into his mouth, kissing him passionately as her hand gently stroked his cock. Hesitantly, he placed a hand on her naked thigh.

“Mmmm…” she purred into his mouth. He ran his hand slowly up her smooth thigh until he reached her crotch. Kasey broke the kiss, her hand still on his penis.

“Do you want me Dave?” She asked. He swallowed as she felt him squeeze his cock.

“Yes.” He whispered. She squeezed him again.

“Do you want to make love to me?” She asked, coyly. He closed his eyes. He was also conscious of the heat that was emanating from her crotch, though he was not quite touching it.

“Yes.” He said, softly. She brushed her lips against his mouth as her hand resumed stroking him. His finger touched her pussy over the moist cotton of her panties. She sighed.

“I need you inside me Dave.” Kasey said, erotically. She kissed him again, ever so softly. Her hand squeezed his penis, slowly stroking it upward. He turned to her, slipping his tongue into her mouth as his hand pressed against her crotch a little harder. He could clearly feel the swollen lips of her needy pussy through the thin material. She was feeling incredible, and was starting to realize that she was losing the control that she had. She needed to remain in charge. She was breathing laboriously when she broke the kiss, softly kissing down his chin and neck.

Kasey’s hand continued to stroke his manhood as she slowly kissed down his chest. His hand left her crotch, giving her full control – exactly what she wanted. She softly kissed down his belly to the top of his boxers, and then swung a leg over his legs and kissed his hard shaft through the material. Satisfied by the twitch his cock did when she kissed it, Kasey smiled. Her well-manicured hands grabbed his underwear and gently pulled downward. He lifted his ass up off the bed and allowed his old friend to slide them down his legs and off his feet, freeing his rock-hard manhood. She ran her fingers up the outside of his legs as she crawled up the bed, looking at him in the partial darkness.

Dave felt her tongue lick at his balls, and he closed his eyes and focused on that feeling. He felt her suck a testicle into her mouth, and quickly release it. She slowly ran her warm tongue up his shaft, and when she reached the top she lightly ran her tongue around his head. She grabbed his fully hard penis in her gentle hand and held it up in the air.

“Did you like that?” She asked, naughtily. He swallowed, taking a deep breath.

“Yes.” He replied. Her hand softly squeezed him. She placed her lips on the very top of his member, holding them there. She kissed him, still keeping her lips on the tip. Finally, he felt the warmth of her mouth gradually engulf his cock as her lips slowly ran down his shaft. Her mouth just about reached the base of his pole, and she held him there, loving the sensation of such a rock hard dick filling her mouth. She slowly ran her lips back up his organ, nearly to the top, before sinking him back inside. She reached forward and cupped his balls in her hand as she began to bob her head up and down on his lap.

‘Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ the sucking noises grew louder as her blowjob grew more intense. Her lips glided expertly up and down his cock, and the sensation that she was giving was incredible. He moaned, listening to her suck loudly on his cock. He couldn’t be any harder. He began to subtly hump his hips up and down off the bed. Her hand was expertly playing with his balls as her lips slid faster up and down his manhood. ‘Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she continued, sucking harder. He held her hair with one hand as she bobbed up and down on his lap. Her mouth felt like another pussy! With his other hand he grabbed hers, holding it tightly as she gave him head. She squeezed his hand as she sucked him off. She wanted to make sure that he would get inside her, so she had to make sure that he was good and horny. At the same time, she couldn’t let him cum yet. She needed his cum inside her pussy. Kasey needed him to pump that seed inside her fertile body.

She pulled him out of her mouth with a ‘pop’, and then slowly began kissing up his stomach. He could feel her smooth legs pressing against either side of him as she kissed up his chest. She briefly sucked on his nipple before continuing on up his body. Her lips sucked on his neck, kissing their way up to his ear. He could hear her breathing heavily. He could also suddenly feel tremendous heat pressed against his naked shaft as she pressed her thinly covered crotch down against him. She playfully licked at his ear.

“I desperately want you inside me, Dave.” Kasey whispered. She could feel his member twitch a little against her at her words. Her mouth found his and she kissed him hard, tongue darting out. His hands clamped onto her soft ass, fingers sliding into the sides of her panties as she began to grind against his rock hard member. He sent his tongue far into her mouth as he squeezed her ass, helping her grind against him. He couldn’t remember ever wanting a woman as badly as he wanted this one. Their lips were smacking loudly, and they were breathing heavily into each other’s mouths, tongues exploring. Suddenly, she broke the kiss and sat up. She looked down at him erotically as her hands grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She slowly pulled it up her body, revealing inch after beautiful inch of her lovely skin. She pulled it up over her huge breasts, freeing them. She pulled it up over her head and off, throwing it on the floor. She looked at him, but his eyes were locked on her incredible tits that he was seeing for the first time.

His hands released her ass and slid around her body to her tits as he sat up a little. She leaned down to him, offering him her tits. They were humongous – each one seemingly the size of his head! As his hands squeezed and caressed them, he brought his mouth over to a nipple and licked at it. Her nipple grew even harder at the sensation, and Dave sucked it into his mouth.

She kissed the top of his head and he looked up at her. Kasey’s mouth covered his, tongue darting out as she kissed him hard. He rolled her onto her back, winding up on top of her between her legs as they continued to kiss passionately. Now he was grinding himself against her sopping wet crotch. The two were breathing heavily when he broke the kiss. He began to kiss down her neck and chest, and down the slope of her breast. He briefly took her nipple into his mouth, before continuing to kiss down her belly. He kissed her pussy over her panties, and he could smell the strong scent of her arousal. She gasped at the sensation, as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. He kissed the inside of her thigh, immediately beside her panties. He kissed the same spot on the other side, teasing her. Nervously, he reached up with his hand, placing his fingers at the side of her panties. He slowly pushed them to one side, revealing bit by bit of her smooth skin, and then gradually revealing the pink swollen lips of her pussy to him. She was shaved clean, with the exception of a thin strip of well-trimmed pubic hair. How long had he dreamed of this very sight?

Even in the candlelight he could see how wet they were, and they were pressed tightly together, inviting him. Dave kissed the lips of Kasey’s vagina for the first time, watching them quiver at his touch.

“Ohhh…” she sighed, pussy tingling at the sensation. He kissed them again, briefly sucking them into his mouth. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her sensitive slit, up to the top, nudging her clitoris. She moaned again, looking down at him between her thighs. He shot his tongue out again, this time sliding it into her hot tunnel, licking as deep inside her as he could. He loved the taste of her wonderful nectar. Just as she began to squirm above him, he slid his tongue out of her, kissing her pussy once more. His hands grabbed the sides of her panties and tugged downward. Kasey eagerly lifted her ass up off the bed and allowed him to slide the skimpy things down her legs. She pulled first one foot out of them, and then the other, before he dropped them on the floor. He now had Kasey Scaman naked for the first time!

He gently grabbed her ankle and lifted her foot up a little, kissing her big toe, and then over the top of it. He kissed her ankle, and then slowly kissed up the smooth skin of her leg. His lips lightly trailed over the inside of her knee, and on up her thigh. As he kissed closer and closer to her treasure, Dave slid his hands underneath her soft ass, holding her ass cheeks.

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