tagMatureThe Present

The Present


In the flat above mine lived a short, dumpy, middle aged woman. We met on the stairs occasionally and said hello, politely, well we did until the evening when there was a terrific crash on my bedroom ceiling, followed by a half an hour of silence, then a desperate banging started. I ascended the stairs to find the front door of my neighbours flat unlocked, fortunately. I went to the bedroom and discovered her led on the floor. Heaven knows what she had been doing but the hatch into the roof space was open and one of her legs was clearly broken, I guessed that she had fallen from the loft. I covered her with a blanket and phoned the ambulance. It was serious, not only had she broken a leg but a hip as well. It was a good while before the ambulance men were confident enough to transfer her to a stretcher and carry her down the three flights of steep stairs to the ambulance.

A few days later I tracked her to the hospital. When I attempted to visit my neighbour I was accosted by a fierce matron - this all happened many years ago when hospitals had matrons and only the men from U.N.C.L.E. has mobiles. "Who are you?" she enquired in startlingly abrupt manner.

"The man who found her, I live in the flat blow hers, I only know she's Mrs. Staveley because I read her envelopes in the hall; incidentally I've brought her post with me."

"Oh she replied," sounding somewhat mollified. "Well Mrs. Cassandra Staveley has no close relatives and has had no visitors at all so far, perhaps if you could pop in two or three times a week it would cheer her up; despite our best efforts she's still in a lot of pain. That was how I came to know Cassie. Eventually, she did have another visitor, her boss: I knew about him because he could afford far more showy flowers than I could, and I really liked the grapes her brought her.

She recovered sufficiently to come home, her boss brought her work to her, she did his books, and I did her shopping and other little errands; it was several weeks before her plaster cast was removed and she could really get about again. She had been home for a few days when she asked if I would do her a really special favour?

"If I can," I replied gallantly.

"Well it's a bit embarrassing actually. Well... Well, would you help me in and out of the bath. I just can't manage on my own."

"Yes," I stuttered my mind reeling at the implications of her request.

"Good, because I'm starting to smell, give me ten minutes and I'll call."

I went to her kitchen to make us some tea. "Ready!" She shouted. She was stood by the bath in just her white cotton pants, my jaw dropped, I had expected a swimming costume, or some show of modesty. "Well don't just stand there pull my pants off and help me in." She actually wanted me to strip her naked! "And while I have my bath find me some clean pants there's a dear." In the end I simply lifted her up and placed her in the bath, propping her plastered leg on a small stool to keep it out of the water.

I had never thought about Cassie sexually before, she was well over twenty years my senior, but it is something that does come to mind when you lift a naked woman into a bath. OK she was plump, but not excessively so, she had large, well rounded white breasts and wide, seductive, hips, even if one of them was now a little scarred. Her skin was wrinkled here and there, but only slightly, her eyes were blue and lively, her mouth sensuously broad. Her hair was long, full and lustrous. My eyes strayed back to her breasts, they were magnificent with well defined, dark pink, areolae, almost light brown, oval in shape, encircling prominent, slightly redder, large, round nipples.

By the time I had discovered where Cassie kept her plain white cotton pants I had found that Cassie's taste in underwear could be quite exotic. She had a drawer full of basques and bustiers in bright colours, together with any number of suspender belts. She also had a collection of black, red and magenta bras and pants with holes in strategic places, both with and without lace, a nurses outfit and a maids outfit. I could not help but suspect I was meant to find these, but I laid the plain cotton pants on the bed and kept quiet.

By the time she shouted for me to come and get her out I was secretly supporting quite a stiff little penis. We drained the water and I lifted her from the bath. As I hoisted her over the side she slipped an arm round my neck and whispered, "do you like my tits then?" and giggled like a naughty little school girl. I went crimson and, out of dignity, did not deign to reply: instead I lowered her gently and helped her into a towelling dressing gown. "Before you go would you help me get my clean pants on, please."

After this I helped Cassie with a bath about every three days. Each time as I lifted her from the bath she would embarrass me by asking questions such as; "did I have a big stiffy?" or "had I been rooting through her underwear again?" or kissing me hard on the mouth. On every occasion she did, however, make it quite plain that once I had helped her into her pants it was time to go. Despite, or perhaps because of, her teasing I was quite disappointed when her cast was finally removed. But she told me to keep visiting her and when she was fully recovered she would give me a special present for being such a good boy, and not attempting to take advantage of her. The way she said this made me wonder if I was supposed to have done precisely that.

I had to wait six months for my present. When she finally announced her gift was ready I was intrigued; she requested that I kept the whole weekend free so that I could appreciate her small offering fully. At seven, on the designated Friday evening, she knocked on my door and announced that if I came to her flat in three quarters of an hour my gift would be finished: handing me a spare key as she spoke. At a quarter to eight, on the dot, I bounded up the stairs to her flat. When I entered her flat I found a note on a small table by the door. It read, 'I'm in the bedroom.' I opened the door and stood stock still, riveted to the spot, Cassie herself was my present. She was lying on her big double bed wearing a red ribbon and nothing else. It ran round the back of her neck crossed over itself under those magnificent tits of hers then disappeared behind her, emerging from the crack of her sex to run up her belly to the crossover, where the ends were tied off in a neat double bow. But that was not what had me thunderstruck, it was the fact that each of her wrists and ankles was secured to a corner of the bed with soft cord and she had even gagged herself with a very effective ball gag. She was completely helpless. On the stand, next to the bed was a blindfold, a couple of vibrators, one large, one small and rather pointed, a string of plastic beads, a set of industrial ear protectors, a pot of Vaseline, a selection of feathers and brushes and another note.

'As you can see this weekend you can do anything at all you like to me and I am absolutely powerless to stop you. In the cupboard, under the stand, you'll find lots more cord of various lengths if you wish to re-position me. Under the bed you'll find a collection of hobbles, leg spreaders and other restraints. I think you know all about my costumes and outfits, feel free to dress me up any way that you wish. Before you return to your flat on Sunday evening you should have, at least, attempted all of the following. Licked and fingered me to a series of orgasms, I deserve that at least. Come in my pussy, my mouth and my bottom, at least once. Pulled the beads from my arse as I have an orgasm. Pulled my hair really hard as I have an orgasm. Squeezed and twisted my nipples really hard as I have an orgasm. Spanked my bare bottom for being a really naughty girl. Ordered me to perform a series of obscene, embarrassing, lewd or sexually depraved acts for your amusement. Running the big vibrator on my clitty after an orgasm is unbearable but I am totally helpless so if you do this I will just have to endure it. I have two requests. First, please do not leave any lasting marks on my body, I have to return to work on Monday. Second, if you decide to leave the gag in place could you use the cords running under the bed to secure my knees and elbows, if you keep them bent it helps to prevent cramping.

I know you want me, it's written all over your face every time you see my tits, and that rod in your trousers gives you away too. Well you were such a gentleman, leaving me alone, and me such a slut rushing for that big vibrator as soon as you closed the door. Did you sneak to you bedroom for a wank; I bet you did sometimes. Well now take me, I'm all yours.

Love Cassie.

P.S. if you're good we can do this again.'

Where to begin? She was right I did want her, very badly indeed. I should start at the beginning with a hopelessly randy Cassie and then make her wait whilst I explored her body. I was shocked at the violence she requested so explicitly, but still 'it takes all sorts'. I tied off her knees and elbows which left her almost unable to move at all. I flicked her stiff nipples idly whilst I thought. I ran a finger up and down the sloes of her feet, she strained against her bonds frantically; strangled laughter came from her gag. I flicked her nipples once more then waved the nail brush in front of her eyes. They widened with panic. I removed my shoe laces and dangled these before her, then secured her big toes to the corners of the bed so she could not move her feet in the slightest. Her look told me she now understood, if you have ticklish feet a nail brush is going to be torture and I gave her feet a good scrubbing. In the end tears were streaming down her face, she was hysterical.

I changed tactics and began sucking her toes and licking her soles. This clearly tickled less and turned her on rather more, she was panting and giggling at the same time. As she gradually became increasingly excited I moved on to kissing, licking and sucking her hands and arms which are surprisingly sensitive, especially the palms, the crooks of the elbows and the arm pits which, fortunately, were nicely shaven. Next came her belly followed by her face, earlobes and neck, by now Cassie was mewing with pleasure. When I started on the insides of her thighs she began to sigh gently even though I was most careful not to touch any part of her sex. Last, but definitely not least, her breasts, I spent ages sucking and rolling her big red highly sensitive nipples.

It was time to unwrap my now lusty present, I unfastened the red bow and gently tugged the ribbon away. After this I could spread the lips of her sex which I did very gently indeed: she was soaking, in fact she had run so much there was a damp patch on the sheet under her and the ends of the ribbon were dark with her juices. "Naughty girl, you're making a mess, you have to be punished for that." I unfastened her gag, wiped her pussy with the ribbon, wound the sticky ends round the gag and replaced it in her mouth. Next I very slowly worked the beads in and out of her until they were slick with her natural moisture and then slid them into her arse. She gave a little grunt as each bead penetrated her tight little hole, of pain or pleasure I could not tell. "Now for your punishment, twenty strokes."

Cassie flinched, but she need not have worried. First I blindfolded her and then held her pussy wide apart again and gave her clitoris a single firm lick, raised my head and announced "one," at the same time giving each of her nipples a firm tweak. Stroke number two brought a sharp intake of breath and number three elicited a long drawn out sigh. Twenty licks about four seconds apart leaves a sensitive woman in a very randy state, you can hear her pussy slurp and squelch: it's the anticipation that's the killer, knowing that in few seconds your brain is going to get that sharp jolt of intense pleasure. To make things really interesting for her I varied the force I used on her nipples, sometimes a gentle caress, sometimes a hark flick, next a teasing roll between finger and thumb, or a vicious twisting pull.

"Do you want to come Cassie?"

She replied with a vigorous nod.

"Are you sure of that?"

Another vigorous nod.

"Shall I lick you, finger you or slide my penis in and out of your randy little hole?"

A very very vigorous nod to that last one.

"Alright you can come." Continuing to hold her pussy lips wide apart I set the big vibrator to maximum and held it firmly against her clitty: it was a good job she was tied tightly. At first it was clearly all orgasmic joy, one shuddering climax followed by another, but then the orgasms became more spread out and her struggles between them increasingly frantic. I waited for her next climax and popped out the beads, this triggered a short burst of orgasms in rapid succession followed by her most desperate struggle yet, so I used one hand to pull her hair or squeeze and twist her nipples. Cassie was having an orgasm about once a minute now and in between that powerful vibrator working on her over stimulated clit was clearly giving her a lot of grief. After just fifteen minutes she was becoming exhausted, her struggles weakening and her moans turning into to mews. I stopped and untied her, she was as limp as a wet rag and gasping for breath.

"My God, you were good," she whispered. "But I need time to recover, meanwhile you get undressed now so you can enjoy me properly" and she began to take long slow deep breaths as I disrobed. "I'll get us a cool drink," and she slowly made her way out of the room. I lay naked on the bed, relaxed and studied her note; oral first I thought, then she could suck me hard again before I made love to her. I heard Cassie return and place the glasses on the little stands next to the bed. She took my hand and sucked on its fingers, then tickled the palm with her tongue. My supposedly rock hard cock got even stiffer and I sighed with anticipation as my balls contracted. It was when she rolled on top of me that I realised that she had tied my wrist to the bed post and as I tugged at that one, she secured the other wrist.

"Your turn now, lover boy." She soon had me trussed up the way she had been, I could barely move at all. "Let's let Auntie Cassie find out what you like and, better still, what you don't like! First, I clean out my pussy with these cotton panties then I wrap them round your gag. Right if you don't like anything just tell me! Next the blindfold so it was all be a surprise, now the earplugs and muffs.

Silent darkness. For what felt like an eternity she did nothing. "Mmummph!" She tapped each of my nipples twice, peeled my foreskin back very slowly as far as it would go and then administered a single quick stoke to my stiff member. My seed began to rise, my penis on fire. As I began to relax she repeated the manoeuvre, two quick taps to each nipple then a single fast stroke that left me gasping and my cock twitching. Over and over she repeated this simple tormentation until I was completely breathless. Unexpectedly I found myself screaming with laughter, she was tickling my very sensitive feet. The gag was evil, I wanted to beg and plead for her to leave my delicate feet alone, but all I could manage was to howl with laughter and suck in air. She worked on my soles, my insteps, my toes. At last, bliss, she stopped. I got my breath back making myself dizzy with hyperventilation. Then she struck again. God knows what she was using now it was worse than the brush, really stiff with a lot of points of contact. She worked on me with one implement or another till I was utterly exhausted.

Peace again. I groaned. Nothing. Two taps to the left nipple, two to the right, I tensed with anticipation but Cassie waited until I relaxed a little before she twitched my cock. Not this again, yet there was absolutely nothing I could do but endure it. This time instead of tapping my nipples she gave them two little licks making the sensations even more intense. Did I yearn to come! Every time she twitched my cock my body began to prepared to spurt, a need made even more desperate by those four little licks, then nothing. The pattern changed, she was giving my rod two little flicks one immediately after the other. Now I could feel my seed rise even higher before frustration and disappointment followed.

A short sweet rest. Then massive exhalation on my part, she had poked the tip of the small vibrator into my arse and set it to maximum. She resumed licking my nipples and flicking my cock always making sure that the vibrator did not slip. So intense were these various stimulations that I could no longer even think, well except of how badly I needed to come. As suddenly as it all started it all stopped, noting, just me sucking in air. As I regained some composure a new agony started; Cassie was holding the big vibrator, set to full power, hard against the helmet of my cock. Was that intense? My balls tightened, my guts began to churn and she stopped. When I recovered she repeated the exercise but this time using her mouth to stimulate my sensitive glans. The third act was agony, she was rubbing a well oiled palm over the head of my prick, this exploits all the sensitivity of the penis but does not actually make your seed rise. Had I not been gagged I would soon have been screaming, it was more than I could bear, I was rapidly pouring with sweat.

The ear protectors and plugs were removed. "Naughty boy, you've soaked my bed, twenty strokes is, I believe the appropriate punishment." Twenty long slow swirls of that slippery palm, I wished I had not pushed Cassie quite so far earlier now. After my punishment my blindfold was removed before Cassie impaled herself very slowly on my penis. Desperately as I wanted her to, she did not move, instead she applied the big vibrator to her clit and treated herself to a climax or three whilst I looked on helpless. Only when she had sated her lust did she begin to ride me, ever so slowly. My orgasm built and built and built until I began to squirt thick white smelly come into her hot, tight slippery pussy. Over and over I pumped and then pumped again, it was the longest, most intense, orgasm I had ever had. I was spent. Cassie leant forwards, removed my gag and gave me a long passionate kiss on the mouth, her tongue probing as deeply as it could. She climbed off me, turned around, parked her dank pussy on my nose and mouth, then held the big vibrator firmly against the head of my penis. I opened my moth to scream only to have my own seed and Cassie's copious secretions dribble into it.

"Now then lover boy let's see how long you take to come again." It took the most unbearable fifteen minutes of my life, only moderated slightly by my plotting revenge. She would pay dearly for this, after all I had two days left, both oral and anal sex to go and was she going to get a spanking.

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