tagGroup SexThe Priest of the Goddess Ch. 3

The Priest of the Goddess Ch. 3


(Dear readers; Thank you for your encouragement. Xana is another important character in this fantasy world and this story is from her point of view. Not to worry, the big orgy is coming.)

Xana's story:

"Listen up, troops. I am Centurion Xana, your insurance between life and death." I shifted my eyes from one to another of the hundred glistening naked female recruits before me. They looked scared but excited.

"Stick out those tits. Show me that you're proud warriors of Calypso and great soldiers of Eros." I could feel the hot afternoon sun on my own naked skin. Sweat ran in rivulets between my firm breasts, down my muscled flat stomach, over my shaven pussy and down my strong legs.

"I need a volunteer." I always enjoyed this part of the training, hand-to-hand combat. "Usha, stand to center." The girl tried to protest but my naked 5'11" frame intimidated her enough to obey my command. She was about 5'9", blond and the nipples on her breasts were invitingly large. Her clitoris stuck out its head between the folds of her pussy lips. The troop formed up in a square as our battleground.

"On guard." We circled in a crouching position, ready to strike. I feigned a move and Usha retreated too fast to be steady on her feet. I quickly followed, pushing her against the naked human rope. I moved back and invited her to attack. She threw her right at me, but I ducked underneath the blow. Usha's momentum carried her into my arms. Her sweaty body slipped in my locked arms. I grabbed a breast with one hand and let my other hand slide between her legs. I threw her to the ground and pounced on her prone body. Before she could recover, I pinned her arms behind her back and sat on her beautiful bottom. I could feel my wet and aroused pussy slide over her ass cheeks.

I let go of her arms and she turned beneath me onto her back. Her chest heaved, pushing her breasts closer to my face. What am I doing? I have this strong desire to make love to her and to forget about the combat training.

Get a grip, woman!

"Centurion! Centurion!" The call saved me from a potential disaster. An excited novice priest came running towards us with his tunic flapping all over the place, giving us all a good look at his manhood.

I pulled Usha to her feet and thanked her for courage. I sent a silent prayer to Calypso that Usha would be ready when we meet our foe, the men of Kharbah.

"Settle yourself, dear priest. Why the hurry and the rude interruption?"

The poor lad was not only huffing from his run but the sight of a hundred naked women must have also aroused him. He bent over with his hands on his knees to catch his breath right before my still wet and naked form. When he lifted his head, his eyes locked onto my wet and puffy pussy. I spread my legs to allow him a better look. I resented his untimely intrusion into my tutoring schedule. Although the temple personnel were accepted and revered everywhere, I was angry because his arrival interrupted my sexual fantasy.

My ploy worked. His face reddened and his short tunic couldn't hide his growing erection. My troops giggled at his discomfort.

"Speak now, o, holy one."

"Her Holiness, Randith requests your presence immediately."

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" No one ignored a request from Randith. I grabbed my chain-mail uniform, pulled it over my naked breasts and wrapped my leather tunic around my waist. Grabbing my sword, I quickly instructed my second in command to take over the training.

"Lead the way."

We arrived after sunset. Randith waited for me at the vagina entrance of the Temple of Calypso. Her white see-through no nonsense gown was opened to reveal her beautiful breasts and her shaven pussy. She took my hand and pulled me into the Temple.

As we entered, we performed the ritual of bowing before the statue of Calypso and kissing the Holy Cunt.

"Queen Amida of Aesopus has been kidnapped. I suspect Yandra, the evil wizard of Kharbah took her." This was shocking news indeed. She was supposed to arrive tomorrow on a state visit to Eros.

Randith took me to her private boudoir and threw her white gown onto the large bed and climbed into a huge bathtub.

"Come, let me wash off the sweat and dust from that strong body of yours," invited the High Priestess. This is an invitation that I didn't want to refuse. I was so horny and needed some release. The chain mail uniform and my leather tunic didn't take long to be disposed of. I entered the hot bath with anticipation.

"This is strictly confidential and I rely on you to do the right thing." Randith soaped my short raven black hair and washed it vigorously. "Yandra disguised himself as the Queen's bodyguard and stole her away before they entered Pudenta. He then changed them both into a newly wed couple from the countryside."

Randith rinsed my hair and then started to wash my body with a soft cloth. She tarried on my breasts, turning my nipples into sensitive extensions of my flesh. Her cloth covered hand moved over my body with the care of a lover. But the attention she gave to my sex was too much. She discarded the cloth and used her hand to clean my pleasure valley. I nearly jumped out of the tub with surprise as she inserted her finger into my waiting vagina. My clitoris was burning with desire and when she touched it my body bucked uncontrollably, splashing water everywhere.

"I want you to find Queen Amida and return her to the temple without anyone's knowledge," I heard her say through the haze of my orgasm. "Calypso has now bestowed you with special powers to fulfill this task." I became aware of a strange kind of power surging through me.

When Randith dried me, my whole body felt like one big sex organ. Everywhere she touched me was an intense pleasurable experience. She then seated me on a statuette of a ceremonial penis on the edge of a large velvet covered chair. I slowly sat down on the smooth wooden cock, letting it slip into my dripping wet pussy. I wanted to ride it but Randith stopped me.

"I want you to concentrate and let your mind go. Don't think about anything and let the pleasure guide you." Randith dropped to her knees between my spread legs, facing my wooded cock-filled pussy. "Close your eyes and become one with Calypso."

That wasn't so easy to do, especially when Randith started to lick my clitoris. I was filled with a holy fetish and my pleasure was intensified by her attention to my clit.

"Squeeze your pussy muscles together."

Doing that increased the burning passion and after a while my mind drifted off and I was transported into another dimension, flying through Pudenta. The flight came to a halt before a small tavern close to the Temple on Damuzi Street. I saw a blond priest escorting a married couple to the temple. The husband gave off a strange vibration of evil. When they entered the temple my pleasure induced flight ended but my orgasm brought on by the High Priestess continued a while longer.

"What did you see?" asked Randith, her mouth dripping with my sex nectar. I kissed her, tasting my own juice. She stiffened and her eyes widened. Still locked in the kiss, Randith grabbed my arms and started shaking. She saw what I have seen.

"That is Queen Amida with Yandra. And my dear Zenoi." She pulled me off the phallus and charged me to hurry to the temple to save the Queen and Zenoi.

I dressed quickly and hurried through the crowded streets of Pudenta to the temple on Damuzi Street. When I entered the temple a congregation had gather to watch the union with Calypso. On the altar stage a beautiful naked priest was on top of a woman with a man beneath her, obviously making love. Then a blinding light filled the temple for a moment.

When I could see again the woman beneath the priest turned into Queen Amida. But the man beneath them was Yandra, the evil wizard. I pushed through the crowd to confront the evil that kidnapped the Queen. Drawing my sword I scared away the believers and made my way onto the stage. The priest knelt between their legs, bowing to the Queen.

"Zenoi," I shouted. "The man is a wizard from Kharbah." Yandra pushed the Queen off him, but no longer as the dull groom but an ugly, stocky and hairy wizard. Zenoi got to his feet ready to fight. What a beautiful cock, I thought and moved between the naked Queen and Yandra pointing my sword at him.

The wizard mumbled a spell I couldn't understand, waving his arm in my direction. A thunderclap stunned me for a moment and when I could hear and see again, Zenoi was on the floor and the wizard gone. I rushed over and saw the Queen and priestess of the temple already at his side. Apparently Zenoi absorbed the spell with his powers and prevented the wizard turning me into a toad or something

"Your Majesty, I am Xana of the Imperial Temple Guard. Randith sent me to escort you to the Temple of Calypso."

"Thank you for your concern but I must see that Zenoi has been taken care of." With that she put his penis in her mouth and started to suck. I joined her and together we brought him back to life. Queen Amida traced her hand over my body and underneath my leather tunic, into my cunt. I moaned a little, feeling the passion burning in me.

A fully recovered Zenoi broke our embrace with a polite cough.

"We better get going, Your Highness," he said. "Before the evil one returns." Una, the priestess draped a gown over the Queen's naked shoulders while Zenoi wrapped a tunic around his slim waist, hiding his cock from me. What a shame and I wanted more of it, eh him. Maybe a next time.

Randith hugged Zenoi and me after she saw to it that the Queen was safe to prepare for the grand orgy the next day. She gave us a few moments alone in the temple before the Holy Cunt. We kissed it and then each other.

"Thank you for what you did," came it barely audible from Zenoi. "I was such a fool not to have seen through his disguise."

"Don't be to hard on yourself. You couldn't have known, and besides, the Queen is safe." He took my face in his loving hands and kissed me on my full lips. I undid my chain mail uniform and dropped it to the floor next to the leather tunic. A power surged through me when he softly touched my clitoris. He covered my sex with his hand and kept it there while he kissed me. I could feel the heat emanating from his hand into my sex and through my whole body. My pussy nectar dripped onto his hand.

My own hand involuntary sought his penis. Grabbing it, it felt like the handle of my sword, but much more pleasurable to hold. I moved my hand up and down his shaft and sensed the blood surging through his veins. To give pleasure surpasses all other feelings. Maybe my father was wrong to have forced me to become a warrior. Maybe I was born to please others. Who knows? But at that moment I didn't care, I just wanted this man between my legs.

"What are you doing?" demanded Randith as she entered the temple. "You are not allowed to make love while you are on duty."

"But I thought with the Queen safe, we can become better acquainted," came the lame excuse from Zenoi. Well at least he tried.

"The danger is not over yet," said Randith. "Tomorrow evil will strike again and you must be prepared."

To be continued...

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