tagNonHumanThe Princess and the Frog Prince

The Princess and the Frog Prince


"Ribbett. Ribbett," said Prince Lancelot. A few seconds later, his long, sticky tongue shot out to catch the fly that had gotten within range, and he drew the crunchy body into his wide mouth.

It was not his favorite food; he would have much preferred the champagne and steak and caviar he had dined on before having the curse placed on him by the wicked witch, but he had to take what he could get. What he missed far more than the good food were all the beautiful young women who had been so eager to share his bed while he was still human. The sex life of a frog is far inferior to that of a male human, especially when that human is a rich, handsome and horny prince with an exceptionally big cock that is almost always hard.

Princess Pauletta was privy to great deal of intimate knowledge about the sex lives of princes, although not that of Lancelot, except by reputation. The twenty year old unmarried daughter of the ruler of the next kingdom was much like the prince who had been turned into a frog, in that her bed had been visited by a steady parade of sex partners. They ranged from the father of Lancelot during a recent state visit to stable boys in her own father's castle. She tended to favor the latter, because they would take turns doing everything she ordered them to do and not say anything to anybody about their cavorting in her bed, lest they be severely punished for seeming to rise above their stations in life.

She had never met Prince Lancelot, but he was the reason for her strolling on the grounds of the castle of his father. He had been missing for over a week, and the king was worried about the fate of his heir. It wasn't just paternal love; he was concerned because Lancelot was an only child and the king was getting on in years. If he were to die and the prince was unavailable to succeed him to the throne, the next in line was the king's younger brother, and the siblings had always hated each other. Princess Pauletta and her father had come to call, along with a squad of their best men, to aid in the search and she was busily doing her part.

While walking along a brook in a corner of the castle grounds, the princess spotted the biggest bullfrog she had ever seen, and watched him capture a fly. "My goodness," she remarked. "You are the biggest frog I have ever seen. And you are certainly good with your tongue."

"Ribbett!" the enchanted prince replied without giving much thought to the beautiful young lady who had just addressed him, until he suddenly realized who she was.

He had never met Princess Pauletta, but other men who had shared her bed had described her to him, making him very much want to so. She had long, light brown hair that cascaded down her back, and a lovely face, with light blue eyes and a peaches and cream complexion.

Gorgeous though her face was, it was nothing compared to the princess's voluptuous body, with large, succulent breasts, always unrestrained by a bra, that swayed enticingly inside the tight sweater she was wearing that day. Her hips and ass and legs were the stuff of wet dreams for most men, and they were clearly on display in her snug micro-mini skirt and sheer panties. She seemed to have been designed for sex and, fortunately for most of the men who had met her, she did not allow her charms to remain idle if she could help it.

The princess from the neighboring kingdom was definitely somebody whom the prince would love to spend hours making love with but, more importantly, she was a true princess and one of the few people in the world who could help him regain his position in life. As has always been common knowledge, her kiss on his lips would break the wicked witch's spell, and he would be human again. If she turned out to be willing to do that, the first thing Lancelot would want to do would be to revel in mutually pleasurable sex with the enchanting, horny daughter of the ruler of the neighboring kingdom.

"Arummm," he cleared his throat. "Princess Pauletta, is that you?"

"Yes, I am Princess Pauletta. And you?"

"I am Prince Lancelot, and I have been turned into a frog by a spell cast on me by a wicked witch. Only a kiss on the lips by a true princess, such as yourself, can break her spell and return me to my proper state."

"I see. I rather thought that was the case when you started talking. I'm aware there is no such thing as a talking frog, but enchanted princes are not all that rare. So you want me to kiss your mouth?"

"Yes, more than anything." He puckered up his lips as best he could.

"But, you've been eating all those yucky flies and bugs and stuff like that, and that really grosses me out. I'll tell you what I will do, though."

Pauletta was sitting on the mossy edge of the brook under an overhanging bank, completely out of the view of anybody passing by. As she started to make her very interesting proposal, she was unzipping her skirt and removing her panties. Lancelot looked with lustful interest on her enticing pussy. It was the most beautiful he had ever seen, and he was a connoisseur. He had spent all his adult life eating and fucking some of the most delightful pussies in the world, but he had never seen one as enticing as what was being displayed to him by the hotty sitting on the bank of the stream where he had been living for the last week.

While removing her sweater, the princess continued: "I've seen what you can do with your tongue, and I want you to eat my pussy until I cum. After that, I will kiss your lips and, once you have become a prince again, we can go from there. This moss is nice and warm and soft and out of sight of any nosy people, and we can spend the rest of the day sucking each other and fucking our brains out right here, until it's time for you to go back to your father's castle."

"Ribbett! I mean, just spread your legs and let me get in there between them."

Smiling lewdly, the naked princess lay on the moss with her legs widely spread and her knees bent, while the prince hopped between them. He first targeted the extremely soft and smooth area between the origins of a pair of inner and outer pussy lips and shot his tongue out to caress her there. She was already so turned on by the thought of what they would be doing that her eager pussy was lubricating heavily. This served two purposes -- it encouraged Lance to continue lapping at the delicious juices and their slickness kept his sticky lapping organ from becoming stuck on any individual part.

When he started, he hoped to finish this part of the deal quickly, so he could get to the much more interesting part the princess had described. However, as he flicked his tongue along her swollen inner lip, it felt so good and tasted so delicious he wanted to continue. His human licker was agile, but the fly and bug catching tool that had been bestowed upon him as a bullfrog was infinitely better at getting into the tight seam between Princess Pauletta's inner and outer lips. He moved in more closely so he could lick the entire area, delighting in everything about what he was doing and in the way she was starting to squirm with pleasure on the mossy ground.

"Ooooo, Lance, you're as good as I've heard," the princess murmured.

He was glad to hear that, because the prince took pride in what he did, so he continued eating the delectable pussy available to him. He moved in as close as he could, and his super-flexible tongue lovingly caressed every inch of the first inner lip, while Pauletta's body writhed in bliss above him. She was in such a high state of sexual excitement, her pussy was fucking up into the air, as if to meet a cock that was plunging in and out of her.

"Ah, yeah," she moaned. "I love that. I love what you're doing to me."

The frog prince loved it too, and he started on the other inner lip, treating it the same way, until he reached Pauletta's clit, which had pushed its way out from its protective hood. He wanted to take the little cutie into his mouth and suck and lick until she climaxed followed, he hoped, by her kissing him as promised, and then followed by the wild fucking and sucking he had been sorely missing for the last week.

But there was a problem. His mouth was big, but not really made for engulfing a clit and sucking on it. The frog tongue was even better for licking a pussy than his human equivalent had been, but a frog's mouth is not designed to suck a pussy. It was a problem, but not one that could not be overcome.

The princess's succulent body was writhing about on the mossy bank, and she was pleading for him to suck her clit and make her cum. Instead, he burrowed the organ he was using into the adorable pink hole that was producing the juices he found so delicious and started swirling it about inside. He was able to easily massage all of her multitude of sweet spots, even including some the royal hotsy didn't even know she had, and she sobbed and whimpered in bliss, while her excitement mounted.

She was ready to cum, about as ready as any woman he had ever seen, and that included thousands of aroused females. Lancelot withdrew his tongue from the pink hole that had tasted so fantastic and licked upward to contact the fully exposed clit of the princess, which resembled a lovely pink pearl. This produced more and more urgent wails of bliss and more fresh nectar and more entreaties to continue. He realized then what he had to do. Wanting to avoid the fate of being crushed between her strong thighs while she was cumming, he hopped up on her belly, turned to lean against Pauletta's Mount of Venus and cast out his tongue as far as he could.

During his days as a frog, Lancelot had developed a certain degree of skill in using that trusty organ, and his aim this time was unerring. Like coils of a lasso, it curled around the swollen pearl, eliciting fresh moans and whimpers from Pauletta. Her clit, like the rest of her pussy, was slick with her juices, but the tongue surrounding it was sticky enough to remain in place despite all the wild gyrations of her body.

"Yes! Yes! Suck my clit!" she implored him.

Although he couldn't suck her there, the frog prince did the best he could to lick the entire precious morsel. He started to pull his tongue back into his mouth, and the coils he had so expertly wrapped around her clit began moving and caressing the little cutie. The stimulation made the princes cry out ecstatically of how fantastic it was and how much she needed to cum. Lancelot reeled what amounted to his primary sex organ back out, and that thrilling movement on the sweetest of her many sweet spots elicited more and louder cries of joy from the hot and horny princess.

His tongue was doing a better job than Lancelot could have anticipated. The natural stickiness was enough to cause it to briefly adhere to Pauletta's wet clit and, as he moved the long, prehensile tool, back and forth, it stimulated her even better than the clit spur on her favorite dildo would have. He continued, while her body thrashed about on the mossy bank, until she cried out loudly and ecstatically that she was cumming.

Her legs opened and closed like a pair of needle-nosed pliers, and Lancelot was glad he'd had the presence of mind to avoid being between them. She rolled from side to side on her voluptuous ass, but not enough to dislodge him from his perch on her mons or roll over on top of him. The princess babbled about her clit, and he continued with the action he had started until she climaxed. All her muscles clenched at once; her back arched and she thrust her pussy up into the air, but Lancelot kept his place.

After her orgasm, she totally relaxed, and he reeled his tongue back into his mouth, but it didn't stay there long. Her pussy was covered with a great wealth of her nectar, and he moved forward until he could put his licker to use again, this time to sluice the delicious treat into his mouth. After that feast, the prince hopped up onto the princess's breasts to wait for her to recover so she could keep the first part of her share of their bargain. He puckered up his lips again, and kissed her mouth, but it changed nothing. The spell would only be broken by her actively kissing him on his green and white froggy lips.

When she finally opened her eyes, Princess Pauletta smiled at the enchanted prince waiting expectantly on her breast. "That was great, Lance. Now, come up here so I can give you the reward you earned."

He did so eagerly. Her kiss broke the spell, and the human Prince Lancelot lay sprawled atop of the woman who had saving him from a life of eating bugs and worms. However, there was one thing neither of them had known about. When a witch casts a spell and transforms a prince or anybody else into a frog or anything else, only that person's body is transformed. Any shoes or clothing or any other non-living thing keeps its previous form. In the case of Lancelot, the witch had simply cast a second spell and changed his clothing to water, which had merged with the rest of the water in the brook and ended up in the ocean.

This was not at all a problem then. The prince lay on top of the princess's body, and she looked down to behold his nakedness. He had been without sex for more than a week, and was horny, which was evidenced by his big, hard cock. To the princess, that sight of his erection was just as enticing as the sight of her fabulous pussy had been to him, and her juices started flowing heavily again. With a few movements of their bodies, the big cock was inside her and they began, as she had suggested earlier, fucking each other's brains out.

Their first simultaneous climax came rather quickly, but his cock didn't soften at all and, less than a minute after filling her pussy with his cum, he was once again plunging his long, thick shaft in and out of her, and she was fucking back to meet his thrusts. They climaxed together for the second time and, this time, the two world class hotsies paused almost three minutes before starting to fuck some more. By the time they reached full sexual satisfaction, after over six hours of non-stop coupling, night had fallen.

"Lance, that was the best I've ever had," the princess whispered to the only man who had ever satisfied her sexually by himself.

"Me too," he replied with total honesty. "Pauletta, you are the greatest."

They lay together without speaking for a few minutes while his cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, resulting in both their bodies becoming covered with their respective juices. Her very talented lips and tongue might have been able to suck him hard again, but they were both so thoroughly sated, neither of them mentioned that possibility.

Princess Pauletta broke the silence. "You know, this doesn't have to be the end of it. We can keep doing this for a long time, and get our mouths and my ass into the action."

"You mean get married?"

"Yes. My father is staying at your father's castle while they look for you, and I'm sure he would have no objection."

"I know my father wouldn't. He's been hinting around for me to get married and settle down, but I wasn't ready until now with you."

"My father has been doing the same, and I'm ready now too. Let's go up to the castle and talk to them."

"I don't think I can go anywhere right now. I don't have any clothing."

"No problem. I'll go and get you something to put on."

Lancelot rolled off his newly-betrothed and she stumbled to her feet to find and put on her clothing. When she was dressed, Pauletta kissed her groom-to-be and made haste up to the castle, where she spoke to his father.

"Oh, mighty king, I have found Prince Lancelot, but he is in need of princely raiment to wear when he comes back before you," she said while curtsying.

"Then I shall send him some," the king replied, while looking at her succulent breasts as they swayed under her sweater and wondering if he would have a chance to get the princess into his bed again.

"No, I must take it to him," she replied to her future father-in-law, who was unable to hide his disappointment at missing out on some great nooky.

Clean clothing was brought forth and given to the princess. She went first to the guest room she had been using and changed her own attire so she would be wearing something more fitting for the formal meeting that would soon be happening with her, Prince Lancelot and their respective fathers. She took the fresh garments to the prince, who had been expecting and hoping for jeans, but did not complain about the more elaborate outfit he would have to wear.

Together, they approached their fathers who were awaiting them in the main drawing room of the castle. After Prince Lancelot was effusively greeted by his sire, who had been very worried about his absence, the young people spoke to the kings of what they had discussed. Both monarchs readily saw the many benefits that would accrue to their kingdoms and, with neither hesitation nor doubt, gave their approval.

A few months and many sexual encounters later, Prince Lancelot and Princess Pauletta were wed in a formal ceremony at his father's castle, and they lived happily ever after.


Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is an URL to many more of my stories: http://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=207952&page=submissions I hope you had as much fun as the prince and princess had, and will continue to have. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on this site, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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