tagFetishThe Princess Kiss

The Princess Kiss


Once upon a time, there was a princess who was known as an exceptional beauty. She had hair as dark the sea at night. Eyes as green as clover. Skin white as snow. And her figure as shapely and rounded as an hourglass. All the eligible men in the kingdom vied for her. That is, until one day a jealous witch came to the princess and cursed her with a dour affliction. Horrified, the princess confined herself in the tallest tower of the palace requesting that only one maid bring her food and necessities whenever she requested.

The maid's seemed to change constantly, none could seem to keep the princess happy. Then, one day, a young girl was hired from the village. She fit the requirements the princess asked for and was whisked away to the palace. This girl's name was Angeline and she was considered quite lovely by the people in the village. She had sleek blonde hair and bright blue eyes. But her figure was small and dainty, so most men just passed her by.

On her first day on the job she was asked to clean the princess' chambers. The princess stayed out of sight, hidden behind the curtains of her canopy bed. Angeline began to clean, wondering if she'd ever see the lovely princess. But the princess continued to make no sign of her presence and Angeline forgot that she was even there. She began to sing while she cleaned.

"You have such a lovely voice." The princess spoke suddenly.

Angeline screamed, dropping the vase she was holding. It shattered on the ground. Angeline quickly moved to clean it up. "I'm so sorry! You startled me. I forgot-ow!" She cut her finger on the glass.

The curtains of the bed opened and the princess came out. "No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." She came over to Angeline and inspected the cut. "Here, I have some bandages."

Angeline was stunned, the princess was supposedly cursed. Yet here she was, as beautiful as she had ever been, if not more so. "Thank you, princess."

The princess smiled at Angeline. "My pleasure." She sat down Angeline on the edge of her bed and moved to retrieve a box. From the light of the window, Angeline could make out the silhouette of the princess' body through the sheer nightgown she wore. She had such supple breasts, Angeline couldn't help but he jealous. Her waist was slender. Hips elegant and sexy. Then, Angeline noticed a strange shadow between the princess' thighs. A protrusion, and it seemed to be getting larger.

The princess sat down beside Angeline, tending to the cut. Angeline's eyes were still focused between the princess' legs. She saw something beneath the chemise. Without thinking, Angeline reached out, touching. The princess screamed, pushing Angeline back on the bed as she scrambled away to the very foot of the bed.

Angeline's bodice came undone and opened, revealing her small chest. Looking up at the princess she saw now that the skirt of her nightgown had risen up at her crotch. She had seen something like that before with a man in the local pub. It was an erection.

"Don't look!" The princess screamed, trying to hide it. "Please don't look!" She was sobbing, crying bitterly into her hands.

Angeline sat up and shook her head. "I'm sorry." She gasped, trying to cover her breasts.

The princess fell face forward onto the bed, sobbing. "I hate this body! I hate it!"

Angeline knelt down beside the princess. "Please don't cry. It isn't too bad." She petted the princess's hair and slowly brought her back up, sitting with her legs tucked under her, her apparent erection pointing towards Angeline.

The princess sniffled. She reached out, her fingers gently touching the ribbon of Angeline's bodice. "Your bodice."

Angeline looked down at her small breasts and then saw the princess' cock throb with a pulse. "I'm sorry." Angeline whispered, moving to cover herself back up. She looked at the princess' face and saw a look of awe upon it. Her eyes widened and her breath was becoming shallow. Angeline was shocked, was she turning the princess on?

"I'm not very proud of my body either." She murmured shyly, now completely aware of herself. "I have no shape to me and my breasts," she cupped them in her hands. "They are too small."

The princess's breath hitched and she bit down on her bottom lip. "No." She whispered. "No, they are...they are sweet." She licked her lips. "I'm sorry." She stood, covering herself with her hand. "I need to take care of this quickly."

Angeline felt her heart surge then and she stood, catching the princess' wrist. "I am your maid." The words were coming out involuntarily now. "Let me take care of you." She coiled her hand around, lacing her finger's with the princess'.

The princess' face turned deep pink. "You would?" She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her skirts up, revealing the long, pink shaft of her curse. "You would see to this?" She took hold of the erection in her hand, gently rubbing it to ease the ache, while Angeline's eyes fluttered over it.

This was just one of a few dicks Angeline had seen. But it was certainly the most attractive, like the princess. It was long, rosy pink, and glistening. It was also the largest cock Angeline could think of. Below it, instead of balls was a regular pussy, but it was dripping wet and swollen with lust.

"I will see that you are happy, my princess." Angeline said, sitting between the princess' legs. She first wrapped her hand around the cock, feeling the pulse vibrating through it. She began stroking slowly and the princess let out a small mew. Angeline then inserted a finger into the princess' dripping cunt. Inside it was hot, soft, and wet, and the muscles squeezed around her finger, sucking it in.

"You're touching both..." The princess gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

Angeline licked down from the gleaming head, lapping at the hard flesh of the shaft and then swirled her tongue inside her pussy.

"No! It feels so good!" The princess cried.

Angeline took the penis into her mouth and began sucking, meanwhile, thrusting the blade of her fingers in and out of the princess' pussy.

The princess cried out over and over again. "Oh! Oh yes! I'm going to cum! You're making me cum!" A gush of hot liquid entered Angeline's mouth and spattered against her face. The princess' juices were sweet and tart, a little bitter too. Angeline licked her lips clean, touching the cream on her cheeks. She rubbed her free hand between her legs, her cunt hot and dripping juices as well.

"It won't go down." The princess whined, seeing her cock still upright and ready. She gripped onto it with both hands. "Why won't it go down?!" She cried in anguish, rubbing it vigorously in the hopes of calming it down.

Angeline stood up and showed her pussy to the princess, spreading it open so the princess could see her nectar flowing and how hard her clit had become.

Angeline's breath shuddered. "Perhaps if it kisses my sex, it will go away."

The princess touched Angeline's soft pink lips then licked their juices from her fingers. She kissed Angeline's clit, gently lapping her tongue over it.

Angeline moaned. "Princess, I can't wait any longer." She lowered the princess back and then eased herself on top of her. She pulled open the princess' gown and grasped at her full breasts, kneading at them like a kitten.

"This is my first time," the princess gasped. She strained her neck, reaching for Angeline's lips. They kissed. The princess suckled on Angeline's bottom lip, while the sweet girl massaged and caressed her breasts.

"Mine too." Angeline whispered, kissing the princess' neck. She then sat up, placing herself just behind the princess' erection and sitting on her thighs. She angled her hips so her dewy slit rubbed up and down the princess' cock.

"Hot..." the princess' breath hitched. "It's so hot!" She bit down on her finger.

Angeline bit her bottom lip, taking hold of the princess' penis and guiding it towards her wanton opening. "I'm going to put it in now." Her breath shuddered with excitement.

The princess nodded watching as she disappeared in the girl's warm cunt. Her eyelashes fluttered, her eyes rolling back into her head.

"Inside a woman's vagina..." She reached up, grabbing for Angeline. "It's so soft and hot. You're squeezing me so tight!"

"I can feel you hitting all the way inside me." Angeline whispered. She began pumping up and down on the princess' shaft. "You're so big! You're overflowing inside my pussy!"

The princess was visibly trying to restrain herself. "You're pussy feels so good! I'm going to melt!"

"Cock..." Angeline's voice hitched. "The princess is deep inside me...with...with her cock!" She reached down, squeezing the princess' breasts, feeling the pebble-like nipples press against her palms.

The princess licked her lips, taking Angeline's hand and sucking on her fingers. She moaned, "It feels better than anything I've ever done!"

Angeline smiled. "You're so hot...and hard!" She swallowed, trying to keep her heart in her throat. "The princess' rod is better than anything I've ever used to ease the ache."

The princess smiled, small tears pearling at the corners of her eyes. "You mean it?" She gasped.

"I only want this cock inside me!" Angeline gasped, grinding her hips wildly. "I'm going to cum because of this cock!"

The princess had tears of joy rolling down her cheeks. "Yes! Yes! I can feel it...I can feel you squeezing all around me! Pussy...your sweet pussy is melting my cock!"

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! You're making me cum!" Warm liquid gushed from the princess and into Angeline.

Angeline shivered, feeling the princess' nectar explode inside her, filling her warm and burning her belly. She quivered, shaking, and twitching as he orgasm seized her, paralyzing her with delight. She thought for sure this would be it, that now that the princess had taken her cunt she would calm down. But as she began to shrug and slump her shoulders in exhaustion the princess threw her down.

"You feel so good!" The princess gasped, prying open Angeline's creamy, white thighs. "I can't stop fucking you! Oh Angeline!" She plunged her penis back inside and began to drive inside her with wild abandon. "Pussy! I love pussy!"

"Fuck me till your satisfied princess! Don't stop!" Angeline was heaving, having already cum she was in no position to fight back. Besides, she had never felt so good before. She didn't want it to stop anytime soon. The princess' cock, ravaging her tight pussy, Angeline prayed it would never end. Be damned with the curse if this was the full extent of it. Let it kill her if it would save the princess.

"Stretch me open with your big, meaty rod!" Angeline panted, her small breasts swaying with the force of the princess' pumping.

The princess smiled and lay on top of her, kissing her, forcing her tongue down into Angeline's small mouth and sucking her tongue. Her hips thrust in and out, feeling as Angeline shuddered with new orgasm. Her pussy tightening, inner muscles clenching and sucking her dick back inside.

"This is the first time I've ever wanted this curse." The princess moved her mouth, nibbling on Angeline's ear, down her neck and then suckling on her soft nipples, flecking her tongue on the tender mounds.

"You have such cute nipples." The princess' drool dribbling along Angeline's sensitized flesh. "They're inverted." She sunk her mouth upon them again.

"Suck my tits..." Angeline rasped. "It feels so good when you do that while you fuck me."

The princess shuddered. "Mmm! I'm gonna cum, Angeline." She whimpered, arching her back as she pounded faster and faster into the girl.

"Cum!" Angeline gasped. "Cum inside me! I want to feel your cream in my cunt!"

The princess exclaimed silently, mouth hanging open as she twitched, releasing her searing hot load in Angeline's womb. She pulled out, falling onto her back and gasping hard.

Angeline slowly raised, picking herself up onto her knees. The princess turned to look at her, seeing Angeline gently touch herself below then smile down at her.

"Watch your cum slide down my thighs." Angeline whispered.

The princess sat up, grasping Angeline's small rump and bringing her towards her mouth. She licked up Angeline's soft, plump thigh, cleaning up the mess. She then sunk her tongue inside Angeline, tasting both her and the girl's flavors, mingling and mixing in an erotic cocktail.

"You're still hard." Angeline mewed, rubbing the princess' shoulders. "Princess..." She cooed sympathetically.

The princess looked up at Angeline with her beautiful green eyes. "Please, Angeline, call me Freya."

Angeline's heart throbbed looking down at the beautiful princess. "Freya." She whispered. She knelt down, meeting Freya's hungry mouth.

"Thank you, sweet Angeline." Freya whispered. "You've saved me."

Angeline moaned, feeling Freya's hands kneading her small, tender breasts. "I am here to serve the princess for as long as she wants me." She kissed her back, feeling Freya's cock rub against her thigh.

"It hurts." Freya mewed pathetically.

Angeline licked the channel of Freya's ear. "Then command me. Tell me how to stop the pain." She whispered.

She then eased down, kissing Freya's nipples, her belly, and then the hood of her girl-cock. Freya seethed, feeling Angeline's soft lips caress her rod, easing her pain some. The girl's little dart darted in and out, flecking up and down the cock like a snake. She kissed and kicked tenderly, lovingly.

Angeline's fingers easily slipped into Freya's cunt, her sweet juices spilling out like honey. Freya's hands dug into Angeline's long hair, massaging her scalp and then she gripped onto her shoulders.

"Wait." Freya gasped.

Angeline lifted her head, watching as the princess reached for a box on her bedside table. Opening it, Angeline saw that inside was an ivory phallus. She had heard of such contraptions, but had never seen one until now.

Freya pulled it out and placed it in Angeline's hand. "Use it to help me." She mewed, kissing Angeline before she pushed her back down between her legs.

Angeline licked the ivory and then stroked it over Freya's pussy, making her moan in delight. She coated the ivory in Freya's nectar then rubbed it up against her cock. Freya was massaging her breasts, hard. She pulled at her nipples, pinching then with her nails.

Angeline then took the ivory back down, prodding at the princess' tight entrance. She began to ease it inside, gently stretching the princess open. Angeline found the sight to be quite enchanting, watching the princess' box spread to allow the ivory deep inside her. Angeline wondered if the princess had ever had a lover take her, thrusting his hard rod inside her sweet, pink channel. Did she squeeze at him, sucking him in deeper? Did the princess beg for him to pump so hard it hurt her?

Angeline licked her lips, pushing the very last of phallus the could fit inside. A long moan escaped Freya's lips and her head lay against her back. "Yes...oh that's wonderful!"

Angeline began to gently rub the ivory, making it bob inside. "Have you ever had a real cock inside you?" She asked.

Freya swallowed. "N-no. I'm afraid my curse came before I could ever savor a man's touch."

Angeline's fingers gently traced the stretched outline of Freya's pussy. "What do you imagine when you pleasure yourself? Tell me."

Freya shuddered, feeling Angeline's fingers caressing all of her below, her pussy, her cock, even her anus. "I...I have many fantasies."

"Tell me." Angeline coaxed, one hand stroking her cock while the other rocked the ivory inside.

Freya swallowed. "S-sometimes, I picture several, young, beautiful boys. Like the boys my mother keeps, still young and beautiful and dainty like girls. I picture then all around me, licking me and caressing me."

Angeline sinks her mouth down on Freya's rod, cuasing her breath to hitch and her story pause momentarily.

"Ah! Yes! Mmm...tha-then I'll have one of the young men sit under me, sliding deep into my...my pussy." She squeezes tight around the ivory then. "I will then raise up some so that...that another one can come at me from behind." She catches her breath.

"And I will have that...that boy take my ass."

Angeline lifts her head some, rubbing her cheeks along Freya's shaft. "Go on." She whispers.

"Ah! Ha...oooh." The princess coos, feeling something stir hot, and taut in her belly. "Then, one of the boys will stick his cock in my mouth, and I will...I will have every hole filled. Every need sated."

"Tell me more." Angeline coos, a deft finger slipping into Freya's tightest hole.

Freya cried out, seizing up. "Oh! Oh stars! You're fucking my ass!" She grips hard onto Angeline's shoulders, her fingernails digging into her soft, white flesh. "Yes! Fuck my ass! Tears my ass open with your fingers!"

Angeline smiled, pulling the dripping ivory from Freya's twat. Freya moaned horribly, but allowed Angeline to move her, forcing her onto her belly and making her raise her ass into the air. Angeline gently licked the rim of Freya's tight bud, she used her own juices to slick the hole. Then, Angeline took the ivory and began pushing it into Freya's rosebud.

"No!" Freya gasped. "It's too good!"

"You really enjoy having a cock in your ass?" Angeline whispered. "How would you like to try putting your cock in my ass?"

Tears were in Freya's eyes again. "You'd let me?"

Angeline got on all fours, presenting her small rump to Freya. She reached back, pulling back a cheek with her gripping fingers. "I want you to. The way you talk it about it makes it sound too good not to."

Freya eased up and sat on her knees behind Angeline. He cock slapped between Angeline's thighs as she readied herself. She felt the ivory deep in her own ass and hesitated a moment as she let that feeling course through her whole body.

She then took her cock into her palm and guided it towards Angeline's bud. She began stroking her cock, letting her pre-cum coat Angeline's hole. Once she was sure it was ready she began to shove, stretching open Angeline's virgin ass.

Angeline gasped, the sensation painful and warm. "You're going in!"

"Watching you stretch open...it's so amazing! It's turning me on so much!" Freya gasped, using her hands to pull Angeline's ass taut. "Having the ivory in my ass...and fucking yours...it's the best!"

Angeline groaned. "I've never felt like this before! Hot...I'm so hot all over."

Freya finally pushed in to her base and she giggled excitedly. "I'm full in your ass! It's so tight you might rip my dick off." She pressed her hands firmly against Angeline's rump. "I'm going to move now."

Angeline nodded, bracing herself.

Freya pulled out, just enough so she could move. She pushed back in and pulled back out slowly. Angeline groaned, reaching up and fingering her pussy.

"I can feel your fingers inside." Freya whispered, moving faster. "Amazing!" Angeline shivered. "It feels so good! Fuck my tight ass! I want you to cum into my belly!"

Freya licked her lips, watching her dick slip in and out of Angeline's anus. She had never thought that, in a million years, she'd ever experience such a coupling. Angeline's sweet moans reached her, filling her with pride and love.

Freya bent over, whispering into Angeline's ear. "You can never leave me."

Angeline swallowed.

"If you dare try to leave, I'll kill you."

Angeline caught her breath. "I could never even think..." She moaned, feeling her a quickening in her belly. "I could never leave, not after this."

Freya smiled, kissing Angeline's shoulder. "You have saved me."

"Freya...cumming..." Angeline whimpered.

"Me too!" Freya gasped, thrusting harder and harder.

She released inside Angeline, her hot juice filling Angeline's belly. They both screamed in silence, collapsing together on the bed.

Freya reached down and sighed. "It's down now."

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