tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Professor's Bride Ch. 03

The Professor's Bride Ch. 03


"Damn it, why am I so sick to my stomach?" Melanie Levin griped, feeling a bit more cantankerous than she would normally be, even this time of the month. Which reminded the blonde that she hadn't bled yet this cycle. Oh, shit, she thought. That could mean ... was it possible? Well, she hadn't used her usual protection since Tamara showed up to marry their husband Andre. In fact, she hadn't used contraceptives of any sort.

"What is it, babe?" Andre asked his second wife, recognizing that thoughtful look on her lovely face.

"I just realized that I haven't had my period yet. Honey, I think that I may be pregnant," she smiled, embracing the news as being the good kind.

"Well, well, that is something that the rest of the family needs to hear, and fast! That's wonderful, baby!" Professor Levin grabbed and kissed the Southern belle.

Melanie reacted by slipping him a great deal of tongue and whispering, "You know, if I weren't so nauseated right now, I would seriously jump your bones this instant. I guess that I'll have to take a rain check on that issue."

"Why are you nauseated, sweetie?" Jessica joined the conversation, before planting lip locks on both her husband and co-wife.

"I think that I'm going to have a baby, Jess," Melanie informed her with a grin.

"Wow! That is excellent news, dear! Come on, let's tell Tam," Jessica urged her lovers.

"Tell me what?" Tamara Levin asked her mates, overhearing the tail end of the discussion as she walked in from the backyard.

"That Mel is preggers, babe!" Andre answered his Anglophile bride.

"That's bloody awesome! Now you just have to knock the rest of us up! I would love to be knocked up at the same time as my sister-wives, darling!" Tam responded with delight at the notion of expanding the family into a new generation.

"I think that this calls for a special dinner tonight, to celebrate this news. Naturally, Mel should get to pick it, since she's the woman of the hour," Jessica suggested with a wink.

"Yeah, and she should get first turn in the sack with hubby. Just save some for your sister-wives, love," Tamara encouraged the Georgia Peach.

"So, I get to choose dinner and presumably where to eat it. I also get to sleep with our husband first tonight. My, oh my! Well, supper's easy to pick. I want chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes, and I know a nice bar and grill that serves it. Just because I can't drink now doesn't mean that you shouldn't. I'll be the designated driver. I will enjoy watching your pleasure from booze, and I'll draw mine from that. Besides, I'll have fun taking advantage of you in your drunken state," Melanie giggled.

"So, a bar and grill to get Andre loose so you can ride him, eh? As if you need that to separate him from his underwear. Not that I object. The sooner we get him naked, the sooner we can all have our way with his ass," Jessica teased Mel a bit.

"And vice versa," Andre added, while groping his wives.

"Well, of course. You can have your way with my arse whenever you please, darling," Tamara replied in her sexy British accent, which was always a fascinating contrast with her Korean face.

"Agreed, that's a given. You never have to worry about staying on top, honey. We're your wives, after all. And, by the way, I meant taking advantage of all of you. I get you first, husband, but that doesn't mean we have to do it cowgirl. How does reverse cowgirl sound to you? I know how much you like my ass!" Melanie needled him.

"Well, it is ladies' choice tonight, babe. Specifically, you, my fair Southern belle," the professor quipped while fondling the aforementioned part of his second wife's anatomy.

"So, I get to eat some comfort food for supper, with some cunny for dessert. I must say that sounds rather delicious," Tamara replied with excitement.

"You're free to eat some right now, baby. Dinner's a few hours off. Just be careful and remember that Andre likes to take the ladies from behind. Not that I'd complain, as long I get it in the end," Melanie pointed out.

"Which end is that? You don't need a bun in the oven now. Save me some dick, in any case. It's a good thing that our husband has so much stamina, not to mention seed. I love sharing his cock with you gals. There's something quite sensual about having a man go straight from another woman into my pussy," Jessica flirted with her co-wife.

"So, what's stopping you ladies?" Andre replied.

"Nothing, lover. How about putting that fine dick of yours in my cunny while I eat Mel out? Jess, love, be a dear and lick his cock while he fucks me, will you?" Tamara begged her partners.

"Sounds wonderful to me. Lie down on the bed, Melanie, so Tam can lick your pussy while I see if I can fill her womb with my seed. Jessica, do you mind sucking me while I screw her? Count on getting your fair share of spunk afterward," Dr. Levin reacted as he kissed each of his wives.

"I'll be sure to remember that, stud. I'm just glad that I know that you're capable of it. A lesser man would find excuses, but not my Andre, I mean, our Andre. Promise to fuck me hard when you're done screwing Tam? I mean, get rough and go deep. I want a chance at having your baby, too, at last. There's a reason I went off the pill lately. It's time, honey," Jess pouted in her adorable way.

"Naturally," Andre reassured, as he began reaming Tamara.

The plump Anglo-Korean girl, for her part, was already engrossed in the act of devouring Melanie. The Atlanta socialite couldn't help but squeal with pleasure as the professor's third wife licked her snatch and sucked on her clit. It was certainly a scene intended to keep Dr. Levin hard, not counting the sight of Tamara's tush as he pounded her. It didn't hurt that Jessica kept up her end of things by gliding her tongue along her husband's cock as he thrust into the BBW's delightful pussy.

Even so, the first part was relatively short, since Andre was too excited from all of the sensations and the anticipation this time around to hold back. Then again, he would probably be much slower to release his seed later, and there would be plenty of time for such action. After all, the Levin wives weren't about to be content with one round a piece.

"Sorry about that, dear," Andre apologized nonetheless, out of courtesy.

"Sorry for what? All of this sex talk has all of us rather horny right now, and you're only flesh and blood. Besides, I love knowing how much my bum turns you on. I'll take a rain check on a longer romp. I still get to eat Mel's quim, at least until she cums. That's pleasure enough for me at the moment, though both of you will owe me an orgasm or two by midnight," Tamara reminded the professor.

"True. Well, now, Jess. Are you ready for me to fuck you hard, as you asked me earlier?" Dr. Levin demanded.

"I'm always ready for that, husband. I just hope that you are prepared to take me the way I need it," Jessica dared him with a kiss.

"With pleasure, madam," Andre replied, while fingering Jess and finding that she was wet.

The first wife promptly smiled and bent over for her spouse. The message was a clear invitation, and Andre took it. Naturally, she showed him that just how aroused all of that racy talk made her...

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