tagIncest/TabooThe Protégé and the Mentor Ch. 04

The Protégé and the Mentor Ch. 04


All characters are 18 years of age or older. The story, all names, characters, places, and incidents portrayed in this story are completely fictitious. No identification with actual persons or places is intended nor should be inferred. Any similarity with real names is only coincidental. This story is intended as entertainment only.


It was the day before graduation. Kaley was staying with me as we planned to go to the ceremony together. She took off all her clothes as soon as she came into the house. I remained clothed as it was not Blanke-Schande Thursday and I still liked the idea of reserving complete nudity for special occasions. Oh, I get it; if the night before your high school graduation isn't a special occasion, than what it? But I still wanted to keep some sort of wall of propriety between Kaley and me.

When it came time for bed, Kaley couldn't keep her hands off me. We undressed each other although she undressed me with more enthusiasm than I did her. We showered and shaved each other's pussies. Again, she clearly enjoyed playing with my cunt with more fun that I enjoyed playing with hers. Susan heard us and came in to check up on us. Kaley invited her to join in our romp, but she also showed more restraint. Sure, Kaley got in a few feels and guided Susan's hands and her mouth to some of her strategic parts, but it was a remarkably subdued session. Susan and I hardly touched each other, but I was confident it had nothing to do with a cooling of our ardor for one another as her wishing to keep our relationship on a more private level not to be shared haphazardly with Kaley, despite the fact she was allegedly my best friend.

Once in bed, Kaley questioned my lack of enthusiasm. I offered some lame excuse which she seemed to accept, but that didn't keep her from rooting around in my junk yard. I lay there and pretty much passionlessly accepted her ministrations. Yes, she did bring me to an eventual climax which felt nice, but strangely it was more relieved when it was over and we could sleep.

The next morning, we went to breakfast. I prepared it for everyone. Kaley and I remained naked, but Susan was casually dressed. I prepared Eggs Benedict with poached eggs and all. I made a fairly decent Hollandaise sauce. I also prepared Mixed Berries and Mint with Berry Shrub. I fixed Moonwalks all around - grapefruit juice, Grand Marnier, and a hint of rosewater, topped with Champagne.

We were not going to school, so we just lounged around the pool all day being careful not to burn ourselves to a crisp. At first. Susan was still clothed. Mid afternoon, we went next door to invite Olivia Dickson and her husband to join us. Kaley and I walked over naked. When Olivia said she would join us, I told her she had to takes all her clothes off there and walk back with us naked. She laughed giddily, but she did comply. That must have been quite a sight, two 18 year old naked girls walking down the street, albeit only next door, with a naked woman in her 50's. There was a neighbor about 3 houses down working in her yard, but none of us cared if she saw us. In fact, we all waved at her to make sure she saw us.

We greeted Susan and agreed we needed to all hit the pool. We romped like three school girls, which I guess technically two of us still were, for a couple of more hours. I wasn't surprised when Kaley and I groped each other as we played, but I was a little surprised when playful contact was made with Olivia, as inevitably it was, that she didn't seem to mind. Indeed, she joined right in as if promoting this erotic contact.

Susan called us for lunch and we prepared our plates and wandered to the pool chairs. We all stayed naked, including Olivia. Susan joined us and I urged her to remove her clothing. It didn't take much urging.

Olivia told Susan, "I really envy you and your relationship with Sara and her friend. . . friends if I may dare to include myself. You're just so open about your sexuality and your nakedness. Maybe we can all learn a lesson from you."

About 5:00 I knew Kaley and I needed to get ready for graduation. We went upstairs to my room. I put my graduation gown on over my naked body. Kaley laughed, "You're going like that!"

"Of course I am."

"Well I'm not going to be left out." We put on high heel shoes and ear rings and a necklace. Kaley had brought that over since she knew we would be, uh, dressing for graduation and Susan and dad would be taking us directly to the ceremony. I also put on my labia and nipple dangles. Kaley asked if she could borrow some. I did have an extra set and put them on her. I allowed myself to stimulate her pussy with my fingers as I attached the labia dangle. I did manage to suck her breasts as I prepared her nipples for their dangles. When I was through I planted a loving kiss on her cunt.

We went downstairs and said we were ready to leave. Susan and dad had no idea what we had on, or didn't have on, underneath.

We did behave ourselves during the ceremony. When it was over, we had told my parents we were going to Logan's house for a graduation party. My parents knew Logan and trusted him. His father was going to be at the party and there would be some other chaperones. Logan was my "buddy" who was a convenient companion for any function I needed a "date" for during the graduation season.

Kaley and I arrived at the party. I wanted to have some fun with Logan so I asked him to come over and to unzip my graduation gown. Imagine his surprise when he saw there was nothing underneath. Logan had never seen me nude. I don't think he ever fantasized what I could look like naked. When I was disrobed, Logan's father wandered over to us. He asked, "Do you need some clothes, young lady?" Young lady. He knew my name perfectly well.

"No, I'm good." That must have completely disarmed him since he didn't say anything more nor wander away and there was no confrontation. Mr. Sands, Logan's father, stuck around. I think he was enjoying the sight.

"This really is a little unexpected. I'm not quite sure how to react."

"Why don't you just react naturally."

He looked nervously over his shoulder, "I'm just not used to standing in my living room with a room full of people talking to a naked girl, a very beautiful naked girl." This gave me the opportunity to tell him all about my Blanke Schande experience and how one of their main goal was this make this situation natural and second natured and how I wanted to enroll their next fall.

"Do you take your clothes off whenever you're with Logan?"

I thought about it for a few moments. "Actually, this is the very first time he has ever seen me naked. The fact that he is not over here gawking at me tells me that maybe I've succeeded in my mission to make these encounters so natural." Logan was about 10 feet away from us talking to some of his other friends. His father called him over, "Logan, Sara and I were just talking. We're curious, how do you feel about her standing her completely naked?"

"I don't know. It's OK, I guess. If everybody is cool with it, what the heck."

"Are you aroused? Are you jealous that everyone else can see her like this since you two have been dating?" his father asked.

"I don't think you could even say we've been dating. We each need a companion for a lot of events for our senior year and we've been glad to help each other out."

'Help each other out'?, 'help each other out'? Is that what Logan though of our 'relationship'? Mr. Sands could see that I was devastated by that remark. He took me by the hand and we moved over to an over-stuffed recliner. I sat down in it, and Mr. Sands kind of sat on the edge of the seat. I could see that he felt that he had to console me, but he must have been hesitant about touching a naked girl, especially one in some emotional pain. I leaned into him but he still didn't want to put his arm around me. Finally, I grabbed his arm and wrapped it around my shoulders as I leaned into him. I took his other hand and placed it on my thigh.

"Sara, I'm so sorry Logan said that to you, or at least in that cold heartless way. How do you feel about Logan, or how did you feel before now?"

"Honestly, I liked Logan, but I didn't think he was the great love of my life. Maybe we were just convenient dates for each other, but he just made me feel like a cheap escort services giving my services away. I don't know if Logan told you much about us. I lost my virginity last year to some jerk named Kirk. After he conquered me, he moved on to some fresh conquests and Logan was there to pick me up. It wasn't a rebound, but he was a nice way station. He wasn't aggressive, in fact I had to steal the first kiss. We didn't do too much heavy petting, but that didn't bother me. In fact, for awhile I wondered if he was gay." Uh, oh, I don't think I should have said that.

"I've wondered the same thing myself. You know Logan's mother died two years ago. He became quiet and withdrawn and I was glad that you were starting to bring him out. This is kind of hard to say, but I was hoping you would be his first. Now that I'm getting to know you a little better, I really wish you had lit his fire a little more."

"What about you? In these past two years, who's been stoking your fire?"

"The embers are dying." I leaned over and kissed him, gently. "I've had a couple of dates, but maybe my dating habits are the same as Logan's. I haven't really met anyone I've wanted to be with and just dated because I needed someone to accompany me to certain social functions. Look, if I'm supposed to be chaperoning this soiree, i need to get out and mingle." We both got up and mingled, but in different directions.

About an hour later, we wandered into each other's path again. "Mr. Sands, I was really looking forward to getting laid tonight by Logan. But that's not happening."

"I'm sorry you're going to be disappointed." Strange reaction by the father of someone you had hoped would seduce you.

People were starting to leave. The only ones left were Mr. Sands, me, Logan, Kaley, a football player and a cheerleader and two gay guys. Logan came over and said the gay guys were in the guest bedroom, Kaley and the football player and the cheerleader were in his bed. He guessed he would have to sleep on the couch.

"You can sleep in my bed, Logan. I can sleep down her in my recliner. Sara, are you going to be going home?"

"Kaley drove me. If you don't mind I guess I'm here until she leaves in the morning."

"Logan can drive you home, or I could."

"No, if you don't mind, I can just stay here on your couch."

Logan said, "Are you sure you don't want to go to my room so you can queer Kaley or the cheerleader, or both?"

Just when I was starting to get over his earlier remarks, he hits me with this gut punch.

"Logan, that's uncalled for. You apologize right now," his father snapped.

"Everybody knows she and Kaley have been queering each other."

"Get up to my room, now!"

I was crying. He grabbed me by the hand and we move back over to the recliner. I didn't have to prompt him to put his arms around me to console me.

"I don't consider the relationship I have with Kaley just 'queering each other'."

"Are you two lovers?"

"I wouldn't say 'lovers'; that implies some emotional ties that are missing. But, yes, we have had sex."

"But she's upstairs having sex with another girl and maybe a guy?"

"I'm honestly glad to get away from her. She's so possessive."

"You really are a remarking young woman."

"Do you mean 'fucked up'? Oh, you really don't know the half of it."

I wanted to tell him more, not just to get it off my chest. I didn't feel the need for that. I wanted to tell him about my first experience with Stacy. And i wanted to tell him about Susan, Here I was bonding with some guy who must have been 25 years older than me and I felt much closer to him than I had ever felt toward his son. "Maybe you can get to know me better soon. Maybe we can get to know each other better. I can tell you're very sensitive."

Mr. Sands took off his shoes, socks, his shirt and pants. He was just wearing boxer shorts and that old man kind of tee shirt, I think they call it a wife beater. He went upstairs and grabbed 2 blankets.

While he was gone, I called Susan to tell her I would be staying here tonight. "Yes, I'm sober. I haven't see any drugs." Just then Mr. Sands came back into the room. "Yes, I've been taking my contraceptives, but I'm certainly not going to need them tonight. I've learned a lot about Logan, and he's a lot more passive than even I had thought." I smiled toward Mr. Sands. I told Susan I loved her and ended the call.

"Susan, uh, Mom". I said in response to the question he had not asked.

"Lie down on the couch and I'll cover you up," Mr. Sands caringly said to me

"You lie down in the recliner and I'll cover you up."

"Mr. Sands, let me get another beer first. I told Susan I was sober, but I can still do something about that. Can I get you something?"

"I'm supposed to be the host, but would you mind getting me a vodka tonic?" I knew where everything was, so I fixed it and brought it back to him. The recliner was in the half-upright position. I crawled into his arms as we sipped our drinks. I pulled the blanket over both of us.

We fell asleep like this, but in the middle of the night, I felt something hard pressing against my thigh. Mr. Sands was getting a hard on. I was flattered, but I wondered why it had taken this long. I imagined he must have been uncomfortable as his boner tried to break through his underwear; so I decided to help it out. I reached into the fly and gently took his prick out for some fresh air. I threw the blanket off and watched him squirm, but I think he was just trying to reposition himself comfortably. He didn't wake up. I started to gently, ever so gently stroke his shaft. I allowed my fingers to caress his balls and then up to the tip of his prick. He was squirming more and more, but still not waking up. I knew I had to do something because in just a few minutes I was going to have a hand full of goo.

"Mr. Sands, Mr. Sands," I gently shook him.

"Huh," he replied from his slumber.

"Lift up your ass so I can take off your underwear so you will be more comfortable." He groggily complied, but I'm not at all sure he was aware completely of what was going on. I pulled off his pants, dropped them to the floor and proceeded to take his prick into my mouth. "I'm sorry, but if I didn't do that you were going to have one hellacious gooey stain all over you nice recliner." He was still too groggy to respond. I hope that I hadn't made his vodka tonic too strong and that I was going to be accused of getting him in a drunken stupor and taking advantage of him. But I know he was not making any alcohol-induced decision. or indecisions as the case may be. Soon he came and I was proud of the fact not one drop spilled onto his recliner. But I couldn't say the same for my chin and cheeks, nor his pubic hair. I swallowed, the first time I had ever swallowed semen, but I knew I had to clean up to avoid a real disaster. "Let me go to the kitchen to get some paper towels."

"No, wait." Suddenly he was completely awake and lucid. "Let's take a shower." I didn't know how many bathrooms he had, but I knew the logistics were going to be difficult to figure out. He gently pushed me up out of the recliner and then got up. I put my hand down around his junk to catch most of the runoff. He took me by my other hand and we went up the stairs. He opened the door, which was ajar, to what I guessed was his bedroom.

When I saw Logan sleeping by himself, my guess was confirmed. He led me into the bathroom and closed the door. I don't think it was so much out of modesty, heavens knows I didn't care who saw me like this, but I don't think he wanted to awaken Logan if he could avoid it. He ran the water, took off his undershirt which he still had on and we hopped into the shower. I knelt down and starting cleaning up his junk with my mouth. He had enough left to shoot another wad. The shower running on my face cleaned me up, but he stood me up and kissed me all over my face to make sure I was clean. The shower was purely for cleansing as neither of us wandered too far over the other's body. We stepped out of the shower and toweled each other off. We opened the bathroom door and Logan appeared to be asleep still. How did he sleep through that? Mr. Sands led me over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of pajamas. "Do you want a pair? If you'd prefer, I've got a couple of Delores' old night shirts if you wouldn't feel uncomfortable wearing one of them."

"I'm good just like I am. Wait a minute, if you don't mind, I think I'd like to wear one of your wife's nightshirts." I chose a beautiful silk forest green shirt that came down to mid-thigh. Mr. Sands put on the pants of the pajamas and was starting to put on the top when I stopped him. "No, I'd like to sleep on your bare chest."

We went back downstairs and I was tucked comfortably in his arms with my hand resting on his chest. I told you earlier how I envied Susan when she would suck dad's prick. Not that I was envious of what she was doing to dad, but I wanted to experience the tactile and taste pleasures she was experiencing. It was a new experience for me. While the taste and texture were not unpleasant, I think I still enjoyed eating Susan's pussy and i was still looking forward to experiencing that with Stacy. I must admit I enjoyed sucking his dick more than I enjoyed eating Kaley's cunt, but that may have been just because I could see I was going to enjoy Mr. Sand's company more than Kaley's.

In the morning, Logan was the first to come downstairs. Other than pleasant "Good Morning's", nothing more was said. Mr. Sands said he would fix breakfast and he headed for the kitchen. He took his pajama top which he was putting on. I followed him, "Let me help you, Mr. Sands."

"I really think you've earned the privilege of calling me Gary."

"Alright, Gary." I said in an emphatic voice with a little coquettish giggle. "And you can call me Sara." He had been doing that for several months, but I wanted to make a joke of our current position.

As the pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast and coffee were almost ready, Gary asked Logan to wake up "his houseguests", as he called them. Logan came back downstairs and the rest of the gang started coming down. Kaley was naked, but she had not brought any clothes other than her graduation gown. She didn't have on her high heels, but she either put on her neckless or she had not taken if off last night. i don't remember since I really wasn't paying much attention to her. The gay couple were casually dressed in the same clothes they had on last night. Kaley's bed mates were wearing underwear only, The cheerleader was bare breasted, i guess taking a clue from Kaley and me. There was no discussion of sexual exploitation. I don't think Logan had any clue about Gary and me since as far as I knew, he slept through the entire head job and the shower afterward.

After breakfast, we all went our separate ways. Kaley and I put on our graduation gowns and shoes and headed to the school since we had to turn them in this morning. Yes, you are right, we were naked under the gowns. We went into the auditorium to turn in the gowns. When we disrobed that was a stunned silence from the staffers and faculty sitting around. Kaley and I did not say a word except, "Can we get a receipt?"

The class faculty sponsor asked sarcastically, "Where are you going to put it?"

That was too much, Kaley and I both started convulsing with laughter. We grabbed the receipts and marched out. Kaley drove me home but didn't come in. I walked in naked but wearing my high-heel shoes and my jewelry.

"Where are your clothes?" Susan asked. I told her we went by the school and turned in our cap and gown. I knew what she meant, but I wanted her to draw it out of me. "I mean the rest of your clothes. That must have been a heck of a party last night and some lucky boys must have some great souvenir."

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