The Pursuit of a Teacher


Time seemed to stand still, the world an almost silent cathedral in which we kissed...the only noises being the leaves rustling in the breeze, the muted roar of the falls below us and the wet and sweet noises of our deep and passionate kiss. I became lost in the long yearned for sensation of his lips on mine, his tongue teasing and darting in my mouth and the taste of his saliva that was somehow utterly him.

Somewhere during that wonderful first kiss, Mr. Hamilton lowered us to the quilt, going to his knees and then gently easing me onto my back and stretching out alongside me. I was jarred out of the bliss I was feeling as I suddenly became conscious of his hand on my stomach, slowly caressing me in a circular motion, his fingers trailing paths through the silky material. I trembled underneath him as his hand slid below my stomach, but above my mound only to circle up and just brush the edges of my small breasts.

Suddenly unable to breathe, I broke the kiss and said as I gasped for air, "I love you so much, Mr. Hamilton!" I reached out and guided his hand to my left breast, his palm resting against the hard nub of my swollen nipple. "Feel my heart, darling. Feel how it beats so fast for you." I curled into him, one of my slim legs slipping between his denim clad thighs and then pressing upward until I could confirm the pulsating beast that lurked between his legs under that denim. I glanced down our bodies and saw a gap between his jeans and sweatshirt and slipped my hand through and up to caress his chest, feeling his hair pass through and entangle amidst my fingers.

I felt his shirt give way as I worked my arm up, almost gasping as my fingers brushed over his nipple, pebbled and hard as mine. I glanced upwards to his face, seeing his gentle smile beaming down at me and he said, "Megan, I love you. I'm sorry it's taken this long to admit it, but I do adore you and love you with all my heart."

Even as long as I had dreamed and fantasized about this moment, I was unprepared for the impact his words had on me. Suddenly, I burst into tears, both relief and joy almost overwhelming me as I finally heard him utter those wonderful words. When his eyes widened in concern, I shook my head and said, "I love you. I love you, I love you!" and kissed him again, throwing myself into him with such force that suddenly I was astride him, reworking my leg to straddle wet and aroused pussy slipping around on his bare stomach.

As our tongues danced and dueled, I was feverishly grinding myself against him...the hem of my dress working its way even as his hands again cupped my ass cheeks, squeezing them and spreading them apart. Mr. Hamilton's fingers trailed down the crack of my ass, making me moan as fingertips brushed over my asshole and then further down until they teased over my spread labia, stroking my wet cunt flesh.

Knowing it was beloved teacher, touching me in my most intimate place triggered a brief but violent orgasm and I sat up, sobbing with pleasure, quivering and wiggling my ass on his stomach, my mouth opening and closing without forming words until finally my pleasure addled mind allowed me to moan, "Make me naked, Mr. Hamilton! I want to be naked for my daddy-teacher!"

Mr. Hamilton's eyes grew wide and wild and he sat up, his hands moving in a blur, raising and pulling my dress over my head and flinging it away behind him. His eyes and hands were all over me, his palms coming up to cover and then squeezing my small breasts before he leaned in and said, "You are so beautiful, Megan," before he placed his mouth over my right nipple and began to suck and lick it while I moaned with pleasure and run my fingers through his salt and pepper hair.

His tongue eventually trailed across my small chest to tongue and suck my left nipple, teasing me with little nips of his teeth, making me gasp as each flicker of pain translated into great bursts of pleasure. Suddenly, his hands were on my waist and I was lifted off his lap and onto my feet. Mr. Hamilton scrambled to his knees, now kneeling before my naked body.

"So beautiful," Mr. Hamilton breathed, his hands on my waist. "So soft," he continued as his hands slipped around, "So warm...ohhhh, Megan!" he sighed as his fingers brushed against my labia, expertly and gently spreading my lips apart as one fingertip rolled up and down my wet pussy.

"All because of you, Mr. Hamilton. I think of you and I get soooo wet!"

"Sweet Megan," he whispered and then before I could respond, Mr. Hamilton pressed his face into my pussy, sending an incredible ecstatic shock through me, my knees going weak even as I felt his tongue race up the length of my pussy!

"Ohhhh yes, that's it, my teacher-daddy!" I moaned, my body simply overflowing with pleasure. I clutched at his shoulders, fingers plucking at the collar of his sweatshirt and then stroking his neck and up through his hair. His mouth felt incredible on my pussy, in scant seconds teaching me secrets about myself, his tongue somehow discovering sweet spots between my legs before scraping so sinfully sweet over my emerged bud of a clitoris.

"OMIGOD!" I screamed, startling birds in the trees around us, an orgasm stronger than any I had ever experienced making me convulse in Mr. Hamilton's grasp. Everything began to swirl around me and I seemed to go weightless as ecstasy beyond my wildest dreams rocked my world. When my head seemed to least as much as it could considering I had Mr. Hamilton's tongue rolling maddeningly around my cunt, I was shocked to find myself literally sitting on his shoulders, my cunt grinding against his face and legs draped over those broad shoulders -- my heels kicking wildly against his back while his hands cupped my ass cheeks..

As I writhed against Mr. Hamilton's loving mouth and tongue, I could feel his hands massaging my ass cheeks, opening and spreading them, a finger teasing my asshole, making me feel nasty and wicked in a way that fueled my arousal to a higher level. His tongue felt so wonderful, delving deep inside my flesh, scouring my pussy walls of my copious juices -- my teacher making hungry, slurping noises as he lapped my wet pussy while his recently shaved cheeks, already growing scratchy rubbed deliciously against my hairless pussy.

Another orgasm began to swell within me and I began to beg him, "Fuck me, Mr. Hamilton...don't make me wait anymore. Fuck me, claim me as your woman...your wife...your little nasty girl!" He ignored my pleas as I gushed pussy juice into his mouth, my orgasm building and building until as his tongue tortured my clitoris with carnal expertise, I began to gray out.

Coming to, I was again on my feet, Mr. Hamilton's hands holding me up as he kissed me, smearing my lips with my own juices as our tongues danced. With a snarl, I began tugging at his clothes, yanking his sweatshirt up so I could shower his chest with kisses, running my tongue over his hard nipples. "I want you naked, Mr. Hamilton," I panted as he finished the job of ripping his shirt over his head while I fumbled at his belt, almost screaming with frustration as my fingers worked the leather out of the buckle.

"Yes!" I crowed in triumph as I finally undid the button on his jeans and unzipped them. Mr. Hamilton laughed as I yanked and tugged his jeans down, reaching out to pull his boxers down as he stepped back and kicked his legs free of his pants along with his shoes. "C'mere, teacher-daddy! I want your cock!" I said as I staggered after him, falling to my knees as I hook the waistline of his shorts and pulled them down.

Even as I tried to take in the enormity of my teacher's erect penis, it slapped me in the face as I gasped, reaching out to take it in my hands. I had dreamed and suspected he was huge, but nothing prepared me for holding a cock in my hands for the first time! I was in awe of how long and thick Mr. Hamilton's cock was and I was again on the verge of tears as I knew that it was hard just for me!"

"You are so big and beautiful, Mr. Hamilton!" I gasped as I stroked up and down his long shaft, my fingers not quite long enough to wrap completely around his throbbing meat. The head was dark and swollen, his slit dripping with fluid -- I opened my mouth and tried to get the whole crown of his cock inside even as I flicked my tongue out to taste his slightly bitter pre-cum. The sound of my teacher moaning in pleasure because of my mouth, triggered a groundswell of ecstasy between my legs, a gush of my juices splattering my thighs and his ankles.

My facial muscles were complaining, but I got Mr. Hamilton's cock head in my mouth, my tongue fluttering madly, trying to memorize his taste even as I vowed that never again would a day pass without his cock in my mouth. He slipped free of my lips and I rubbed my face against the dripping crown and then over his shaft, my tongue extending to lick his long pole like a frozen pop.

Mr. Hamilton moaned and stepped back. "Careful now, sweetheart. I think I might be on a hair trigger."

I giggled and fell back onto the quilt, pulling my knees back and spreading them wide. "It's time, then, Mr. Hamilton. I want you to fuck my first man. Please, put that big cock in me and make me your woman!"

My teacher stared down at me, breathing heavily, the dew of my pussy glistening on the shadow of his beard. "I love you, Megan," he said in a lusty, hungry voice. He fell between my legs, his hands gripping my hips as he leaned forward and kissed me, again sharing my own tastes with me as his tongue slipped between my lips.

My whole body began to shake with excitement and maybe a little fear as I felt his huge, blunt weapon of a cock, drag along my inner thigh and settle heavily on my abdomen as I kissed Mr. Hamilton. My fingers clawed at his back and shoulders while my hips shifted back and forth, undulating against his solid body. "I love you, Mr. Hamilton...please fuck me me and fuck me!"

My teacher raised himself up on his arms and he lowered his body downwards, the head of his cock sliding against my belly and then over my shaved mound to pause between the lips of my pussy. I could feel my labia fluttering, wanting to kiss his erect penis and swallow it. Mr. Hamilton looked down between us as the thick head of his cock gently probed my flesh, almost instinctively finding the entrance of my cunt.

As his long and thick cock poised on the precipice of entering me, he looked up and into my eyes and said, "Last chance to turn back, Megan. I won't...can't stop after this."

I felt so much love for my teacher then, more than I had thought possible. Even now, amidst the riot of his own desires, his primary focus was still my happiness. "Yes, darling," I whispered. "I don't want you to ever stop. Make me a woman now...fuck me, Mr. Hamilton, fuck me now!"

I began to fling my hips upwards only to have my breath ripped away as he plunged downward, his thick cock slowly slipping inside me -- filling me, expanding me as I had not thought possible. Any remnants of my hymen left after years of self play and experimentation were gone and there was very little pain from that, but as Mr. Hamilton's thick meat spread my flesh wide, I understood finally the razor thin line that existed between pleasure and pain.

I flung my legs wider, feeling my inner thigh muscles protest as I tried to open myself as much as possible, my mind almost refusing to believe that my pussy could contain something so massive. My mouth opened in a silent scream as inch after inch of Mr. Hamilton's cock wormed its way into me and I began to see glittering lights before finally I was able to take in a deep, desperate breath and finally exhale with a scream of disbelief, pain and absolute pleasure.

Mr. Hamilton paused in his efforts at the intensity of my cries and as alarming as my first time felt, I said in a quavering sob, "Oh fuck me...don't stop, Mr. Hamilton, please don't FUCKING STOP!" I emphasized my need for him to keep filling me with his cock by somehow summoning the wherewithal to fling my pelvis upwards, impaling myself with almost another inch of his cock...the effort leaving me sobbing like a baby and continuing to whimper, "Don't stop, Mr. Hamilton, keep fucking me, please!"

"I...ummm, I don't think I can," gasped Mr. Hamilton as he leaned in to kiss the tears off my face. "You feel so hot and wet and fucking tight, Megan, I want to stay inside you forever." His lips found mine and we kissed passionately as he continued to steadily thrust downward until I wondered how I would hold all of his wonderful throbbing cock!

Suddenly in addition to the sensation of filling as if my pussy would come apart in orgasmic fury, my eyes widened as I felt a new sensation -- my bald mound being scratched by something thick and wiry. I moaned, breaking the kiss while Mr. Hamilton chuckled in a voice that was filled with both happiness and disbelief, "You have all of me, Megan. You took all of my cock."

He rose up to allow me to try and look down, my pelvic region lifted up, hoisted and joined to his crotch with just a hint of his shaft peeking out around my widespread labia. "OmiGOD!" I cried out as Mr. Hamilton gently rolled his hips, making his cock just minutely shift back and forth, the hint of friction suggesting even more unsuspected levels of pleasure!

Mr. Hamilton began to slowly withdraw and thrust, barely sliding more than an inch or two of his erection inside me, but within scant seconds, I went mad with carnal pleasure -- my arms and legs flailing wildly as I convulsed madly beneath my teacher's naked body.

There was pain intertwined with the ecstasy that I was experiencing, but it only served to enhance the pleasure rather than detract from it -- the sensations so intense, I thought my body would fly apart unable to contain it.

Mr. Hamilton moaned in counterpart with my sobs and cries for maybe a minute before he shuddered and gasped, ", no, no. So sweet, so tight and perfect...FUCK, I can't help...CUMMMING!" He let loose with a bellow and rocked into me, nearly taking my breath away and then I was screaming with utter pleasure as I felt his incredibly thick cock swell even more and then there was a fierce, liquid heat filling my insides.

My eyes fluttered and I moaned wordlessly as pleasure reduced me to near madness amidst the realization that for the first time in my life, my womb was being flooded with a man's hot semen...specifically, that Mr. Hamilton was flooding my virgin womb with his hot semen! I imagined his sperm, a thick fountain of boiling white seed filling my insides until it leaked from every opening...cumming so much inside me that I could almost taste it. I could see a tidal wave of hot semen flooding over me, turning everything completely white and for maybe a moment or for an eternity, my whole world became nothing but hot, baby-making semen...a blanket of carnal white.

I came back to myself, feeling Mr. Hamilton atop me, panting for breath, his body trembling with effort as I lay underneath him, legs splayed wide and quivering and aching from exertion. My own orgasm still echoed from between my legs, never far from rising up and erupting again as I became aware of the birds and squirrels chittering in the trees, making commentary on the furious, carnal activity below them. Then, I could hear Mr. Hamilton whispering over and over, "I love you, Megan."

"I love you too, Mr. Hamilton!" I murmured, bringing my shaking arms up around his neck, kissing his chest and neck before he lifted his head from my shoulder. His slightest movements made my body convulse with orgasmic energy and I felt my hips momentarily leave the quilt as he adjusted, making me suddenly aware that he was still completely erect and jammed tight inside my cunt!

"'re still hard, Mr. Hamilton," I whispered in a hoarse voice filled with disbelief and awe."

He raised his head enough to show me his gratified grin and kissed me on the tip of my pert nose. "I'm surprised too, Megan...must be your fault. I think you maybe be my fountain of youth." He shifted slightly, his cock lubricated by my own juices and his semen moving slightly within me, making me cry out with sexual pleasure. He frowned a little and said, "Should you want me to pull out, baby?"

My mind reeled as I tried to sort out all my emotions...the knowledge that I finally had Mr. Hamilton inside me and that my body was quivering from an overdose of pure carnal muscles sweetly aching with exertion, my pussy burning with a wildfire of sexual pleasure and my nipples aching from being so incredibly engorged with blood.

Having processed all that my body was experiencing and how my mind felt about all this incredible pleasure and having finally fulfilled my longtime dream of having my beloved teacher as my lover, I sighed happily and squirmed underneath my man and said, "Absolutely not...Mr. Hamilton. I want you to keep on fucking me and make me cum while you put your hot, baby-making seed in my pussy!"

Mr. Hamilton let out a deep breath and smiled. "You know, now that I've got my cock inside you, you can call me by my first name. You can call me John."

I giggled and gave him a wicked smile. "I know, but I like calling you Mr. Hamilton...I'm getting fucked by my sexy teacher and that's so wicked and sinful and hot!" I wiggled my hips, nearly fainting with pleasure in the process. "Please fuck me some more, Mr. Hamilton!"

"My pleasure, sweetheart," Mr. Hamilton grunted and then I began to cry out as he began to really work his cock in and out of me, his hands gripping my hips for leverage as he began to thrust in and out of my pussy. My fingers clawed at his shoulders and back as he rocked atop me as his long thick meatstick wormed back and forth in my cunt, forcing out a flood of mixed pussy cream and semen with each steady stroke -- my sobs and groans escalating each time I felt his massive cock head poke my cervix.

Out of the intense pleasure came orgasm that rendered me limp and lifeless, my arms falling away spreading wide along with my legs as I felt my torso jerk and convulse as fiery ecstasy overwhelmed me, never quite ceasing even as the intensity retreated. I felt myself becoming almost weightless in the wonder of Mr. Hamilton's steady loving thrusts.

I felt my pleasure beginning to grow again when without warning, my teacher suddenly swept his arms out to catch my legs and raised them up and to his shoulders, my pussy having no choice but to tighten even more around his moving shaft. My heels kicked against his shoulders as he leaned into me, almost curling me into a ball of cumming flesh, and slightly picking up speed.

I began to orgasm even more powerfully than ever. As gouts of ecstatic fury tore through me, I screamed and drooled and wept and writhed as my body seemed to catch fire with the intense pleasure of his never ceasing thrusts, finally and totally understanding the mean of truly being 'fucked' and 'fucked well!'

I became lost in a sea of orgasmic love which suddenly grew stormy and stronger as I felt Mr. Hamilton pick up his pace and his moans penetrated my universe of orgasm until he shoved himself deep inside me and began to cum again. As again, my womb was bathed and filled with his thick, hot semen, I felt myself being ripped asunder by orgasmic body melting in wave after wave of intense fiery pleasure until all that remained was a bodiless consciousness wrapped in heavenly delight, knowing only the love that I shared with Mr. teacher, my man, my lover...


I awoke from a deep sleep, feeling sore and happy and more contented than I could have imagined. I was face down atop Mr. Hamilton's strong body, my legs splayed out on each side of his torso while my face nuzzled his neck. His arms were wrapped around my body and I could feel his now flaccid, but still sizable penis lying wetly under my left thigh.

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