tagBDSMThe Rabbit Hole Ch. 01

The Rabbit Hole Ch. 01


Thanks to Starbug17 for his help editing my first story.


Alice arrived at the restaurant just before seven and told the maître d "I'm meeting a friend, we've got a booking, it's probably under Ryan."

Alice noticed how attractive the maître d was, her name badge read 'Linda'. The weight of the badge caused her blouse to pucker a little, just enough to show the curve of her tanned breast, Alice thought this was rather sexy. She's always thought the curve of a breast and the tease of lace was a turn-on.

As Linda looked up she noticed Alice admiring her, it caused a little stir.

Linda escorted Alice to her table and poured her a glass of water while she waited for her date. The initial contact had heightened Linda's awareness and she'd taken an immediate liking to Alice. Despite it being a busy night, she'd ensure this table was looked after.

Alice, now settled at her table, observed the room. Despite the table being tucked away in a corner, she was conscious that she was facing the room. A large group of women sat on the far side of the restaurant, clearly out for a good night. Alice thought it was a hen night but, given the ages of the group, it was probably a second marriage. The rest of the place was full but not crammed in. Mostly tables of two or four, the nearest of which sat a couple in their 40's. Alice thought they were probably married as they were both distracted by their cell phones while they waited for the meals to arrive. He'd looked up from his phone when Alice was seated but didn't pay much attention.

Jack arrived right on seven. "Booking for Ryan thanks."

"Oh yes, Mr Ryan, your guest is already here, please follow me." replied Linda as she looked Jack up and down.

As they turned the corner, Jack spotted Alice over Linda's shoulder. Perfect. Just what he was hoping for. As they reached the table, Jack stepped past Linda and leaned in to Alice. A gentle welcoming kiss on the lips was clearly electric. Jack pulled back and looked into her eyes, took Alice's chin in his hand and kissed her again. This time the kiss was a little longer and with more passion. As Jack took his seat, Linda smiled at Alice and subtly raise her eyebrows. Alice replied with a brief widening of her eyes.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Linda enquired.

Without looking and without checking with Alice, Jack order a bottle of Sacred Hill Broken Stone merlot. He wanted to make a good impression both in taking charge and in ordering a quality red.

For her part, Alice was excited. Jack was everything she was hoping for. This was their first meeting and the promise of what might come had her levels of anticipation seriously heightened, along with her arousal.

Alice had found Jack's profile on Fetlife about a month earlier and had read most of his posts before messaging him, asking for permission to share a post with a friend. She loved his mind, the way he thought, his views on life and his carefree nature. He was clearly a dom but willing to shape a would-be sub. Willing to take her on a journey, to mould her mind, push her boundaries and use her body for mutual pleasure.

Jack had replied almost immediately saying he'd just been reading Alice's profile and was considering messaging her. Over the ensuing month, they'd exchanged messages on Fetlife and teased each other with photos. The messaging had grown into emails, then texts as the friendship grew. They learned about each other, their like and dislikes, the naughtiness they'd each been up to and the naughtiness that might come. Alice shared her desire to be trained by a Master that could consume her. Along with the sexy talk, they' learned about their outward personas, the routine lives of each other and their upbringing.

Jack studied Alice, with her 5'6" frame she is nicely curvy with an ample bosom, womanly hips and a soft rounded bottom. Outwardly, Alice seemed reserved, private, sexy, but not flashy. Her brown eyes though show there's a fire within, a vixen that, given the right encouragement, will come out to play. Most don't get to see this, although Linda did earlier.

From what she'd told him, Alice's husband, Mike, is a loving, hardworking, sexy guy but given the dynamics of the marriage doesn't feel he can satisfy Alice's need for domination. They'd tried swinging several years ago and met a number of couples they hit it off with. Alice got a taste of domination and wanted more. Over time, one couple in particular became very close. They all agreed that fidelity between the four of them would take their relationship to the next level. For 5 years, the four of them spent as much time together as they could, although this was mostly weekends and holidays. They'd shared beds and partners, with each person being comfortable with an intimate connection with any other member of the group. Alice liked nothing more than being joined by Mike in her bed with Steve, as Gina made breakfast for the four of them.

Sadly, that intimate and loving relationship had ended a few years ago as Steve and Gina moved away, and the connection had faded over time. Alice and Mike would both love for an intimate, polyamorous relationship again. Finding the right partners though had proven to be a challenge.

While Jack was drawing together this awareness of Alice, she too was recalling what they'd discussed over the past several weeks. Jack isn't married, but like Mike and Alice, has two married children. His partner of the past five years, Lisa, lives with him as his submissive. Lisa has two other lovers, Johan and Shona. All three play in a band and their love triangle started three years ago on a small musical road trip they did together. Johan and Shona know that Lisa's primary relationship is being submissive to Jack and although not all are intimate with each other, the foursome is knowingly closed.

Alice liked that Jack was roughly the same size and build as Mike. At about 185cm and 90kg both men have a presence. Unlike Mike, who has relatively short hair, Jack's hair was longer and somehow 'sexy scruffy'. Alice though is in love with Jack's hairy chest and can't wait to have her hands under his shirt. The photo's he shared have certainly got Alice's attention.

Jack reached across the table and put his hand over Alice's. "Well, Alice, are you ready for this?"

"I think so," was the reply.

Mike had helped Alice get ready earlier. She'd been instructed by Jack on her preparations and appearance, but Mike had added a touch of his own. Alice was wearing a full black skirt that finished just above the knee, a tailored jacket was matched to her heels and gave an air of sophistication. The jacket, unbuttoned, hid a tantalisingly sheer white top. Not enough to be slutty, but certainly sexy. From where he was sitting, Jack couldn't tell what was underneath her blouse. Jack reached across the table and undid one more button on Alice's blouse and was pleased to see a touch of white lace, clearly a peek-a-boo bra. Alice had already been a little daring and was anxious that with one wrong move this could be extremely revealing.

Linda had poured the wine and taken their order. Jack had ordered for Alice, she wasn't given the choice. Fortunately, Alice liked what he ordered although at this point she would have eaten anything he required her to.

After a short time, Linda had plucked up the courage to return to the table, topped up the wine and given the warmth of the restaurant offered to take Alice's jacket. Linda had paid attention, knew Alice's top to be somewhat sheer and had spotted that an additional button had been undone. The thought of getting Alice to remove her jacket had given Linda little butterflies of anticipation. It'd been a long time since she'd thought about anything like this.

Jack looked at Linda, he too noticed her name badge and her curves. "Thank you, Linda, that's a very good suggestion." He looked at Alice, who had flushed slightly, and raised an eyebrow which clearly required compliance.

Alice shrugged the jacket from her shoulders and it dropped to her waist. As she stretched to free her arms her blouse pulled tight across her chest revealing for the first time her large, firm nipples pressed to the fabric. Both Jack and Linda caught sight of Alice's excitement before the fabric loosened again and the jacket was drawn from Alice's back. As Alice handed the jacket to Linda her blouse opened slightly affording Linda a view of the soft curve of her breast. As she reached further the peek-a-boo was revealed and the briefest glimpse of a metallic shield covering Alice's areola. Linda held the jacket hoping to sustain the view, but Alice let go and the prize was hidden from view.

Jack hadn't seen the treat that Linda had been rewarded with, nor was he expecting this. The nipple shields had been Mike's contribution to dinner. He'd lovingly assisted Alice as she got ready, placing both shields in his mouth before suckling on each nipple, drawing it through the shield and leaving them erect and full. The fabric of the blouse had sustained their state of arousal and now two people she'd met for the first time had witnessed her blouse stretched across her obvious excitement. Alice was turned on and she could feel herself moisten. Jack too was beginning to stir but that would have to wait.

As the evening progressed, Jack and Alice became better acquainted, the guy across the way had become more interested in Alice too. Her attire and demeanour had attracted his attention. He was glad his wife couldn't see the view.

There came a point in the evening when Alice stretched back in her seat. Her blouse pulled tight and her nipples were at attention again. This time, Jack noticed the outline of the shields. Without hesitation, he reached across the table to inspect what was clearly on offer. He pinched and pulled each of her nipples in turn and smiled with satisfaction. His fellow diner almost slopped his crème brulee at the sight of Alice being tweaked.

Alice smiled at Jack, "that's Mike's contribution. He hopes you appreciate them."

"I do indeed," smiled Jack.

As the meals arrived, Jack was just starting to discuss his proposal. What was on offer in a Master/submissive relationship, how Alice would be expected to behave. The relationship between Alice and Lisa, the role of Mike in her training and her potential acceptance as Jack's submissive. Although the conversation paused while they were being served, Linda distinctly heard "... if you want to submit to me."

Once they were alone again, Jack explained that he isn't a cruel Master. His domination doesn't extend to requiring a house slave. He requires an obedient slut in the bedroom, one who can also take sexual instruction in anticipation of satisfaction. He likes to push boundaries, both of his submissive and of those around him. At the end of the day, he is deeply caring and protective of Lisa and was hoping that Alice might become his second submissive. He would have to discuss his terms with Mike.

Linda had returned to the kitchen and took a moment to consider the hint of conversation she's just heard. This sexy couple were discussing the terms of her submission. Her nipples clearly showed her arousal, Linda's nipples grew sensitive at the thought and she could feel her pussy lips start to swell as her cunt moistened. Her butterflies were back as she considered how she might test the situation.

Linda undid the top button of her blouse and glanced in the mirror next to the kitchen door. It'd been placed there to allow staff to check they looked respectable before entering the floor of the restaurant. She thought she still looked pretty good for 49. At 172cm her dark hair and olive complexion hinted at her Italian roots. The curve of her breasts now obvious and her backyard tanning hadn't resulted in any tan lines. She did look good and was feeling confident.

Linda returned to Jack and Alice's table. As she approached, she lightly touched Jack on the shoulder and asked, "is everything ok with your meals, Sir?" Her choice of Sir was deliberate, and it excited her that she'd used it. She glanced down at Jack, two things caught her attention, the hair on his chest, not a total mat but well covered and possibly groomed. The second was the apparent bulge in his trousers. Clearly the sight of his dinner guest and the conversation she thinks they've been having has started to arouse him. She wasn't surprised, Alice was attractive, and frankly, behaving in such a fucking sexy way that Linda was obviously caught up in whatever was going on here.

As Linda returned to the other guests, Jack commented "I think she fancies you. Did you notice her top button was now undone? I wonder if that was on purpose?"

Alice watched Linda as she walked away. She had noticed, just as she'd noticed as she entered the restaurant earlier.

Jack noted Alice's appreciation of Linda as she walked away.

Over the remaining meal, Jack had described the type of relationship he required. Alice had paid close attention and while some aspects of Jack's proposal might take some learning, nothing pushed her hard limits. Truth be told, Alice wasn't really sure what her limits were. She mused as she thought of the director's cries about working with animals and children -- yes, those are hard limits. As for the rest, in the right hands, with the right introduction, she might. Her greatest anxiety was that Mike would be hesitant. They'd agreed that both would need to be comfortable if Alice was to journey down this particular rabbit hole.

The restaurant was quieter now. The crowd of women had left and several of the other patrons were also leaving. Linda watched as Alice stood up from the table and there was a moment of disappointment as she thought they too were about to leave. Jack remained seated though and Alice headed for the ladies.

Linda gave it a minute and headed for the storage area. She returned with a basket of hand towels, neatly rolled and stacked. As she entered the ladies' bathroom, Alice had just finished washing her hands. Linda placed the basket on the counter behind her and handed Alice a towel. They smiled at each other in the reflection as Alice lowered her eyes.

Linda stepped behind Alice, close enough so that her breasts touched Alice's back. She lightly held the tops of Alice's arms and tenderly drew her fingers down Alice's arms to the elbow. All the while, Linda watched Alice in the mirror. Both women had knots of anticipation, but Alice's eyes gave permission. As Linda started on the upward stroke, her hands extended further and glanced across Alice's nipples. Alice closed her eyes as she took a sharp breath and relaxed back slightly pressing against Linda. The glance became a squeeze as Linda took Alice's nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Alice had been excited by the conversation and interactions with Jack and was now in the hands of their sexy maître d. She reached behind her and pulled Linda closer, squeezed her arse and pulled her tight.

As Linda pulled Alice's nipples through the fabric of her blouse, she watched as Alice brought her hands back towards the front of her skirt and started inching the fabric up her thighs. Revealing her tanned legs, the black material bunched further until there was no more. Alice displayed her trimmed pussy in the mirror. Legs slightly apart and pussy lips now puffy and moist. Linda accepted that invitation and released Alice's right nipple as her hand travelled to the now waiting reward. Sliding her hand under Alice's arm, Linda reached her goal. Fingers either side of Alice's mound, she avoided direct contact. Lightly stroking the smooth skin either side of her clit with her ring and index finger, Linda kept her middle finger clear of her prize.

Alice turned her head toward Linda, "please touch me." At the extent of her downward stroke, Linda lay her index finger along the length of Alice's pussy lips. They parted easily as the finger curled inward and was moistened by Alice's juices. Drawing up to her clit, Linda started circling Alice's now engorged button. Still rolling her nipple in her left hand and now playing with Alice's clit with her right, Linda was in heaven, as was Alice. Linda reached around further, hugging Alice and sliding her left hand under Alice's top. Feeling the metal of the nipple shield, Linda pinched and stretched the flesh poking through the hole in the middle.

It hadn't taken long, but Alice was nearing her climax. She was so fucking turned on. She was being taken by Linda in the ladies' room at a restaurant. She'd never done anything like this before. Alice felt her climax building, she closed her eyes, what if someone was to walk in? She didn't care, she was past that point and desperately needed to cum.

Linda started nibbling on her ear, telling Alice how sexy she was. Linda let go of her skirt and moved her right hand behind her. She slid her hand up and underneath Linda's skirt where she found her panties. With ease, she reached in and discovered Linda's smooth cunt. She was wet, clearly turned on by the interplay all night and the sudden rush of lust.

A short time passed as each women fondled the other, watching each other in the mirror, consumed by their indulgence. Linda whispered her approaching orgasm, the announcement of which tipped Alice over the edge. Watching Alice's face as she came was enough for Linda, she too reached her climax, both shuddering as they subsided.

Looking at each other now, both women laughed. They kissed, then kissed again. As they straightened themselves up and turned to leave, it was only then they noticed Jack had entered the ladies' room and had been watching as they'd pleased each other. They laughed again as Alice took Jack's hand and lead him back to the table.

Linda accompanied them to the table and took their dessert order. Jack took Linda's hand and placed her fingers in his mouth. Tasting Alice's cum, Jack said, "the next time you want my slut, you'll have to ask permission!"

"Yes Sir" smiled Linda.

Jack looked at Alice and said, "you taste wonderful." With that, Alice raised her hand to Jack, he tasted this too. "Linda, you taste equally wonderful."

"Why thank you Mr. Ryan."

Jack instructed Alice not to describe the events of tonight to Mike. She thought about this, they share a lot and sharing this story would have undoubtedly turned Mike on. She agreed not to tell him. "I'll tell Mike in due course what you got up to tonight," he said.

The rest of the meal passed with quiet conversation and making plans for tomorrow. Jack and Alice were one of the last patrons in the restaurant now. Jack went to the bathroom before they got up to leave which gave Alice the opportunity to write a short note on a scrap of paper.

At the counter, Jack settled the bill and reached for Linda's hand. He kissed it and held it to his nostrils. Alice's aroma was still present. "Thank you, Linda, for your service tonight. You have been a very attentive hostess."

"You're most welcome Sir."

Alice stepped close to Linda and kissed her on the cheek. "You are divine," as she slipped her the note with her name, telephone number and email address.

Linda replied, "And you are heavenly. I hope you come back soon."

Alice smiled, "I hope to see you sooner than that."

Outside, Jack reminded Alice of the arrangements for tomorrow. I will meet you and Mike for lunch at your house. Mike and I will discuss the terms of your training and what a successful graduation would look like. If you are both satisfied with those arrangements, training will get under way within the month.

"Thank you, Jack, is that how you'd like me to address you?"

"We'll discuss that tomorrow if we're all in agreement." Jack escorted Alice to her car and kissed her passionately before ensuring she got away safely.

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