tagNovels and NovellasThe Ravishing of Constance Ch. 05

The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 05


The scream was followed by the sound of something shattering, and a rich, spicy scent filled the room.

Constance's head, which had been bowed to watch with shameful fascination as Rob's cock nestled against her velvety folds in preparation for entry, came up with a jerk. Her eyes widened and a hot blush suffused her cheeks.

Nana Eva stood in the doorway. A pot was broken on the floor at her feet, its contents spilled. Even from here, Constance knew the smell of the chicken-and-spice stew, a favorite of hers.

Her former nurse and governess swayed in shock. Eva's hands had fluttered up beside her face, framing a mouth still gaping from her scream. She stared, and with a sudden burst of horror Constance saw how this must look through Eva's eyes.

What a sight it must be! Constance, naked and flushed, poised on her brother's lap above the ready lance of his lust. And Enrique there with his manhood likewise exposed.

"Aiii!" Eva cried. "Aii, Robby, no!"

She made the sign of the cross as if to ward off the evil before her, as if the good Lord would intervene and somehow set this terrible scene to rights.

Robert swiftly set Constance aside and leapt from the chair, adjusting his disarranged garments as he did so.

Constance's knees buckled. She crumpled amid the remains of the dinner dishes, overcome with guilt and misery. Her body shook with sobs.

"Robby, no, it is not true," Eva whispered. "You would not be doing this to your own sister, you must not."

"Now we're done for," Enrique snapped, straightening his clothes. "The old witch will tell everyone, and your father will see us skinned alive."

Eva rushed past them. She swept off her crocheted shawl and draped it over the shivering Constance.

"Oh, little one, it is all right. Nana Eva is here. They will not touch you." She shot a hate-filled glare over her shoulder at Rob and Enrique. "How dare you? That you would think to do that to your own sister!"

She gathered Constance into her arms, crooning. Constance tried to pull away, the sin of her deeds burning on her skin.

"Nana, I tried to tell them … I tried to stop them …"

"Hush, now. Saints be praised I was here in time."

"In time?" Rob chortled and poked Enrique with his elbow. "If only she knew."

"What does he mean by that?" Eva asked of Constance. "Has he … he has not … tell me that you are untouched, little one."

Constance cringed and looked away, hot tears streaming down her face. It was answer enough for Eva, whose dusky skin went ashen. She let go of Constance and in that instant, Constance knew a greater heartsickness than she'd ever imagined. Not even Nana Eva could stand to be near her now, corrupted as she was. The ruination was so complete that the woman who had been as a mother to her after the death of Anna deGranville was revolted by her presence.

"What have you done to her?" Eva demanded, advancing on Rob and Enrique. "Have you … damaged her?"

"If by that you mean her maidenhead," Rob said, smiling fiendishly, "I plucked that fine cherry blossom many nights ago. Did I not, Constance? Oh, and Eva, you should have heard how she whimpered and begged."

"Monster!" Her hand flashed out.

Rob caught her wrist. "Whimpered and begged … for more. You think her such an angel, Eva, but she writhes and wriggles on my cock like the lewdest of whores."

"What do you mean to do, Rob?" Enrique asked. "The more you tell her, the worse our fate will be when your father hears of it."

"But my father will not hear of it. Will he, Eva? You shan't tell a soul."

"Horrible boy," she spat. "You have raped your own sister and you think I will keep it a secret?"

"As a matter of fact, I do," Rob said. "For the sake of Constance, and for the honor of this family, I rather think you will. You wouldn't want word of such disgrace to get out, would you? Poor Constance, poor defiled Constance … what would it do to her?"

She ripped her arm free of his grasp but said nothing.

"You see, Enrique? She would want no harm to come to my pretty sister's reputation. She'll keep her silence."

"Can you be assured of that? You stake much on the promise of one old woman, my friend."

"True indeed, and we haven't yet had her promise, have we? What say you, Eva?"

"It would destroy your father to learn of this," she said. "Yet he must know what manner of devil he has under his own roof."

"Dear me," Rob said. "So we must find some other means of winning your cooperation. I cannot have my father know of this. It would spoil all my fun. Enrique, how do you suppose we can convince her?"

"Eva Marquez, isn't it?" Enrique mused. "Your son is Diego Marquez."

"Yes," Eva said guardedly.

Constance, clutching the shawl around her more for comfort than for modesty, wanted to cry a warning. That bantering tone was too familiar. She feared more for Eva than she did for herself just then.

"Diego has a family, I believe," Enrique said to Rob. "A wife, and a daughter, no?"

"I believe you are correct, Enrique. Marcella and Esperanza." Rob's smile was its most charming. "It would be a terrible shame if anything were to happen to them, wouldn't it? If little Esperanza were to replace Constance in our games, perhaps."

Eva swore at him in Spanish, her tone more of fearful desperation than of anger.

They laughed, but Rob's blue eyes were stormy, serious.

"Hear me, woman," he said when the laughter ended. "If you breathe a word of this to my father or to anyone else, your family will pay. We'll take your son's wife, both of us, and make him watch. When we've had our fill of her, Esperanza will be next. Unless you give me your most solemn oath. It's in your hands, Eva. What do you say?"

Constance saw Eva's shoulders slump in defeat as she searched Rob's face, his cold gaze. "I will say nothing."

"Is that good enough, Rob?" Enrique asked. "Can we trust her?"

"What else could we do? Slit her throat?"

"No!" Constance cried. Eva gasped.

"It would draw too much scrutiny if she were to disappear or be found dead," Rob went on as though Constance's outburst had not taken place. "Many people must have known she was coming here to bring us a pot of her delicious festival stew. For which, by the way, I do thank you, Eva. A shame it spilt. But as it happens, we'd already had a most … enjoyable meal."

Enrique licked his fingers. Constance, remembering all too well where those fingers had most recently been, covered her face. The lower parts of her body still glowed with the inner heat he'd stroked into flame. Those parts of her cared nothing for right or wrong, good or evil. They only hungered for pleasure and gratification, no matter how the rest of her might recoil and resist.

"I will not tell," Eva said.

She glanced at Constance, with such grief and despair that Constance's heart wrenched. Never again, she knew, would Eva look at her in kindness. The fate of her family, of her beloved granddaughter, would forever be bound up in this terrible night.

"I've an idea," Rob said. "Enrique, do you remember that first time with Constance?"

"How could I ever forget?"

"We secured her silence, did we not?"

A slow grin spread over Enrique's face. "We did indeed."

"Do you recall how?"

"No, Rob, don't," Constance said. "Leave her alone."

"What are you saying?" Eva asked sharply.

"Simply this," Rob said. "We made my sweet sister a willing participant in our debauchery. She couldn't very well cry rape when she'd enjoyed herself so thoroughly, could she? Was it twice, Constance, that you spent that night? Once before I even got it into you?"

This time, Eva's look at Constance was shot with accusing horror.

"It wasn't like that," she pleaded. "He … he made me. He …"

"Go on, tell her," Enrique urged.

"Yes, Constance, do," Rob said.

"I won't speak of it!"

"Then I shall." Rob leaned close to Eva as if to whisper conspiratorially, but his voice stayed at a conversational pitch. "She'd teased Enrique until his poor cock was aching with need, and so I saw to it that she serviced him with her lovely young mouth. To make certain she applied herself, I applied myself as well. My tongue, to be precise, to her innocent cunny."

"The devil is at work in you," Eva said. She was on the verge of tears. "What happened to the good little boy I used to know?"

"And then," Rob said, "I laid my cock against her. Not penetrating, but rubbing her, and she moaned, she sighed, she rolled her hips, until finally, she spent. Well, by then, Eva, as I'm sure you can understand, I had to have her. So in I went, one good hard push that seated my cock to the very hilt in her. She squealed a bit when I deflowered her, but all too soon she was wrapping her legs around me and urging me on."

"I never wanted to," Constance wept. "I could not stop him."

"But you see, Eva, it made certain of one thing. She would never tell." Rob seized Eva's chin and raised her face to look into his. "And neither will you."

"I have promised –" she began in a rush.

"I know you have. We require a bit more than that, I'm afraid."

"What do you want from me?"

"Undress," Rob said. "Enrique here has been mad for a good fucking, since I've only let him frig Constance. He'll have you first. Everything he does to you, I suggest you attend well and remember, because if you forget your promise, the very same things shall be done to your precious Esperanza."

Enrique's brows knit as he studied Eva. He seemed dubious. "Your nursemaid, Rob?"

"Do not underestimate her, my friend. She can't be more than fifty, and I've heard that older widows are ripe and randy for it. What are you waiting for, Eva? Undress, I said."

She reached for the row of buttons that went from the collar to the hem of her long, shapeless brown dress.

"Rob, please," Constance said. "Do not make her do this. Haven't you already done enough? Haven't you had your fun?"

"One can never have too much fun, Constance, or too much cunny." He took her by the arm. "Come and sit with me."

"Wait!" Eva said. She had undone three buttons, and could not meet Constance's eyes. "If I do this, I want you to let her go. She should not see this, and she has suffered enough from you."

"Oh, now, Eva, I am sorry," Rob said. "Constance is going to remain right here. In fact, I intend to carry on where I'd left off when you so unwisely intruded."

"In front of Nana Eva?" Constance pulled the shawl tight around herself. "Rob –"

"Do not say 'please, Rob,' or 'no, Rob.' I grow weary of it, Constance, for it seems all I hear from you anymore. Cease your whining. I know as well as you do that it is empty and meaningless, because you want me as much as I want you."

"Get on with it, woman," Enrique said. "I'm about to burst if I don't fuck something."

To prove it, he stripped off his shirt and trousers. Eva, on her fifth button, paused and looked incredulously at his thickly-muscled body and the protruding length of his cock. Constance, mortified for her, was astonished when she saw a glint of appreciation in Eva's eyes. Her fingers moved more quickly on the buttons, soon undoing enough of them that she was able to shrug out of the dress.

"Well, well," Rob said, bemused. He sprawled once more in their father's chair, having kicked off his trousers. "What did I tell you?"

Eva's body lacked much of the resilience and firmness of a young woman, but she was far more curvaceous than the series of shapeless dresses had ever indicated. Her breasts were large, her hips well-padded, her thighs and buttocks fully fleshed. The hair of her head was streaked with grey but the thatch at her groin was a bushy patch of jet-black curls.

She made no effort to conceal herself, and as both Rob and Enrique made murmurs of approval, her back straightened and her head came up proudly. Her coin-sized dark nipples stiffened.

"I'll never doubt you again, Rob," Enrique said. He encircled his cock with a hand and gave it a few absent-minded tugs as he feasted his gaze on Eva.

"I will do what you want," Eva said. She looked at Rob. "But spare your sister."

"Let me show you something," Rob said. He took Constance around the waist and drew her to his lap.

As before, her cunny brushed the upraised tip of his cock. A jolt went through her and she bit her lip so as not to moan. Her flesh there felt plumped and tender, moistening to make way. The little nub of her pleasure thumped in time with her pulse. It was all she could do to keep from sinking onto him.

"Constance, do not let him," Eva said.

"He will anyway. I'm sorry, Nana Eva."

Rob pulled her down. She went willingly, lowering her body onto his.

Eva cried out in shock at witnessing the irrevocable act. Or possibly at witnessing Constance's rapturous expression. Wrong, oh, yes, it was most awfully wrong, but the feel of him sliding deep, filling her, was a sensation beyond any other.

"Do not move yet, Constance," Rob said. "Hold still. Hold so very, very still."

She did so, and he did not move either except for the involuntary flex of his cock buried in her soft passage. It was exquisite torture to remain motionless. His arms held her snugly around the waist to prevent her from rising.

"How does that look?" Enrique asked, stepping around behind Eva and filling his hands with her ample breasts. "See her face? See how she loves it? You will, too. It must have been a while since you've had a nice hard cock in you."

Eva did not reply, but Constance saw how she pressed against Enrique, and shifted her hips side to side. He dropped one hand to grope between her legs and laughed.

"Already wet, Rob. She is a hot one, at that!"

"Perhaps she likes seeing darling Constance impaled on a man's cock," Rob said.

"Is that so?" Enrique whispered into Eva's ear. "Do you like seeing that?"

"It is terrible."

"She doesn't seem to think so." He bit Eva's neck, sucked on the flesh there until he left a scarlet mark.

"Ohh!" Eva arched her back. Her hands covered Enrique's and held them firmly to her body.

"Tell me you like it," he said as he squeezed and fondled her. He pushed his fingers up inside her, and used his thumb to what Constance knew was great effect.

"Yes, yes, it feels very good," she said.

"You want more? Tell me what you want."

"Let me touch you. Let me rub your cock in my hands, and kiss it."

"On your knees." He released her.

She turned and knelt, his cock bobbing on a level with her face. Her hands came up to clasp it, rolling the shaft between her palms.

Constance couldn't help but be even more aroused by what she was seeing. That this was Nana Eva of all people … Nana Eva on her knees in front of Enrique and about to swallow down his enormous cock … and that she herself was sitting on Rob's lap like this, naked and thrust full of him … it couldn't be happening, and yet it was.

Rob's hand crept over her thigh and between her legs. His fingertips probed around where their bodies were so intimately joined.

"Feel how it goes into you, Constance," he said, his voice very low so as not to distract Enrique and Eva. "Your honey-juices are flowing like a river. I could touch you here –"

"Ah! Rob!"

"—just slip my finger up and down right here, until you spend. Should I do that, Constance? I'd feel it, you know. I'd feel the walls of your cunny constrict on me, draw my cock all the way in. I wouldn't even have to thrust in and out."

In front of them, Eva was lapping and nibbling all along the shaft of Enrique's cock, licking it, making it shine with her saliva. She opened her mouth and took it in, and he groaned in a way that Constance had heard before. His hands clutched in her hair as he pushed his hips back and forth.

"Rob … I'm …"

"Close? Coming? Ready to spend?" His fingers played over her clitoris and the lips of her cunny. His cock pulsed within her.

Enrique withdrew from Eva's mouth. He was engorged, huge. Eva gripped the shaft and pumped it with her hand. Her lips were wet, her eyes starry, her chest heaving with quick breaths.

"Go on, Enrique," Rob said. "Fuck her, and be sure you do a good job of it."

"Oh, I will," Enrique said. He looked at Eva, and pointed at the floor. "Get on your hands and knees."

She obeyed at once, raising her backside in the air. Rob and Constance had a clear view of her cunny, black hair curling around pouting red lips, until Enrique knelt behind Eva and brought the head of his cock to bear.

The sight, or the slick pressure of Rob's fingers and cock, drove Constance over the edge. She tensed and quaked as her climax roared through her. Although she tried to keep silent, a long, broken moan issued from her throat. Rob waited until she was past the peak before driving his hips up, moving his cock within her, prolonging and increasing her sensation.

Enrique spared Constance a smoldering look that, even lost in the fog of her passion as she was, told her that it was her he wished he was about to enter. He mounted Eva with a single quick thrust, slamming so hard into her that her buttocks rippled and her breasts bounced.

A startled but delighted cry burst from Eva. Enrique grabbed her by the hips and continued just as forceful a fucking, pulling out to the very tip and plunging home again, fast and relentless. His eyes never left Constance. She quailed from the heated lust in them, lust that wouldn't be sated no matter how thoroughly he fucked Eva.

Eva was unaware of anything except for the diligent pounding that she was receiving. She bucked her hips back into Enrique, and a string of exhortations in Spanish and English urged him to go harder, faster, do it to her, yes, to fuck her with all his might. Enrique picked up his pace, his belly slapping Eva's buttocks, the heavy sack of his balls swinging.

Rob coaxed Constance off of him. She huddled in their father's chair, her body trembling all over. She watched as her brother lay down on the floor near Eva and presented her with his stiff cock. Eva took it readily, sucking Rob into her mouth as Enrique battered her from behind. Her cries were muffled, her body writhing.

"Taste it, yes, that's Constance you're tasting," Rob said. "That's her spending on my cock."

Enrique stared at Constance. She met his gaze and gasped, seeing in his dark eyes the very real desire to pull himself out of Eva, drag her from the chair, and fall upon her.

But before he could do that, if it was in fact his intention, Eva began to buck and writhe in an even greater frenzy, spending in such a torrent that Enrique was helpless to withstand the storm. He lunged against her, shouting in release.

Eva tossed her head and howled in ecstasy, Rob's cock popping from her lips. He was on the verge himself, so finished the job with his hand and spurted his seed in milky jets all over Eva's face and breasts. As she apparently realized what was happening, she dropped her head again and sucked the last few drops from him.

When the furor had passed, the three of them disengaged from one another and sprawled on the floor in various postures of exhaustion. Eva's eyes were half-lidded and she wore a very satisfied smile.

She had done what they wanted. Yet somehow Constance knew that it wouldn't be enough for Rob and Enrique. Their threats against Diego Marquez's wife and daughter might have been spontaneous, but she knew that once an idea had entered their minds, they would pursue it to the very end.

And was she … was she jealous? Did she envy Eva that smugly contented smile? Was she unwilling to see Marcella or Esperanza Marquez take any part in these acts?

No. She would not allow herself to be. But she saw now, more clearly than ever, that she was not going to escape her situation easily. Father was far from home and might be months returning, and she could not count on rescue by anyone else. Not even Nana Eva.

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