tagNovels and NovellasThe Ravishing of Constance Ch. 18

The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 18


A hushed eternity spun out as William deGranville, Jacqueline's weapons ready to end his life with a slash or a shot or the both at once, stared wide-eyed at the pirate woman. Her ultimatum hung in the air, and the crowd leaned forward expectantly, breaths held, to hear his reply.

"Not that!" Constance shrieked, the words erupting from her. "No, Jacqueline, anything but that, please, if you have any mercy in your heart –"

"I … I will do as you … as you demand," her father said, shuddering.

"Father, no, oh, please no!"

"Marie?" Jacqueline stepped back, wiping the thin sheen of deGranville's blood from her dagger before sheathing it. She kept the pistol leveled at him. "Help the good governor with his breeches."

"Right away, Captain."

"Constance, forgive me," William said wretchedly, unable to look at her. "It is … it is the only way."

But it was not! She wanted to scream it at him. It was not the only way! Jacqueline had given him another choice, to be buggered by Rob, but had he spared it a moment's consideration? He'd sooner fuck his own daughter, commit the worst of incests, for that would still leave him a man? She wanted to scream all this, peal it with a banshee's terrible howl, but words failed her.

Marie knelt before William and reached for his belt. He shied away, but the men flanking him – Salvador, and a stout sailor named Rafe with a huge fiery beard – held him in place. Marie trilled with amusement.

"Why, Captain, he's half-hard already!" she crowed.

"What’s this, deGranville?" Jacqueline inquired mockingly. "Aroused by what you've seen, eh? Did you perchance like watching our Marie work her tongue in your Constance's cunny?"

His eyes were squeezed shut, and brick-red colored his cheeks. As Marie slid his trousers down his legs, exposing him from the waist, Constance glimpsed over Marie's shoulder that it was true. His cock stood at half-mast, a slim and elegantly-shaped lance rising from a tuft of silvery-gold hair.

She averted her gaze in horror. Of all the cruelties she'd expected of Jacqueline, never had she imagined anything so terrible as this. All at once she would have given anything to be allowed to take on a dozen men, would have whored herself to them on hands and knees, anything to stop this most hideous thing.

In looking away from her father, she met Rob's eyes. The fuming anger in them sent a chill spiking into her heart.

"Lift your foot, my lord," Marie said, attempting to remove his boot.

William kept his foot firmly planted, until Salvador poked the tip of a cutlass meaningfully into his back. Then, grimacing, he acquiesced. First one boot, and then the other, were tossed aside. Marie peeled away his trousers and underclothes. Constance could not help watching, drawn against her will to the scene, as the kneeling girl reached up and gently grasped William's cock. It twitched, eliciting a general laugh, and deGranville went even redder.

"Give him a lick, Marie," prompted Jacqueline.

Marie did so, playfully flicking her tongue against the head of his cock and then licking the shaft in quick, firm strokes. Although his face was screwed into knots, perhaps in dire concentration not to respond, he stiffened toward full erection.

"Please, Father!" Constance wept. "Do not let them do this to us!"

"You've quite a nice one, my lord," Marie said approvingly, and opened her mouth to engulf him.

William groaned. His hands were so tightly clenched at his sides that thin rills of blood trickled from the points where his nails cut into his palms.

The gathered sailors and townsfolk cheered Marie on. She bobbed her head, one hand holding the base of his cock, the other between his legs to toy with the dangling sac of his balls. When she allowed him to slide out from her lips, he was swollen and rigid, glistening from her saliva.

And surely it meant she was damned, doomed to the fires of Hell for all eternity, but at the sight, a loosening expectance relaxed Constance's loins. Her cunny ran with a fresh flow of juices, anticipating the contact, the penetration.

"Nooo," she whimpered, more to herself than to them.

"Put him on the platform," Jacqueline said from her chair. Rather than lounge, now, she was sitting forward with an avid expression, that of someone at long last seeing a coveted dream made true.

Constance wailed and lunged in her bonds, this way and that, abrading her wrists and ankles. Her father, practically carried by Rafe and Salvador, came toward her with a stiltlike gait. He reached the edge, and Salvador struck him sharply on the backs of the legs. This caused his joints to unhinge, and he dropped to his knees on the edge of the platform between her widespread feet.

A babbled string of pleas issued from her. William's eyes opened. He looked down at her, at the lush young body, and he was in tears, chin quivering, face torn with despair. And yet, for all of that, his cock loomed over her.

"Forgive me, Constance," he said. "I must. Do you not see? There is no other way. We have no choice. It is our lives at stake, our lives, our family, and –"

The mention of family incensed Jacqueline. "Go on and stick it in her," she snapped. "Do it, deGranville, fuck the little whore."

"No, Father, no, not this," Constance said.

"I must," he repeated woodenly. "It is the only way. Forgive me."

He bent down, bracing his hands on either side of her trapped body. His cock touched her belly and she jumped. He lowered himself, only that part of him in contact with her. It brushed through her downy-gold fluff, and he was quaking now, his arms straining, his jaw knotted.

"Oh, please, no!" She felt his cockhead part her soft hair and nudge into her furrow. For one shattering moment, it was pressed full against her clitoris, sending a jolt like lightning through her.

"Close your eyes, Constance," he said thickly. "Close your eyes, and think of other things, and soon this terrible deed will be done and we'll be free."

He moved down, an excruciatingly slow movement that made her traitorous flesh want to lunge upward and capture him. She held herself motionless, for if she did that, if she took an active and willing part, he would hate her more than ever. Yet he had to be feeling the damp heat rising from her cunny, had to know that she was ready, craving it.

His cock lodged at the opening, against her but not within her. William's arms were shaking from the effort of holding himself up. All he had to do was thrust his hips, or even let his weight drop onto her, and he'd be seated deep, buried in her.

"How is it, deGranville?" Jacqueline asked. "Has she a nice, hot cunny?"

"I cannot do this," he said. "I cannot … not my own and only daughter!"

Jacqueline was out of her chair and onto the platform in a flash. Constance could see her, scowling, standing behind and over her father.

"Enough of this!" she cried. "You will fuck her!"

So saying, she planted her high-booted foot against his buttocks and shoved. William gave a cry and lost his balance, and fell full onto – and into – Constance. His cock plunged into her, impaling her to the very core, and they screamed together at the sudden invasion.

Constance only hoped that the genuine horror in her cry masked the low and slinking sound of ecstasy. For it felt good, appalling as it was, it felt exquisite to have a cock filling her cunny. Never mind that it was her father's, the very organ of her own generation, in fact … it was a fine stiff prick, and everything Jacqueline had said about her was true.

"There," Jacqueline said, her foot still pressing down hard on William's buttocks. "Now you're in her, deGranville. Your cock is sunk to the root. Isn't she tight? Isn't she hot and wet?"

"She-devil," he gasped, and whether he meant Jacqueline or Constance was unclear.

"Stop, please, oh, take it out," Constance said, although she feared she would convulse and die of unfulfilled need if he did.

"What is it like to be inside her cunny?" Jacqueline asked. "To be violating her, your own precious child?"

"Damn you," William sobbed. "Damn you to hell, witch!"

"But it isn't enough just to be in her," Jacqueline went on, undaunted. "Now you must fuck her. And that brings you a new choice. Will you want it over with fast, and thus pump her vigorously –" she pushed with her foot in rapid succession, driving him against Constance, forcing his cock to make short, jabbing strokes, "fucking her like a madman, eager to spill your seed …"

Constance tasted blood and realized that in her desperate effort to not betray herself with impassioned outcries, she had bitten her lip.

"Or," Jacqueline said, slowing the pace of her foot, "will you seek to deny the inevitable, to forestall the ultimate moment of incest when you spend in her snug and clasping cunny, and therefore make it a good, long, leisurely fuck? Like this? Each thrust so slow and deep, trying to resist. What do you say, deGranville?"

"Oh –" Constance silenced herself, but too late … she had moaned at the pressure of Jacqueline's steady, deliberate, unhurried push driving her father's cock so deliciously into her.

"Hah," said Jacqueline. "Methinks your daughter prefers the latter."

William's eyes flew open and he looked beseechingly down into Constance's. "No, daughter, no …"

The boot was withdrawn, Jacqueline still standing over them. William had stopped moving, staring at Constance as if discovering some new and loathsome species of spider.

"S… sorry …" she stammered.

"Constance, you mustn't, no, bad enough that we should be made to commit this abominable act, but you must not …"

"Get with the fucking, deGranville, or do you need my help?" Jacqueline tossed her head, laughing. "Or should I have your son climb up here? He could put it up your arse and his every thrust would set the pace."

"No! No … I … I will …" He moved his hips, a moderate rising-and-falling. "I will, only do not …"

Jacqueline bent over Constance, the sun behind her blonde head turning her short waves of hair into a corona of brightest gold. "And you, Constance, how does it feel to have your father fucking you? Is it nice? Is he a good fuck? Do you like his cock pushing in and out?"

She did, heaven help her, she did … even the perfunctory motion was stirring glorious sensation, and all in the world that she wanted to do was rock her hips to take him deeper, and tilt down with her pelvis to make him rub more fully against the nub of her clitoris.

William made a noise like that of a trapped and dying animal. His breath hissed between clenched teeth. "No, no, she is a good girl, a decent young lady … she would not … she would never …"

"Are you going to spend, Constance?"

"No!" William answered for her, and his expression now transcended horror. "No, Constance, you must not take any … pleasure … in this affront, you … must not …" He broke off as she, entirely unintentionally, tightened the walls of her cunny to nip at his cock.

"Stop, Father, you must stop … I … ohhh!"

"Why, Lord deGranville," Jacqueline said. "Could it be that you're making your dearest daughter feel so very, very good? Could it be that you are about to make her spend? What a wicked slut she must be, that she'd do such a thing, but can you not feel it? Feel her juices, flowing like oil? Feel how she wriggles her bottom?"

"Constance, I forbid it!"

And yet, even as he said it, he quickened his thrusts and was fucking in earnest now, not just moving in and out by rote but grinding his hips against her, and in a style so practiced and skillful that she was sent rushing toward the peak, rushing. After weeks of stifled arousal she was finally going to spend … it would be a torrent, an earthquake, an apocalyptic orgasm that would blot out her senses and leave her dissolving in sheer bliss, she was going to –

"Get him off of her," Jacqueline ordered, and Salvador, Michel, and Rafe seized William and hauled him backwards and up. His cock popped out of Constance and waved in the air.

"No! Ahh! No!" Constance howled.

"Let me go, you devils!" Her father fought them furiously, but the three were too strong for him. They dragged him down from the platform.

"Jacqueline!" Constance pleaded.

"What's this? You want him to make you spend? For shame, Constance," came the amused reply.

William suddenly quit fighting, slumping in the grip of the three pirates. His eyes were glassy, numb with shock. He seemed unable to believe where he was.

"My dear lord governor," Jacqueline said, swaggering to face him with a jolly grin. "Well done, well done indeed. I would not have thought you could go through with it. Fucking your daughter But we could not allow you to cross that final line, my word, no. What would you take us for? Making her spend, oh, that would have been a shameful thing indeed."

He voiced something neither groan nor whimper. Self-loathing had robbed him of his pride and his strength, and the only part of him that was as straight and upright as ever was his scarlet and indignant cock.

"I'd be happy to take over, and never mind the shame," Rob said. He was all but frothing at the mouth, still held at bay by Adam and two others of the crew, but with Marie standing near him and playfully rubbing at the tented bulge in his breeches. "Let me fuck her, what say you?"

"Oh, you'll have what's coming to you, Robert deGranville," Jacqueline said. "I promise you that." She tipped Constance a wink, but so lost and churning with desire was Constance that she did not know, or care, to what the pirate queen might be referring. "First, though, there's your father to attend to. Governor?"

William rolled his wide, dazed eyes to her. His throat worked. "Yes?"

"I'm quite familiar with the urges of men," she said conversationally. "I know how maddening it can be for a man to be aroused to the breaking point and left unfinished. Thus, to further prove to you that we are not as cruel as you might think, you'll be permitted to relieve your throbbing need. Marie?"

The girl, trailing her hand along the outline of Rob's erection as she moved away from him, approached Jacqueline. "You sent for me, Captain?"

"Off with your frock and up on the platform, Marie." As Marie hastily obeyed, shedding her clothes in graceful movements that showed she was aware of, and enjoying, the effect her pert body was having on the onlookers, Jacqueline turned again to William deGranville. "Our sweet Marie is graciously going to allow you to finish your fuck in her. Yes, Marie?"

"Oh, gladly, Captain!" Marie, entirely nude, took to the other half of the platform, beside Constance. She raised her knees and opened her thighs, presenting her cunny with its bush of gingery fur and delicate pink lips. Her arms extended toward William. "Here you are, my lord. Come and put that lovely cock in me, and I'll make you feel so much better."

"Unless," added Jacqueline with a silky chuckle, "you'd rather finish your fuck in Constance. It's up to you, but if you climb back on her and resume what you'd been doing, she'll surely spend and you'd be solely responsible. You wouldn't be taking her under duress this time. You'd be fucking her of your own free will. Michel, release him."

Michel, Salvador, and Rafe let go. William staggered for a moment, and then stood unsupported at the bottom of the platform. Marie beckoned invitingly. Constance only looked at him in stark shock. He couldn't … he mustn't … surely he would not …

He took a single lurching step toward Marie, who lifted her hips to him and ran her agile fingers along the insides of her thighs. But then he turned to Constance, and she saw it in his eyes, the intent.

"No, Father, no, not me," she said, despite the excitement that was racing, whipping, along the pathways of her nerves. He had gone mad, she saw. Temporarily, perhaps, but it was as Jacqueline had said. A beast, driven to distraction by sex … and he was going to fuck her.

"Hush, Constance," he said, his voice distracted and faraway. "Hush, now … it's all right. The damage is done … there's no further harm in finishing what was begun."

William climbed onto the platform again. Jacqueline's look was one of utter vindication. There was no hesitation this time as he brought his cock to bear.

Constance stifled another moan as he explored her with his fingers, then guided himself into her depths.

"Please don't," she said, but he already was, with a firm rhythm that could not be denied.

"Ah, Constance," he said. "Ah, your cunny is just like your mother's …"

"Father, stop, I'm so close, please do not make me!"

"Lift your bottom for me, Constance, fuck back at me, and spend for me, yes, I want to feel you spend." He belabored her with skillful, powerful strokes. "Oh, darling Constance!"

As this most forbidden of all climaxes crashed over her, she did as he wanted and frantically pushed her bottom up at him, meeting each thrust, flinging her head side to side and voicing a tumultuous outcry. She forgot everything else around her, caring only for making it last and wringing every possible bit of satisfaction from this sinful, dreadful, wonderful act.

He joined her in that wordless wail, driving so deep she felt him push at the very barrier to her womb when his cock turned from steel to molten iron and filled her with his seed.

Even then, he did not stop, but carried on thrusting as if he meant to burrow entirely into her and merge their bodies. His cock had barely lost its stiffness before it grew hard again, sliding about in their mingled fluids. Constance had only begun to descend from her heights when this renewed assault brought on another series of volatile convulsions.

Her father fucked her wildly, calling her name amid a torrent of crude obscenities. She felt him come again, as fiercely as before, and then his weight was sinking onto her, crushing her into the wooden platform. His eyes rolled up until only the bulging whites could be seen. He smiled once, beatifically, and then with a heavy sigh, he collapsed insensate.

Constance lay trapped beneath him, with his limp cock slipping out of her and the inferno of her need finally – if temporarily – quenched. She had very nearly lost consciousness herself, her mind feeling fragmented into spinning motes adrift in darkness. Only the thunderous reaction of the crowd pulled her back when she was about to float down into the black.

She roused herself enough to lift her head and open her eyes. Pandemonium reigned in the courtyard of the fortress, the onlookers so inspired by what they had witnessed that everywhere she looked, she saw men and women abandoning themselves to orgiastic excess. An absurd flicker of pride – she had caused this – went through her.

Rob's voice brought her sharply back to the here and now. He was belligerently demanding of Jacqueline that he have his turn now, if not Constance at least he should be allowed to have Marie … unless Jacqueline herself was in the market for a man.

"Are you so hungry for a fuck, then, Robert deGranville?" Jacqueline asked. "So very eager?"

"What says this?" He yanked down his breeches, freeing his cock. "Does this not look eager to you? Come and have a taste of it, you splendid pirate vixen, and I promise it shan't disappoint!"

"Ah, but I have other plans for you, Rob," Jacqueline said. "Your sister has been such a help in obtaining my revenge that I think I'll oblige in helping her with hers."

Rob laughed, with as much charm and confidence as he could muster in the rather odd picture he presented – breeches pushed to his knees, shirttails hanging to either side of the outthrust prow of his erection. "Constance? What might my delectable little sister have in mind for me?"

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