tagNovels and NovellasThe Ravishing of Constance Ch. 19

The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 19


Jacqueline nodded to Michel and Salvador. They moved in on Rob, seizing him before he realized that they meant to. When he uttered a loud protest, Michel smote him a hard blow in the belly, and Rob coughed out his breath. He raised his head, inhaling with a thin gasp, and Constance saw bewilderment and pain in his eyes.

She was as revitalized as if she'd been dipped in clear spring water, and with Rafe's help in untying her, got out from under William's unconscious body. Her dress fell back down over her, fine white like a cloud, but it stuck to her sweaty skin. She was better off without it, and wadded the material to wipe her body dry.

"Constance?" Rob asked again, plaintive now.

Marie scurried from the platform, and another sailor swung a bench into the spot where she'd been. It dawned on Constance with a sort of incredulous gratitude that this, too, had been Jacqueline's intention all along. She very nearly forgave the pirate woman – her sister! – for coercing their father into such depravity.

The men bound Rob face-down over the bench. His shirt was rucked up to his shoulders, and his taut buttocks were bared to the world.

"Hah, an excellent jest," he cried with a sort of frantic cheer. "I was almost taken in by it. Very clever. Now, untie me and –"

"Would you care to do the honors?" Jacqueline held out a switch that could have been the very selfsame one with which Rob had beaten her so cruelly.

Rob, seeing this, went first white and then plum-colored. "She wouldn't dare!"

Constance accepted the switch, liking the feel of it in her hand. She swept it experimentally, hearing the whickering noise as it sliced the air. Rob bleated as if he had already been struck.

"None of that, now," he blustered.

A coward. He was a bully and a coward, Constance realized, adept when it came to devising and delivering torments, but weak as water when he was on the wrong end of the switch. Or the cock! She glanced around, and got a nod from Salvador in return. The big Moor was half-naked already, and Marie was rubbing a good slippery coating of oil onto his cock.

"Constance, sister-mine –"

She brought the switch down in a whistling arc. It cut across Rob's buttocks and he screamed.

"That's for my virginity," she said, and was not particularly surprised to find that she sounded more than a bit like Jacqueline, cold and scornful. "And this is for my bottom, and this for Nana Eva!" She whipped him twice more, laying vivid red welts in criss-crossing lines. He yipped, he yelped, and it was veritable music to her ears.

A vicious spite descended on her. She strutted around him, not caring that she was as naked as the new day. A flurry of blows, one after the other, and his backside was covered in stripes, positively covered, and Rob was crying like a baby.

She leaned over him, her breasts on his back, her loins against his scarlet buttocks. They were hot as a bed of coals, and the touch of her skin made him jerk with pain.

"And now, brother-mine," she said, "here's something else for you. Let's see how well you like it, since you so readily do it to others."

"No, Constance, please," he said. "Not that, I know what you mean to do and not that, I beg you."

It did her a world of good to hear him beg, to hear the fear and humiliation in his voice. She looked at Jacqueline, and the pirate woman smiled encouragingly. Incredibly, this made Constance feel a surge of actual sisterly affection.

"I'll give you a choice, then, Rob," she said. "This is Salvador. See what a cock he has, so big, so dark?"

Rob's eyes were wet with tears. "Don't, Constance. I'm sorry for everything, so very sorry, don't let him near me."

"Sorry? Are you truly?"

"And I'll make it up to you, I swear. Anything that you ask of me, anything, and I'll do it."

"I am not interested in your repentance, Rob. I am interested in my revenge. Here is your choice. Take him in your mouth, or up your arse."

"No!" He recoiled, as well as he was able.

She lashed him again. "Choose! You told me you'd let a man suck you, once, so surely you know how it's done. And is your bottom untried, that you so vehemently protect it?"

"I will not do this, and you cannot force me to choose."

"Oh, but you’re wrong, dear brother," she said. "I can."

The switch came down again and again, and this time she did not restrict herself to his buttocks but striped his thighs, even landed a few blows so that the supple end of the switch bent under to strike his balls. Rob shrieked and carried on with such a clamor that William deGranville muttered and turned over, but did not wake.

"Choose!" Constance barked, winded and sure that her shoulder would ache on the morrow but not minding in the least. "Mouth or arse, Rob?"

"No," he sobbed. "No, no, no."

"Or both," Jacqueline suggested, sharing a devilish look with Constance.

"Both, it is!" Constance agreed.

"Oh, my lady!" chirped Marie, who had flung herself wholly into the spirit of this as much as she did anything. "If we place him just right, he can suck his father's cock while Salvador fucks his bottom."

Jacqueline raised an eyebrow at Constance. "This one is your revenge, sister. It is your decision."

She looked at their father, lolling unconscious on the platform. Yes, it had been under duress, but he could have sacrificed himself for her, and when the freedom had been his, he could have sated his urge in Marie instead. He was a beast, and the fact that she had enjoyed it, perhaps as much a beast herself, did not change the fact that he had still abandoned his nobility to fuck his daughter.

"Let them both be shamed, then," she said. "Arrange it, Marie, if you would."

"You cannot expect me to …" Rob could not even say it.

"To suck Father's cock," Constance said harshly. "You'll not be so apt to try and bite him, I think. And be sure you do a good job of it. Remember how you made me do the same to Enrique? You'll take it in your mouth, and you'll lick and suck, and you'll make him spend and swallow down what he gives you."

Rob looked sick, and ready to faint, but she got his attention with a brisk open-palmed slap of his bottom. Meanwhile, Marie had enlisted the help of Rafe and Michel, and they'd moved William deGranville so that he was stretched out below and in front of Rob's head, his now-slumbering cock within easy reach of Rob's mouth.

"I'll help him, my lady," Marie said, "and hold it up until it's nice and hard to stand on its own."

"Anything," Rob said. "Anything, Constance."

"It is far too late for apologies." She glanced at Salvador. "Are you ready?"

"Oh, yes," he said. His finger poked at Rob's bottom. "I like a nice tight virgin."

"Ah! No! Don't let him put it in!"

Salvador paid him no heed, rotating his finger to work it in to the first knuckle. Rob's response to this would have shattered glass and made dogs fall stunned, so high and piercing was his cry.

"And that only his finger," Constance chided. "How ever will you handle his cock?"

"Please," Rob said. "Please stop this."

Oil trickled over the cheeks of his bottom, stinging in the welts, and greased the passage where Salvador's finger pressed and twisted. It was to the second knuckle now, and Rob was whimpering.

"Is he ready?" Constance asked.

"Ripe for ploughing," Salvador replied.

"Then have at him, and do not bother to be gentle."

The Moor withdrew his finger. He laid the meaty length of his cock in the cleft of Rob's bottom. Rob tried with all his might to get away, in his absolute panic even lifting the bench from the platform as his body bucked and heaved. Jacqueline raised her booted foot and braced it on one side of the bench. Constance did the same on the other side with one smooth, bare leg. They held it in place as Rob thrashed.

Salvador set the tip of his cock at Rob's clenched opening, and leaned his weight forward.


Constance looked on in fascination and savage glee as the puckered ring of flesh was forced open. Salvador gave a sudden short lunge and embedded the head of his cock within. He paused only a moment, long enough for Rob to choke out another plea, then steadily pushed.

Oh, that is nice," Constance said, remembering what Rob had told her when the positions were somewhat rearranged, and she was the one being split asunder. "You should see it, Rob. Your pretty buttocks all white and striped with welts, all spread open, and his cock going in between them."

Bit by bit, his dark, veined shaft disappeared into Rob. The Moor's wiry thatch was flush with Rob's welted cheeks.

"Well, brother-mine," she said, "how does that feel? He's all the way in now. Do you like it?"

Rob, tearful, shook his head.

"And I could reach down under you, and give you a tweak," she said, and did just that. She found his balls contracted defensively against his body, and his cock semi-erect. "What's this, Rob? You couldn't be liking what he's doing, could you?"

"No! Ah, it hurts, it hurts!"

Salvador drew back, slowly, until only the head was still lodged in Rob's arse. Rob gave a shaky sigh, perhaps thinking that his punishment was over. Then the Moor slammed home again, and with ebony fingers indenting Rob's hips, pounded in and out in a relentlessly hard fucking. Rob screamed again and again, with each thrust, but the cock that Constance was fondling swelled in her hand even as a bit of blood from his torn anus oozed down his thighs.

"You are liking it," she said.

"Don't forget this one, my lady," Marie said. She, too, was fondling a cock. William deGranville was still insensate, but had risen to the occasion at her skillful manipulation. She held him straight up, near to Rob's head.

Constance seized her brother by his mop of tangled golden hair. She wrenched his head up and stared into his overspilling eyes. They were full of pain and shame, just as she'd hoped.

"Open your mouth, dear brother."

He clamped his lips shut.

"Open your mouth, or once Salvador's filled your arse with his spend, I'll have another take his place. And another. And if we exhaust all the men before you comply, I'll ask the captain here for a belaying pin, and bugger you with it myself."

Reluctantly, miserably, he opened his mouth. Constance forced his head down toward their father's waiting erection. Marie was massaging William's shaft in firm-handed strokes like those of a milkmaid, and drops of fluid were already forming.

"Not this," Rob managed to say, the words broken into grunts by the battering he was taking from Salvador. "Not this, Constance, not our father, it isn't right!"

"You never balked at doing whatever you pleased to me, your sister," she said. "You told me that you'd gladly have a go at our mother, were she still alive. And you watched with greedy eyes while Father fucked me. There's no room left for protestations of what is wrong and right."

She drove his head down, and Marie brought William's cock to Rob's lips. He squeezed his face into a mask of revulsion, but allowed their father's erection to slide into his mouth.

"Now suck him good, my lord," Marie said.

"My word, Constance," Jacqueline said. She had returned to her chair and was lounging there in her usual pose, one leg thrown over the arm. "This is inspired."

Constance stepped back to survey the scene she'd created. Rob, his bottom in the air while Salvador busily rocked and thrust, William splayed out on his back with Rob's lips slurping along his cock – and Rob's tongue no doubt tasting the mixture of Constance's juices and William's spent seed. Rob was perhaps trying to distance himself from this, detach his mind from his tortured body, but each time Salvador rammed into him, he flinched.

William moaned, and yawned, and smiled a sleepy, blissful smile. He opened his eyes. Saw people standing around him, saw Constance naked with the switch still in her hand, saw Marie on her knees next to him. He raised his head and looked down his body to see who was so ably servicing his cock.


He made to scramble away, but Marie was too quick for him. The girl swung a leg over, straddling William's chest with her knees on his shoulders.

"Rob, no, stop it!" he cried.

"Oh, but Father," said Constance sweetly. "There's no other way. And the damage is done."

He looked at her, uncomprehending. She saw abject shock and chagrin in his gaze. That he should be being sucked by his own son, that it should feel good! She saw his inner struggle as he tried to resist and deny what was happening to him, but his hips were already bumping up and down, driving his cock into Rob's mouth.

Marie scooted forward and presented her cunny to William's face. He blinked at it, and then eagerly dove at her with his frantic tongue. She arched her back, hair tumbling down her naked shoulders, and giggled.

"Ooh, that's so nice!" she said.

"I am ready to finish," Salvador panted. He was jabbing into Rob, quick and hard.

"Did you hear that, Rob?" Constance asked, combing her fingers in Rob's hair as his head rose and fell. "Salvador is about to spend in you." She reached with her other hand underneath him, and felt his cock hard as an iron bar.

Salvador groaned and his body bowed backward, skin shining like polished mahogany, muscles standing out in cords. Rob tore his head away from William and wailed again. William seized Marie around the waist and tried to lift her from his face to his waving, pulsing cock, but she held him by the ears and kept his mouth to her cunny.

"Someone's wanting another fuck," Marie said, still giggling.

With a sigh that was nearly a growl, Salvador pulled out of Rob. His wilting cock trailed tendrils of creamy fluid, streaked with red. He rose, on somewhat unsteady legs, and inclined his head politely to Constance.

Rob's head drooped. His upper body was wracked with sobs. "Are you satisfied, Constance?" he wept in a low voice.

"Not yet." She gestured to Marie.

The girl climbed off of Constance's father. William looked around in lustful perplexity. His lips and chin were wet, his cock still standing rigidly at attention.

"Michel, Rafe, would you kindly grab hold of my father, and bring him here?"

"Constance, no!" Rob divined her intent.

So, too, did William as he was manhandled roughly by the two pirates. Now he was in position behind Rob, with his daughter's small but knowing hand around his cock, rubbing it, tugging him forward.

"What … no … Constance!" he said. "What are you doing?"

"You've already fucked me, Father. It's Rob's turn."

"But he is my son!"

"I fail to see the difference!" She punctuated this with a snap of the switch. It landed on Rob's already flayed buttocks, eliciting another shriek.

"It … it is … I am not a … I …"

"What is it you're saying, Father? That it is permissible to fuck your daughter, because she's a woman, but not to fuck your son because that will make you less of a man?"

"I … well, yes."

This time, the switch striped him. William jumped with surprise and pain, and looked at her like he'd never seen her before. In a way, she supposed he hadn't. Not this Constance, this new and relentless one.

"Put your cock in him this instant, or I'll whip the skin from you."

"Excellent," Jacqueline remarked.

William shuffled a step closer to Rob, helped along by the pirates who held his arms. Constance, even as she'd been wielding the switch, kept up milking her father's cock, keeping him ready. She pointed it toward Rob's stretched and bleeding arsehole, then in a swift combination of motions, whipped him again and let go. When he instinctively lunged forward to escape the switch, he plunged unerringly into Rob.

Father and son loosed horrified cries together. William tried to back up, but Constance switched him again.

"Now, fuck him," she spat. "Salvador's opened the way, and he should be well-greased. Fuck him."

"You have gone mad, this is a nightmare, a nightmare!" William said, but obeyed.

"Reach beneath him while you're at it," Constance said. "Feel how hard he is, how much he likes having your cock up him. Go on, take him in hand."

"Father, please don't," Rob said.

He did as Constance commanded, bending over his son's body while his hips pumped, pumped. He reached under Rob and encircled Rob's cock.

Astounded that she had done this, that it had gone so far, Constance retreated a bit from the display. She heard someone call her name and turned to see Jacqueline. Her sister had made room for her in the big leather chair, and they sat side by side watching as their father fucked their brother with increasing speed.

William's eyes were blank in his mindless pleasure. He had perhaps gone insane from the day's events, but it did not impair his ability. He worked his hand on Rob's cock in time with his thrusts into Rob's arse, moaning wildly. Rob was clearly in tremendous pain, yet afire with a demented need of his own. His seed splattered on the platform an instant before William erupted deep in his bowels.

"What shall we do with them now?" Jacqueline asked as the two deGranville men subsided from their orgasms.

"You are the captain," Constance said.

"But my revenge is more than complete. Even I could not have anticipated such as this. And I must admit, I had not looked beyond to see what was next."

"Do you still hate me?"

Jacqueline considered this, pensive. "No … not after today. You are a sister after my own heart, it seems."

This seeped through the daze that held William deGranville. He looked blearily at them, and his eyes cleared. "What … what was that?"

"Sister," Constance said. "Jacqueline is my sister, your daughter, the child that Mother unknowingly carried in her belly when she sailed from Veradoga all those years ago."

"Our sister?" Rob asked weakly. "And she … she did this to us?"

"To your own family?" William added, aghast.

"My true family is here," Jacqueline said, spreading her hands to encompass her soldiers and the people of Falcon Bay.

"A deGranville, raised as a pirate? No wonder you could commit such malicious deeds, and upon your own blood kin!" William looked scornfully at Jacqueline, just as if he wasn't stripped bare and recovering from fucking not one but two of his children.

"How, then, do you account for Rob?" Constance shot back. "He was raised a deGranville, and that did not stop him doing what he did to me. And you, Father! You are no better. Nor am I."

"Perhaps our beloved father and brother need some time to think on their various misdeeds," Jacqueline suggested. "There are good sturdy prisons here in this fortress, where they could be locked away."

"Together," Constance said. "Let them be locked away together, in the same cell."

"They'd murder each other," Marie cut in.

"Or carry on fucking each other," Constance said. "If I know Rob, he won't rest until he's had his own back, and been up Father's bottom to even the score. Especially, Jacques, if you have more of that wicked potion about."

"You are my sister," Jacqueline said, laughing. "So be it. We'll lock them away, and have them brought out now and again to amuse us. I'd like to see them on their sides, each with his cock in the other's mouth."

"Yes!" Constance said. "And we might also find the hunchbacked dwarf you mentioned, the one with a stallion's prick."

William was up and charging at them in a trice, face flaming with fury, hands outstretched as if he meant to throttle their slim throats, or dash their heads together. He only got two paces before he was knocked down by Rafe, and then quickly manacled hand and foot by Michel.

"Take them away," Jacqueline said. "Find them a suitable cell." She then rose from the chair, and offered her hand to Constance. "As for you, sister, I have been unkind to you these past weeks. Allow me to make up for it with the offer of better accommodations."

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