tagMatureThe Real Estate Agent Ch. 1

The Real Estate Agent Ch. 1


I had been doing consulting work for a local Realtor as such was having to work after hours. The work I was doing could not be done because the agents needed the resources during normal business hours. This agency had several older attractive women on staff and they were always telling tales about their sex lives. At first I was uncomfortable hearing then talk about sex but after they got to know me- I guess they treated me just like one of the girls.

Then one night, one of the ladies stayed at work late. Sharon was a 54 year old perky redhead about 5' 6" with a nice figure. (36 - 38 - 34) not bad for a woman her age. She was recently widowed and worked out everyday. I was working in one of the conference rooms when I heard her call my name and ask if I could help her with her computer. I went to her desk and began to troubleshoot the problem. As I did, she leaned in close to peer over my shoulder at the screen letting her boobs touch my shoulder and giving me full site of them. I thought they were hard and had to do a double take to realize they were. Her nipples were quite large and very firm. When I turned toward her, her pouty wet lips were about 2 inches from mine and there was no mistaking the desire in her eyes. Far be it from me to not accept the

initiation of this very attractive woman.

Our lips met with such passion that my cock immediately rose to attention. I reached around her waist and hips pulling her on to my lap with her breasts pushing into my chest and my cock pushing against her firm ass. She began to wiggle and I could smell the musky odor of her sweet pussy juices under her skirt. She slipped off my lap and stood beside me as my hand slid under her skirt up the back of her bare thighs. She was nibbling my ear and making my cock beg for release from its confines. As I reached her ass, I could feel the juices as they dripped from her cunt. She was wasting no time reaching for my belt and undoing it.

She ran her hand down inside my loose jeans and found my hardness, She was stroking me in my pants. I knew this would not last and I would cum if she continued. My hands found she was wearing no panties and my finger quickly found and probed her sweet love opening. She was so hot and wet. She told me that she had wanted me from the first day we had met and had to find just the right time to get us alone and boy was I was glad. I placed her upon her desk and spread her legs wide as I knelt between them. My tongue began to trace and rim her pussy. Her pussy smelled so sweet and its juice tasted wonderful. She was so hot that just as my tongue touched her clit a huge O raged through her body. So much that she draped her legs across my shoulder and around my neck holding me close to her cunt. After about 10 minutes of that and almost suffocating me, I stood and began to kiss her again. She unzipped my pants and they dropped to the floor, freeing my 7" dick from its confines. She told me how big and thick it was and that her late husband had only 4 inches and never made her cum like she had just cum.

I told her that I could not believe that some stud was not banging a good looker like her. Sharon took my hard cock and guided it to her pussy telling me she wanted me to fuck her. I slid the head of it in to her and held it still for about a minute as she still sat on her desk. She wrapped her firm legs around my waist and pilled me into her up to my balls. As I looked her in the eyes - she began to whisper "fuck me baby, don't tease me - oh yeah- fuck me - harder and faster". As I picked up the pace, giving her all of it, she began to moan and cum. She must have cum 5 or 6 times in about 10 minutes. Then finally I felt my balls tighten and cum as I sprayed her full of my goo. She had sprayed me too. Her juices were running down our legs. She told me that it was the best she had ever had and as she stood her legs were weak and wobbly. An yes, it was good for me.

We cleaned each other up and it was a good thing because her boss lady came in about 10 minutes later to check on my progress. I told the boss lady that the night had been very productive so far and Sharon smiled from ear to ear. Need less to say, when Sharon started spreading the word among the other 10 females agents, I began to work more nights and had more pussy than any man should. But that's another story.

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