tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Real World: SD Ch. 03

The Real World: SD Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Frankie's Night

When we last left off, the roommates were getting to know each other on a personal level. Having wild and crazy sex in the hot tub. After the sex was over, the roommates headed to their rooms for a little shuteye. Robin and Cameran shared the same room with Frankie. However, she was the seventh roommate and wasn't around during the group sex.

"I wonder where Frankie is? We barely got to know her," said Cameran.

"She's probably out having a good time. Did you see the way she dressed?" Said Robin in a sarcastic manner.

"Yeah but I don't think she had as much fun as we did though," Cameran said with a smile.

"Damn straight," said Robin, moving closer to Cameran. The two engage in a passionate kiss. Sliding their tongues down each other's throats.

Cameran moved her hands down onto Robin's ass and squeezed them roughly. Getting a good handful of ass. Robin was rubbing her massive tits against Cameran's own large tits. One thing led to another and both girls were in bed, making hot steamy love to each other.

Cameran went down on Robin, sucking and licking Robin's wet juicy cunt. Nibbling on her enlarge clit and fingering her pink pussy. Robin let out a serious of moans and multiple orgasms. She started thrusting her pussy more and harder into Cameran's face and wet mouth. Cameran moved her tongue in and out of Robin's pussy. Licking every square inch of cunt. Robin came all over Cameran's face and mouth moments later.

Robin then got out of bed and pulled out a thick 10-inch strap on cock. She strapped it on and spread Cameran's legs from behind and started to gentle rub her pussy entrance.

"Hmmm," moan Cameran.

Robin inserted the fake cock into her pussy and started to ram hard and fast. Holding onto Cameran's large C cups and pulling on her nipples. Thrusting the fake cock deeper and deeper into her friend's wet pussy.

"Oooooh yeeeeeah," moan Cameran, fingering her own pussy as well. Robin lean over and squash her huge tits onto Cameran's back, letting them move up and down to give Cameran some more excitement. Dragging her big hard nipples into Cameran's back really got Cameran to thrust her own hips back to meet Robin's fake cock.

"That's it Cameran. Take it all. Take it in deep," urged Robin, thrusting more powerful now. Forcing 6 inches of the fake cock into Cameran's pussy. Cameran's juices started to flow down the fake cock and onto the bed sheets.

Robin now had a handful of Cameran's tight bubble butt. Squeezing and sparking her ass. That caused Cameran to scream and moan louder. Unaware to the girls, the guys had heard all the moaning and screaming and were watching the two hot girls fuck and suck the shit out of each other.

Cameran was ready to climax and Robin started pounding her pussy more furious and rough. Then slowed down to thrust hard and powerful in Cameran, causing her to cum all over the sheets and fake cock.

"Ooooo yeeeesssss," moan Cameran, feeling relieved. The two girls kissed each other goodnight and lay down to sleep, snuggling each other's naked bodies. The guys were back to their rooms, to have some very good dreams.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Frankie arrived at her favorite hang out spot, The Viper. It was a nightclub for Goths, people who are used to being anti-social, and anybody who just wasn't feeling right about the world and Frankie was all three.

Frankie grew up in a disturb home. Her mother would work all the time including having two jobs. When she got home from her day job, she would have to fix dinner, clean clothes, and fix anything that needed to be fixing and then work her night job. She barely had time to spend with Frankie who was the only child back then.

Frankie had to be with her lazy, bum father. She was afraid of her father and has been for many years. When her mother was at work, her father would touch on her sexually and even have sex with her because her mother didn't have time for it anymore and he had built up sex frustration. So Frankie lose her virginity at the age of 9. Since she didn't know the roommates all that well since this was still the first day she met any of them. She isn't about to tell them her life story because it's too painful for her and they wouldn't understand.

Frankie though by being on this TV show, she could change her life and get away from her trouble past. Even now she is having second thoughts and decided to spend the night at The Viper and just meet the roommates the following morning.

When she entered The Viper, the scene was of that of a nightclub fill with Goths and bizarre looking people. Frankie never really hung out in the front part. Her favorite part was the back of the club where anybody and anyone could go and act out their fantasies and desirers. Since Frankie was sexually harass as a child, she was a sex hungry manic. She loves sex and everything about it. She loves all different kinds of sex and is welling to do anything once.

"Hello Frankie. What's your fantasy tonight," said the host of The Viper, Cash. He wasn't very attractive but either was a lot of the people that enters his club. Cash wore a leather suit, which starts at his chest and had make up on and eye shadow. Frankie is a regular here and very popular even before she started the Real World show. Since she was on camera, she was going to let the world in on how she has fun.

"Today...I'm in the mood to torture some folks. A boy and a girl will do. Make sure the boy is well built and is packing a nice size dick and make sure the girl is beautiful with big tits and ass to match. Bald downstairs as well," Frankie demanded to Cash.

"Yes Frankie. You're wish is my command," Cash said, acting like a genie and disappeared into some smoke.

Minutes later, Cash returns and leads Frankie to her special torture chamber room where two innocent victims of hers were chained up from the ceiling, still in their underwear. A 25 yr old male and a 23 yr old female. Just like Frankie loves it.

"Anything else for you Miss Frankie?" Asked Cash flirting with his eyes.

"No Cash. This is well be all. I have what I need. Thank you," said Frankie, sending Cash on his way. He left and Frankie was please with what she had.

She scouted the two and looked him up and down from feet to head. What she saw was turning her on very much. Frankie got undress in front of the two, making them horny. She could see the large bulge in the boy's pants as soon as her top came off and her nice C cups bounced out lightly. Covered with big aureoles and medium size brown nipples. She covered them up in a black and silver cone bra and worn a black skirt to match and high black socks and boots.

She slowly walked over to the boy and grabs his hard on immediately. Stroking it and rubbing it through his pants.

"Oooooh. You feel so big," Frankie said moaning. She could see the pleasure in the boy's eyes as she felt up his dick and balls.

Then she moved over to the girl and her huge boobs got her eyes. She read the tag on the back of her bra to see what size tits she had.

"Hmmm. Triple D's. I'm going to love feeling and sucking those up," Frankie said, moving her hands to the front of the girl and squeezing her bra-covered tits. Then she moves her hands over the girl's nice plumped ass and squeezed. Gripping more then a handful of ass. For a white girl, she had an ass like J-lo.

"Hmmm. I just want to eat your ass out," moaned Frankie. She saw the pleasure in the girl's eyes while molesting her big ass.

"What and who should I do first?" Frankie asked herself. "I guest the girl has really turn me on with her ass and tits. Save her for last then. Guess I'll have fun with the boy first."

Frankie picked up some nipple clampers and moved to the boy's chest. She started kissing and licking his chest. Then sucking his little nipples into her mouth. Sucking like he would do a pair of tits. Sucking for all their worth and then some. She nibbled hard on his nipples, causing some blood to drip. Then she clamped the clampers onto his nipples. The boy tried to scream but his mouth was blocked with a towel.

Frankie hooked live cables to the clampers and turn on the power. Sending electric volts through his body. The boy's blond hair was standing and his eyes began to water. His dick however was growing incredibility huge. She stopped the torture and kneeled down by his penis and pulled it out of his boxers. It was so huge that she needed both hands to hold it. The penis nearly smacked her in the face being freed.

She started licking the head of his cock and slowly took inch by inch into her wet mouth. Still holding his penis with both hands. She took a good half of his dick down her throat and started sucking furiously on his giant dick, not letting her mouth of it, and savoring the taste.

Her hands moved from his dick to his ass. Squeezing it and then spreading his ass cheeks apart and sticking two fingers into his anal. Finger fucking his anus while sucking his big dick. The boy had tears in his eyes from the pleasure of his suck being sucked and the pain of having his anus finger fucked.

The girl was watching and her pussy was immediately damp. Juices running down her legs and feet. Frankie nearly swallow his whole cock, chin hitting his big balls. Then she let the cock out of her mouth, covered in saliva.

"Oh god. What a dick. My boyfriend Dave has nothing on you. You're huge," Frankie said stun. She started to smack his dick around. Watching it flop against his legs and thighs. She clamped both of his balls and turned the electricity on to watch them swell up enormously. Then she cut it off and proceeded to suck his now gigantic balls. Smelling the musty and rotten smell of his fried balls and sweaty dick.

His balls were the size of grapefruits. She could only fit one in her mouth at a time. Savoring his balls in her mouth while jerking his giant dick.

"Now, lets taste that anal of yours," Frankie said licking her lips and kissing his cock and balls one last time.

Frankie is a hardcore freak. She loved having her anal fucked as well as fucking her boyfriend's anal and he loves it too. She got on her knees behind him and spread his ass cheek. Tenderly kissing his ass cheeks and then sliding her tongue up and down his ass crack. Then started moving her tongue in and out of his anus like a small cock was fucking it. Her face was buried in his ass and her tongue buried in his asshole. Licking swiftly while squeezing his ass cheeks.

The boy didn't know what to do or think since this was his first time having his ass eaten by anyone. He felt Frankie's hands now once again on his giant cock, jerking him off. The boy felt his balls ready to burst and so they did. Shooting what seemed like gallons and gallons of hot creamy cum all over the floor and down his legs and feet. Some even got on her hands.

Frank stop eating his asshole and started to lick the cum off his feet and toes. Then traveled up his legs and thighs before taking his big dick back into her mouth, licking all the cum off and drinking what's left of his seamen.

"Hmmm. That was good. Now its time to have an extra snack," Frankie said, giving his dick one last kiss.

Frankie got off her knees and walked over to the young girl and quickly felt up her giant jugs. Reaching into the bra and pulling them out.

"So beautiful," said Frankie, staring and drooling over the massive flesh of tits in front of her. The girl's tits were huge and soft. They hang down to her navel but was still very round like basketballs. Her aureoles were huge and pink with small bumps, topple with big pink nipples.

Frankie drove into her chest and kisses all over her tits and chest. Devouring the young girl's elegant tits. Stuffing as much of the tit meat into her mouth as possible. Sucking on her tits in every angel possible. Frankie loves huge-titted females. She thought big tits were the best things on a female. Frankie could have spent hours sucking on her massive jugs but she wanted to explode the rest of her magnificent body.

Her hands felt the wet pussy still inside the girl's thong. She took the another pair of clampers and put them on the girl's big nipples. The girl also had a towel over her mouth so she couldn't scream loud. Frankie got on her knees and removed her thong. Smelling the aroma of the girl's juices as they flow out of her pussy.

"Smells so gooood," moan Frankie. "It has to taste as good as it smells."

Frankie planted her face into the girl's sweet pussy and started licking her clit. Swirling her tongue around it and chewing on it. Pulling her clit with her teeth. The girl felt like she was high. Wanting Frankie to continue what she was doing. Frankie gave her pussy a lashing with her tongue. Leaving no part of her wet pussy untouched. The girl couldn't handle the intensity anymore and came all over Frankie's face. Frankie continued to lick and suck the girl's pussy with no mercy. Frankie repeatedly smacked the girl's round ass, causing it to jiggle like crazy.

"Time to eat that ass," said Frankie possessed. Frankie had a look on her face like she was insane.

She got behind the girl and feasted into her mountainous ass. Squeezing the ass cheeks around her face while her face was buried in her ass. Tongue lashing her asshole hard and faster. The girl was having orgasms from Frankie's torture. Frankie jiggled and wiggle the girl's ass in her hands. Frankie then moved one down to the girl's still wet pussy and fingered it while the other hand started to finger her anus.

The girl couldn't take it anymore and came all over Frankie's hand and her own legs.

"Hmmm. That was good," said Frankie satisfied. She got in front of the girl one last time and sucked her big tits until she came again.

Frankie released the two victims, got back in her normal clothes and headed straight home. When she got there, it was 5 in the morning and everyone was asleep. Frankie went into the confession booth to say some last minute words.

"Well there you guys have it. What I do most of my time. Getting pleasure off another people's pleasure. What can I say. I love having sex of any kind rather its just oral or sex or anything that relates to sex... And pretty soon, my roommates well find out just how much I enjoy sex. Goodnight everybody."

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