The Redhead


"Please Jim, I don't have anywhere to stay."

"Go stay at the motel you and Willis use."

She gasped, "You know?"

"I know a lot of things, Janet. All this time you and Willis have been laughing at me for not figuring out what's going on. I bet he really got a laugh out of you telling me to grow up and accept it. Well Janet, it's my turn to laugh. Have you ever heard the old saying, those who laugh last, laugh loudest? It's all about to come back and bite you both in the ass now. Oh, and be sure to tell 'father of the year' I have a surprise for the two of you, but you'll have to wait until this coming week to get it. You both do like surprises don't you?"

The next day Monday I took a half day off and went to the bank and insurance company and closed out joint card accounts and bank accounts. I left only enough that she wouldn't know anything was up just yet. I didn't go see a lawyer yet as I wanted to put some money away so she and her lover couldn't get at it. So it had to disappear before any divorce papers were started.

Then I called Paul at his work and asked him what Willis' last name was, or if he could find out his phone number for me. He called me back in about fifteen minutes with Willis' number and last name. Five minutes later I had his wife Candy on the line. I told her who I was and that it was imperative that I meet her, that it was very important to both of us. I told her I would have to call her back to set up the day. She said that would be fine with her but it was hard for her to get away from home as she was pregnant and had two children already. I told her I could just drop by her home if that would be easier. She said that would be great.

Wednesday, Janet called and asked if she could come by the house and pick up some more of her things. I told her to come around eight o clock, she said that would be great. I added, "Just make sure you come alone."

She answered back curtly, "I will, don't worry." At eight o clock sharp, Janet pulled into the driveway and knocked on the door. I felt funny about telling my wife to come in, but hey, it's her fault, not mine.

She came in and joined me at the table. She had on a pale yellow, cotton sun dress that showed a lot of cleavage; I'm sure for my benefit. Her hair was tied back, making her look quite a lot younger than her years.

I spoke first, "Well, how are things going for you, Janet? The kids miss you, and told me to tell you they love you." I saw a tear in the corner of her eyes.

"I miss being with them Jim. I could quit my job and come take care of them."

"No Janet, I'm doing okay. You didn't care to take care of them before, so why worry now."

"That wasn't fair Jim, I did take care of them."

"Oh yeah, that's right, until I got back home. Then I became the baby sitter so my wife could have an affair with her long lost love; and as a reward for me doing such a great job, I would soon have another one to take care of." I could feel my anger rising and I knew this would boil over if I kept at her, so I decided to calm down as I didn't want to ruin my plan. "So Janet, do you think you can stop by, say on Friday after work, so we can discuss where we're going with this?"

She said, "I guess that will be okay."

I said, "This won't be messing up any plans you have for a hot date will it?"

I saw the anger on her face but she managed to hold it in, "No Jim, I don't have a hot date, but I would like to see the kids. After all, they are mine too."

"Not mine too, Janet, just yours."

She got up and shot me a glare as she went to get the things she had asked about getting, giving us both time to cool off. She came back carrying two bags full of her clothes that she needed for work. She thanked me for letting her come and get them. I told her it wouldn't be long until she would be back in the house as I didn't want it, and she would need it. She gave me a quick look, and then looked away. I wondered how long she would be able to make the payments on it.

I called Candy Friday, and asked her if I could come by around 4 o clock that afternoon and she said that would be fine. I left work early so I could pick up the kids from Sara, as she had been looking after them until I came home from work. I stopped by the house so they could change out of their school clothes and grab a snack. As we were driving, they wanted to know where we were going. I told them to see someone I needed to talk to and they could play with the kids there, as they were about the same ages.

I pulled up in front of the house. It looked a little run down. I guess it takes money to father kids and play around with several women. As we were getting out of the car Candy came out onto the porch smiling and saying, "Come in, the kids are out back playing."

I let the kids follow me into the house and out the back door into the back yard. Before going outside, I introduced myself to Candy and her to the kids.

I saw her looking at them, then saying, "It's uncanny how much your children resemble ours."

I looked at Candy feeling sorry for her thinking maybe I shouldn't have done this, but why should this Willis asshole's marriage survive while mine is ruined? "Well Candy, the reason for this is because they have the same father!"

Her head jerked back, her hand covering her mouth as she screamed, "Oh my god, no, no! What are you saying? You don't know what your talking about. It can't be!"

"I'm sorry to have done this to you Candy, I know you don't deserve this, but neither do I. My wife and your husband have been cheating on us for I think around twelve years."

No, No. That's when we were married. He promised to love only me!" She broke down sobbing.

"I know Candy, my wife said the same thing, but she lied also. They were lovers in high school and have never really stopped."

She slumped back onto the sofa rubbing her swollen stomach. "Are you okay Candy?"

"Yes. I think so it just sort of overwhelmed me for a minute there."

"Can I get you some water maybe?"

She said, "No, I'm fine." She sat there thinking, and then said, "What are your plans now, Jim? Are you going to try to save your marriage?"

"No Candy, not after being deceived and laughed at by both of them for being too stupid to not be able to figure out something was going on for all of my marriage. It's beyond repair. I'm going to be suing your husband and my wife for child support for the past ten years."

Her eyes got wide and her hand went to her mouth, "My god, we won't be able to live on what he makes, and me having another baby." With that she broke down and started crying.

I said, "Candy, he makes more money than you think. He's spending it on women instead of his family like he should be."

She sat shaking her head, "My god, who is this man that I thought was my loving husband? Do I even know him?"

"I'll help you with a lawyer if you want a divorce from him."

She was sobbing now. "How can I ever make it alone?"

I said, "Candy, I'll help you any way I can, and there are programs out there that with three kids you'll be better off alone than with him."

She said she would have to think about that and would let me know.

Then I took a deep breath and let it out, "There's one more thing Candy." She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "I don't ever mean to hurt you, but I think it's time your husband got to know all of his kids, unless of course my wife and he have met with the kids when I've been out of town. So I'll be leaving them here with you as I've taken a transfer to Atlanta Georgia. The company offered me a big promotion and more money, so I told them I would move. There's no way I am going to raise someone else's kids, I've already told Janet that.

When I mentioned Janet's name, her head shot up. "Did you say your wife's name is Janet?"

"Yes why?"

"Is she about 5-5, 110 pounds or so, with brown hair? Is she from Ohio?"

I said, "Yes, why?"

"She was in my wedding party as a special bridesmaid. I didn't know who she was and when I asked Willis, he said they had been friends since childhood. Here they both were, and they were already cheating, and he had her as one of my bridesmaids. That SOB, I got pregnant almost right away.

I said, "And the next year was the first reunion after you were married, and Janet got pregnant at that reunion. They truly deserve each other."

I left Candy shortly after that, telling the kids they were going to be staying there at least for awhile. They said that was okay as they were having fun playing, so I said goodbye to Candy and left. I was feeling guilty as hell as I drove away leaving the kids there with Candy, but damn it they weren't mine. This is the price you have to pay when you get caught doing this kind of thing. I'm not the one who brought all this on. It had now bit them in the ass.

I was back home when Janet drove up for the meeting. She knocked and came in. I was again sitting at the table drinking a beer and asked Janet if she wanted one. She said she would rather have wine, so I poured her one and sat back down.

The first thing Janet said was, "Where are the kids? You said you would have them so I could see them."

I said, "I'll explain later okay? Right now I have a couple of things I want to tell you. They will be serving you with divorce papers tomorrow, and also an alienation of affection suit against your lover."

She gasped, "Oh god Jim, do you have to?"

"Yes Janet, I do and there's more. I'm also suing you both for back child support."

She said, "My god Jim, do you hate us that much to ruin our lives?"

"You two didn't give a damn if you ruined my life. Now I'm going to get some of it back. You two should have thought about what could happen before you crawled into bed together to make babies. Can I ask you a question Janet?"

She looked up at me and said, "Yes, I guess so."

I said, "Will you answer me truthfully?"

"Yes if I can."

"Did you sleep with Willis the night before or the night after his wedding? Or could you both wait until the reunion the next year?" Her face turned so chalk gray looking, I thought she was going to pass out. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out. I could see her mind racing for the right answer. "I hope by now Janet, you know I know a lot more than you thought I ever did. So did you sleep with him before you came back home to me after his wedding?"

She nodded 'yes', her head hanging down.

"All I can say Janet, is with friends like you two, who the hell would need an enemy? You're a bridesmaid in a wedding and you're fucking the groom before and after the wedding. Now I find out, practically during the wedding. I certainly had no idea you were such a slut. I saw her wince at the word 'slut', but didn't say anything. I said, "There's only a couple more things, then you can go.

"I'll move out tomorrow so you can move back in. I'll be moving to Atlanta Georgia. I was offered a sizable raise and be the V.P. of southern operations. I accepted the job to start as soon as I can get moved.

She said, "But when and how will I get to see the kids?"

I said, "I'm coming to that. I'll help you with the house payments, but if I find out Willis is living here, I'll stop the help. I will not pay for a place for that prick to live. Now for the kids; it will be up to who ever has them if you get to see them."

"What do you mean? Where are they?"

I said, "I took them over and left them with Candy, you do remember Candy, don't you? She's still married to Willis. She's deciding whether or not to divorce him. She's not sure she can make it on her own financially, but I told her I would help her out anyway I can. She's a great lady." By now Janet was sobbing and gasping. Her shoulders were rocking, she was crying so hard. I think the hurt she helped cause had finally sunk in and she was feeling the same pain that Candy and I had both felt.

Six months later, we were divorced. I had moved to Atlanta which I was learning to like by now. I helped Candy with my lawyer to get her divorce. Willis started drinking and lost his job and moved away to somewhere. Janet has the kids. She gave birth to another girl and is doing okay. I've stopped and saw her a couple of times. I hated what she had done to me but I couldn't hate her, even after what she had done. I got my revenge, at least as much as I wanted. I didn't want to destroy her, only to make them pay enough to realize when you cheat; you have to pay the price.

The last time I stopped to see her she said she was waiting for the only good man she knew to come back. As she said this, a little brown haired girl came out of her room and said 'hi' to me. I couldn't help staring at her. I told Janet she should move ahead and forget the past. Then I told her I had been dating someone and it was pretty serious. I wasn't really in a relationship, but I thought that might get her started, but she said she would wait if it took forever. I've thought about it at times and wondered if I should try it again with her. But when I think about having to trust her again, I start to think rationally. I doubt I could ever really trust her again, and if the kids just didn't have that damned red hair, I could maybe look at them and not see that asshole Willis.

On my flight back to Atlanta, I couldn't get the little brown haired girl out of my mind. Would Janet tell me if she was mine? She had sworn the baby was mine when all of this started happening, but I couldn't or wouldn't believe her. What if it was my daughter? Shouldn't I be raising her? If I didn't come forward, and just leave her raising to Janet then I wouldn't be a damn bit better man than Willis. That little girl needs a father as well as a mother. Could I accept the other kids once again as I had all those years? Am I really the hard hearted, non-caring person I became when I found out about the affair? They're not my kids, but now that I know it, is it really any different raising them than the people who adopt kids? It's never the kids' fault, only people doing stupid things; and the kids pay.

The first thing I did upon arriving back home was to call Janet. When she said, "hello" I almost hung up. Then I said, "Janet, its me."

She said, "Is everything okay?"

I said, "Are you really serious about waiting for that guy you mentioned?"

She screamed, "Oh my god yes, yes I am so serious!"

I said, "I was going to ask you if you would take your little girl and get a DNA test done to see if I might be the father. But after thinking about it, I don't really care."

I heard Janet crying and sobbing, "Oh my god Jim, you don't have to do that. I know who the father is. I've already done a DNA test. She's yours, Jim. She's ours, yours and mine."

I said, "Why didn't you tell me Janet?"

She said, "I wanted you to come back for all of us, not just because she was your daughter. And I thought you might try to take her away from me."

"Oh god Janet, what have I done? Do you really think I could do such a thing?"

"No Jim, but I didn't dare take the chance."

That was fifteen years ago. We just celebrated our twenty seventh anniversary. The kids are all doing fine, and we all love living in Atlanta Georgia. Janet gave up working and devoted all of her time to raising the kids, and I'll be the first one to say she's done a great job. It's not to say we didn't have some bumps along the way but we sat down and talked things over. She realized what she had and what she almost lost and has never even mentioned going out alone for drinks with friends; if I don't go, she won't go.

I know there are a lot of you guys out there that think I'm a wimp, but I don't really care what you think of me. I know who and what kind of man I am and so does my family. That's who really matter to me. I found out it's far better to do the right things in life than to wear an ego on your shoulder and pain in your heart. It's better to show love and compassion to others who at some time have lost their way. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. I do have an ego, but I don't let it rule my life. Thank you for reading my story. This story may not have turned out the way some think it should have, but life doesn't always turn out the way we want it to, whether we like it or not. That's life. Please keep reading my stories as they all have endings, and most are different.

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by Anonymous

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by imanonone06/11/18

It was good but

what happened to Redhead's wife and the lawsuits?

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by timriv04/04/18

All three kids were his period. He may not have been the first two’s sperm donors but he was the one who raised them and that made him their father. So to say he should walk away from all three is selfish,more...

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by peter94412/25/17

The writing was good but the story unbelievable. I can't see him taking her back after she had both screwed another guy for years behind his back and so disrespected him when it started coming out. I getmore...

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